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The @jawbone app gives you a nifty map w/ presumably the last time your band & phone talked to each other. Miss you!
RIP my @jawbone UP band. Must've gotten snagged + pulled off while taking off my jacket last night.
RT @davetisch: Twitter would be significantly improved if Instagram pics were shown/embedded in the feed... Silly silo fight that should end...
Johammer J1 electric motorcycle kinda looks like you're driving a steampunk street snail.”
So @instagram seems to be experimenting w/ throwing at least 1 pic from your extended graph in Explore, regardless of the engagement on it.
Hot like fire. RT @uniformcritic: Harold Baines and the 1983 White Sox uniform.
Happy birthday, @superkb! 🚶🍷💃🎉💏 @ Eleven Madison Park
RT @mdudas: "Facebook’s Existential Crisis" --> it's too crowded, nobody goes there anymore: via @jennydeluxe
Good post from @sama on the complicated world of employee equity:
RT @trammell: This should become a thing. RT @boltron: I hereby challenge you all:
“Letter to a Junior Designer” << Good stuff in here
RT @dens: I finally wrote up some of my thoughts from the 2013 Boston Marathon. Really cathartic to get this out of my head:
Ready to throw in the towel on noise-canceling headphones. Love the sound but my frustration @ constantly replacing batteries is winning out
The inventor of the AeroPress also invented the Aerobie - a childhood frisbee that flew so well, it often flew away
RT @BPLewis: “Pretending acquaintances we’ve accumulated are our friends is an outdated way of thinking about social networking”
RT @CaseyNeistat: this is upsetting --> "@Gothamist: Looks Like Pharrell Ripped Off Brooklynites' 'Girl Walk All Day' Video"
Great review of the UN restaurant > "It tasted like a pile of cake frosting. Buttery, but not quite buttery as shit."
Flickr's new app sounds nice. Bringing over features from Instagram is one thing, the audience & engagement another.
The negative space in these Orphan Black billboard adds makes my brain hurt.
RT @MinaIlhan: The Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Chile today, and in the 70s :)
RT @ARothNYT: Putin asked when Russia'll have a new First Lady. Putin says he must help his ex-wife get married first. So begins the romcom of my dreams.
RT @paleofuture: 30 years from now they'll make a show like mad men only it's tech bros vaping four loko and building selfie apps for french bulldogs
Gareth Bale's bananas goal to seal the Copa Del Rey. Mamma Mia!
Oh piss off Farmer's Almanac
Love seeing another OCD germophobe work a public keypad with their knuckles. I'd high five her but that would be TOTALLY GROSS.
Sacré bleu! #someonehadto RT @Gizmodo: France lost thousands of vials containing SARS virus
First time Soul Cycling with the team. Hope I don't barf! @ SoulCycle 19th
RT @rickygervais: Same sex marriage isn't gay privilege, it's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes. Like churches don't
Amen > "If we gave up after every mistake, we wouldn't come up with something new like our Speciality Chicken."
You're gross, Mr. Seaver.
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