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A "selfie phone"? Don't ever change, Redmond:
So one of two @taptalkme ripoffs *this week*, @mirageapp, is made by the same folks who brought you @YoAppStatus?
Claim Chowder as a service. Forward anything (email/URL/tweet) with lofty claims along w/ a date you want it to come back 'atcha.
RT @ckurdziel: @khuyi HR infra is really underrated - especially since HR needs to be implemented BEFORE high growth periods, not during/after
RT @eugenewei: Sur La Table is having a one-day $150 off sale on the Vitamix, the creme de la creme of blenders. I love mine:
Open @rdio. Search for “Screws” by Nils Frahm. Left click. Start station. … Chiiiiiiiiiiillll.
Got a call from place I ordered lunch saying "Hi, this is X. We're, like, trying to start an email list. Do you want to give me your email?"
Electric Objects (@ElectricObjects) looking for a Creative Director. Great hardware & artist community to design for:
Little known commuter tip: free snacks! @Deadspin: Extremely intoxicated Metro North passenger munches on floor chips
RT @counternotions: I think Yelp should conduct human psych experiments to determine if their most pressing problem was lack of user submitted videos.
Great photo of most of El D (tnx koreaitaly!) as we head into the playoffs. Will need to take another…
Best part: the opposing pitcher checking our bats to see if they were corked rather than taking a moment to reflect on his shitty pitching.
El D wins the last game of the regular season 16-10. Next up: playoffs. @ Commodore Barry Park
RT @chrismohney: Most summer blockbusters use 10% of your brain. Imagine if we could get that number below 5%
Great piece on @ElectricObjects from @jennydeluxe in this weekend's Times. Can't wait for the final product.
RT @AScalzi98: I hate hipsters. Their smug faces, their vegan diet, tiny feet and sawdust bedding. No wait, I meant hamsters.
Next time that motel room you're in just doesn't feel right, check under the bed. This story is BANANAS.
Up early with my running buddy and the deer. I just ran 4.05 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
RT @peopIeofearth: Chinese doctors bowing down to an 11 year old boy with brain cancer who saved several lives by donating his organs.
RT @Renzo_Soprano: Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?
RT @alexislloyd: Wow, that's a resentful bridge.
Well that stinks. RT @ESPNFC: BREAKING: #LFC midfielder Adam Lallana ruled out for six weeks with a knee injury
Just walked by a dude who must be king of all the hipsters judging by the WOODEN BOWTIE he was sporting.
Just discovered Four Tet has a new record called Beautiful Rewind and I’m liking it a lot. New vibe for him:
This time with a little more giddy up. I just ran 4.03 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
I'd love more inside scoops like this take on AC Milan from @randy_j_kim on teams as they get ready for the season:
The uncharged @jawbone is still buzzing my wrist constantly 12 hours later though not collecting data. Sigh.
Batman origin stories w/ Ryan Atwood as a young Commissioner Gordon? I'll check out Gotham: #californiaaaaaa
Batman origin stories w/ Ryan Atwood as a young Commissioner Gordon? I'll check out Gotham: #californiaaaaaa
Good one, if you like the futbol >> Year Zero: How Germany restructured itself – and why it couldn't work elsewhere
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