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BEat up Jews – no jail time. Talk on a train – 20 months in jail. -
Pat Condell: A Special Kind of Hatred -
From my inbox: Zero jail time for anti-Semitic violence in Calgary -
TheThinkingAtheist: 10 Women Christian Men Shouldn’t Marry -
France: I resent you for making me defend the rights of a bigot to spew is garbage -
Andrew Napolitano – The First Jury Nullification -
‘Atlas Shrugs’ under DDoS attatck -
Pat Condell: Nothing to do with Islam -
How Roman rule expanded through the lands -
“Knowledge starts as offendedness”: Jonathan Rauch on Free Speech -
Thomas Sowell: The Fallacy of Cemocracy -
Guest Post by BeaverMoose: ‘Charlie Hebdo’ march in Toronto January 11, 2015 -
Killing Islam’s Critics: not just for terrorists any more! -
A little bit of good newsin this troubled world -
I think I’ll just leave this here: -
Canada’s Political Prisoner Is Due In Court -
Cop’s Obama Rant Embarrasses Officials, Spurs 2014 Nanny of the Year Win -
Milton Friedman – The Road To A Collectivist State -
Caspian Report: History of the Turkish military’s role in politics -
‘Twas the Night Raid Before Christmas -
Walter E Williams – A Discussion On Wealth Inequality -
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