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Andrew Klavan: Defend Cancer Against the Jews! -
DRM discriminates against the visually impaired -
Concerned Citizen seeks justice – again -
Thomas Sowell – Political Vs Market -
Let’s take a moment to remember Aqsa Parvez -
Bill Warner – Where is the moral outrage? Toronto November 17 2014 -
12. Dec. 2014, a Concerned Taxpayer will be at the Elgin St. Court House – seeking justice, again… -
What It’s Like to Be an Atheist in Palestine: Waleed Al Husseini spent 10 months in prison for being an atheist -
Egyptian Human Rights Activist Ahmad Harqan: ISIS Is Doing what the Prophet Muhammad Did -
Steve Silverman – What To Do When Stopped By A Cop -
We Are the Children of the Magna Carta! -
Walter E Williams – A Discussion About Fairness & Redistribution -
Real Time with Bill Maher: John Cleese on Political Incorrectness (HBO) -
Thunderf00t: Really Cool Science with Honey! -
Eric Brazeau: Canada’s honest-to-goodness political prisoner -
Why ‘Halal meat’ is ‘the thin wedge’ of Islamic supremacism -
CATO Institute: “Freedom from Speech” on College Campuses (Greg Lukianoff) -
CATO Institute: Net Neutrality, Obama and Oatmeal (Berin Szoka) -
The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers -
Iran-Backed Shia Rebels Push Forward in Yemen :: Spyer in PJ Media -
Don't Tell Erdogan Jihadists Kill People :: Bekdil at Gatestone -
Those right-wing medieval Christian Latin scholars kept saying "Judea and Samaria" -
Those right-wing medieval Christian Latin scholars kept saying "Judea and Samaria"
Germany: Hooligans Declare War on Islamic Radicals -
Muslim Men and Children Beat themselves Bloody on America’s Streets -
Eye on Iran: Obama Warns Iran Nuclear Deal May Not be Reached -
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