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Some days I feel like LiveJournal was the last genuinely interesting thing I worked on, and I get sad about all the missed opportunities.
I wonder if Muni all-door boarding means the end of yelling "STEP DOWN" at baffled tourists on trolley buses...
Leaving my bike at work on Friday was a mistake. I guess I am walking to work today.
Making "wide unicode" support a build-time option in Python was a terrible idea.
Today I made a yummy Python sandwich, let down only by some stale Java bread.
Signed up to to see what it does; its top recommendation was a job at SAY Media, so I guess I'm good where I am. :)
Today I finally bent Tomcat to my will; tomorrow, Jython.
Crazy Idea of the Day: Relative CSS Time Units
RT @caseyjohnston: Blanket statement: I don't want your app. I just want your regular website on my phone to not be jank.
Learnt today that I should be using alembic instead of SQLAlchemy-migrate #pycon
RT @jsteeleeditor: .@nedbat's fantastic unicode talk from #pycon is here:
RT @simeonfranklin: @carljm Hear hear! "Thick views are the most common error in Django projects!" and "Tests that use test.client are not unit tests!" #pycon
RT @franckcuny: OH: "MySQL - the first NoSQL database" #pycon
RT @erynofwales: Having an awesome discussion about women in tech in the #pycon IRC channel. +@pyladies
#pycon "Object Relational Mapper" is not a "Relational Hider". :)
RT @erynofwales: Sessions seem so short, barely enough time to really get into deep stuff. I guess I'm still used to 50min and 1.5hr college lectures. #pycon
RT @a_anderson: I now understand the huge supply of web jobs in sf. If we followed best practices our team of 2 would need to be a team of 30 #pycon
RT @jsteeleeditor: Glad to see @jessenoller getting so much well-deserved thanks for all the hard work he's done. #pycon 2012 really is a runaway success.
Both @saymediainc and @heroku brought little glasses to #pycon but only @heroku filled theirs with sake
RT @hmason: I think we should change the #pycon hashtag to #pykhaaaaaaaaaaaaan
RT @erynofwales: Grace Hopper was absolutely amazing. #pycon
RT @NoxDineen: In the "Make Sure Your Programs Crash" talk at #PyCon. Speaker is awesome.
RT @meaplet: Off to "make sure your programs crash" hoping to get some validation for my stacktrace-filled lifestyle #pycon
Lots of people from @saymediainc at #pycon... and we have a booth!
Heading to #pycon today and tomorrow. Looks like fun. :)
Pro tip: File::Temp::rmtree calls chdir a bunch and tries to make it look like it doesn't, but fails.
UPS had someone come in to my building and stick adverts posing as InfoNotices on all of the mailboxes. That's just plain obnoxious.
It's frustrating that it's basically impossible to contribute to W3C efforts as an individual unless you are unemployed or self-employed.
Even though I've been in the US for over three years I still find the BBC News theme tune strangely reassuring.
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