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Copy-paste :)
Kopi pest bu kadar ilerledi mi? :)) - Ali Oz
child version much more cute =) but i prefer theeeeeseee - siniradam
بلاک شدی ... اخطار داده بودم که با این قیافه مردم رو نترسون...!! - سینــــا
very very nice i likeit is beautiful...greetings from texas - Betty Diaz
What's the source and license? Would like to reuse it. - Daniel Mietchen
good idea :) - Alexander Ivanov
good idea. zabirayu sebe :) - Колпачков
i like ^-^ good idea - gloria
Прикольно))) - Kudesnik
Love your shirts! - Lori Cunningham
nefis.. ben de bunlardan ikiz kızlarım için yaptırayım hemen :) - Ayşegül
:))))))))) - ♂=♀ (MosiMC)
Reckon I should send my ID twins to daycare in T shirts like that! - mummc0
Здорово! - pudra
alf bacanak eskiden dizi falan çekerdin gözükmüyon nerelerdesin - barış
wer würde da nicht gerne die "Tasten" drücken ;-) - My-Fan-Page
Класные фотки
Love love both of these..~ - mrsha
Hangisi bay hangisi bayan kim bilecek bakalım? - Ali Oz
Zor kullanan erkek bence; adam bakmış ki çene çene; sonunda çıldırmış ve bir türlü susmak bilmeyen eşinin ağzını eliyle kapatıyor. - Ali Oz
Прикольно! Это авторские? - dubinskaya elena
С i love you - это, конечно, гениально! - игорь гольдберг
I think men who use force, he looked at that chin chin, and finally a kind of insane to shut off the hand does not know his wife's mouth. - Ali Oz
Serçelerde boynunda süsü olan erkek serçedir :) - Henry
Hello, welcome to my friendfeed. - Abel Nieva Saavedra
:)) - parfumkashop
Alexandros Georgiadis
Shouldn't threads with comments to my posts appear in "My discussions"? Well, not all do...
ฉันจะเข้าใจคุณหรือ - pannaree
I think you can keep track of a post you make to FF using the notification mechanism. - TrafficBug
thanks so ..... - pannaree from email
is there an example of one that doesn't show up? - Mike Chelen
nope, discussions only includes other people's threads that you "like" and threads that you comment on. If you want to see threads where people comment on your posts, either add a comment yourself, or look in your own feed instead of in "my discussions." - Laura Norvig
Thanks, Laura - Alexandros Georgiadis
Yep. This is why I hardly use Friendfeed in an interactive way. I have no idea who has commented on my posts. - Appropedia
Meryn Stol
"Retweeting is parasitic. Liking is symbiotic." - Alex Scoble
Quote taken from a comment in . - Meryn Stol
This thread is very ironic. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thierry Ratsizehena
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." ~ Gandhi (via @lovepeaceunity).
Michael Geist
Rogers: Customers don't care about traffic mgmt practices. Disclose practices on website. Never involve collection of personal info. #crtc
Michel Bauwens
Design and architecture as sustainable platform building -
Michel Bauwens
Interview with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus: 'Capitalism Has Degenerated into a Casino' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International -
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus says that greed has destroyed the world's financial system. SPIEGEL ONLINE spoke with him about the profit motive, social consciousness and what should be done to end the financial crisis. - Michel Bauwens
Mark Surman
The Open Planning Project -
They're supporting "Open Source for Government" - excellent! - Appropedia
Elijah van der Giessen
In Defense of Raising Money: a Manifesto for NonProfit CEOs -
There’s this unspoken idea floating around that “fundraisers” can go about their work in a vacuum, having quiet, unimportant conversations with nameless, faceless rich people, while all the while the people who do the real work (the program folks) can go about their business, separate from and unconnected to this conversation. What a waste. Don’t you think that creating a tribe5 of connected, engaged, passionate evangelists for your cause will create a positive feedback loop that will amplify the change you hope to see in the world? It doesn’t matter if that tribe is 300 powerful, smart, wealthy people or 3 million regular folks who believe in you and the change you hope to make. If they are passionate and engaged and you give them a way to help, you will amplify your impact. - Elijah van der Giessen
Grant Bierman
I'm a largely self taught freelance pc tech, specializing in Linux (Favoring Debian based distros) because that's what I use, I have far too much free time on hands. Ask any questions you want, and if I can't help you I'll at least try to point you in the right direction.
Being that I have learned how to drive traffic to my site, that is about the only thing I can offer. Other than some good blogging tools!! ;)
great idea! i'm focused on Web middleware/REST in the .NET space (C#). also have solid javascript, css, and regex, chops. but don't ask me about UI/UX; i do everything in black times roman on a white background [grin]. if any of that helps, ping me here.
oh yeah, XML/XPath/XSD, too. - MikeAmundsen
Michel Bauwens
How to Save the World - Intentional Communities, Cohousing, etc.. -
because of the ponderous nature of the term "Intentional Community", many such communities are called cohousing neighbourhoods. Other terms like ecovillages, communes and housing cooperatives are also used. Since even wikipedia mis-defines some of them, it may be worthwhile defining what we mean by all these terms. - Michel Bauwens
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