Anthony Ha
Serlet: talking about new technologies in Snow Leopard
Point is to "take advantage of the power of silicon." - Anthony Ha
All major Snow Leopard system applications running in 64-bit mode. - Anthony Ha
Talking about multi-core ... how Moore's Law has become about more and more cores. - Anthony Ha
Grand Central Dispatch: supposed to help with threaded programming. - Anthony Ha
Comparing threads in Leopard to Snow Leopard ... in Snow Leopard, when Mail is busy, it uses more threads, when it's idle it uses less. (unlike Leopard, which uses same amount of threads either way) - Anthony Ha
OpenCL, an open standard, for using graphics technology for non-graphics purposes. - Anthony Ha
Fitting their Mac laptops into businesses ... what's missing for now is Microsoft Exchange. - Anthony Ha
Built Exchange support into Mail, iCal, Address Book in Snow Leopard -- just input your email address and passcode. - Anthony Ha
Demo of Exchange support. All your folders, notes, and to-dos imported into Mail immediately. - Anthony Ha
I wonder what that really means though. I have "exchange support" in Entourage, but only to the extent that the IMAP+LDAP services in Exchange can replicate the facilities that Outlook users expect. I cannot schedule meetings, for example. - DGentry
Integration between apps -- if you have a meeting invitation, it will show up in both iCal and Mail. - Anthony Ha
You can schedule meetings in iCal DGentry - Jamie
Drag a contact from Address Book into iCal to schedule a meeting. - Anthony Ha
Can also schedule meetings in iCal taking advantage of information about availability of people and rooms in Exchange. - Anthony Ha
dragging the contact into iCal is cool... would love a tight integration with Tungle - Luca Filigheddu