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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal -
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
"Where The Customer Is Always Right" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Eschaton: I'll Stop Right There -
[Chuck Schumer:] "Polarization and partisanship are a plague on American politics. Political scientists have found that the two parties have each grown more ideologically homogeneous since the 1970s." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"Um, good? What a horrible thing it is for members of a political party to roughly unite around a shared policy agenda and provide a reasonably good signal to voters about what they're actually voting for! People should just be randomly assigned into parties, maybe with a sorting hat! " - Andrew C (✔)
Eschaton: You Down With OPC -
"My takeaway is that Cuomo's corruption investigations were just another form of corruption, something done with the intention of hanging it over the heads of other politicians. Find out where the bodies are buried, and make sure everybody knows you know." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist - The Intercept -
"After stressing that hunches are not reasonable suspicion and that “there must be an objective factual basis” for labeling someone a terrorist, it goes on to state that no actual facts are required:" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"While the guidelines nominally prohibit nominations based on unreliable information, they explicitly regard “uncorroborated” Facebook or Twitter posts as sufficient grounds for putting an individual on one of the watchlists. “Single source information,” the guidelines state, “including but not limited to ‘walk-in,’ ‘write-in,’ or postings on social media sites, however, should not... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Hullabaloo: "Minority Report" for dummies -
[ - Scahill:] "“Instead of a watchlist limited to actual, known terrorists, the government has built a vast system based on the unproven and flawed premise that it can predict if a person will commit a terrorist act in the future,” says Hina Shamsi, the head of the ACLU’s National Security Project. “On that dangerous theory, the government is secretly blacklisting people as suspected terrorists and giving them the impossible task of proving themselves innocent of a threat they haven’t carried out.” Shamsi, who reviewed the document, added, “These criteria should never have been kept secret.”" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
[Scahill, cont:] "The document’s definition of “terrorist” activity includes actions that fall far short of bombing or hijacking. In addition to expected crimes, such as assassination or hostage-taking, the guidelines also define destruction of government property and damaging computers used by financial institutions as activities meriting placement on a list. They also define as terrorism any act that is “dangerous” to property and intended to influence government policy through intimidation." - Andrew C (✔)
Are we looking at the worst Los Angeles Lakers team of all time? - Silver Screen and Roll -
Are we looking at the worst Los Angeles Lakers team of all time? - Silver Screen and Roll
Aw man, I missed out on attending a conference today because I figured I hadn't been selected to go... I had, but the notification was incorrectly emailed to someone else who's been here longer and has a very similar first name. (Since he didn't care about the conference, he didn't go either.)
At least this was caught (by total coincidence) and I'll get to go tomorrow. - Andrew C (✔)
Neat, FB labels Onion stories "satire". Now if they'd only do that for the intentionally bad satire / hoax clickbait sites…
Smart classmates are better, but there's still a sort of silver lining to dumb ones: you're smarter than 'em.
If my Twitter account became a real person, I wonder if I would like hanging out with him.
Twitter Andrew sounds like a bit of a chore to deal with sometimes tbh.
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border for a photo-op, not to help
I just got a follow from the Expendables 3 account and I haven't even tweeted the Expendables-related joke I was saving for later today.
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border for a photo-op, not to help MzRaqYbaaj
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border for a photo-op, not to help MzRaqYbaaj
Sixth grader's internet-famous science project misleadingly promoted as "new" - Boing Boing -
Sixth grader's internet-famous science project misleadingly promoted as "new" - Boing Boing
"This is scientist Zack Jud, posing with a lionfish he caught in a estuary river in 2010 — four years before 6th grader Lauren Arrington, who is now being credited with the discovery." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"I'm sure Lauren Arrington made a great science fair project, but her work isn't new and doesn't come as a surprise to grown-up scientists. Particularly not to Jud, who published a peer-reviewed research paper on this very subject in 2011. It also wasn't a surprise to Lauren Arrington's father, D. Albrey Arrington, who was a named author on that paper, though he was not, according to... more... - Andrew C (✔)
"But those things should not outweigh the fact that somebody else did this research first and that he is now in the truly unenviable position of having his work widely known (super-important for an early-career scientist) but having his name erased from it." - Andrew C (✔)
Rent scammer trying to pass off an SRO as a spacious building. "Drive by, take a look, I'll send you pics later." I'm insulted.
RT @mallelis: Star Wars Expanded Universe Book Covers And The Feelings I Have Had About Them, Fifteen Years Later
"Okay, can we acknowledge that fucking of course every few hundred years there are massive purges of the Jedi by whatever galactic government happens to be in place at the time? It’s an elite, shadowy religious caste with absolutely no oversight that happens to run its own clerical courts. Jedi are completely exempt from civil and criminal proceedings. Kyp Durron BLEW UP THE CARIDA SYSTEM — Moff Tarkin couldn’t even manage to blow up a system! MOFF TARKIN! — and the New Republic just handed him off to his mentor and said “We’re sure you’ll think of an appropriate punishment.”" - Andrew C (✔)
"For a real-world version, imagine that some young Ba’hai adherent blew up Mars for personal reasons (which, for the sake of argument, is full of human people) and whatever New World Order is running Earth handed him over to Rainn Wilson (did you know Rainn Wilson is Ba’hai? He is!) and asked him to handle it." - Andrew C (✔)
Not responding with a '30 Rock' reference. Just not doing it. - joey
RT @aswang: Capitalism is "pay to win" #ItTakesMoneyToMakeMoney
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal -
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
"She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Mollusc moltings mostly make measley money. [...]" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
If I absolutely had to say one of the classic meals was "existential", I guess I'd pick breakfast.
SartreOs are part of your...oh, why bother. Eat what you like, for tomorrow the Void. - Pete
Sisyphus Breakfast Rolls. - Victor Ganata
Victor wins - Pete
[REVIEW] TwoDots - High Score Reviews -
[REVIEW] TwoDots - High Score Reviews
"And so we come to the sequel. They had a number of ways in which they could have built on the success of the initial game, but sadly they chose the very worst option: they went full Candy Crush Saga." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"The bottom line is that in a game like this the developers have a direct financial incentive to make sure you regularly fail to complete a level. Let me just say that again: the developers have a *direct financial incentive* to make you *fail* at their game. In the light of that I find it near-impossible to see annoyingly difficult levels as a genuine game balance issue, it’s unlikely... more... - Andrew C (✔)
I would add that the lives mechanic in this game ensures that you play and have fun _until you get frustrated_. Unless you have great willpower, most of the time you're going to come away from the game annoyed, because the game stops you because you're bad at it / it's being deliberately unfair. - Andrew C (✔)
"Pay to win" is the worst. - Victor Ganata
RT @AVTVClub: Orange Is The New Black making orange jumpsuits too cool for actual prison
"In addition to sending the message that “It’s not cool to be an inmate of the Saginaw County Jail”—and nothing makes something uncool more than being denounced by an authority figure—doing away with the orange jumpsuits also has the practical effect of differentiating real prisoners from poseurs at the mall. This prevents the former from escaping, and the latter from trying to slip into prison so they can be cool." - Andrew C (✔)
"“We decided that the black-and-white stripes would be the best way to go because it signifies ‘jail inmate,’ and I don’t see people out there wanting to wear black-and-white stripes,” said Federspiel, who shops at the weirdest mall in the world. " - Andrew C (✔)
"Nevertheless, Federspiel is ever mindful of how difficult it is to stay ahead of today’s prison fashion trends. “It’s cyclical. And there will come a time in the future when I change back to another color or different attire,” Federspiel said, coyly neglecting to share a glimpse at his look-book. In the meantime, however, he’s deftly avoided the fickle, “cool” fads of today’s Orange Is... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Chart: Even mediocre CEOs get huge pay packages - Vox -
Chart: Even mediocre CEOs get huge pay packages - Vox
"It's not just that Bloomberg finds a weak correlation between CEO pay and company performance; they find virtually no correlation." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Vancouver's Skytrain is having so many problems this week that I'm guessing Bane will show up soon.
RT @stumillscbc: This fox was found sleeping on the seat of an OC Transpo bus in Ottawa this morning.
RT @stumillscbc: This fox was found sleeping on the seat of an OC Transpo bus in Ottawa this morning.
RT @desusnice: Shouts to Mike Bloomberg who flew to Israel to show its safe to fly there yet only came to the Bronx like 3 times as mayor
RT @tusk81: Some history sadly repeats itself. #Murrieta #immigration
RT @tusk81: Some history sadly repeats itself. #Murrieta #immigration
I have an acquaintance who's "anti social media". Meaning twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ... blogs. And apparently anti-news too. Basically he's anti-nonfiction, as far as I can tell.
RT @yellowcardigan: Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Even
I bet everyone assigned to NCC-1702 is bummed about how close they got to landing the prestige assignment.
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