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Quick run with the early morning crew. I just ran 2.93 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
I assume someone's already made the joke about Facebook needing to make an app that generates things worth saving? #heyo #isthisthingon
Alright @twitter, time to slow your roll.
Seems like "accessing your DM history" is a weird feature for Twitter to tease ahead of time. Isn't that just how they should work?
Love that I can dip into to a Keynote deck I'm working on & make additions/changes right from my phone.This Cloud thing might just work out.
The Stories in Google+ Photos sounds pretty neat. Wish it wasn't trapped inside G+.
RT @BrianMontopoli: Gotta tip my hat to the Fox bookers on landing what is basically their viewers' cartoon image of a union worker:
Chatting about epic songs + what makes one “epic” which brought me to an old fave - Three Days / Jane's Addiction
Alice In Chains eventually became a parody of 90s Alt Rock but “Would?” was a solid fucking jam: #realtalk
Watch 5ft tall, 100 pound @KacyCatanzaro *crush* the American Ninja Warrior course, becoming the 1st woman to do so:
RT @DKThomp: Amazing picture of the rise and fall of US smoking. Steep ascent into 1960s, then whoosh.
Short muggy run. I just ran 4.03 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
"Literally, startup people waving their arms as quickly as possible in an attempt to grab free money out of the air."
Also, shit's about to go buckwild in the skies above NYC.
"When managers are predictable, they remove a roadblock from employees’ path — themselves."
RT @thisisanfield: NEW: Confirmed: Lazar Markovic signs for Liverpool #LFC
Finally figured out the keyboard shortcut for creating bulleted lists in Google Docs & now my life is changed forever (Command + Shift + 8).
RT @DSconcourse: 82 people got shot in Chicago last weekend, inspiring the worst lede of all time; naturally, we tried to improve it
RT @km: I feel like LinkedIn's growth strategy is to 'notify you into submission'.
Last Week Tonight is the best new show on TV. @iamjohnoliver brings it every week. This week: income inequality
RT @tuesdaybassen: Hate this. How about look, act, think, and work however the fuck you want?
Noticed that @flickr now features their mobile app when you're not logged in. Better late than never, right? #sniffle
Noticed that the @flickr homepage now shows their mobile app when you're not logged in. Too late, guys! #sniffle
Independent physician sounds like a good idea. >> Concussed Christoph Kramer "Can't Really Remember" World Cup Final
Makes a whole lotta sense. RT @DelRey: Trunk Club could be digital extension of Nordstrom's personal stylist service.
Such a great @Jumpman23/@nike tribute to Derek Jeter: #RE2PECT
RT @jvanslem: An AOL + Yahoo merger would be like two mediocre lunch buffets joining forces to become a larger lunch buffet.
Who wins your "I coulda been a contender" award for a co. that never reached their potential despite having the ingredients? Mine is @TiVo.
RT @sueapfe: from the creator of Get Your War On, Artisanal Pencil Sharpening, and Kale City, a new Nat Geo series: Going Deep
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