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RT @mikehalston: Apparently @Chase bank has given up on the internet. Desktop site down 3 days with nary a peep from them. cc: @ChaseSupport
How to Get Your Coworkers to Care About User Research - Lessons Learned via @nuzzel thanks @LeanTalk
Just got The Complete iOS Game Course - Build a Flappy Bird Clone for FREE from @bitfountain_.. join me here:
Inside the Upset - A Democrat Helps Tea Party Unseat Eric Cantor -
WAYTOGO Now Profitable, AppNexus Scores $1.2 Billion Valuation For New York Ad Tech Scene - via @Nuzzel
Supreme Court won't hear police recording case - via @Nuzzel
America Is Not For Black People - via @Nuzzel
Stanford's Maryam Mirzakhani wins Fields Medal - via @Nuzzel
Ferguson, Missouri by Journalists on Beacon - via @Nuzzel
This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police - via @Nuzzel
Check out Scanbot – my favorite app!
RT @pmarca: "It's hard to conceive it'll take more forces for stability in Iraq than it'll take to conduct the invasion itself."
RT @marshallk: I’m ready for the content marketing arms race on quality to begin.
.@FullDRadio were you asking if @Caravel_Fin could sleep at nite due to fin risk or support of gvmts w spotty human rights records?
Amazon Gets Increasingly Nervous - via @Nuzzel
RT @takingpitches: Japanese pop is predicted to fall from 127m today to under 90m by 2060. Every year the working-age pop falls by 1m.
RT @zerotoonebook: "Lively and often acerbic, Thiel and Masters leave many of today's business shibboleths trashed along the way.”
Go Lili! How To Create A Money-Making Online Course - via @Nuzzel
Israel, Gaza, War & Data - via @Nuzzel
Check out @marvelapp, a free mobile & web prototyping tool for designers. #win
Smart company - How Technology is Changing the World (P&G Edition) - via @Nuzzel
App unbundling, search and discovery - via @Nuzzel
It is OK to Worry about Work (& Doesn't Make you a Luddite or Socialist) - via @Nuzzel
setting up my Quibb, to share links about work
The Unbundling of Scale - via @Nuzzel
Wow - Getting started with drones - via @Nuzzel
The secret of Minecraft - via @Nuzzel
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