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Aras Atasaygin

Aras Atasaygin

İnteraktif arayüz tasarımcısı / illüstratör / dijital pazarlama ve sosyal medya sempatizanı
Gary Vaynerchuk's SXSW14 Keynote
Gary Vaynerchuk's SXSW14 Keynote
Discover today's PSD file! via @psdboard
Today's spotify playlists are from Joel Gascoigne. He is the guy behind buffer. It became my new hobby apparently. #music #entrepreneurship
I dont't know if it's a fake user or not but listening Ben Horowitz's playlist from spotify right now :) #rap ve Hepsiburada örnekleri üzerinden; Flat Design nedir, ne değildir?
Sketch3 has great features. If you are a skeptic, watch this
RT @panaghia: 160+ sites, apps & books that I recommend any designer should check out.
webdesignrepo is a curated collection of helpful links from around the web #webdesign
Great collection of links!/Links
Limbo game has the greatest call to action I've ever seen, I mean it... "Abandon the boy" or "Unlock full game" ?! #limbo
Want to see all your JS global variables -> Object.keys(window) #javascript
Adding schemas to the site we are working...
I don't know since when I turned this geek who claps and smiles to these kinds of stuff #nodejs #heartbleed
Congrats @Dropbox this looks awsome
RT @maccaw: The way Facebook shows a dummy news feed while it's loading is an awesome example of the perceived speed UI pattern.
Just watched @garyvee for the first time, thanks to @Kocdur . Great talk
Just watched @garyvee for the first time, thanks to @Kocdur . Great talk
Not that good but Silicon Valley Episode 1 is on youtube
Not that good but Silicon Valley Episode 1 is on youtube
I should sleep, just can't help but to look this chart over and over though
Using @sketchapp for a small design pitch to friends. First impression: Minimal and entertaining. #sketch #design #interface
My friends made this mini project for designers: Discover today's PSD file! Neat right?
RT @eralpkaraduman: How being the developer in meetings among non-devs feels like #TwitterisblockedinTurkey #YoutubeisblockedinTurkey
RT @BBCBreaking: Turkey blocks access to YouTube, a day after a court ordered a suspension of a ban on Twitter which the PM supports
#youtube is blocked in Turkey. Yay!
This might become handy if you are a frontend guy/gal. Create fake APIs with
RT @JavaScriptDaily: KeystoneJS: Node.js CMS and Webapp Platform Built On Express and MongoDB -
Before I found out that #TwitterisblockedinTurkey I was gonna tweet about sugoi desu ne!
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