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Loving my new Haworth Zody chair.
Pelosi has the majority, the authority, and the opportunity to pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution. CALL Speaker Pelosi @ (202) 225-4965
RT @ArmeniaTree: best of luck @Meleeneh & @Argam on your big day & thanks for making ATP part of your green wedding!
I haven't used Twitter in months but now with the Twitter iPad app I might just start again.
RT @maxgladwell: “@TheEconomist: Social innovation: A new approach to alleviating society’s troubles #economist #entrepreneurs
Looks like iOs4 is giving me some data reception problems.
We live in a time of rapid change and extreme transition. Embrace it.
Bye Bye Birdie: Why Twitter is On the Outs | -
What is the point of releasing such an awesome iPhone 4, if the reception is still going to suck on AT&T?
Wow, having Monday off this week really put me behind on some things.
Pepperdine Remembers Professor Tony “Skippy” McDermott | News and Events | Pepperdine University -
Start again....
NYC WAY - Everything New York on Your iPad -
Were Russian secrets shared with ‘space alien’ visitors? - Times Online -
Privacy is officaly dead. Get over it.
Has anyone ever flown with Copa airlines? Good or bad experience?
Good iPad Apps - Apple iPad Application Reviews -
Celebrity Videos | E! Online -
Are you still microwaving your food? Here are the dangers you probably did not know about. -
Are you still microwaving your food? Here are the dangers you probably did not know about.
The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking -
Senegal - Orchestra Baobab - Dee Moo Woor -
Senegal - Orchestra Baobab - Dee Moo Woor
One man's medicine is another's Kryptonite.
Taking a moment to remember those who perished some 95 years ago in the Armenian Genocide. Humanity is capable of some horrible things. We just have to make sure not to repeat them for the health and well being of our species.
Companies on a Mission: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Growing Sustainably, Responsibly, and Profita -
Gang Starr's Guru Dead At 43 - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News -
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