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Robert Scoble
I'll be in New York next week. Any innovative company I should see?
Do you ever get up to Canada much? - Owen Greaves
Vimeo is in NY - AJ Batac
Boxee - sean andersen
You should swing by Deep Focus. Lunch on me. - Ian Schafer
OMGPOP - Charles Ying
buglabs and fogcreek and tumblr - Darren Stuart
And if your in Times Square and want to see a killer view, swing by the Six Flags office. I'll get you some free tickets you can use at the SanFran or LA parks. - sean andersen
You should go to Winnipeg. Lunch and dinner on me. ;) - AJ Batac
Going to Israel anytime? I want you to visit EZchip (EZCH). Also, Netlogic (NETL) in Mountain View, CA - Stephen Pickering
I wish my startup is in the US. Worked hard for 10 months, and just launched my site for public testing. Check it out if you could: - Alekkus
SesameVault, a start-up B2B web-based video platform is next to Grand Central and, a start-up media company that's part search, part social network, part media portal is on Wall Street. Holler! - ari
wow, flash. - Janos P Toth
What about the Tumblr folks? - Rob Fahrni
Tumblr would be cool... FogCreek is cool too!! - nickgs
Yes, 65amp is a flash-based mashup application that let everyone mashup their contents. The page is fully customizable, with drag-drop features, rotating, resizing stuffs and changing the styles. The first time you load will take a little while, but subsequent loads will be fast. - Alekkus
How long are you in New York for? I'll be there Friday night, it's be awesome to grab a drink with Scoble! Also, check out Connected Ventures, the people behind Vimeo and College Humor. Ask them about their TOS. - Mike Nayyar
Yes Preyas Consulting - William Lopez
thumbplay - Amund Tveit
CloudContacts and CenterNetworks :-P - Allen Stern
UpNext is in NYC. We'd be happy to meet with you! We make very fast, smooth 3d interactive maps of cities. NYC is our first city. Here is a vid of our iPhone product: -
Robert - we (AdaptiveBlue) are in New York and would love to have you to our office to demo you the new version of Glue (you liked Jeremiah O's review of it yesterday :) - Fraser
I second Fraser's suggestion of visiting AdaptiveBlue to see Glue. It has come a long way since we first showed it to you (back when it was called BlueOrganizer). - Andy Roth
Hey Robert, I posted your question on the Gildertech board and George Gilder responded "My two favorite New York companies are Gerson Lehrman (the private Google of consultants rather than URLs) and Boliven, a spinoff that makes finding, creating, and comparing patents and intellectual property simple and lawyer free." - George Gilder - Stephen Pickering
Oh, Robert, one member of the board, who is a funny guy, said humorously, "Your first question to him is, why would you leave Half Moon bay to go to NYC?........................flop" hehehehehe. I'm not sure what he meant. Just trying to be funny I guess. - Stephen Pickering
Yes! You should meet with Triton media, they are in NY next week too. They are a one-stop shop for radio stations that offers tools to help them build their digital engagement and drive revenues. Mobile platforms, local search, etc. - Maya Benyehuda
you should catch up with Clare Hart - daniela barbosa
Tumblr for sure! - Ninh Nguyen
Come by Empressr - Bryan Thatcher
chacha ? - AainaA-Ridtz A.R
Are you stopping by at the on T/W by any chance? I'm on the program. All about Semantics. Several Semantic-related companies there. - William Mougayar
hey robert would love to give you demo of new stuff hit me up what day works for you. text MSG to 50500 for my info - michael galpert
Yes, I would go see MSG at Aviary! - Frank Gruber
KickApps would love to have you! We are innovating our bawlzoff! - Mike
Hi Robert - Will you be at Digital Hollywood (Advertising 2.0)? - Jan Simmonds
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