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Goaltending has sucked all season.
NBC Chicago hard to find a worse place to watch Blackhawks fans then Harry Carey's. Drive a few blocks away from your studio.
I don't want any more free hockey. Come on Blackhawks.
Crawford won't pick us up. Seconds left and he's probably looking at the clock instead of the puck.
Seabrook crushes Backes. Blackhawks can play physical too.
I have no clue what Doc Emrick is describing. Sorry Bruins, he is why I'm watching Bolts host Habs on CNBC.
A whole lot of free hockey tonight.
Bartman get's a statue in Boystown before the "genius" Theo Epstein. "Blow Cubs Blow!"
Starlin Castro just dropped a pop up. This clown could not start on the southside.
If you're in Chicago looking for the White Sox game and you have Comcast, it's channel 285. Blackhawks are on 200.
It's been a few years since I've done this...Going from Blackhawks game to the Good Guys, the White Sox.
Blackhawks are limping into the playoffs. Pull Crawford. He doesn't need this aggravation.
I don't care if Johnny Football scored a 2 on the Wonderlic test. I can't wait for Manziel in the NFL. Draft him Bears.
Joe from Elmwood Park proud UIC Flame kicking butt on Wheel of Fortune College Week! A man got to have a code. —Omar Little
Brian Bickell gets and A for effort. However, he handled it like he had his skates tied and was missing an arm.
Billy Butler was just walked by Jake Petricka. Butler would have taken 1st faster if he walked on his hands. He CRAWLED to his bag.
5th inning, the White Sox are losing 7-2 to the Royals. Tyler Flowers is "great" with pitchers, so he can suck at hitting.
White Sox gave the Cubs a 3 hour head start and the Sox still scored first.
Full disclosure. I turned off Blackhawks game after Ottawa scored 5, now watching roundball.
The Blackhawks have not played good hockey since before the Olympic break.
Am I the only guy brave enough to publicly thank Taco Bell? Thank you for breakfast.
How many sacks can Jared Allen get in a season now that he can't count on playing the Bears twice?
Pittsburg Penguins Detroit Red Wings game was unbelievable. Needless to say, I invested in the Pens. Damn.
Peter Regin can play hockey. He needs more ice time.
Blackhawks SHOCK AND AWE assault on Ryan Miller! Leddy slapshot redirected by Shaw. That is a GOAL!
Eddie Olcyck, PLEASE drop the gloves and tune up Doc Emrick. The old queen just said "it's like Deuteronomy, an eye for an eye..."
The sassy receptionist Jan in the Toyota commercials inspires me to avoid car dealerships.
"It is a morality play when you have teams like this." Doc Emrick on Blackhawks - Blues. No shithead, it's a hockey game.
If you close your eyes and listen to Doc Emrick broadcast a hockey game you won't have a clue what is happening.
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