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Ann Pearlman

Ann Pearlman

Author of INFIDELITY,INSIDE THE CRIPS, THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE CLUB, the paperback of which will be out this fall. A GIFT FOR MY SISTER on the stands soon.
RT @RStephenson5: "Ten Successful Tips For Indie Authors" by @RStephenson5, author of the New America series.
My share re: militarization of cops made top story in Creative2Write's Daily. TU 4 promo this important story.
My share the militarization of police made top story at Creative@write daily!
RT @Creative2Write: Creative Author Daily is out! Stories via @AnnPearlman @WritingReader
#Demilitarization #handsupdontshoot How warrior policing found its way to Ferguson. "Time to take their toys away."
RT @maxberger: White folks: "I can't believe #Ferguson is happening in America." Black and brown folks: "#Ferguson is America."
RT @KosherSoul: We are as much victims of the myth of "the good black," as we are victims of the myth of "the bad black." #Ferguson
RT @blackvoices: Life is valuable bc it is life. And the news lately has us feeling some people don't get that. Send your thoughts...
5 of 5 stars to I'll Give You Something to Cry About by Jennifer Finney Boylan
@mskickalick Thank you. We need to stop the killing and demilitarize the police.
"Find ecstasy in life: the mere sense of living is joy enough."-Emily Dickinson
Happy Friday. TU for the #FF @AsapSilvaa @mskickalick@6BillionPeople@battle_spunky_ @@Rocksandwalls
RT @johnlegend: America is #1 at war and imprisoning. I wish we were #1 at building infrastructure and health care and educating our kids
RT @RobinDGKelley: James Baldwin: "The only way to police the ghetto is to be oppressive. . .[L]ike an occupying soldier in a bitterly hostile country"
RT @elizabhinton: on this day 49 yrs ago: black Angelenos confronted tear gas, tanks, and a militarized force. As in #Ferguson. #tbt
RT @AsapSilvaa: ask not what your govt can do for you... ask instead,what your govt can do TO you... #HandsUpDontShoot
RT @elizabhinton: 👏👏👏 MT @HarvardBLSA students of Harvard Law School stand in solidarity w #MikeBrown & #Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot
Pissed off about the continuing racial inequality in our country. #handsupdontshoot
We write alone, wondering how our words will affect readers. I’m so grateful for the 1st place 2013 fiction award
We write alone, wondering how our words will effect readers. I’m so grateful for the 1st place 2013 fiction award
RT @rarobotham: I wish for a world that gets as galvanized by the death of #MichaelBrown as by the death of #RobinWilliams
What white people can do about cops killing black men.
Media exploits strtyps Black twitter fights back #activism Shooting Spurs Hashtag Effort on Stereotypes, via @nytimes
RT @thinkprogress: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, #IGotTheTalk and how the outrage over the Michael Brown shooting is going viral
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