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I had no idea there was a TypePad for Dummies...
I had no idea there was a TypePad for Dummies...
Why the hell is Twitter forking memcached rather than contributing its changes to upstream? THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO OPEN SOURCE
I kinda want to use Web Components for entire pages as a client-side theme engine...
Some days I feel like LiveJournal was the last genuinely interesting thing I worked on, and I get sad about all the missed opportunities.
I wonder if Muni all-door boarding means the end of yelling "STEP DOWN" at baffled tourists on trolley buses...
Leaving my bike at work on Friday was a mistake. I guess I am walking to work today.
Making "wide unicode" support a build-time option in Python was a terrible idea.
Today I made a yummy Python sandwich, let down only by some stale Java bread.
Signed up to to see what it does; its top recommendation was a job at SAY Media, so I guess I'm good where I am. :)
Today I finally bent Tomcat to my will; tomorrow, Jython.
Crazy Idea of the Day: Relative CSS Time Units
RT @caseyjohnston: Blanket statement: I don't want your app. I just want your regular website on my phone to not be jank.
Learnt today that I should be using alembic instead of SQLAlchemy-migrate #pycon
RT @jsteeleeditor: .@nedbat's fantastic unicode talk from #pycon is here:
RT @simeonfranklin: @carljm Hear hear! "Thick views are the most common error in Django projects!" and "Tests that use test.client are not unit tests!" #pycon
RT @franckcuny: OH: "MySQL - the first NoSQL database" #pycon
RT @erynofwales: Having an awesome discussion about women in tech in the #pycon IRC channel. +@pyladies
#pycon "Object Relational Mapper" is not a "Relational Hider". :)
RT @erynofwales: Sessions seem so short, barely enough time to really get into deep stuff. I guess I'm still used to 50min and 1.5hr college lectures. #pycon
RT @a_anderson: I now understand the huge supply of web jobs in sf. If we followed best practices our team of 2 would need to be a team of 30 #pycon
RT @jsteeleeditor: Glad to see @jessenoller getting so much well-deserved thanks for all the hard work he's done. #pycon 2012 really is a runaway success.
Both @saymediainc and @heroku brought little glasses to #pycon but only @heroku filled theirs with sake
RT @hmason: I think we should change the #pycon hashtag to #pykhaaaaaaaaaaaaan
RT @erynofwales: Grace Hopper was absolutely amazing. #pycon
RT @NoxDineen: In the "Make Sure Your Programs Crash" talk at #PyCon. Speaker is awesome.
RT @meaplet: Off to "make sure your programs crash" hoping to get some validation for my stacktrace-filled lifestyle #pycon
Lots of people from @saymediainc at #pycon... and we have a booth!
Heading to #pycon today and tomorrow. Looks like fun. :)
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