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Aras Atasaygin

Aras Atasaygin

İnteraktif arayüz tasarımcısı / illüstratör / dijital pazarlama ve sosyal medya sempatizanı
You can find elements in a container like this: $('.elementClass','.containerClass') instead of using find() method. #jquery #javascript
8 Things I wish I knew about #angularJS by @@markwillcollins #javascript
This week, 7 graphic design documentary for 7 nights... #design #mustwatch #documentary
50% done with JavaScript, by David Flanagan
I am halfway through this massive #javascript book and for the first time reading this sentence :) Thank you #ie
This might cause conflict for a form input with 'location' ID and 'window.location'
If you register event handlers as HTML attributes, they aren't lexically scoped. Can access global variables not local variables #javascript
Got my coffee, got my book. ♫ Krampfhaft #NowPlaying
40% done with JavaScript, by David Flanagan
♫ 37 Stitches – Drowning Pool #NowPlaying
Just bought a ticket to @jsistorg event Speakers seems pretty cool.
Exactly 1 year ago today, I started to learn coding. It was one of the best and hardest decision I have ever made. #proud
RT @paul_irish: : new site dedicated to articles and talks about the next version of JavaScript.
Lessons from the Eiffel Tower
I'm really passionate about writing my own bugs and fix them. #javascript #programming
♫ Drive It Like You Stole It – The Glitch Mob #NowPlaying
RT @aprilzero: A few months ago, I started tracking everything about myself 104 days, 60 cities, 1280 commits & 14 burritos later — is crazy cool @aprilzero Keep up the good work!
I was planning to recommend after finishing it but man this is the best #javascript book I've ever read.
Array comprehension syntax looks weird: [ expression for (x in obj) if (condition) ] but it seems pretty usefull
Code & coffee all alone :/ @gizem_svnc @yalcintugcem @aybarshazar
One of my friend's marathon has just begin @kolayik Good luck and have fun @efecan @gizem_svnc
What is reactive programming and why it is awesome? :) #javascript #reactive #programming
Founder School Session: The Future Doesn't Have to Be Incremental:
Founder School Session: The Future Doesn't Have to Be Incremental:
30% done with JavaScript, by David Flanagan
1/4 One of my friend at work said that I'm obsessed about #javascript Well, I'm :)
2/4 If I could make cool stuff with another language I would loved that as much.
3/4 I'm not obsessed about language or its popularity. It's a tool of trade and I'll remember it like old wolfs remember assembly and stuff.
4/4 Stop this tech factionalism shit and build more great stuff. (First tweet storm, hope it's done the right way.)
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