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Spidra Webster
No One's Buying iPads Because iPads Are Forever -
No One's Buying iPads Because iPads Are Forever
"Today, Apple trotted out its quarterly earnings, as public companies will do. Massive revenue! iPhone sales up! Mac sales up! iPad sales… well. Okay, so not everything was a hit. But don't confuse Apple's declining tablet sales with the vanishing of the iPad. Tablets aren't dying; they just live forever. It's not that Apple's not selling any iPads at all; it still moved 12.3 million tablets over the summer. But that's down 13 percent from a year ago, an opposite trajectory to the growth that the iPhone and Mac lines experienced in the same time. It's caused a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth among Apple observers™—what a job description!—but it doesn't mean that tablets in general or the iPad in specific are over. Here's the iPad's real growth problem: If you bought one in the last two and a half years, you have no reason buy another one. None whatsoever. Does your iPad have a Retina display? Good. You can replace it when you accidentally drop it in the toilet, and no sooner.... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
I have to say I don't feel I've outgrown my iPad 2 yet. If I had a good income, I'd get a new iPad just to have something lighter with a better camera and display, but I don't feel like I've outgrown my current one. Whereas I feel the "headroom" on my old Mac laptops all the time due to software bloat for basic web browsing stuff. - Spidra Webster
I kinda feel the storage restriction because games, esp, are really big space hogs. Also, I'm envious of the more powerful CPUs and GPUs, but high production value games aren't important enough on iPad to drive me (or most people, I'd think) to upgrade. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, I've only got one game (and it's an educational one). I also don't use my iPad for massive photo storage. - Spidra Webster
Author Stalks Anonymous Blogger Who Gave Her a 1-Star Review -
Author Stalks Anonymous Blogger Who Gave Her a 1-Star Review
"On Friday, The Guardian posted a piece by author Kathleen Hale, a well-connected young author who once became so obsessed with the writer of a one-star review of her novel on Goodreads that she stalked her, only to find that the critic was using a fake name and identity. Can you pick a side yet? I'm on Team Nobody. The story—at least how Hale tells it—goes a little something like this. Hale's publisher, HarperTeen, sent advance copies of her novel to book bloggers to get a sense of what they thought of it. The bloggers were then expected to post their assessments to sites like GoodReads, hopefully generating buzz prior to its release. Hale was warned to avoid GoodReads like teen YouTube stars are warned to avoid reading their comment sections. But, also like a teen YouTube star, Hale was unable to resist. And once she began picking at it, she couldn't stop herself. It didn't take long before things Got Weird." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
o.O Mostly this just makes me glad my GR account is under a pseudonym. - Jessie
And the GR reviewers have reacted accordingly: - Jessie
This is really genuinely upsetting - Soup in a TARDIS
I read her article on Saturday and I'm still disgusted at her and the Guardian for publishing it. No one likes trolls, but all that legwork to unmask someone who is just annoying you was stupid. - Anika
It sounds like her fiance's family has connections to The Guardian, which explains a lot about how she got a podium to justify her potentially illegal behavior. Just sickening. This woman was clearly not ready for publishing. - Jessie
Michael W. May
zoom blur peck zoom blur -The crested partridge didn't mind we no beaks.
zoom blur peck zoom blur -The crested partridge didn't mind we no beaks.
Stephan #TeamMarina
iOS 8 keyboard suggestions were getting more confusing by the day. After a dictionary reset we are now back to regular silly suggestions.
My iPad - still on iOS 7 for now - is getting out of control. It'll apply stupid and wrong grammar autocorrects to words _two words ago_, when my attention's moved on to the current word. - Andrew C (✔)
Does iOS 8 allow direct editing of the custom dictionary? Android has for a long time and I was really surprised that iOS 6 and 7 didn't. - Andrew C (✔)
Well, previous versions did allow a complete reset too. Sorry, I should have been more precise: does it allow a surgical, entry-by-entry editing of the custom dictionary? - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew: no, you don't have access to the dictionary. Just a reset option. I wish you could edit it. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
holly #ravingfangirl
recipe? - Meg VMeg
Did you include the cilantro? - Katy S
I didn't think you would, but I wanted confirmation because the recipe does sound tasty. - Katy S
still delicious, even without the cilantro :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Perhaps more so? - Katy S
i think so! - holly #ravingfangirl
how do you find the time for the cook for an hour then cook 4 hours part? work from home or do it on weekend? - Steve C Team Marina
i did it on the weekend when i was home :) - holly #ravingfangirl
Federal Agents Raid Los Angeles Garment Businesses Allegedly Linked to Drug Cartels - WSJ -
Federal Agents Raid Los Angeles Garment Businesses Allegedly Linked to Drug Cartels - WSJ
"LOS ANGELES—Nearly 1,000 federal and local law-enforcement agents swept into the Fashion District here on Wednesday morning as part of a long-running investigation into alleged money laundering for Mexican drug cartels. Nine people were arrested and $65 million was seized in the raid, part of a probe called Operation Fashion Police, federal officials said. According to court documents unsealed Wednesday, garment businesses allegedly aided the cartels in getting proceeds from drug sales in the U.S. back into Mexico. In one case, owners of a business allegedly laundered money as ransom payment for a cocaine-dealing relative who was held hostage and tortured at a ranch in Mexico by the Sinaloa cartel." - Me from Bookmarklet
That explains all the federal cars we saw yesterday. - Anika
I just heard about this yesterday! - Andrew C (✔)
I Took A Picture Of My Son With My Canon PowerShot G1 X And He Disappeared Forever | ClickHole -
I Took A Picture Of My Son With My Canon PowerShot G1 X And He Disappeared Forever | ClickHole
I thought having your photo taken was supposed to steal your soul, not your corporeal body. ;-p "I’d say the only issue I’ve run into so far is that I recently used my G1 X to take a picture of my son and he immediately disappeared forever. I really don’t understand what happened here. One moment I’m taking a photo of my son, the next moment he’s blinked out of existence entirely. His shadow is still there, but he’s completely gone. Is this a common issue for the G1 X? I’d really appreciate any assistance anyone on this thread might have so that I can get this issue resolved as soon as possible." - rönin from Bookmarklet
"Also, I don’t know if this is somehow related, but three days after I took the picture, a strange old man appeared. In the picture, he’s standing right where my son was standing, but he is very clearly not my son. Is this a problem that is unique to Canon digital cameras, or do other brands like Nikon and Sony also do this sometimes?" - rönin
Victor Ganata
Don't panic! (via Dr. S)
Haha! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
love it! - Marie
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @stuntbox: Safari 8 > Preferences > Advanced > Show full website address CHECKED SO HARD
Karina is fascinated by dropping things behind the couch. I am less so.
holly #ravingfangirl
Andy Bakun
Who's pushing pumpkin so hard all of a sudden? Is there some American Pumpkin Growers Council ("The other orange food") paying for all this?
The Pumpkindred - Spidra Webster
Well, it all goes back to WW2, of course. After the war, the country was faced with a huge surplus of military-grade squashes. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Last week I saw a Facebook post from about an upcoming spay/neuter event, and even tho I have chihuahuas not pit bulls, I texted them to ask if they had spots open for us. They texted back that pitties come first, but depending on turnout they might be able to help.
So I got a text at noon saying Bring em down & me, Jayden, Daisy & Violet were there in 15 minutes! And not only are Violet & Daisy getting free spays, but full vaxx & microchips!!! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
And a few leads on dog friendly housing and rehoming Daisy & Violet <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
That's wonderful news! - Anne Bouey
I was crying like a sap because I was so overwhelmed by the generosity - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Oh, that's awesome. - Anika
They were some of the last dogs operated on so when we went to pick them up, the tents & tables & stuff was getting packed up, and one of the ladies brought me a tub of gumbo & a tub of collards, leftover from their lunch from a local soul food joint. Bonus score! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Oh, that's great! - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
I hope your housing will work out! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
<3 - Janet from FFHound!
X______X - Andrew C (✔)
Yep. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Huh? - Stephen Mack
What Stephen said. - joey from iPhone
I agree with Micah. :^) - Friar Will
It's a reference to what some wedding guests said to the host after the host served Jesus' wine-from-water. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
“Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!” - David Lounsbury
Ahhh. Thanks, Andrew. - joey
I didn't remember that story. - Spidra Webster
Olive oil and toasted almond ice cream. (McConnell's, Grand Central Market)
Yes, all that made one (delicious) flavor. - Marie from iPhone
Iain Baker
Looks like the FB login is working again. good news. Also, I now have a backup account, in case it all goes wrong again...... - Iain Baker
I think if you add an email account to this account you should be safe if things go wrong again. - lris
I've tried that, but it never works :( - Iain Baker
Steven Perez
Do not forget Michael Brown Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $400,000 in fundraiser donations for... -
I'm officially transitioning from baker to pastry chef. It may seem an abstract difference, but I feel gratified and respected, and I like about the fact that there's a tinge of affirmative action in play. It's kinda crap that historically women belonged in the kitchen, but only men were good enough to go pro. Further good news in comments.
For the folks that follow my story, bless you kind souls, I talked to the executive chef (my direct boss) a bit more about my injury. Physical therapy is going well, but it's slow and I'm daunted by the job ahead. The restaurant opening got delayed another week, so that's good for me. Now I will get a week of training alone in the kitchen with EC. I can run through our opening dessert menu, and he'll work with me some on bread (by far my weak spot, I am lord of desserts but bread was always my husband's domain). If I can't keep up with the workload, they will hire an assistant for me... the most qualified other applicant for my job, an older man who specializes in bread. So that'll be incredibly helpful, and I gotta say it feels great that someone wants to hire me this bad. After my demoralizing experience losing my last job, I am very fortunate to have someone pursuing me when the thought of me pursuing a job was a bit overwhelming. Feeling grateful is the best, y'all. - Lo
It sounds like you landed in a very good situation. Congratulations! - bentley
That's fantastic! - Spidra Webster
I know the difference, & I'm impressed :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
<3 - Heather
That's really great, Lo! - Jenny H. from Android
Ruth Bader Ginsburg puts her finger on the goal of Texas' voter ID law: racism
"Texas has been found in violation of the Voting Rights Act in every redistricting cycle from and after 1970," she wrote. She cited "the state's long history of official discrimination in voting, the statewide existence of racially polarized voting, the incidence of overtly racial political campaigns, the disproportionate lack of minority voting officials, and the failure of elected officials to respond to the concerns of minority voters." - WarLord
Mark H
Another weekend where it's stupid o'clock in the morning here and I'm trying to hold conversations with people in America and Thailand. Things would be a hell of a lot simpler if we all lived on the same O'Neill cylinder.
*adds phrase to weekly vocabulary list* - Spidra Webster
Jason Toney
RT @_brosan: a guy at Starbucks took this photo & came up to us & said "had to take a pic it looked like you both ten years ago"
RT @_brosan: a guy at Starbucks took this photo & came up to us & said "had to take a pic it looked like you both ten years ago"
Steven Perez
Lamented another 8chan user, with no apparent irony: “Unfortunately even misinformed people can put out their opinion on whatever they want, and they’ve got a large platform to do it with via the internet.” -
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @buckyisotope: My son just asked what erectile dysfunction is so I told him it's when your anaconda don't want none regardless of the presence of buns.
Excellent! I wonder what other medical conditions are best explained via the imagery of top 40 and colorful language of hip-hop. - Stephen Mack
Thrush - "when you've got 99 problems and an itch is one" - Pete : Team Marina
Acne- "my oozies weight a ton" - Pete : Team Marina
Ebola - "make it rain" - Stephen Mack
unexpected pregnancy -"in da club" - Pete : Team Marina
UTI- "firework" - Pete : Team Marina
haha - Stephen Mack
Stephen Mack
How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Kathleen McAuliffe [The Atlantic] -
How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Kathleen McAuliffe [The Atlantic]
From the March 2012 article:"Compared with uninfected people of the same sex, infected men were more likely to wear rumpled old clothes; infected women tended to be more meticulously attired, many showing up for the study in expensive, designer-brand clothing. Infected men tended to have fewer friends, while infected women tended to have more. And when it came to downing the mystery fluid, reports Flegr, 'the infected males were much more hesitant than uninfected men. They wanted to know why they had to do it. Would it harm them?' In contrast, the infected women were the most trusting of all subjects. 'They just did what they were told,' he says." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Toxoplasmosis research. More: "Humans ... are exposed not only by coming into contact with litter boxes, but also, he found, by drinking water contaminated with cat feces, eating unwashed vegetables, or, especially in Europe, by consuming raw or undercooked meat. Hence the French, according to Flegr, with their love of steak prepared saignant—literally, “bleeding”—can have infection... more... - Stephen Mack
A friend's dad had it infect his eye and it was apparently disgusting. (The things people tell you when they know you've had it). It's weird to know because you wonder if it's actually affecting you or not. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Jaclyn, that's what's so fascinating about it to me -- that doubt we get that our behavior is actually under our own control. The scaffolding holding up the illusion of free will is very visible sometimes. - Stephen Mack
holly #ravingfangirl
Comic Sans Typewriter Is Here to Ruin Typewriters for Everyone via @PopMech
Comic Sans Typewriter Is Here to Ruin Typewriters for Everyone via @PopMech
"The Sincerity Machine". expert trolling. love it. - holly #ravingfangirl
PSA: You can still upgrade the RAM in the Retina iMac, save hundreds over Apple’s price | 9to5Mac -
PSA: You can still upgrade the RAM in the Retina iMac, save hundreds over Apple’s price | 9to5Mac
Show all
"Yesterday Apple released a new version of the Mac Mini that no longer features user-servicable RAM, but thankfully the new iMac with Retina 5K display still allows users to upgrade memory through an access door on the back, just like previous models. The new machine houses four memory slots." - Me from Bookmarklet
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
One minute you're feelin pretty ok about yourself, and the next you learn how far out of your league your recent crush actually is. Dangit.
We need to turn this night back around y'all. So he's Mr Perfect, wtf ever. Ima go to the pub and convene with my own kind. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
I've dated men who were "out of my league". Usually not for very long because it turns out we weren't compatible. Compatibility is more important than big leagueness. I hope you find someone who is a good fit for you. - Spidra Webster
Not to brag, but I'm rec league. - Andrew C (✔)
Thanks, Spidra. I'm just not in a super secure place lately anyhow. Andrew, word up! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
This might not have been a great idea. It's Friday night so the place is full of strangers. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @bbanimals: a hedgehog dressed up as Thor... I'm out
RT @bbanimals: a hedgehog dressed up as Thor... I'm out
*organizing bathroom drawer* And THIS toothbrush is the Keep My Upper Bicuspids Clean Czar.
OMC is my Howbi czar. - Mark Trapp
When your tactics are harassment, intimidation, and silencing your opponents, it doesn’t bode well for your ideological position.
So not joining the Republican party? - Steve C Team Marina
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