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A place for all things DUNE. Feel free to geek-out, argue, discuss all things related to the Known Universe. Even Tleilaxu are welcome. The Spice must flow!
Josh Haley
Jennifer Dittrich
I am the Shadout Mapes. The HOUSEKEEPER. {Linda Hunt, bringing the full on creepy.}
There is a Dune group. OH MY. - joey
Jennifer Dittrich
Chapter Seven, in which House Atreides Must Negotiate with the Spacing Guild — Cute Overload -
Chapter Seven, in which House Atreides Must Negotiate with the Spacing Guild — Cute Overload
"Paul Atreides watched in fascination. He had heard of the Guild Navigators, their strange bodies mutated into kittens by consumption of the spice Catnip and suspended in containers of Catnip gas, but had never seen one until now. “You wish to fold space to Arrakis,” the creature said at last. “I trust you have prepared an offering of tuna.”" - Jennifer Dittrich from Bookmarklet
Josh Haley
Josh Haley
Titan's Great Dune Seas Rival Science Fiction Worlds -
Titan's Great Dune Seas Rival Science Fiction Worlds
Titan's Great Dune Seas Rival Science Fiction Worlds
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"The desert planets Arrakis in Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune, and the planet Tatooine in the Star Wars trilogy are legendary arid worlds covered in sand dune "seas." And a mere one billion miles away orbiting Saturn the planet-sized moon Titan has all the trimmings of the real deal. However, with surface temperatures of minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit it's hard to imagine Titan as a sun-parched desert world. Radar imaging from the NASA/ESA Cassini mission reveals that there is nothing in the solar system quite like Titan's immense dune fields." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Josh Haley
Raincatch: A Water Purification Rain Coat. Also - THE SPICE MUST FLOW. -
Raincatch: A Water Purification Rain Coat. Also - THE SPICE MUST FLOW.
Josh Haley
Lynch > Sci-Fi
Josh Haley
This is quite simply the best thing I have ever seen. Ever. - Josh Haley from Bookmarklet
Long sleep the fighters! - Stephen Mack
^-----YES. - Josh Haley
*folds space* - Morgan
*drinks water of life, aka Diet Coke* - Josh Haley
*chants with the mob* 'MUADIB!" - Morgan
Fear is the mind-killer. - Tinfoil 2.0
I must face my beer. I will permit it to pass through me and over me. And when the beer has gone, only pretzel dust will remain... - Morgan
Beer pee will fly over you? That sounds like a Charlie Sheen level party. - Josh Haley from iPhone
THIS! THIS!! THIS!! - Micah
Josh, how did you find this treasure? - Micah
first seen at NPR's Fresh Air Tumblr: - Big Joe Silence
Micah, a buddy from CA emailed to me the minute he found out about it. Not sure beyond that. - Josh Haley from iPhone
I love Goodnight Moon, and now the internet gave me Goodnight Dune. WIN-WIN. - Micah
Andy Bakun
Concerning Dune the book vs the movie, my friend told me "Forget reading it, just get stoned and watch the book, man."
Your friend is half right. - Steven Perez
there were at least two...perhaps three versions. Lynch didn't get to do the final cut, so you can't blame him. they weren't even able to finish all the effects before the studio snatched it away for release. - Big Joe Silence
Josh Haley
Salamander eggs turn off cancer - Holy Kaw! -
"Researchers at the University of Nottingham have found a way to switch on tumor suppressor genes—and turn off cancer growth—using an extract from eggs of the axolotl salamander." - Josh Haley from Bookmarklet
Yes, there is a reason I posted this in this room. - Josh Haley
Good luck getting the tanks set up. - Steven Perez
I'm holding a bake sale on Ix to fund the first axlotl tank. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I wonder if you can get a nickelbag of Spice?
Yes. But you have to get it from the Guild. - Steven Perez
Dino De Laurentiis, film producer, dies aged 91 #dune -
Dino De Laurentiis, film producer, dies aged 91 #dune
"Dino De Laurentiis, legendary producer of such cult films as Flash Gordon and Dune, has died in Los Angeles aged 91, his family has said." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
RIP - ovigia
Mike Nayyar
It would be nice to have shai-hulud to bust through traffic jams - Mike Nayyar
It would make it a bit more difficult at the Taco Bell Drive Thru, though. - Josh Haley
Josh Haley
David Lynch's Dune had a bunch of gadgets in it that might be considered steampunk-ish. Here are a few that I found online.
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George? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
LOL I mean David. George plays guitar. - Josh Haley
I'd pay good money to see George Lynch's version of Dune though. - Stephen Mack
Good point. - Josh Haley
Josh Haley
Best Dune rumor I have ever heard. But it is almost certainly not true. -
Best Dune rumor I have ever heard. But it is almost certainly not true.
"Grace will play Chani in Dune: the Arrakis Chronicles" - Josh Haley from Bookmarklet
Read that as "Best Dune humor" LOL. - Micah
No, the best Dune humor is the SciFi version of Dune. Oops, I mean SyFy. - Josh Haley
*scoff* - Michael W. May
Can you disambiguate your scoff? - Josh Haley
disambiguate *grin* hmm, thinking... that was minutes ago already *rereads* oh, aside from little Alicia Witt as Alia in the film (spooky spooky was she), I liked the SciFi miniseries much more. - Michael W. May
Fair enough. There were certain things about that version I liked, and I even bought the DVDs, but I much prefer Lynch's film. - Josh Haley
In this case I have to agree with Michael. The Lynch film version to me is all but unwatchable -- a combination of wooden acting by Kyle and overacting by everyone else. Sting is especially atrocious in his role. - Friar Will
Yes, There are acting moments that are atrocious in both versions. As far as the look and feel, though, the Lynch version is imprinted on me. That's just how it is and how things and people look when I read the books now. - Josh Haley
I'm curious, Josh, which did you first see or read? - Michael W. May
i prefer the Lynch version as well. minus the Toto music and plus the deleted scenes. :P - Big Joe Silence
I saw the film in the theater when I was 13. I didn't read the book until I was an adult. I am not much of a reader at all. - Josh Haley
I still maintain the theatrical release of the Lynch version of "Dune" on the list of top ten worst big budget movies of all time. Regardless, I would still endorse Grace Park as Chani. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
disagree. top 50, perhaps, but not top 10. the director's cut is certainly far better. - Big Joe Silence
I still can't seem to find the director's cut anywhere. And "better" is relative. There is no forgiving that whole "weirding module" bastardization that Lynch came up with. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I don't buy Grace Park as Chani. Sting did suck in the OG movie, but hey, so did a lot of people. It's just too close to impossible to cram the complexity of the story and the characters into a 2 hour movie that the average movie watcher wouldn't understand or enjoy. - Morgan
Josh Haley
This is no ordinary Cheeto. This is a 3rd stage Guild navigator floating in spice gas ready to fold space.
I might steal it with my drink-your-milkshake-straw. - Micah
My new Cheeto friend just took me to see Kaitan. Way too ritzy for me. I like hanging out in a T-shirt and shorts. - Josh Haley
I imagined the Dune characters much larger. - Morgan
The Guild is breeding Micro Navigators to use less spice. - surf guitar
See, that must be it. I can put this guy on my keychain and he can take me anywhere in the known universe. WITHOUT MOVING. - Josh Haley
This was such an emotional moment for me. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Josh Haley
Okay. - Micah
I see got in your hear also, I watch it last night also! - Fee501st
Josh Haley
Know then, that it is the year 2010.
Tell me of your homeworld, Usul - Chris Greene
The quality on this disc is simply stunning. And I found something funny I didn't notice before. When the 3rd stage Guild navigator is being brought in to see the Emperor, one of the guildsman to the right of the tank totally falls down and they just keep going like nothing happened. I LOLed. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Steven Perez
"Dune" Started As A Nonfiction Article About Oregon's Ecosystem - Dune - io9 -
"Dune" Started As A Nonfiction Article About Oregon's Ecosystem - Dune - io9
"If you're fascinated by Frank Herbert's Dune novels, you'll definitely want to read Scott Timberg's latest article in the Los Angeles Times, chronicling the book's origins and legacy. Plus there's great commentary from Kim Stanley Robinson and Jonathan Lethem." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Josh Haley
Steven Perez
""I first heard about 'Dune' through Bob Venosa, an American painter of fantastic realism who lived in Cadaqués with his family and was a frequent visitor at Salvador Dali's house. It was a project for a three hour 70 mm science fiction film, in which Dali was to play a leading role for a fee of $100,000 an hour (he was later invited to leave the film because of his pro-Franco statements). Bob Venosa telephoned me to say that the director Alejandro Jodorowsky, to whom Dali had shown my catalogue, was interested in my work. So I went to Spain, but unfortunately Jodorowsky had already left." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
14 hours of Giger-inspired sandworms and other strange conceits? I need to find the universe where this movie got made. - Steven Perez
Josh Haley
Steven Perez
Sandstorms Turn China Into Earthly Arrakis - Weather - io9 -
Sandstorms Turn China Into Earthly Arrakis - Weather - io9
"Roiling sandstorms in China's Xinjiang province have enveloped the far western Hotan prefecture in a thick orange miasma straight out of Frank Herbert's Dune. Let's hope the Shai-Hulud decided to stay fictional." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
That would be so cool Shai-Halud!! - comix aka martha
Josh Haley
Re-dubbed Dune awesomeness - Josh Haley
This water tastes like ass...and dirt. - Josh Haley
Can I be called Paul Moo-ah-dib-UHHHH? - Josh Haley
I must not bump. - Josh Haley
Jennifer Dittrich
New Evidence That Frank Herbert Loved David Lynch's Version of Dune - Dune - io9 -
New Evidence That Frank Herbert Loved David Lynch's Version of Dune - Dune - io9
"David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of Dune, with its grotesque baron, lithe Sting and pre-Blue Velvet Kyle McLachlan, sharply divided the audience for what's often considered SF's bestselling novel. It succeeded neither critically nor commercially — even the easy-going Roger Ebert dissed it, calling it "a real mess... incomprehensible, ugly, unstructured, pointless." Audiences generally agreed, and many of the novel's fans thought the baroque film took too many liberties. To the author himself, though, the film succeeds at many levels, in some ways better than his novel. "As far as I'm concerned, the film is a visual feast," he says in the interview, going on to explain that he wants to frame some of the film's stills so he can have them around him. Herbert was heavily involved with the Lynch film, and even admits at one point that his own screenplay for Dune was horrible." - Jennifer Dittrich from Bookmarklet
Fear is the mind killer (italian language) :)
Dune by nastrorosa.jpg
laicamento totale!!! - cybergerac
Litany against fear :)) - Ale♪nastrorosa
I will face my fear. I will let it pass through me. - Steven Perez
Josh Haley
Universal bringing David Lynch’s Dune to Blu-ray - (via
Steven Perez
New Evidence That Frank Herbert Loved David Lynch's Version of Dune - Dune - io9 -
New Evidence That Frank Herbert Loved David Lynch's Version of Dune - Dune - io9
"A 1983 promotional interview with Frank Herbert and David Lynch, freshly posted on YouTube, features Dune author Herbert explaining in unambiguous terms his fondness for the Lynch Dune film that polarized his readers." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
As I've always liked the David Lynch film, I'm glad Herbert liked it too! :) - Laura
Pierre Morel’s Approach to Dune: “Faster, More Modern,” Compared to the ‘84 Version -
"When Pierre Morel was announced as director for the new version of Dune, Brendon wondered, “is it reasonable to assume we’re on for a rather ballistic version of the story?” Yesterday the director spoke about his love of the book, and it seemed like he was trying to be right on the same page as ol’ Frank Herbert. Now more of his ideas are being reported, and he’s definitely going for something with a little more zip. Or, as he says with respect to David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation, “faster and more modern.”" - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
wait, a THIRD film of Dune? - Big Joe Silence
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