Andrew C (✔)
The 20 Most Ridiculous G.I. Joe File Cards - Topless Robot -
The 20 Most Ridiculous G.I. Joe File Cards - Topless Robot
"Darklon sounds like one of the baddest muthas in the ranks of Cobra. He's related to Destro, he's got a cast-iron castle in the Alps, and he has a private army at his disposal. For most super villains with similar nefarious resources, the creator rarely goes into where they got all the funds for the castles and whatnot. Luckily his card gives a glimpse into the source of Darklon's riches: /he runs a telephone solicitation company/." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"Guided by vengeance, anti-aircraft gunner Backblast signed up for Joes so he could shoot airplanes out of the sky. His childhood home was located next to an airport so the planes would keep him up at night. I suppose Joe should be congratulated for putting sociopaths to good use, but all I can think about is if Backblast happened to live next to a doggy day care or a preschool instead." - Andrew C (✔)
"A gifted organist ostracized from the classical music community because of his sausage fingers, Crazylegs followed the path of many washed-up classical musicians and joined the military. According to his card, he hums Bach tunes to amp himself up for a jump. It's safe to bet he gets pushed out of planes by Joes more than he jumps." - Andrew C (✔)