You really need to brush up on your geography! LOL Gaza borders Jordan???
Are those reebok or nike? Bwahaha!
We’re slammed and need help… any #DNN moonlighters light on work DM me & let’s chat.
… and no, I wasn't pulled over… I'm just wandering about that, for some (very odd, I know) reason. Must remember to ask next time :-)
Wandering why cops ask "Do you know why I pulled you over?". Is that a trick question, officer?
RT @jSheely: #Azure rocks RT @InspectorIT Check out our latest case study: See what we've done with #WordPress, #CDN,
Got texts from buddies at #MVPsummit saying its not the same without me. You're darn right it isn't! Be good and have fun.
I just unlocked the "Baker's Dozen" badge on @foursquare for checking in at bakeries! Mmm...carbs.
Actually wrote a lot of code today. Very productive, at least until MongoLab decided to die on me. Or did I break it? #thenextgbigthing
Agreed! It was great to catch up! RT @matthewjhoward: Fun and fascinating lunch today reminiscing with @antoniochagoury. #startups #growth
If money was no object… how would you choose to spend your life? Thought provoking. Watch:
RT @jSheely: What a CMS Matrix won't tell you about #DotNetNuke Daily Experience with the #CMS Framework
RT @NedTaleb: “I do fine with $1,250/mo; I have to do fine because there are many Uruguayans who live with much less,” @pepemujica, President of Uruguay!
RT @shijucv: Announcing Release of Windows Azure Media Services #windowsazure
Good read, thoughtfully crafted for #DotNetNuke developers out there re: content items and your modules - what say you?
I'll be in Orlando all next week. Anyone in the area I know that wants to get together? #lunch #dinner or #golf DM me and we'll exchange #'s
Thanks @YehudaTiram, I will check the copy/paste issue today. I am glad that helped improve performance RT it!
Does anyone else think that the Lumia 920 is just too big? I'd like your opinions.
and here I thought I could just use the surface like any other pc. oh well... I needed a new toy anyway.
RT @julielerman: nice Bing home page to day and it came up really quickly the first time. :)
Argh. There should be a way to turn off email notifications for spam messages in OSX Mountain Lion. If you know how to do it, please share.
OSX Mountain Lion installed. Now looking for the new stuff.
My company is looking for a SharePoint Developer, a super star, a clearable US citizen ready to hit the ground running. Location is DC Metr…
Awesome. Never get tired of this.
Any DNN'er out there wants domain names: and/or Let me know #DNN #DotNetNuke
Some car sales men must make it a point to make your car-buying experience an absolute nightmare. I am looking at you #TYSONSHONDA
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