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Dan Hsiao
Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 -
Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009
I've already liked this today, but I'm liking it again because its so AWESOME!! - Rachel Lea Fox
DOUBLE LIKE - Christopher Chung
Amazing. - Anne Bouey
Reminds me of that Car Phone Warehouse employee who blew them away with the opera singing. Great stuff! - Ryan Kaisoglus
TV lied to me. I thought ugly people couldn't sing. - stretta from twhirl
Really inspiring - Melody Lan
I wish I could watch the rest of the competition! - Rachel Lea Fox
This was great. I saw it a few days ago. I'm glad it's getting a lot of attention on YouTube - Michael Fidler
MG Siegler
i, for one, freaking love the new FF live speed. why slow down information? speed up your intake.
or filter stuff, of course :) - MG Siegler
This realtime thing is crazy... - Alexander Marktl
it's like chatting - Alexander Marktl
Yeah. This is crazy - Varun Mahajan
of course i do steve :) i feel the need. the need for fast friendfeed. - MG Siegler
FriendFeed on 2 monitors. One for the discussions and one for the Public Feed ;-) - Alexander Marktl
It's like chatting with everybody you know at the same time. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
i feel this rapid succession of messages is going to cause me to trim the amount of people i'm subscribed to by a lot - Cee Bee
is that such a bad thing cee bee? - MG Siegler
Because I can speed read and filter a page faster when it's standing still. - Graham English
not necessarily though it might lead to missing out on some good things being posted ocassionally - Cee Bee
there is a pause button you know - MG Siegler
Where will it end up? In a public Chatroom ;-) - Alexander Marktl
what do YOU do with this information? Just stare at it and smile? Ans yes, there's a "pause" button, I know :) - directeur
i stare at everything and smile :) - MG Siegler
gotcha, thanks. i was not aware of the pause button. i got on about 2 minutes ago - Cee Bee
I'm getting a little motion sick - anna sauce
i still find myself manually refreshing at times to get more. - MG Siegler
I like it because I click really fast on article I want to follow, by liking them, and on second screen have my discussion open, where it is slower. - Tyler (Chacha)
I like it too - using Lists is the best way to manage flow control. Gotta play more with the filters too - Susan Beebe
I have to follow you simply based off this post. - Michael
fair point kevin, fair point - MG Siegler
Dave Winer
Wow - it's almost frustrating to watch! - George Smith
Unfortunately, this exchange caused McCain to pull his upcoming interview on CNN. - Jim McCusker
does this guy still have a job? - Ruben Llibre
sometimes when you're slippery, you slip and fall down. - M. Donaldson
This is a clear example of one thing that's wrong with politics... You can't ask direct questions. Heck, I'm waiting for Obama to answer how he's going to lower taxes for 95% of us, increase the military and give people the same health insurance that congress has. - Jim McCusker
Too bad McC pulled out -- and thanks to Campbell Brown for doing her job. You know it pisses me off when reporters wonder how Biden is going to challenge Palin when they debate. It's their job to ask the tough questions, not Biden's. The Republicans nominated her, they need to explain. She didn't do anything wrong, nor did the guy she was interviewing. McCain fucked up thinking no one would ask what her qualifications were. Geez. - Dave Winer
I'd say Brown should get a Pulitzer, but that just says how incompetent the press is, she was just doing her job. You shouldn't get a prize for doing your job. - Dave Winer
This year, the GOP is taking dodging questions and doubletalk to new heights. Kudos to Campbell for pressing the issue. - Mark Edwards
Doesn't anyone else think it's odd that the media wants to pursue an issue that neither campaign thinks belongs in the political domain? Campbell Brown acted as if some nebulous "media" out there was to blame for all this when she is the media and has the ability to choose for herself. - Jan Dawson
pwned. unfortunately doublespeak is their specialty. They can convince the American public that a turd is a heavenly nugget of gelato given the chance. - Glenn Batuyong
McCain's decision to skip the CNN interview is *lame* Taking your ball and going home is now way to convince me you're ready to run the country. "When the going gets tough - quit!" - MikeAmundsen
Yeah Mike, like when the Dems said no debate on FOX, that was tough, hey? - eggsy
Palin is no less prepared to be President than Obama or Biden. Simple as that. By Campbell Brown's standards, Obama shouldn't be running. - ComicList
@eggsy did you pick up any lyndon larouche materials? your analogy is silly ... Obama & McCain had a nice values debate in a very clear format - bring your best game ... your dated troll comments are great entertainment! - Scott Moskowitz
ironic part of it is that Brown's husband is a republican strategist and she certainly seems to lean their way often. - R. Ferguson
@eggsy I'd lean for Ron Paul, my fellow American - but I fully appreciate your right to present non sequiturs ... whatever that silly Latin means - Scott Moskowitz
That's completely insane. You could replace everything he said with the "wah wah" of adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons. - iTad
splendid spin, mixed with some shooting the questioner. - Duncan Riley
There's a bit of a difference between Fox News (which, I'm sorry, registered Republican here who realizes this network is horribly biased) aiming to smear a Democrat and CNN asking a legitimate question and getting a bullsh*t answer. - Shawn Farner
Kudos for Campbell. It's not about length of time or position but what type of decisions you've made. Unfortunate Tucker wasn't able to name one off the top of his hat. Hopefully he'll be better prepared next time. BTW - which of the three Senators sit on the Foreign Relations Committee? - AJ Kohn
Her nose looks really weird. - Paul Montgomery
Alright, on a serious note, Campbell made a mistake by talking over the top of the campaigner. This is a bad habit that TV interviewers get into: they go into the interview with one question that they want answered, and if they don't get it answered, they ask it again and again to make a rhetorical point, and no one learns anything. It's the journalistic equivalent of filibustering. Far better to let the man speak, then catch him out on what no doubt would have been logical inconsistencies in his argument. - Paul Montgomery
Wow, He should have been better prepared. He was more prepared to slight the democratic party (offense) than prepared to protect the republican party (defense). LMSO! - Valley
Are all men named Tucker complete idiots? - Andy Wibbels
The Republicans are so on the ropes - pity the public won't get it... - Sean Kelly
Was this a clip from Comedy Central? Or American Gladiator? Tucker got served. - Larry Kless
MUST... STAY... ON... MESSAGE...! - iTad
"SERVICE"....? - Mona Nomura
this reminds me of the Sanford incident with Wolf Blitzer on CNN - - go figure. - ~C4Chaos
She should have given up at ~1.00 minute into the interview. This guy was NOT going to answer the initial question nor any of the follow up questions. - Jeff P. Henderson
The thing that pisses me off about all of this back and forth about who has experience and who doesn't is that they seem to be focusing on executive experience only. People seem to forget when comparing Obama to Palin that Obama has a law degree, taught constitutional law at University of Chicago Law School for 12 years, was an associate at law firm for 6, was a State Senator for 6 and... more... - Jeff P. Henderson
Media doing its job. Amazing! Pity you guys don't have Jeremy Paxman. - Paul Grav
This entry is in the most liked list of! Congrats! :) -
Chris Reed
Scarborough reacts to Palin news -
Scarborough reacts to Palin news
He said "one heartbeat away," everybody drink. - j1m
Louis Gray
Sarah Endorses ReadBurner
I'd say being an advisor has its privileges, but this bib arrived even before our kids. Sarah can't wait to get her hands on an RSS feed reader and start sharing stuff. She just needs to get her own dang laptop. - Louis Gray
AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! How adorable. The kids are too of course ;) Do they know Ajax yet? - drew olanoff
where is their disclaimer? bib before (how much before...) how sloppy can you be)... - Arne-Per
Kinda saw this one comin' :) She's soooo cute! - Charlie Anzman
I'd like to also say that this bib was sent pre-advisor role as well! :) And that I like turtles. - drew olanoff
cute kid! - Josh Haley
MG Siegler
Michael Phelps' victory dance is innate, scientists say - Los Angeles Times -
Michael Phelps' victory dance is innate, scientists say - Los Angeles Times
"The exuberant dance of victory -- arms thrust toward the sky and chest puffed out at a defeated opponent -- turns out to be an instinctive trait of all primates -- humans included, according to research released Monday." - MG Siegler from Bookmarklet
That's really interesting. It is crazy what we have locked inside of us. - Frankie Warren
I've also heard that great excitement produces the urge to yell really loud. Amazing, science is. - Bwana ☠
@Bwana , source please :) - Mattb4rd
I misread the headline. I thought it said his dance was inane. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Dave Winer
If you watch one video today, this is the one to watch -
If you watch one video today, this is the one to watch
halfway through and rotflmao ... - Dan Haley
Is this from the You Suck at Photoshop guys? - Vince DeGeorge
donnie is back today, maybe the competition made him show up again - Dobromir Hadzhiev
That was a good use of ten minutes. I'm smiling again. - Russellreno
Ok, after watching the new YSAP - This is much much better - flavor of the week to be sure. - Vince DeGeorge
I'm crying. The details in this were just great. I don't work in IT but I know this is what people must put you folks through... - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
That's hilarious! - fbrunel
that's brilliant. and i'm about ti run out of battery power here, and I won't bookmark, adn I'll probably 4get about these guys 4eva. what a shame!!! - john conroy
You mean he rebooted the webserver without submitting a Change Request Application with work procedure and rollback steps to the Change Advisory Board for review at their next weekly meeting? ;-) - Stuart Woodward
amusing.."how many times did u reboot?" ... - Jaimini from Alert Thingy
I love the part where he deletes all his files and the guy thanks him for putting his desktop back the way it was. - Dave Winer
LOL you can't arrange Icons by Penis - Chris Saad from twhirl
He just kept shooting him in the crotch over and over and over LOL..... - Avery Tingle
this is hilarious! - Michael Stearne from twhirl
Yeah, who hasn't known this IT guy? Too darn funny. - Jim Kukral
and so absolutely true - Jeff Evans
"This is going right onto Boing Boing." Hilarious! - Adam
On the Fedora installation, why is the guy running as root? - James Rishabh Mishra
nice - Anthony
Arggggg! - bill giltner
yup - Marc Canter
:)) I was getting very frustrated with FF's best of the day page, showing mostly meta-links about FF itself all the time. And then this. Once in a while, there is one single link that makes all these page loads worth it :) - Yaniv Golan
Did this win some kind of award? - Dave Winer
That made my day - Greg Goodwin
that video kills! cant wait to show the rest of the techs at work - Mark Schulz
LMAO for most of the 10 min. Will fwd to several IT peeps I know...and maybe a few peeps at Twitter. Wonder if they'll think it's funny. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Excellent.... - David W
makes me want to rearrange my desktop more creatively - Pete D
that was hilarious. wow! - David Adam
Rofl that's a ton of likes! guess I gotta! - Frankie Warren
LOL, really great ! That's why my website's so slow :)) - Heimana
lol. too funny - Alexander Marktl
Way too realistic. :-) - Doug Kaye
you can't arrange by penis - Tyler Gillies
excellent. thanks for the post Dave. - Kevin Doohan
STUPID WEB DUDE. he should have asked the sales guy to check if the website is up on other computers or in a different department. - Hanan Cohen
So funny, I truly have not laughed so much in such a long time. tyvm :) - David Smith
wow!! So unreal!! And I now know what happens with all the network mgmt software I develop! - Shivanand Velmurugan
"Maybe that's not what I meant." - Kawika Holbrook
A Classic - Ken
MG Siegler
iPhone 3G Price: $199!
BOOM - MG Siegler
8 gigabytes - MG Siegler
BOOM - Caleb Elston
yes, the 3G one - MG Siegler
now that was a BOOM - Frederic
Okay, I'll take one. - Andre Heinrichs
affordable to almost everyone - MG Siegler
Yes! - Mike Doeff
16 gig: $299 and in WHITE - MG Siegler
Subsidized? - Cyndy
That means Touch will be cheaper, too - Andre Heinrichs
Yes, - Ben Parr
Incredible. I will get two. - Lars Trieloff
one for the wife - one for me - Frederic
when will it ship? - Andre Heinrichs
stocks heading up - Frederic
I think I can see why they dried up the channel a month ago. Nobody can complain they *just bought* a $399 iPhone. - Kevin Fox
The contract lasts your lifetime and the lifetime of your children though. Gotta read the small print. - Chris Ridenour
BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! - Tadhg Kelly
finally an affordable version of the phone - Chris Jones
FF needs a Super Like for things like this. - Stanton Champion
That sound you heard was Twitter crashing as everyone simultaneously typed "$199!!!" - Ken Sheppardson
wonder if this involves a rebate - Nicholas Molnar
I want one of these. - Andre Heinrichs
no rebates - sounds like that's the price - Frederic
If only the service wasn't twice as much as what I pay for exactly the same thing. Sprint gives me 3G, unlimited data, unlimited text for $30 / month. The only thing that sucks is I'm using Windows Mobile and not an iPhone :( - Benjamin Golub
Reminder: 199 USD that is 126 EUR. - Lars Trieloff
@Ben That includes voice?? - Cyndy
Cyndy; yup, $30 gets me 500 minutes, 7pm nights and weekends free, unlimited data/text see here: - Benjamin Golub
The bigger annoucement will be how this affects the tarrif! - Joe Dawson
Eric Rice
I just went to and played with Adobe's online office suite. Holy crap. That ConnectNow is the greatest thing I've ever seen.
will have a look too now!...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
agreed, I like it alot... whiteboard and all! woo hoo! I am seriously thinking of using this for managing my virtual teams and for collaborating on project management documentation. still too early to tell... but I like the rich feature set and the UIX is sweet! - Susan Beebe
I just used this quote on my blog at - Robert Scoble
I created some screenshots here --> - Susan Beebe
Disclaimer: I'm a huge Adobe fanboy since I first started using Photoshop in 1991. (Bonus: Anyone else a veteran user of Macromind products? ;) - Eric Rice
I'd no idea they did an office suite! Personally I like Zoho - john conroy
Eric: I won a prize for reporting the most bugs in Acrobat 1.0 (they gave me a $1400 laser printer back in 1995). I love that team and am glad to see they are doing great things. - Robert Scoble
Hey Eric, Scoble's got your cool post on his blog!! very cool indeed! I am really liking Adobe's new!! :-) - Susan Beebe
macromind? pwned by ur question. Looking forward to this adobe suite. Long time adobe fan-glad they're finally making some strides in the cloud. - Mark Forman
do you need acrobat 9 to use all the features?...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
Dieter: No, it's flash-based (flex?flash?)... I read something Adobe AIR version as well, but I'm dealing with a drooling problem right now. ;) - Eric Rice
Mark: hehe the stories I could tell you about Marc Canter in 1991 would probably, well, be the same as the stories I could tell today hehe. - Eric Rice
I think this is build on Flex (Pods, etc.) - Susan Beebe
Robert: Did you ever get into tug-of-war battles with those huge rolls of printer cellophane for dye-sublimation printers? That stuff was stronger than titanium, I swear. - Eric Rice
I remember that stuff. Woz had one of those printers. Cost $40,000. Now a $50 printer does a better job. - Robert Scoble
I'm really impressed! - Guillaume
I don;t see much that connect gives me that SharedView doesn't. Any help? - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Glad you like it Eric! I think it's one of the cooler products we have. - Ryan Stewart
You can even remote control a user's desktop. That's just amazing! - Alexander Marktl
Buzzword is very pretty, and I'm impressed with ConnectNow. Nice product. - Daniel Andrlik
It all sounds great, can't wait to try it out - Shey
Robert Scoble
Why isn't Jaiku discussed much as a serious Twitter competitor? I just took another look and I hate the UI. Plus it's ssslllooowwww.
FriendFeed is so much better it isn't funny. Discuss Jaiku here. I'll post more of my thoughts shortly. UPDATE: @patphelan says it's about people, not UI. I don't agree totally. Yes, if everyone were over on Jaiku I'd probably put up with the ugly UI, but there's a reason why they didn't move and we're moving to FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
I tried Jaiku for all of 5 minutes. It was just clunky as hell, really slow (like you mentioned) and there was nobody there that interested me. - Zach Flauaus
@ismaild says that Jaiku is not a Twitter competitor. I disagree. The usage model is very similar to Twitter and, for that matter, FriendFeed. Now it's not a very good competitor, that's true, but it is a competitor. - Robert Scoble
It's still closed to new registrations. I wonder if Google is working on scaling the databases or if they've simply placed it on ice for awhile? - Dusty Dean
i think friendfeed beats out jaiku because of the spartan interface and because friendfeed is like the only web 2.0 not in freaking beta. - Tyler Gillies
Responding to @paulfabretti on Twitter. FriendFeed has far better groupings and far better search engine and far faster response time. - Robert Scoble
Dusty: I'll try to find out what Google's plans are for Jaiku tomorrow at the Google Developer Conference. - Robert Scoble
seriously and this will sound strange, its a geek hangout, I am clever than you syndrome, I know more about Nokia than you, used it at the start and love it but then a few hotshots came in and now they rule - Patphelan
Jaiku have missed the boat. Twitter and FriendFeed have blitzed the competition. - Michael McGimpsey
Jaiku is still in closed beta, nobody will use it if they can't get an invite. - Graeme Shaw
Graeme: even if they let everyone in nobody would use it. FriendFeed kicks its behind. - Robert Scoble
Pownce is awfully slow, too. Is there something fundamentally flawed about the numberless database queries that these services do? - Dusty Dean
@all try in the next days we release our API and Widget. For now not is possible that an user include "other feed" but this is the next feature. In the next time we share the our thread on other platform so every bloggers have a centralized platform for comment (like ... we introduce the video and audio post so we have many type than tumblr ;) ... try we waiting feedbak :) - Enrico
Twitter v Jaiku is horses for courses. Twitter is like a cacophony of cell phone users chatting on a public bus. Jaiku is threaded truly machine-aware. Its mobile client runs snappily quick among our workgroup, showing the city name of people and their availability. But if you don't have friends on Jaiku, it probably seems boring, or even too European. As Jyri could tell you during the GDC, there are distributed nodes on the GAE that Jaiku could use to great effect. Time will tell. - Bernie Goldbach
Because it's still closed too.. - Xavier Moisant from twhirl
if it is no good, why Google bought it? - Jansen Lu
remember that twitter is txt while jaiku is the phone. combine with android. think again. - kosmar
Can you still sign up for Jaiku if you're invited? Or, is it closed to all new registrations regardless of invites? - Dusty Dean
I love the speed of FriendFeed's comments/likes/edits... I worked with some Social aggregation companies, and they were all kind of blah... Spock looked good extracting pictures and keywords from pages, but FriendFeed grabbed my attention by extracting the feeds. Wow! Just my guess, but the FriendFeed engineers are probably way better than the Twitter guys. Good programmers and designers making sharp choices. - Mitchell Tsai
Hey Robert, it was me who prompted you to discuss this (via email). I like Jaiku, but yes it does look like Friendfeed is massively quicker. Something I hadn't considered before... - Ben Gracewood
Jaiku didn't build the community strategically, by courting/wooing the people w/ the biggest social graph. We migrate to where our friends are. Where's their community evangelist? I attend many podcamps/blog/social media events, never seen them there. Not even signage. You have to be IN community to create one. - annie heckenberger
To get the true T vs. J comparison, you need to run on a cell phone against the Jaiku client on a cell phone. You need to have smart friends in both settings. Then land in a foreign place and ask your mobile client a question. If you have smart friends in both use cases, you'll have a meaningful shoot-out. If all your posse hangs out in one kingdom, you've already made your microblogging choice. - Bernie Goldbach
and you need invitation..... - Laurentiu
Bernie, could you explain that node system quickly? - Fredrik Nordmoen
Who needs an invite? - Raanan Avidor
I just signed into my Jaiku account (forgot I had one) and I don't follow anybody. Why? Because it's boring. FriendFeed and Twitter have all the talk going on. - Zach Flauaus
I suppose I need to properly use it before I launch a barrage of criticisms. - Dusty Dean
you can't check friendfeed from twitter, but you can check twitter from friendfeed - Tyler Gillies
i need invite please - Tyler Gillies
Jaiku is being remodelled to work on app engine and was showed of as part of the app engine announcements, also a UI cleanup? - Mike Scott
It's amazing how much an easy and fast sign up process will attract new users. I had a friend this evening who was only moderately interested in Twitter take the plunge because the sign up was such a snap. - Dusty Dean
OK, two huge things missing from Friendfeed are SMS and IM integration - Ben Gracewood
I've always prefered Jaiku, I liked the extra functionality it had that Friendfeed has now implemented, but it was like being in a fun fair on your own, great for a while, but ultimately quite dull with no-one to share it with. - Stuart Grimshaw
I don't see any differenc abotu what we are doing here than we would on Jaiku. Different UI siure (although you might argue that Jaiku layout was the insipiration for Apple's threaded SMS conversations on the iPhone!). There is equal access to a wide variety of content that users bring into FF/Jaiku (blogs, feeds, flickr etc.) and can discuss each. Furthermore, Jaiku has a fantastic mobile app. FF doesn't even have a mobile site! - Paul Fabretti
People will use any platform if it works and 'feels right.' For me, Jaiku feels all wrong. - Jim Connolly
email for invite is and as far as mobile integration for FF isn't there - Tyler Gillies
To sum up my thoughts. Jaiku = closed, then they won't have the same amount of users as Twitter and/or FF. In the end it's the number of users who decides, I'm not going to join a social-friend-something when all my friends are using another service. - Fredrik Nordmoen
Paul: I use FF all the time from my iPhone and Nokia phones. Works just fine and I like it better than trying to load some software on my phone. - Robert Scoble
I'm in Jaiku also and while I like some of it, FriendFeed+Twitter is generally much nicer combination of tools for conversation. - Daniel Schildt
I don't know if anyone has noticed but Facebook has added several more services to their 'Import' feature on the mini-feed. It goes beyond Digg, Flickr, and Picasa now to a few more services. It's something they should have done a long time ago and they are still not utilizing all of the possible services out there. - Dusty Dean
FriendFeed is so fast and you can pull in feeds from all over. It seems like such a winning model at the moment. I'm impressed at how fast my Twitter updates appear on FF as it seems like it's real time. - Dusty Dean
@Fredrik Nordmoen On my Nokia S60 edition phones, Jaiku knows where it is located in the world. So when I walked Copenhagen, Jaiku showed me the name of the borough where it was connected to the 3G network. In Ireland, Jaiku tells people the name of the nearest city when my phone attaches itself to a nearby cell mast. When I am using my phone for some data tasks, Jaiku shows me as a green dot. When I change my phone's profile to a silent one, Jaiku shows me as a red (unavailable) dot. This is handy for me, - Bernie Goldbach
@Robert fair point, although having used Jaiku since "the early days", mobile browsing has come on somewhat! iPhone being the case in point! - Paul Fabretti
I don't find Pownce to be slow at all and it's more functional than Jaiku. - Amit Morson
@Bernie I didn't know that about Jaiku. That's really impressive. Twitter seems so lightweight and heavily dependent upon the API developers for innovation. - Dusty Dean
It should really be Jaiku v. Friendfeed, not Jaiku v. Twitter. - Rubin Sfadj
The size and speed of this discussion thread has just made me a convert from Jaiku to Friendfeed. Seriously. - Ben Gracewood
anyone have any invites for jaiku? :) - Tyler Gillies
@Rubin. I think you have something there, although let me throw this in from October last year - Paul Fabretti
need jaiku invite? go here to grab: - kosmar
@Ben I agree. It's converting me as well. I had signed up for FF and Social Thing awhile back but had neglected them. - Dusty Dean
@Bernie Goldbach, that was actually pretty nice. But I misread your previous post and thought there were no friends in Jaiku, but dependent on your location... - Fredrik Nordmoen
i have an account on jaiku, but never found it useful because no one i know uses it. so i am still not too familiar with it. when i'm honest, i don't like the UI of friendfeed. i know I'm biased since i work on, but at the moment, i do believe that none of these lifestreaming services are optimal. we are working to make lifestream what the users want. i have a nice list of what users want, but in the end, i still think most want something clean, simple, useful, and will ultimately use what.. - Jodi Church
friendfeed is the new jaiku now it has channels/rooms - Adrian
..their contacts will use. i don't really think in terms of twitter vs. friendfeed or jaiku vs friendfeed. i prefer to use twitter to communicate. and services like freindfeed are aggregation tools to me with the potential to be more like twitter and beyond. - Jodi Church
@kosmar, thnx for the invite - Tyler Gillies
pownce is really great for sharing and community. lately it has technical problems as well. but i am beginning to think the entire web is broken. it seems all sites i like to use are having technical problems. - Jodi Church
@jodi - agreed. Jaiku=better, but "no" users, Twitter=no features, no realiability, but 1 million users! @Adrian agreed. Could spell the end for Jaiku, although I think Google did that! Methinks they only have it for the mobile client to be used in Adroid! - Paul Fabretti
Ditto bernie on the phone integration stuff. Jaiku Nokia integration is absolutely incredible and has to be used to be believed. If someone (hellloooo Friendfeed) can do something similar with the iPhone SDK, it will be a killer app. - Ben Gracewood
i have 20 invites to jaiku if anyone really wants to try it out - Jodi Church
Jaiku includes a lot of stuff that neither Twitter nor FriendFeed have, principally around mobile phone. Try using it on a Nokia S60, with the client, and you get location awareness - something that's going to be enormous over the next few years. However, I'm sad to say (because I love Jaiku) that I don't think Google will make much of it: according to rumour, apart from its port to Google AppEngine, it's now maintained as a "20% time" project. However, "Jaiku 2.0" may appear, as a feature of Android. - Ian Betteridge
i just want to use jaiku so i have something else to feed friendfeed. - Tyler Gillies
Jaiku may not have been quick enough in building the communities that Twitter and and FF have, but as I've said before what happens if it ships as the default Android address book - ? Would Google Jaiku care about failing to capture the early adopter crowd if they take lifestreaming mass market via Jaiku-Android integration? - Jon Mulholland
Not a fair comparison, Robert. Jaiku has lain fallow since Google bought them. No improvements since then, closed to invite only. It's essentially a dead service. A year ago, when I left Twitter for Jaiku, Jaiku was way ahead. Since then, Twitter has gone nowhere, Jaiku was sold, and Pownce and FF have arisen, and I'm back on Twitter, arguably the least well designed and certainly the least reliable, but ultimately that's where the community is and that's all that matters. - Leo Laporte
@Leo, welcome to the discussion - Tyler Gillies
Leo, check out the response to Robert's comment though. I'd argue that the community is rapidly heading to Friendfeed. I always loved Jaiku's discussion threads attached to each post. Friendfeed has this, and is an order of magnitude faster than Jaiku. - Ben Gracewood
I don't think FF is quite right, either. It's too scattered to feel like a community. A post like this becomes a discussion, but then it's lost in a tsunami of other content. There's way too much going on on FF to feel like a community. That's part of why Twitter works: it's all there in that timeline. (For better or worse). For example, to find this post to comment again I had to go to Twitter. You're promoting it on Twitter. Why? Because that's the best way to find it! What's FF minus Twitter? - Leo Laporte
It's all about the community and the ease of service. Those are key. Twitter's features aren't heavily promoted or easy to understand when you're a new user. It took me several weeks before I discovered the track feature via IM. Truly, it's amazing that Twitter is still growing. It seems that the 'Twitter is down' image with the whale being carried by birds is becoming more of a running joke than something for us to get angry about anymore. We don't have ads (unless you're in Japan). - Dusty Dean
google did a nice job of buying a couch cushion here. i hope that changes with android. - MG Siegler
@Leo, I like the flash mob style of gathering for discussion and then disappearing into the "tsunami of content" it breaks the mold. its new and exciting - Tyler Gillies
In a way Twitter encompasses everything that is strange and unreasonable about the new 'web 2.0' explosion. It hasn't established a solid ad model (unless in you're in Japan), continues to have VC money tossed at it, cannot scale properly,and continues to offer everything for free and asking nothing of its users in return. - Dusty Dean
Microsoft has shown that they are not afraid to pull out their pocketbook and spend some dough acquiring services. Do you think they may have their sights set on Twitter just for the eyeballs? - Dusty Dean
@Leo You gotta be where the people are at. - Michael McGimpsey
Using this FF comments page reminds me of the old HTML chat days where you had to constantly refresh to see new message. - Dusty Dean
@MG Siegler - agreed! - Jon Mulholland
@Dusty If Microsoft got their hands on Twitter then that would be a reason to go to Jaiku - Michael McGimpsey
I totally agree with Leo. Jaiku was seen as a Twitter competitor at first, and lost b/c people like to think that "less is more"; then it was bought out and frozen by Google. Now Friendfeed does the exact same thing, and it's hugely popular not b/c of its UI. It's b/c it's seen as a companion, not a competitor to Twitter. Jaiku never got that chance (or never tried to surf that wave). - Rubin Sfadj
It can't be considered competition to Twitter unless it has SMS. Right now I believe Jaiku is the only one that fits that criteria. SMS is what makes Twitter in many ways - being able to update anywhere. - Jesse Stay
honestly i didn't really start using twitter until i started using friendfeed - Tyler Gillies
i also agree with Leo about FF being too scattered to feel like a community. i think the community (or communities) are still mostly on the services that re being fed into friendfeed. this is not a bad thing at all. but the ability to have some discussion on here is a great option. - Jodi Church
Wow Friendfeed needs to do some UI work on long comment threads. Scrolling up and down to enter comments is lame. - Ben Gracewood
Competitors or not both are community services. And the key of a community service is the community. UI responsiveness is important, but to a lesser extent. Take the example of MySpace, slow, ugly UI, but it has/had success. If Friendfeed were simply cool & quick, but nobody replied to your messages, would you still post here Scoble? - funkyboy
Whats wrong with the UI Robert? Its a decent UI. And your initial argument over a year ago was that Jaiku was too complicated and you prefered the simplicity of Twitter. What has changed for you to now love FriendFeed? Because it is doing *nothing* new and a whole lot less than Jaiku did. Channels? Yep. Hiding feeds? Yep. Threaded conversations? Yep. And then there was the killer S60 integration. But alas, the service is dead now. Look for the reincarnation in Android. - Jamie
"although you might argue that Jaiku layout was the insipiration for Apple's threaded SMS conversations on the iPhone!" - I think you will find iChat (2003) was the inspiration for the SMS UI on the iPhone. - Jamie
@Jamie and regarding UI: how do you like the awesome Friendfeed UI? Scroll to the top of this page to hit "comment". LOL - Ben Gracewood
@nzben I get the comment link just below the original post. Not ideal from a UI POV, but not terrible - James Marwood
Does it stay up though? Can u tell I am twit-jaded? - The Fat Oracle from twhirl
I need an invite for jaiku. My email address is codesurgeon AT gmail DOT com - Mustafa K. Isik
i think the problem is that friendfeed didn't think that this many people would comment on a single 2 line message - Tyler Gillies
the third screen is the battlefield. - kosmar
Have 20 invites for Jaiku if anybody is interested - I only use Jaiku for my Danish followers - Otherwise I only use FF or Twitter. - Christian Bogh
Let's wait until the guys at Google release a new version and see how it will integrate with other Google services - João Almeida from twhirl
I think Jaiku will be integrated in Google Reader soon. - Svartling
To everyone Looking for a Jaiku Invite go visit - Ciaran Rooney
Jaiku in GReader seems a pretty neat idea - João Almeida from twhirl
I don't like all the feeds that I have to manually unsubscribe to one-by-one on Jaiku. It's all a bit to much in one place. - Jamie Clark
Jaiku is simply not open to the public - if they don´t open up soon, they will loose the race anyway! - Dieter Schwarz from twhirl
I prefer the interface of Jaiku to Twitter. The problem is that Jaiku has no audience. Jaiku is like a nice looking bar that none of my friends patronize. It still looks like a nice place, but not much fun happens there. - Phil Yanov
I think the reason is... SXSW. Hype. The fact that it has become the verb for the microblogging movement. I'm trying to get a jaiku invite, maybe it not being open yet has something to do with it. - Evan Travers
@Phil, good analogy - Tyler Gillies
Maybe it's a European dimension but I can update both Jaiku and Twitter via SMS. I get my Jaiku flow through text updates, something Twitter cannot provide so I'm stuck missing conversations during episodes of missing histories. Like an absent-minded bar maid, Twitter is there when I saunter by. But in the meantime, I've got dozens of friends, real and virtual, on Jaiku who converse in a threaded way. That's helpful for me, but I can see where some people want the craic of the A-List noise on Twitter. - Bernie Goldbach
Jaiku isn't a Twitter competitor. Twitter strives to be a microblog *only*. Jaiku wants to be much more than that - and, frankly, doesn't deliver. It doesn't like the feed of one of my blogs (and f-yeah, using Feedburner!), the comment system is not as developed as FriendFeed...Pownce IMHO is a better microblogging-plus-some-lifestreaming solution... but hey Bret and Paul, add some microblogging features to FriendFeed! - Cesar Cardoso
I prefer Jaiku to Twitter in every way but one. The people I want to follow are on Twitter. So there you go. - CJ Kloote
I you want to beat the friendly UI with the sickly back end... you can't have a sickly UI AND a sickly back end. - Nancy Babyak
Pounce is interesting but seems to attract a much younger crowd then twitter. It does have an import friend feature, first 100, and while everyone I followed on twitter was there, only about 5% had actually posted. Pounce does show your age by default. I felt old, but then found the area to hide your profile. I still like twitter the best. Twitter makes me feel more comfortable for some reason. - Maxine Appleby from Alert Thingy
FF has some serious work to do re: commenting. It's functionally broken with this many comments. Essentially it's the Fun Wall on Facebook. - Rick Powell
Since Jaiku is closed to invites and FriendFeed is open and still has only a % of the users of Twitter, it seems that the answer is obvious as most say. It isn't about technology but people. I'd rather meet all my friends at a dive than try to look cool at a members only club most days. I'd agree with Leo that Twitter/Friendfeed together makes the most sense. - Jay Gilmore
I've been waiting for an invite for months, that might have something to do with it. - Cyndy
someone above mentioned it already but with so many comments, it's worth repeating - for jaiku invites, see I got my invite within an hour of my request. - acedanger
jaiku reminds me of a basterdized version of twitter and friendfeed - Greg North
I have a few invites. Add me to your Friendfeed (I'll add you in return) and let me know how to get that invite to you. - Mike Lewis
Just to remind everyone the Jaiku was around BEFORE twitter and long before friendfeed, It has the best feature set and the best mobile access. Twitter and FriendFeed are all about the people A-listers like Scoble. Jaiku is about real community not noise. - Ciaran Rooney
@scoble : I don't find it that slow or ugly, maybe a little bit confusing and not as simple as twitter but it does the job - directeur
In my experience, Jaiku has not been slow. I use its mobile interface when I'm outside if Twitter is down. - Morton Fox
@acedanger: Thanks for posting that link. Was wondering when someone was going to do it (I was about to!). :) - Cheryl Jones
Jaiku is a bit harder to get into as far as finding interesting conversations, which is bad for the typical impatient Net users (many of which I've seen in this thread). But it rewards patient users who find interesting people to follow. I feel like the presence of conversation threads makes interaction a lot more fulfilling. This is also why FriendFeed is good, because of threaded conversations. - Cheryl Jones
Also there are so many spammer! - SteJules from twhirl
Who needs Jaiku when you have FriendFeed? - Thomas Hawk
Jaiku may be slow, but not as slow as Pownce! - Mack D. Male
Jaiku's problem is that it's most powerful feature is limited to Nokia phones. Everyone doesn't have a Nokia, therefore it gets missed. I've also said that Jaiku's implementation of comments is not as seamless as FriendFeed's. It requires an extra page load/extra step, where it's MUCH easier to join the conversation in FriendFeed. And finally, the community. Jaiku's community is not is vibrant as Twitter or FriendFeed. That is the biggest issue in my opinion. - Bwana ☠
Personally I really like Jaiku - albeit it's similar to Friendfeed. I like the fact that Google is running it - so i expect support would be far better than FF or Twitter. It has sms which is lacking FF (and twitter doesn't work on my current phone, support is non-existant). I also like their rooms better since they have a better directory listing and it's more reminiscent of the irc for me. The thing that's lacking is the community, btw i'm pbrush on jaiku. - Doug Brooks
none of my friends are on Twitter, Jaiku, FF, so for me the all suck as social networks. I use Twitter for status sync with Pulse (my business contacts are on there) and Hyves (my friends are there). Jaiku Pownce Numpa (dutch) aren't interesting to me. I use FF to subscribe to people like Robert and use it as a sort of Feed reader, but instead for blogs it's for people... - Mark Jenniskens
What this conversation needs is a greasemonkey script that does a few search and replace manoeuvres: .replace('Twitter', 'Ford').replace('Jaiku', 'Chevy').replace('Google', 'GM').replace('FF', 'Ford Fiesta'); - Micah
If you don't like the look - just change it ;) I've just started work on a stylish extension for it and it's easy to strip out the bits you don't like. Besides, I'm more often interfacing with it through google talk, so then it's just a message. - Alex Leonard
Oh, and the other thing I wanted to mention is that I've connected with an excellent community of web developers on Jaiku and often find it an excellent place to post questions to with excellent results. - Alex Leonard
Is there a client like twhirl for jaiku? - blacktulip from twhirl
For those of you who dumped your Twitter and blog feeds into Jaiku and don't actually post there, you're missing the point. RSS feed dumping don't equal interaction. Once you get into conversations with people (as with FF), that's when you'll see Jaiku shine. - Cheryl Jones
Jaiku has better taste with Jaikungfu - A. T.
I think that the fact it's invitations only killed it. Even Google can't help them in this stage. It should have been integrated to some of their applications long time ago. - Orli Yakuel
Jaiku is by far a superior service than Twitter, truly conversational messaging, great group discussion (before FF) ,deep mobile integration, reliable (most of the time) and is build on a good architecture design. The main problem of Jaiku is now Google and the number of users currently using the service. - israel
I used Jaiku before Google bought it and it was quite boring, No one to follow or post to, and no apps as FriendFeed and Twitter have amassed. - Randy
If Google doesn't open it, it will never be a *real* competitor to Twitter! I think if Pownce adds phone alerts, it could take Twitter down! - Josué Almeida
IMO the true story of Jaiku stays untold... my impression that it had been done "on purpose", i.e. relatively cheap data collection of big size covered as interaction social service, to be sold later to GOOG :) mission accomplished, now on freeze/invitations-only :) - A. T.
i think the UI of jaiku is kinda sexy - Tyler Gillies
jaiku needs more features ;-) - Google Reader
@z3ux I seem to get a lot of spamvites from Pownce, which is kinda sad - Wil
Jaiku was experiencing some load issues couple of hours ago... which is quite unusual for a Google service. - Wil
@leolaporte I am genuinely interested. search may be an issue sometime, but Twitter seems pretty scattered as well doesn't it? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Hey guys, Jaiku noticed this convo and blogged about it: - dgw
Even Kevin Rose (founded pownce) uses twitter a lot, he says fundamental difference is that twitter is for communication, pownce is for sharing media...that is the difference in his mind. Idea: what if twitter merged with friendfeed and migrated over twitters to a stable, reliable ff w/ sms!!! - Pokai
I was just forwarded a Jaiku invite yesterday and have been playing with it. To evaluate Jaiku, you need to analyze (1) the application (2) the third party offerings, and (3) the robustness of the community. So far I'm actually impressed with (1). As FriendFeed users will testify, conversations organized around an item are nice. - Ontario Emperor
i like the jaiku UI - Tyler Gillies
Any reason why a proven IM systems couldn't just add opt-in microblogging and commenting features? Seems like iChat, Jabber, AIM, etc. would bring more users into a Twitter-like world than Twitter can scale to an IM world. - Kawika Holbrook
wow! lots of opinions. Jaiku is dead because it's closed. It never was bigger than Twitter because alot of the a-listers (like it or not) did not use it as a primary communication channel except Leo Laporte. Jaiku is more a direct competitor of Friendfeed (both are lifestreams). Also I hated the tools to post on Jaiku. Twitteriffic was way better. Jaiku's wworst enemy is Google. Why do they shut things off when they buy them. IT IS PLAIN F*#%ing stupid. when will they learn? - DC Crowley
@DC Crowley. So what would you do after acquiring a company? Would you ask the team to deal with the rapid increase in usage (caused by the publicity around the acquisition) whilst also trying to integrate into a new company/technology platform? Or would you just leave everything the same and end up with dozens of little groups using radically different technologies? I also find it interesting and somewhat sad that you think the micro-celebs of the blogging world are the only people who matter. - Adewale Oshineye
twitter, jaiku, pownce, facebook, friendfeed..........information overload...... - Thomas Chai
Nicole Simon
12 Tips for Getting Your Startup Featured on Mashable -
guidelines for submitting to a site like mashable. [It is not rocket science but it seems for some people it is, hence such a posting is valuable.] - Nicole Simon
Bret Taylor
See popular items from your friends-of-friends -
Woohoo! I think this is a *killer* feature. I hope to find new friends through this - Benjamin Golub
Agree with Benjamin, this will lead to great new finds of friends and content - MG Siegler
++ Super cool. This makes "like" really mean something. Next suggestion: replace the item-type icons with friend-face icons... - ⓞnor
Comment icons have a halo when the commenter is your friend and the item's originator is not? - ⓞnor
foaffeed++. halo: indeed. - j1m
Dan: yes, the halo comes in those situations. We were debating a bunch of different UIs, and this was the most popular one as of today... Suggestions are welcome :) - Bret Taylor
I think it might be better if the halo was always there for friends. You could halo the smiley, too, if one of your friends liked it. - ⓞnor
Also, can I have an "unsubscribe" button on my friends' profile pages? - ⓞnor
Ah, so for Dan foaf is all just a way of being able to have less friends and thereby be more curmudgeonly. - j1m
well, duh! but seriously, this is an upward shift in the ROC curve, so unsubscribing to a few marginal friends is the logical response to keep my f-measure maximized. - ⓞnor
Make the halo show up on all comments from friends, regardless of where the post originated. Comment icon has halo == commenter is your friend. - Tudor Bosman
As non-addicted user, I'd prefer to have a setting to disable friends-of-friends messages - after all, if I want to get those messages, I'll add that person as my friend. BTW, "dislike" next to "comment" and "like" is also a good idea. - Sergey Chernyshev
Yes, +1 on the ability to turn this off. (I'd keep it on, but I can see how some people would consider it spammy) - Tudor Bosman
Why not a slider? Set the slider at 0 and 0% of your friend-of-friends items will be shown, set it to 5 and 50% will make it, set it to 10 and 100% will be shown? - Benjamin Golub
this feature really needs more options for controlling what I see in my feed, e.g. only show me items my friends liked, or only those they commented on, etc, and maybe from the other side give a user the option to share when they comment or like - Mandi
PS Things that are propogated through friends should only move to the top when that friend or another direct friend comments on/likes it - Mandi
But, @BGolub @kang, how does FriendFeed decide which 50% get shown? I've never figured it out at facebook. uses a 0-100 slider to choose posts based on network distance, from no one to everyone; i really like it. - John Lam
Nice feature but a bit overwhelming ;) - Lora Lufark
i really like this feature - Georges Harik
Why FF not having an Option to say 'dislike' ? - Anand Muthu
Are you thinking of enemyfeed? - j1m
Muller... I TM'd enemyfeed and familyfeed. You must ask permission before utilizing either in a sentence. - Louis Gray
I dislike the above comment - j1m
The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. (Is that antitrichotomous?) - Amit Patel
People with private feeds don't get their items shared. (Presumably privacy-paranoid people already have private feeds.) Comments are another matter, but those have always been open to anyone who can see the original item (i.e. the entire public, for non-private feeds). - ⓞnor
We have been getting a wide range of feedback, and we will likely be tweaking aspects of this feature a bit based on people's feedback. I will keep you all posted as we discuss our plans this week. - Bret Taylor
Elad, I think that might damage the flow. Maybe when you comment on a public entry, we should include a little bit of text (after the post button?) alerting you to that fact. - Paul Buchheit
No, it won't. - ⓞnor
If the source of the entry you are commenting on is private, it will remain private no matter who comments on it or likes it. The friend-of-friend features only apply to entries that are already public. - Bret Taylor
What Dan said. Private entries stay private, regardless of comments/likes. - Sanjeev Singh
Paul Buchheit
OpenSocial Still “Not Open for Business” -
"It’s only been about a month since Google launched OpenSocial, its development platform for social networking applications. But already developers are frustrated with how half-baked the whole thing is." - Paul Buchheit
it is true, in so many ways. - paulm
Of the three gadgets I tried after launch (yes, it's a mere extension to iGoogle Gadgets, those DTD-less XML applications), only one worked -- and it happened to display random cat photo content, not the thing that gets you too exciting. Then again, who - Philipp Lenssen
hyped it in the first place... Google or news sites/ blogs? [ps: please allow longer comments...] - Philipp Lenssen
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