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8 years ago, I made this hawt photo of @superkb and I. Might be time we get this one framed.
"Sell the fuck out of that one hour of good design — most people can’t do ten minutes of it." - @monteiro
I love @wesleyverhoeve's One of Many, a series of photo essays about 12 American cities & their creative communities:
Playing with @mailbox for Mac. Giggety > "The 6 best features of Mailbox for Mac." You want this app. Yes yes you do.
Can @drake ever reach the heights he hit on "Take Care"? It's like the hip hop Icarus flying too close to the sun:
This Chelsea goal... ooh la la >>
On Buster’s backstory and the genius of Arrested Development... Tnx to @adamlaiacano for the tip.
Remember when the Sender could mark an email as "Urgent"? What an asshole feature that was.
Behind the scenes @RestoHardware… “Should we cut the feature on bathroom doorknobs?" "Cut it?! No way! Give it its own book!"
Putting aside how @restohardware’s catalogs are a total middle finger to the environment,I haven't read that many pages in anything since HS
.@iamjohnoliver’s piece on #Ferguson was unsurprisingly sharp. Watch it.
RT @anildash: Oh hey, go delete all those long-discarded devices that are still linked to your Dropbox account:
RT @Deadspin: Guy finishes last in his fantasy league, has to make an embarrassing calendar:
Badged icon w/ no notifications. Random faves from people I don't follow in my feed. Someone check the Twitter Growth team's liquor cabinet.
Jeepers. Southhampton sure made Liverpool earn those 3 points. Stressful but ultimately satisfying start to the season.
RT @MenInBlazers: Genius @WankersFullKit Taking #fullkitwanker to new level. Pitch invader tries to blend in during Real Madrid corner
RT @FiveThirtyEight: Compared to American sports, soccer's rulebook is beautiful in its simplicity.
RT @MenInBlazers: SHOT OF DAY: Pitch invader takes Spurs Free Kick
RT @SportsCenter: The 2014-15 Premier League season is underway!
RT @FATJEW: Guys, there's war around the world and Missouri is on fire, BUT DON'T WORRY BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE ARE POURING ICE ON THEIR HEADS FOR CHARITY!
RT @jsavite: "Throwing 70 miles an hour, THAT's throwing like a girl." - Mo'Ne Davis, first girl to pitch in LL World Series
RT @iamkory: Insane. RT @mrmedina: THIS. Man saw #MikeBrown get gunned down from his Ferguson apartment & live-tweeted the events
Top notch @hoodinternet track right here: ‘R U Nosetalgic (Pusha T & Kendrick Lamar x ASTR)
RT @McAndrew: Fascinating @zeynep piece: Ferguson shows how algorithms have consequences. Neutral-ish Twitter vs. filtered FB.
RT @BinaShah: Girls on their way to school in Nepal. No bridge, no other way to get there. Bravest girls in the world.
This Is A Masterclass In How To Win A Twitter Fight via @cwarzel
RT @KatzM: Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.
RT @samfbiddle: I wonder what those delta force dickwads in the ferguson PD are doing tonight now that they can't cosplay in the streets anymore
Got to take the new Occulus Rift dev kit for a spin at the office today. Believe the hype.
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