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Anti FriendFeed Beta Version

Anti FriendFeed Beta Version

Anti FriendFeed Beta Version
بیخیال بابا... نمکدون نشکنین :دی
:))))))) - Horizon
:)))) - ♣ ♣ ♣
شخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخم - حاجیه خانوم فلفل سادات
I really have to say it I don't like friendfeed anymore... The way it now looks... :( It misses too much stuff that I liked... I like to see peoples service at once, when I am above a name... And I like to see icons if there is new content... Without I think you've just lost me friendfeed... :( (via
And when you have many friends, you now read less, because it is way to fast... - Aline
Bruce Lewis
I've scrolled all up and down, and can't find a single item anybody's shared. What's the point?
Meryn Stol
Remove avatars from Friendfeed beta | -
I'm not anti the beta, but I hate the display of avatars in the feed. It doesn't add any information, and it takes up lots of screen real-estate. If you feel the same, try this user style. :) - Meryn Stol from Bookmarklet
I didn't like them at first, and in most pages on the site I don't like them and find them to be a distraction, but on one particular type of page being that distracting has an actual benefit. When you are viewing someone's profile considering whether to follow them or not and want to know if they only comment on their own stuff, those avatars make it a snap to quickly see if it's all them or other people too. - April Russo
Mark Trapp
I'm outraged and appalled at this new anti-FriendFeed beta version room. There was already an Anti-FriendFeed Beta room. -
فربد:)))))))))))))) - مرسده ‌گیس‌گلابتون
but this room is better=))))) - مرسده ‌گیس‌گلابتون
اسمایلی انگشت شست - Mil∂d
this room is for IRANIAN friendfeed member - AmirAli + i
میلاد =))))))))))))))))))))))) - ژنرال فرهاد
I ♥ New Version !!!! :D
0ok :D - Javid★
I call this super fast! :))
یعنی انصافا ایول سرعت. میان هممون رو به جرم کودتا بیرون می کنن ها! - Kamangir
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