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8 Treacherous Thoughts That Stop You From Finding Your Passion
8 Treacherous Thoughts That Stop You From Finding Your Passion
Victor Ganata
Jay Rosen
Sure, we experiment on people. We know they have no idea even though they "consented." When they find out they're upset. We do not know why.
Victor Ganata
California Tuberculosis Patient Found, Arrested - AP
I wonder if there are libertarians who think this is a gross example of government overreach (and that everyone has a right to transmit virulent communicable diseases.) - Victor Ganata
Is @donaldglover necessarily Childish Gambino, in the same way that Clifford Smith is always & only Method Man? Yes.
Victor Ganata
For some reason (by pure coincidence) I've been hearing all these songs from 2006-2008. It's only now that I'm realizing that that's kind of a while ago.
T.I., Ne-yo, Cassie. #TimeWarp - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
To put it in more opaque language, the pay structure of medicine in the U.S. is very perversely incentivized (via wayfaringmd)
Victor Ganata
We Are Not White - HuffPo - on being Asian American and on how being called a model minority is damnation with faint praise
Jay Rosen
I don't know what @davidfrum thought he was doing here but, wow, bad call. Bad for @TheAtlantic too. (via @ericuman)
Really rich coming from a dude who worked for an administration that spent an inordinate amount of energy on trying to sell doctored photos to the US public. - Anika
Seriously, it seems like a classic case of projection. - Victor Ganata
Steve Spalding
It's sort of weird how the smartest people we know often think exactly as we do.
Siakja Muni
RT @Tennessean: Local @PETA worker's "ILVTOFU" (I love tofu) license plate rejected by state due to misinterpretation of message:
Ayşe E.
RT @Rschooley: I like when people act like a NYT editorial holds sway in a world that buys a Duck Dynasty bible.
Kevin Fox
Watched a Wonder Woman ep (1978) that TiVo suggested. Money quote: "But how could someone steal *information* from inside a computer?"
Steven Perez
The Rise of the Non-Working Rich via @BillMoyersHQ
The Rise of the Non-Working Rich via @BillMoyersHQ
Elaine is trying to write
RT @tef: "why do you want to work here" "i feel that your company is a most comfortable compromise between my political ideology and desire for food"
Why capitalism has nothing to do with supply and demand, per @NickHanauer #MakingSenSe
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @time: OkCupid told people who were bad matches that they actually had a compatibility score of 90%
RT @time: OkCupid told people who were bad matches that they actually had a compatibility score of 90%
The actual post is pretty interesting: - Andrew C (✔)
Meg VMeg
I'm sure your baby will look cute eventually.
But for now...nope. - CAJ hates pants
dang. that's rough. but sometimes, true. Once when Waif's namesake was presented with a new baby at her church she was stuck in the unenviable position of telling the truth, and hurt the parents feelings, or lying in the sanctuary (which she, unlike a lot of preachers, takes very seriously). Her quick and glorious mind came up with "Now that's a boy! That's a real boy!" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
My great grandfather, I am told, used to say, "My, that IS a baby!" - laura x
Sometimes they need a few months on them to fill out and get chubby. - Stephen Francoeur
^^this. - Corinne L
RT @bjnovak: If someone says "you were in my dream last night!" and doesn't proceed to tell you something insanely fucked up, they are lying by omission
RT @broadwayuid: Best accidental cappuccino foam EVER!
RT @broadwayuid: Best accidental cappuccino foam EVER!
Victor Ganata
"A desire to repeatedly ridicule misspellings, typos, learner errors and non-standard dialects does not equate to an interest in grammar." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"You can probably tell I don’t like language policing. Partly because it’s rude and misconceived, but also because it often serves not to inform but to scorn people who may be less socially or intellectually favoured or who have language difficulties. If you’re in a position of power and influence, why would you punch down?" - Victor Ganata from iPhone
The bird spends her day concocting ways to force the dog to pay attention to her. Bonus points for making the dog lose self-control and bark or lunge.
RT @JPBarlow: Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @rstevens: You go into the battle with the coffee you have, not the coffee you need.
Mike Nencetti
Hello Friendfeed.
I miss conversations. brain cancer unfortunately can make every conversation a struggle. - Mike Nencetti
We miss you, too. Hoping and praying for the best for y'all. - Big Fat Yeast Roll! from Android
Just to clarify for all - left frontal lobe glioblastoma brain tumors affect personality and communication. If you met my wife you would have a normal conversation. When I talk to her she takes everything I say is an attack. I am on numerous Facebook support groups, our situation is common. She's doing good. she has lost some weight, had some falls. but is still independent. She still drives, she can be on her own. Chemotherapy will not cure her. Immunotherapy is her best hope for long term survival. - Mike Nencetti
You and your wife are always near in my thoughts. - vicster: full-bodied
Hey Mike. It's good to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear that conversations with Beverly are becoming increasingly difficult. I hope your support groups are helping you cope with the changes. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you both. *hug* - Jenny H. from Android
RT @stayathomemum: What I learn from cooking shows:
RT @stayathomemum: What I learn from cooking shows:
Truth. Except, in gourmet, the portion would be half that size. :P - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
And priced at least four times the cost of the ingredients ;o) - Melly
Victor Ganata
YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAID TO THIS MAN - McSweeney's — the Ten Commandments as Buzzfeed/Upworthy headlines
Victor Ganata
Paul Krugman: California proves the GOP’s “extremist ideology … is nonsense” - Salon
"…Krugman turns to compare and contrast California and Kansas, noting that while the former state has seen economic growth and a successful implementation of Obamacare, the latter has had a stagnant economy and a ballooning deficit." - Victor Ganata
"Not incidentally, these states decided to take opposite approaches to economic policy, with California embracing 'a modestly liberal agenda of higher taxes, spending increases and a rise in the minimum wage' while Kansas 'went all-in on supply-side economics, slashing taxes on the affluent' only to see paltry growth and a darkening fiscal picture." - Victor Ganata
"California’s share of national employment, which was hit hard by the bursting of the state’s enormous housing bubble, is back to pre-recession levels.” - Victor Ganata
"'…I’ve been seeing many attempts to devalue the good news from California by pointing out that the state’s job growth still lags that of Texas, which is true, and claiming that this difference is driven by differential tax rates, which isn’t.'" - Victor Ganata
"For the big difference between the two states, aside from the size of the oil and gas sector, isn’t tax rates. it’s housing prices. Despite the bursting of the bubble, home values in California are still double the national average, while in Texas they’re 30 percent below that average. So a lot more people are moving to Texas even though wages and productivity are lower than they are in California." - Victor Ganata
"And while some of this difference in housing prices reflects geography and population density — Houston is still spreading out, while Los Angeles, hemmed in by mountains, has reached its natural limits — it also reflects California’s highly restrictive land-use policies, mostly imposed by local governments rather than the state." - Victor Ganata
"As Harvard’s Edward Glaeser has pointed out, there is some truth to the claim that states like Texas are growing fast thanks to their anti-regulation attitude, 'but the usual argument focuses on the wrong regulations.' And taxes aren’t important at all." - Victor Ganata
Left Coast Rising - Paul Krugman - NYT - Victor Ganata
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