Anthony Ha
Phil Schiller back on-stage
iPhone is amazing, blah blah blah - Anthony Ha
yeah...... we know about that...... - Roberto Bonini
2/3 of all mobile browsing is done on iPhone or Ipod touch - Anthony Ha
15 minutes left? Done with desktop and 3.0 software talk...? - Ken Sheppardson
Android store approaching 5,000 apps, BlackBerry just broke 1,000 compared to 50,000 apps in iPhone - Anthony Ha
Someone once told me that one of Phil's nicknames at Apple is "Barney The Dinosaur". I've never been able to listen to him talk since then in quite the same way :) - Ian Betteridge
I want to be able to do 2-way videoconferencing with Skype. Come on, give us a new iphone! - Stephane Groud
Hmm, how come he didn't put the number of WinMo or Nokia apps up there? - Ian Betteridge
It's a shame they're touting # of apps. Should celebrate quality, usability, etc first & foremost. 80% of my iPhone app usage is within a small handful of very useful apps - Dan Byler
Because there is no cohesive, unified WinMo or NokiaApp store - Jonathan Disher
Or maybe because Apple's number wouldn't look that impressive next to them :) - Ian Betteridge
i have to say, using winmo apps on my old phone was a royal pain in the ass. jailbreaking my first iphone was easier and more convenient. - Jonathan Disher