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Does anyone here work at Yahoo? How can it be that Yahoo Screen's own help section makes no mention of what third party devices (ex: Roku, Apple TV, etc) can use it? Doesn't anyone care over there?
at some point they added this page: - Andrew C (✔)
So Yahoo Screen is available for the 360, but it is borderline unusable.
1. It's not even in the auto-fill in the 360 app store. Type 'y', and the ONLY thing that shows up is Youtube. You have to type "yahoo" and _manually_ search for it to install it. - Andrew C (✔)
2. Once installed, you go to run the app and /you can't even sign in to your Yahoo account/ on it. - Andrew C (✔)
3. Also, the new Community channel (for the show "Community", aka the big thing that massively raised awareness of Yahoo Screen in the first place) is not available on the 360 app. - Andrew C (✔)
4. Go to the "support" section and it tells you to visit a web site on your computer. Specifically, the exact website it tells you to visit is -- I am not making this up -- "". - Andrew C (✔)
5. I have been to the Yahoo Screen site several times and there is still no dedicated contact info; the best you can do is submit a help request via the generic Yahoo support section... which barely even acknowledges that Screen is a Yahoo product! - Andrew C (✔)
.@ozchrisrock also stolen. @dannyzuker
.@ozchrisrock also stolen. @dannyzuker
I've been having decent luck with quick bean stews lately. Sauté aromatics (ex mirepoix, sofrito, etc), bloom spices, then add a can of beans plus some (not all) of the reserved can liquid, and some diced precooked meat.
One time with sofrito, chicken, black beans, and a bunch of cumin. Another time with sofrito again, curry powder, white beans, frozen chopped lemongrass, turkey thigh, and a bit of coconut milk too. - Andrew C (✔)
Like Sylvester the Cat tried to tell us, "suffering succotash" #HellishFoods @midnight
Die-t Coke #HellishFoods @midnight
Eternal Tormentos #HellishFoods @midnight
Red Hell-vet Cake #HellishFoods @midnight
Let me play Devil's Avocado for a moment. #HellishFoods @midnight
RT @haralabob: Flip Saunders manages his player minutes like he manages his tanning bed mins - anything around 40 mins or so is fine.
RT @netw3rk: P0tu5: yo HillCee: watup P0tu5: Y no answer my email HillCee: what address did u use? P0tu5: HillCee: That one's for simps
RT @netw3rk: Mr. President, it's secretary Clinton, but you have to look at this message within the next five seconds What? Take a scree-- It's gone
RT @lolgop: Inbox (3) Sent Mail Emails to Saul Alinsky (1,347)
Not that I've done the exhaustive research, but in the lore, not nearly enough vampires are staked by holy water icicles. Please fix.
Oooooh. Holy water icicles with sawdust in them. - Jennifer Dittrich
That poses an interesting related question: how much wood content is required in chipboard type products to qualify as a "wooden stake"? Surely at some point it's more binder/non-wood than wood. - Andrew C (✔)
Idea: an army of Slayers suffers a major defeat when their new stake supplier substitutes cheap plywood or chipboard stakes for their regular weapons. - Andrew C (✔)
Also, what is the minimum size for a stake? Could a toothpick suffice? It's wood, it's basically a miniature stake. If it pierces the vamp's heart, isn't that enough? - Andrew C (✔)
Pfft, hunters know you have to cut the head off. - Heather
Oh yeah, I always forget that one, or think that one's for werewolves. - Andrew C (✔)
The fad has passed already, but I just thought of trying to tie that "stay gold, Ponyboy" line from THE OUTSIDERS in. Oh well.
"@netw3rk: I don't have DVR where I am but, take my word for it, Zoran Dragic has like werewolf level hairy arms" -TEEN WOLF IS REAL
ALSO, vampire-killing lore rarely seems to focus on the seemingly easier task of killing vampires while in their bat form.
Or what if a vamp walked into a cloud of sawdust powder? Surely they couldn't turn into mist in that situation.
What is the minimum size for a vampire-killing wooden stake, anyways? Could a toothpick work? How about a sliver?
Oh dear lord, I seem to have independently come up with something ICP thought of first. WELP.
If I ever die, please have total strangers harass my friends for not grieving appropriately.
If? - Anika
I think Andrew just outed himself as a vampire. - Victor Ganata
Well, I mean, I guess my eventual death is inevitable, but I'm not planning on it. - Andrew C (✔)
Also, please, no wooden stakes. It's gauche. - Andrew C (✔)
Check, no stakes. *checks holy water stash* - MoTO Boychick Devil
RT @danaschwartzzz: guys. GUYS. The greatest thing in the world just happened. A dude just tried to mansplain @GuyInYourMFA to me.
"@CaronClancey: I want a dog but I can't even take care of my humidifier." - one could provide water for the other!
RT @uniquedude2: Angry Birds? Hmmph. In my day we had real entertainment. For instance, have you seen the classic film "The Birds?" It's about Angry Birds.
It took me till this year to get that Hank Pym went from Giant-Man to [the original] Ant-Man. "Gi_ANT_".
Anna Akana’s “Explain Things To Me” series interviews Miles Stroth about improv -
Has anyone ever written a plausible theory for how all the animals on the Na'vi planet evolved the brain connection system?
Their evolution was influenced by Unexplainium. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Maybe the brain connection system is from an ancient common ancestor. - Heather
Of course there is a wiki about Avatar, and this reminded me -- I'd completely forgotten -- that the system even allowed Na'vi-to-plant mindmelds: - Andrew C (✔)
The difference between "neuromarketing" and "marketing" is probably $50k.
RT @robneyer: What the RT @Jayward7: ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE photo of Green Woodpecker and Weasel. Apparently Woodpecker escaped.
RT @robneyer: What the RT @Jayward7: ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE photo of Green Woodpecker and Weasel. Apparently Woodpecker escaped.
Just like in AVATAR! - Andrew C (✔)
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