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Arcade Digital, Arcade is a Chicago based Internet consulting, marketing and design company. Say HELLO! We would love to meet, and help your business.
John Kruk play by play on the Giants Dodgers game is painful. He's fingernails on a blackboard.
If Hawk Harrelson and Stone Pony say any farther apart in the booth, they would be in different zip codes.
White Sox pull Chris Sale in the 8th inning so we can lose in the 9th. It makes us very competitive losers.
Happy Independence Day to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Box Retailers, Big Banks, Wall Street. We fought for your freedom.
"We have allowed ourselves in this country to become captured by the politics of fear and anger." Bryan Stevenson
Why is Gary Bettman involved in the draft? That cocksucker ruins everything he touches.
Stan Bowman is the best! Just drafted Nick Schmaltz who is going to North Dakota.
Blackhawks just traded with San Jose to move up to 20 in the first round from 27. Exchanged late picks too.
This is the Internet in a nutshell with play by play by Albert Burneko
This is the Internet in a nutshell with play by play by Albert Butneko
The Quesarito. Innovative and exciting. Taking Mexican to another level. Taco Bell did it again.
Why does Carl Hagelin have a visor on his helmet? He props it up like it's decoration. It's not protecting his face at all.
Is it me or does Hawk Harrelson always lead in the pick to click competition?
NBC just showed David Duchovny at the Kings Rangers game at the Garden. He is stoned.
Pierre McGuire loves Mats Zuccarello's "long stick."
Bob Costas and John Velazquez are the same height.
Darryl Sutter may be coaching the Kings but he will always be a Blackhawk.
Crawford shakes the gloves at Quick. You don't want this. Corey Crawford is a MAN!
That last goal by Kaner was pure Denis Savard. The Blackhawks will not be denied.
Duncan Keith is the best defenseman alive!
The Captain has the will of a fucking lion. Jonathan Toews refuses to let the Blackhawks be defeated!
Ref blows whistle before Quick controls the puck. Blackhawks were playing a rebound. Ref is heavy on the Kjngs tonight.
Captain just beats Quick for a shorty. Quick grabs his head like he's telling himself to wake up.
Dadgummit! That is a tough loss.
"Hell yes!" Hawk Harrelson on Afam Dunn walk off home run against Yankees. Dunn in contract year.
When Jim Cornelison points at the flag, I feel it. Because it is awesome. It is like a dramatic salute.
Captain Paul Konerko goes yard to put Good Guys ahead of Royals! White Sox take lead 7-6 top of 5th.
Beyoncé would say "upgrade" Ice Cube would say "it was a good day" I say, got a new saw.
Missile goes yard proving the Good Guys have a bad ass Cuban still playing every day.
Impossible for an American hockey team to win after that shitty European intro by the Montreal Canadiens.
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