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Viability of 3-D printing semiconductors: Cadmium Selenide nanoparticles for water purification purposes -
Four Point Resistivity and Conductivity Type Measurements protocol: MOST -
Perkin-Elmer RF Sputtering System-6 Inch protocol: MOST -
Viability of 3D Printing LED TV screens -
Viability of 3D-printing semiconductors of solar cells to encase and power the iPhone 5 -
Viability of 3-D printing semiconductors of Cadmium sulfide in solar cells -
Environmental life cycle analysis of distributed 3-D printing and conventional manufacturing of polymer products -
How safe is Liposuction India to reduce extra fat? -
Water and Ethanol Blends -
Please donate to the Ada Initiative’s “Seed 100″ campaign | Infotropism -
"I don’t know what each of you is paid, but based on the after-tax pay I get from my tech industry job, $512 is about 2 days’ work. I’ve put in at least 3 months’ solid work on this issue since 2009, so when I think about that, 2 days doesn’t seem like much. Lots of people — equally senior people in the tech industry — have said to me, over the past couple of years, “I’d love to help but I don’t know where to start or where my contribution would be most useful.” To those people, I say, please donate to the Ada Initiative." - Appropedia
Don't Be A Free User (Pinboard Blog) -
"I love free software and could not have built my site without it. But free web services are not like free software. If your free software project suddenly gets popular, you gain resources: testers, developers and people willing to pitch in. If your free website takes off, you lose resources. Your time is spent firefighting and your money all goes to the nice people at Linode. So stop getting caught off guard when your favorite project sells out! “They were getting so popular, why did they have to shut it down?” Because it's hard to resist a big payday when you are rapidly heading into debt. And because it's culturally acceptable to leave your user base high and dry if you get a good offer, citing self-inflicted financial hardship. Like a service? Make them charge you or show you ads. If they won't do it, clone them and do it yourself. Soon you'll be the only game in town!" - Appropedia
What About The Other Side of the Anne Frank Accusation? | James Cape -
Racist Romeo Willing to Pay for Non-Fat, Non-Slut, Non-Black Girlfriend -
Importing data is hard: a rant about integrating open data projects | Infotropism -
The viability of nanotechnology-based bandgap engineering in solar photovoltaic devices for sustainable energy generation -
Advances in plasmonic light trapping in thin-film solar photovoltaic devices -
MY3701 Semiconductor Innovation I project -
Temperature Gradient, Pressure Gradient, and Dew Point -
Students Transform Liquid Shipping Containers into Solar Lighting Cubes for Dominican Animal Shelter | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building -
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