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Well, she just blew those two players down the field. Didn't she? :))
Well, she just blew those two players down the field. Didn't she? :))
چه نفس عمیقی باد بردشون :)) - پریســــــا
کیا کہنے، اُڑا ڈالا، اُڑا ڈالا :)) :)) - ifti
Gone with the wind! hahahahaha - Bucamree-3o
Perfect timing! LOL - Posmo
Spidra Webster
Ancient water distribution system found under Union Pacific Railroad tracks -
Ancient water distribution system found under Union Pacific Railroad tracks
Ancient water distribution system found under Union Pacific Railroad tracks
"Archaeologists in San Gabriel have uncovered an important piece of Southern California’s history: the foundation to an ancient water distribution system that has laid buried a few feet beneath the surface of the old Union Pacific Railroad tracks for more than century. Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority’s lead archaeologist John Dietler said the feature, a series of stone-lined ditches and reservoirs, is the missing piece of an important story behind the success of the San Gabriel Mission and ultimately the springboard to the growth of Los Angeles. “What this represents in the bigger picture are the very roots of Los Angeles,” Dietler said. “Figuring out how to control water, bring it to people and to provide enough water to support a large population is really the key to the dense European settlement that ultimately flourished here in the Los Angeles Basin.” Archaeologists believe what they’ve found is a precursor to Chapman’s Millrace, which was discovered during earlier... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Very cool find. I wonder if some of the erasure was deliberate - much like the glossing over of the forestry management of other tribes back east. - Jennifer Dittrich
It has to be. This history highlighted in this mission glosses over the fact that they murdered & threatened the Tongva and stole their land by the water. Going through the rooms everything that was there before the Spanish came was "found" or "shown". The stuff stolen and subsumed was "invented" and "discovered" by the Church. - Anika
Steven Perez
OLD MAN STATUS ACHIEVED: I've been looking forward to changing into my pajamas since I got home.
WELCOME - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
old man status?? that's just a perk of life! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Guess I should start complaining about the music today and tell the kids outside to shut it. OH, WAIT. I DO THAT ALREADY. - Steven Perez
Andy Bakun
RT @sktv_: When Good vs Evil gotta catch public transportation to their final battle
RT @sktv_: When Good vs Evil gotta catch public transportation to their final battle
Good is exactly what I expect Anansi to look like in Anansi Boys. Evil...well...I don't even know. - Anika
Kay Thompson Da Gawd.
x__x at Cryptocurrency one—truly inspired. - Micah
holly #ravingfangirl
Etsy, why do you show me wedding dresses in every email? ಠ_ಠ #stopit
"Picked Just for You" CLEARLY, IT IS NOT. - holly #ravingfangirl
Maybe they know something you don't - Fred Garvin from iPhone
haha! when i do get married, it's highly unlikely i will be wearing a traditional wedding dress. :P - holly #ravingfangirl
A purple dress and fluevogs? - Kristin from iPhone
perhaps it is suggesting next year's halloween costume? - Sir Shuping is just sir
so i got curious, and other than a couple times where something else was swapped in for one, it's been the same 2-3 wedding dresses since September. O_o - holly #ravingfangirl
FYI: still showing me wedding dresses. ಠ_ಠ - holly #ravingfangirl
In an ironic fashion? - bentley
Meanwhile, I got a venus fly trap headband, a vintage looking Godzilla print, and a map of the zombie apocalypse in Pittsburg. - Jennifer Dittrich
RT @ivortossell: It is bizarre, to me, that dental care is not covered by Canadian health care. As if teeth are not living parts of the body.
Not covered in Norway. I wonder where this stupid tradition was invented? And, of course, in the current political climate with neoliberalism to the right and neoliberalism-with-a-human-face to the left, it won't get fixed. - Eivind
Whoa, what? - Meg VMeg
uhm, in italy I think it is covered* for the youngs and poors (by some definition of poor) and for emergencies for the general population, but the access is very difficult even for those covered and more than 99% of the italians go to the private sector anyway. In france instead is partially covered by most "mutuelle" (like US health insurance, on top of the national health insurance).... more... - d☭snake
It's not covered by Medicare either (altho' some Medicare Advantage plans may cover it), and our health insurance doesn't cover it--we pay a separate fee for Delta Dental coverage. This seems fairly widespread. - Walt Crawford
Doesn't it have something to do with so-called preventable vs. unforeseen issues? - Brent Schaus
Brent, yeah, I think that may be a big part of the rationale. Just remembering a neighbour where we used to live that didn't know/practice basic hygiene (poverty and mental health issues a factor), so didn't pass it on to daughter who at age 6 had to have emergency major oral surgery. Which is covered. At great cost to the system. - Micah from FFHound!
Poor kid. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Dental work and oral surgery that is medically required is covered by MSP in BC. Also, basic dental care is available for kids from low-income families and for people with disabilities. But most other coverage is via private insurers. I imagine it's similar in other provinces. - Ken Morley
holly #ravingfangirl
Bag of Holding - Con-Survival Edition | ThinkGeek -
Bag of Holding - Con-Survival Edition | ThinkGeek
woot! i will have mine before midwinter. it sold out before i could buy it last time it was available, so i am a happy camper. - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
good, then I can look at it and see if I like it better than what I use :) - ~Courtney F
i will gladly show it off. we'll see how i actually like it. :) - holly #ravingfangirl
I'll have to look at the listing when I get home. I came *this* close to buying a Handbag of Holding, but I realized there's no top closure and that's just no good, especially if it rains. Edit: They've added a top zipper to the handbag of holding! Now I have to rethink everything. - bentley
the handbag is pretty great. it's huuuuuuge and almost has *too many* pockets. sometimes it took me forever to find stuff just because i couldn't remember where i'd put it. - holly #ravingfangirl
Son of a bitch. I have the handbag of holding, but the version before they added the zipper to close it. that was the ONE thing I didn't like about it, but i had a gift certificate, and it was on sale for really cheap, so i gave in and got it. Dammit. - Christa
Whelp. The original is still champion. but that is sweet. And the thing holds patches...i am jealous. And you didn't misremember, it hid stuff from you. Mine does it all of the time. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Big Joe Silence
Senate Subcommittee Drops "Civil Rights And Human Rights” From Name - BuzzFeed News -
Senate Subcommittee Drops "Civil Rights And Human Rights” From Name - BuzzFeed News
"A watchdog group, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, lambasted Cornyn for truncating the name. “The new Senate Republican Majority’s decision to expunge civil rights and human rights from this subcommittee’s name is a discouraging sign given the growing diversity of our nation and the complex civil and human rights challenges we face,” said Nancy Zirkin, the executive vice president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “Names matter. This, after all, is a subcommittee with jurisdiction over the implementation and enforcement of many of our most important civil rights laws.”" - Big Joe Silence from Bookmarklet
Apple's New China Store Has One Hell of a Beautiful Facade and a Great Story to Tell | Adweek -
Apple's New China Store Has One Hell of a Beautiful Facade and a Great Story to Tell | Adweek
"The new Apple Store in China unites ancient and contemporary design elements to striking effect—its modern steel-and-glass exterior draped by a simple yet elegant mural that contains the text, rendered in traditional Chinese characters, of a 2,000-year-old poem. "The lines in calligraphy need to have life in them," artist Wang Dongling says of his creation in the new two-minute Apple video below. "They need to have aesthetic feeling. They need to have a kind of magical energy endowed by nature." Sounds like something Steve Jobs or Jony Ive might have said about the look and feel of Apple's products. So, Wang's vision seems well suited to the iconic brand, which opens its newest store tomorrow in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China, situated on West Lake." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Despite its vintage, the poem, "Praising West Lake in the Rain," has a distinctly modern flavor: "Shimmering water on sunny days/Blurred mountains through rainy haze/West Lake is like the beauty, Xizi/With light or heavy makeup, always beautiful."" - Jessie
"/West Lake is like the beauty, Xizi" I think that's supposed to be Xisi. Can anyone tell me who wrote this poem? I can't read handwritten script. - Jessie
I keep finding references to the poem's extreme age, but nothing about the author. Given the time, perhaps the author is unknown? - Soup in a TARDIS
My coworker came to the rescue! She says the author is 蘇軾(蘇東坡) So the poem must only be about 1,000 years old. She says this is the full text: 水光瀲灧晴方好 / 山色空濛雨亦奇 / 欲把西湖比西子 / 淡妝濃抹總相宜 - Jessie
She says the Chinese title is 飲湖上初雨後晴, something like "Drinking on the lake in the rain" (my own translation, not hers) - Jessie
After this morning's seminar, I think I'm now certified to handle change. Bring it on!
Yes, but are you a change AGENT? Because, really, what good are you if you're not? - Catherine Pellegrino
How did that never become "Changent?" - Steele Lawman
We took a test. I tested as not a change agent. I'm one of the people who comes next and figures out how to make the change go well. - lris
Oh, I see: you're on the cleanup crew. Gotcha. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Legally I think that *would* make you a change agent, with the 'change agent' as change principal - Pete
I am also a "problem solver" rather than a "fighter" or "retreater" - lris
A fixer. Or, the person who knows how to hide the bodies -- even in plain sight. - Julian
Was this a Buzzfeed quiz? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Buzzfeed would have made the quiz a lot easier to take. This one was weirdly complicated. - lris
Pretty LaBelle
Oh my god this @50ShadesOfGran account
Todd Hoff
It's amazing any iphone app works at all.. What a mess. It's pretty clear nobody had embedded system programming experience when they started all this.
Extension by inserting code into a template is just really bad design: - (BOOL) application:( UIApplication *) application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:( NSDictionary *) launchOptions { self.window = [[ UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[ UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]]; // Override point for customization after application launch - Todd Hoff
Weak / Strong pointers is a crazy responsibility for programmers to handle. It's impossible when using tasks. - Todd Hoff
Chaining initializers is more bad design through excessive coupling: self = [super init]; - Todd Hoff
The lifecycles of when objects are created and when methods are created is implicit. I can't tell by looking when things happen. In other words, the dynamic behaviour of the code is not clear at all. - Todd Hoff
MVC. Love it hate it, put everything in the controller. - Todd Hoff
Generally I'm against making the programmer run a compiler in their head to understand what is actually getting called. So though property seems like a good idea it makes very hard to deduce when reading code what will be called when an assignment happens. - Todd Hoff
Cell reuse by a reuse identifier is kludgy and error prone. Why does it need to own the memory? - Todd Hoff
String based selectors are used all over the place. These are not typed so are large source of run time errors when they shouldn't be. - Todd Hoff
The compiler doesn't check for methods in the interface that aren't implemented? It's a runtime error? Wow. - Todd Hoff
Seems odd to create a view controller and then give controller of the memory to the navigation controller. Seem like unnecessary memory allocs/deallocs. - Todd Hoff
In example code I see the use of static variables inside functions. That's bad style. It's more invisible magic code. - Todd Hoff
You can't test anything like the full functionality in the simulator. Beacon stuff? No. Camera? No. The interfaces should be accessible so someone could at least try to write an advanced simulator. - Todd Hoff
Nice debugging and monitoring tools. Very nice. - Todd Hoff
I'm not sure how it could be done better, but the auto layout constraints are bewildering. Oh my. - Todd Hoff
Using reference counting to manage memory when transition application states to background and active and to handle low memory conditions is highly error prone. - Todd Hoff
Not a fan of adding private class members in an @interface section of the .m file. I reserved judgement of this at first, it sounds good, but in practice I prefer everything to be in one place so I can see how everything relates together at a glance. - Todd Hoff
I wonder if they were able to start over on the watch? I haven't seen the watchkit so I'm not sure how it works. - Todd Hoff
Having to explicitly trigger a table update in the UI's main thread is another example of thread weirdness: dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{ [self.tableView reloadData]; });. - Todd Hoff
I'm not sure why you would ever create convenience initializers when you can just create convenience constructors and hide all the initializers? - Todd Hoff
Frameworks. For or against? - Todd Hoff
It takes a dozen lines of code to display an alert. That's crazy. Form validation in general is primitive at best. - Todd Hoff
" NSString *mediaType = [info objectForKey:UIImagePickerControllerMediaType];if ([mediaType isEqualToString:(NSString*)kUTTypeImage]) {" - a couple things here. Having to cast between different encapsulated string types from different frameworks is both confusing and wasteful. Also, dictionaries are great, but the problem is you never know what's in them. Looked at the doc, how was I to know what's in info? It's a constant in some random header file. Enums are at least discoverable. - Todd Hoff
@selector isn't resolved at compile or link time. It's a runtime error. No bueno. - Todd Hoff
Can't test MPMoviePlayerController from the simulator. - Todd Hoff
The complexity around moving the keyboard to not hide form fields is astonishing. Shouldn't that be a feature? - Todd Hoff
Yay, finally got github to integrate with Xcode. Not an obvious setup at all. You have to tell a project to use git, the git repository shouldn't have a readme file or anything in it, you have to use source code control to add a remote repository, then commit while selecting the remote repository. I want down so many blind alleys it's embarrassing. Using git from Xcode is pretty nice. I'm surprised they don't have a revert back to a previous commit command. That's often quite useful. - Todd Hoff
I have absolutely no idea how to use PhotoKit to do anything. There's almost nothing in the way of example code. - Todd Hoff
Core Data is one complex bugger. As is photokit, and buggy. Yet displaying navigable driving directions was easy as pie. - Todd Hoff
Amit Patel
Where would you post stats about how most people aren't on Google+? On Ello of course.
An excellent find, Amit. Golden. - Micah from FFHound!
To be fair, posting it on G+ would have significantly skewed the G+ numbers upwards. - Andrew C (✔)
Maybe that's why I'm (mildly) fond of G+ and its OA community: Like Friendfeed, it's small enough to not suffer from the Facebook/Twitter overload problem. As for Ello...what? - Walt Crawford
Where would you post about Ello saying most people aren't on Google+? FriendFeed of course. - Louis Gray
Of course. - Amit Patel
Sarah G.
RT @michaelplaxton: Hey #lawstudents: If you're not careful, you too may learn to write like this. Be afraid. #legaled #lawschool #cdnlaw
RT @michaelplaxton: Hey #lawstudents: If you're not careful, you too may learn to write like this. Be afraid. #legaled #lawschool #cdnlaw
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. - RepoRat
Steven Perez
America: our education system needs to improve! American education: we need another standardized test and more homework! Finland: actually, we became one of the worlds' best education systems by getting rid of homework and standardized tests - also, we pay our teachers better than you. China: same Belgium: same American education: better make it... -
I'd agree with this a whole lot more if it said "American politicians" instead of "American education." I haven't really met any teachers who wanted massive testing or more of it now. - Jennifer Dittrich
Steven Perez
socialjusticekoolaid: #Ferguson is still happening, and protesters/residents are still being terrorized. Are you still paying attention? #staywoke #farfromover -
#Ferguson is still happening, and protesters/residents are still being terrorized. Are you still paying attention? #staywoke #farfromover
This four and a half hour meeting drained the little energy I had left.
I've only had one of those happen to me once, but I remember wishing for canned oxygen like what tourists in the Andes can get. - Andrew C (✔)
At least I hopped away with a nice souvenir, a huge headache. :) - Stephan
Bah. :( - Alix May
Victor Ganata
Man, the anti-vaxxers who blame the undocumented for this measles outbreak can go fuck themselves.
So... people who want to see lower immunization rates are complaining about "people" who come from countries with "low immunization rates". Ok then. - Johnny
Nope, sorry, you don't get to blame other people's children when you commit an act of gross child neglect. That would be the same as saying it was the fault of some unknown kid on the other side of town, if you deliberately "forget" to feed your kid for 6 weeks. - April Russo
Victor Ganata
That moment when you look in the drafts section of your e-mail client, find a message from eight years ago, and realize that the reason why your friends never set up that blind date for you like they said they would is because you never sent a reply :D
I still hold them responsible. THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD YOUR BACK. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
LOL, I remember wondering if they had changed their mind because they had come to the conclusion that it might be a terrible idea. - Victor Ganata
Should I ask how one ends up with 8 year old drafts and not notice them till now? I only have 2 drafts currently, one addressed to myself that will never be sent, and the other is an unfinished email to one of my managers that will get sent tomorrow, as soon as I can think of the rest of the stuff she wants to know. (it's one of those periodic "give me 3 answers to 3 questions" things, that are looking for ideas on how to improve things) - April Russo
Ken Morley
This is not my beautiful house.
This is not my beautiful wife. - Ken Morley
:DDD - Jenny H.
My God, what have I done?!? - Ken Gidley
Sarah G.
"This isn't my first rodeo" I say confidently to myself as I start to get masked set up for this preso and then proceed to accidentally break their shit.
You didn't mention the rodeo clown part. - Steele Lawman
Todd Hoff
You don’t like what you think you like: Bad taste, manipulated choices and the new science of decision-making - -
You don’t like what you think you like: Bad taste, manipulated choices and the new science of decision-making -
"But we should not underestimate our tendencies to rely on confidence, our own and others’, as a cue for what information deserves the most attention (independent of the validity of that information). One of the most insidious side effects of group decision making is that people believe in wrong group decisions more than they believe in incorrect individual decisions. The social proof resulting from cascades and (conformity more generally) amplifies everyone’s trust in the incorrect outcome. And inputs into the decision process from highly confident or dominant personalities have more impact and increase the esteem accorded to those individuals, regardless of the quality of their contributions." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Stephen Mack
What the Vinyl "Comeback" Really Looks Like... [Digital Music NewsDigital Music News] -
What the Vinyl "Comeback" Really Looks Like... [Digital Music NewsDigital Music News]
The post is just the chart, and it says the source is: "Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). All figures in millions, and US-based." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Don't call it a comeback / It's been low for years - Stephen Mack
I mean it's clear it's going up and has doubled or tripled in recent years, but, yeah. - Stephen Mack
Shannon - GlassMistress
It is possible I need one of these. Bwhahahaha!
Brontospoon - Isola Virtuale
I definitely need that. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This is not a brontosaurus! It's Nessie !! Emerging from the lake:-D - Selkis
unless it hasn't plesiosaurus fins it is a beautiful cyan brontosaurus - Isola Virtuale
I need it, too - chiaratiz™ from Android
OMG, it has to be mine! - мик
omg, adorbs!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
این خیلی خوبه ابجی:دی - حوسین
ubi is right, please somebody post a link, now! - мик
thx - мик
bozgörl, çocuklu misafir gelince bunu gene saklamak daha iyi olur değ mi, benim ilk o geldi aklıma mesela şimdi, hani o akşam iiçin dolapta durabilir yani - Jarolim Gayri
hahah, esas cocuklu misafir gelince cikarilmalik bu hacicorcor! - grizabella
I think this deserves a #morbidgriza tag. =) - Anika
thanks anika, it does indeed :) - grizabella
zıp! - grizabella
Mihihi :* - grizabella from Android
Yüce devletimizin, "spagettinizi kanla soslamayın!" diye yürüttüğü reklam kampanyası geldi aklıma hiç yoktan ;_; - orfe
orfe o ne ya?? - grizabella
İtalyan televizyonlarında yayınlanmış, gazetelerinde tam sayfa yayımlanmıştı devletimiz finansıyla. "İtalya pekeke terörüne destek oluyo" gazıyla.. (sagem telefonların sokaklarda kırılmasından önce) - orfe
öööeeeh! kacirmisim ben demek. - grizabella
Pretty LaBelle
RT @glitteryglossy: RT @desusnice: Dude has no idea how he's gonna tell king george what he just saw
RT @glitteryglossy: RT @desusnice: Dude has no idea how he's gonna tell king george what he just saw
This just slays me every time it rolls down my timeline. - Jennifer Dittrich
*dead again* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*record scratch* - Mo Kargas
Sarah G.
RT @alainabrowne: "You're not just imagining things. It’s tough. Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times." —@bjork
RT @alainabrowne: "You're not just imagining things. It’s tough. Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times." —@bjork
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