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Test with unicode —directeur の ばか! -
Test with unicode —directeur の ばか!
Et si je faisais un test surréaliste avec des accents. Scheiße! Ja ich Kan'. ama güzel değil mi? teşekkürler herkese! :) - directeur from NoiseRiver Extra!
Et ça marche! :) - directeur
July 31, 2009 from NoiseRiver Extra! - Comments disabled - Share
i'm an idiot - directeur from NoiseRiver Extra!
Yes, I am! The app is still buggy :'( - directeur
sorry :( - Josh Haley from iPhone
"I" am sorry, Josh! :) — absurdely, the app seems to work for me :( - directeur
Yo Josh! This is a secret test :) -
Yo Josh! This is a secret test :)
Yo Josh! This is a secret test :)
I'm finalizing it so please keep it secret until I announce it :) - directeur from NoiseRiver Extra!
See the cross-posting? - directeur
AWESOME! So keep quiet for now? - Josh Haley
Yes, please :) Some domain DNS to setup and eye candy :) - directeur
You bet. We are about to start our show in 15 minutes, so it would have been BREAKING NEWS but we can announce it when you are ready. :) - Josh Haley
Ouch! Sorry! When will be your next one? :( - directeur
next week, same time - Josh Haley
Give me FIVE minutes :) —and that's only because it's you! :) - directeur
OK, I'll be watching my email during the show for your DM. - Josh Haley from email
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