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RT @gallaugher: #AngelBootcamp is @TechStars past/pres knowledge drop w/@davetisch @ktrae @SemyonDukach @davidcohen. Demoday tomorrow
remember minority report? If AI tech keeps pace, we'll be there faster than we thought. Predictive tech will know our next move b4 we do it
I kinda love that I can SMS from Messages app in Yosemite.
Why You Don't Want to Give Financial Information to All of Your Investors: << another MUST READ from @msuster
RT @BT: Another 10k raised in 4 hours for #ElectronicOpus!! You guys are helping a dream of mine become a reality. Thank you
RT @davidcohen: New on my blog today: "Is an Accelerator Right for You?"
RT @Sketchfab: What @Sketchfab support inside @twitter could look like :) RT to help us make it happen!
RT @coloradowx: After a high of 65° during the 9am hour, I've just hit 32° as of ~11:40am in Glendale (#Denver). Wind chill is 23°. #COwx #weather
RT @Dougherty7NEWS: Well, I've seen a 33 degree drop in temp at my house since 10am. How about you? #COwx
RT @conradhackett: Cost for a year at Harvard $59k Nursing home $84k NYC jail $168k (#s: @Harvard, @RWJF, @nytimes)
RT @Techmeme: Qualcomm quietly dominates mobile: every major smartphone in the US contains its hardware
RT @howardlindzon: NASDAQ '00 vs '14. Apple nowhere, Google barely existed, FB didnt. Only WinTel survives, despite "death of PC' $QQQ
Dept. of Agriculture allows China poultry processors to ship to the US - gross!
RT @ReutersJamie: US job growth streaks: 48 months Oct '10-present 48 months July '86-June '90 46 months Sept '03-June '07 45 months July '75-March '79
RT @schreier: The right startup idea violently rips you away from what you do today
In tearful farewell, Andy Sack steps down from Techstars Seattle, passes torch to Chris DeVore via @GeekWire
RT @jasonmendelson: Wisdom from @BobbyStuckeyMS for all businesses. "Hospitality is the secret weapon" It's about how your customers FEEL
RT @nevesytrof: Oh my god. This is how Jupiter shields the inner planets from the asteroid belt.
RT @pmarca: When you're running a business and the customers won't behave like you want, it's your fault, not theirs.
RT @coloradowx: Among the warmer of the current models (12z ECMWF) suggests #Denver may spend ≥5 consecutive days below freezing next week! #COwx #weather
RT @techstars: Where do #Startups, #Investors & #Thoughtleaders come together? @Techstars Demo Day of course! #TsDemoDay #TsSeattle
RT @raptmedia: We're #hiring! Join the @RaptMedia team as our Customer Success Advocate: #customersuccess
RT @LesyaLi: We are excited to announce that @techstars #fintech applications for the second cohort are now OPEN. Apply here ☛
Q: do bankers make good entrepreneurs?
RT @gblakeman: cyclists in downtown boulder: watch out for a dark grey land rover with a female driver. she hit @jkmcrg (he’s ok) and left the scene.
RT @georgia_wells: Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani’s goal? To teach a million young women to code by 2020
“Entrepreneurship and Depression” by @dorkitude
RT @mashable: Alex from Target has been great for Jake from State Farm
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