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Josh Haley
This is quite simply the best thing I have ever seen. Ever. - Josh Haley from Bookmarklet
Long sleep the fighters! - Stephen Mack
^-----YES. - Josh Haley
*folds space* - Morgan
*drinks water of life, aka Diet Coke* - Josh Haley
*chants with the mob* 'MUADIB!" - Morgan
Fear is the mind-killer. - Tinfoil 2.0
I must face my beer. I will permit it to pass through me and over me. And when the beer has gone, only pretzel dust will remain... - Morgan
Beer pee will fly over you? That sounds like a Charlie Sheen level party. - Josh Haley from iPhone
THIS! THIS!! THIS!! - Micah
Josh, how did you find this treasure? - Micah
first seen at NPR's Fresh Air Tumblr: - Big Joe Silence
Micah, a buddy from CA emailed to me the minute he found out about it. Not sure beyond that. - Josh Haley from iPhone
I love Goodnight Moon, and now the internet gave me Goodnight Dune. WIN-WIN. - Micah