yes this means fb messages crashed hard
Yngwie .J. Malmsteen - Fugue [HD 1080p]: via @YouTube
Yngwie .J. Malmsteen - Fugue [HD 1080p]: via @YouTube
this is going to be awesome
going to try something different a honeycomb barn door anyone know how they look in a picture? @…
the photo shot morgue Anne is going to rock this weekend @ Inscape Arts
Jet City Comic Show attracts aliens, warriors, superheroes to Tacoma
so this is the kind of exposure I can deal with. my credited pictures on the visiting guest stars page…
Richard hatch people yes!!!! @ Jet City Comic Show
you know I want to ask him about axanar @ Jet City Comic Show
totally going to rock this table for cbc4c and comicsforge today at jet city comic show @ Greater…
jet city comic show 😃
really happy lap kitty
24 Things Photographers Know To Be True via @guynamedgabe
Using a stock background from  Shinobinaku for this image. The rest of it is good to go. - Comics Forge
with Justine this time - Comics Forge
working with Draco Samhain this time around - Comics Forge
batman and thor cosplay - Comics Forge
Rocket Man Meets Cinderella Cosplay -
Rocket Man Meets Cinderella Cosplay
Rocket man meets Cinderella cosplay - Comics Forge
Last thing I saw Captain America Cosplay -
Last thing I saw Captain America Cosplay
Had some fun this weekend with some professional cosplayers, decided to get the view of the last thing you saw before getting hit with Captain America's sheild - Comics Forge
microfalls, photoshop, wings, and a model - Comics Forge
model pip, makeup marjani, photographer me. - Comics Forge
one more of justine this morning. - Comics Forge
and one of the waterfall as well. - Comics Forge
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