new content is coming... :) i really enjoy the process;
its a bit of slow caouse i am doing few things at the same time; learning on the fly :)
@msteenson here coffee and [looking for] freelance ;)
break at is always soooo nice :)
@whoelscher i mean you and your son
@whoelscher all the best to you & welcome to twitter :)
since yesterday evening i am slow; slow as a river :)
@RogerPimenta hello roger, thx for the add.
@polyakov hi there! looking for some projects :) check us at
thats heck of a use for a word cloud: us saying Do Business with Us! what you think? :)
thats heck of a use for a word cloud!...! :)
listening to Hello Dolly... I feel that room swayin......while the bands playin :) what a wonderful night (!)(!)(T)
its more then just posting to get projects; its really about expressing stuff collected inside for far too long; will do; :)
quiet (and lukewarm) night; making a list out of my ideas for posts; i am interested; hope readers will be, too.
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong. :) good night twitter
need to collect all my posts ideas scattered in diff. locations, including scientific parts of my brain; so hot here
wow; that was heck of a bidding day; i would love to do it only on twitter; getafreelancer is... uuu... good i have few aces in my pocket :)
brandstreaming; when social means _almost_ spam & constant RRW
@serenawu at twitter (and couple of other things) at the moment; didnt even look it was (IS) NOW :)
@nredmond if you mean your worpdress, we can turn it into sth like this: :) all the best, @wembley
@nredmond morning, is it a big thing, small thing? do you have it online?
off i go to pick up my biggy bueaty box :) mind blowing insights while reading arh+ anticipated
gosh, this iframe - we need it; i'll switch RSS widget until we set it up correctly
ok, now, its official: we are looking for projects! :) #3d #visualisation #packaging #print #identity #design
removed ł from description on coroflot ;)
no way doing things in a rush; i need to think things over; so much stuff to do; actually am pretty excited about this; posts are coming
decided to create a polish version of a page - this will probably look totally fdifferent; different use - different ui
dont know where to save it (not my machine): pasting here: http: / /
i need my big box back; i need it badly; will have it tomorrow
creating profile on coroflot created quite a traffic on our site; thx for visits; hope to see you back soon :)
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