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FYI - FireShot rocks for full-page screenshots
RT @annegalloway: Douglas Adams brilliantly describes our reactions to technology over time. (via @DigitalEthno)
How Apple Stores Dominate By Thinking Like a Restaurant
Use nerd power to take Buffet's billion and give it to charity, brilliant! #takebuffettsbillion via @Buffett_Billion
Contextures Excel Tips, Excel Tutorials and Excel Examples -
Excel tips and tutorials - Jonah Keegan
Chart Utilities and Tutorials for Microsoft Excel by Peltier Technical Services -
Excel tutorials and charting utilities - Jonah Keegan
Chandoo - Become Awesome in Excel -
450+ tutorials for excel - Jonah Keegan
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret -
MoonClerk | An all-in-one solution for accepting recurring and one-time online payments. -
You're just 5 minutes away from accepting recurring and one-time online payments. - Jonah Keegan
Ventata - Dynamic Pricing Software -
Maximize your profits with dynamic pricing. Each time you sell a product, we slightly adjust the price until we find the price that makes you the most profit. We do the math so you don't have to. - Jonah Keegan
BC USA; Japanese IWAKO Erasers: Overview | LinkedIn -
THE FAMOUS JAPANESE PUZZLE ERASERS BC USA is the official wholesale distributor of puzzle erasers made in Japan, with over 800 authentic Japanese erasers. Specialist in high quality miniature Japanese fun stationery products. Every year we are coming out with new products and designs. Eco-Friendly authentic Japanese puzzle erasers are made in Japan, no lead, no paint, no phthalate, no latex, non-toxic, no counterfeit and recyclable. 50¢, $30 A BOX OF 60, or you can half packs for $10-$15, sell more styles without spending one extra penny. YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE 24/7. ONLINE ORDERS MINIMUM IS $50 ONLY. Phone: (415) 282-1887 (800) 592-9000 Fax: (415) 282-0510 (800) 615-1111 For wholesale Japanese erasers: please visit: Wholesale freight details shown online: - Jonah Keegan
Less – a free super minimal WordPress Theme | jared erickson -
Spent a few hours over my holiday break to work on a free WordPress theme for 2013 to go along side Min I wanted to take a break from building larger sites and themes and see what I could get away with NOT doing. Therefore Less only uses the index.php, style.css and a function.php file (to import the style and add a custom menu). - Jonah Keegan
Principles WordPress Theme -
A great mobile site is one where all the excess is taken away. Anything that is unnecessary is removed. The content is the priority and navigation is paramount. If that's the case for mobile, why are we not doing the same with our websites? Why all the excess? What would happen if we took everything away? How would it feel just to read again, without distraction? A place where only the content matters. A place where only the reader matters. Our answer to this question is 'Principles', a minimalist blog without the unnecessary extras. A place where great bloggers can blog again and interested readers can read again. - Jonah Keegan
How It Works | -
Step 1. Simply give a brief description, add a pic, and set the amount needed to tilt. Step 2. Send/Post/Tweet and instantly start building funds and excitement for the objective. Step 3. If the campaign tilts, the cards are charged, and you get the funds via direct deposit. - Jonah Keegan
Is the Big Bang a black hole? -
Is the Big Bang a black hole? This question can be made into several more specific questions with different answers. Why did the universe not collapse and form a black hole at the beginning? What is the distinction between the Big Bang model and a black hole? Even so, could the Big Bang be a black- or white hole? - Jonah Keegan
Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe | Inside Science -
Here is how torsion would play out in the beginning moments of our universe. Initially, the gravitational attraction from curved space would overcome torsion's repulsive forces, serving to collapse matter into smaller regions of space. But eventually torsion would become very strong and prevent matter from compressing into a point of infinite density; matter would reach a state of extremely large but finite density. As energy can be converted into mass, the immensely high gravitational energy in this extremely dense state would cause an intense production of particles, greatly increasing the mass inside the black hole. The increasing numbers of particles with spin would result in higher levels of spacetime torsion. The repulsive torsion would stop the collapse and would create a "big bounce" like a compressed beach ball that snaps outward. The rapid recoil after such a big bounce could be what has led to our expanding universe. The result of this recoil matches observations of the... - Jonah Keegan
Will the black hole at the center of the Milky Way eventually eat all the matter in our galaxy? -
Will the black hole at the center of the Milky Way eventually eat all the matter in our galaxy? If the universe is destined to expand forever, the answer to this is believed to be yes, but the time for this to happen is...astronomical. The galaxy will be eaten from the inside out as the orbits of the stars in the galaxy continue to lose energy via the emission of gravitational radiation. The amount of orbital energy a star near the sun's distance loses is incredibly small, but over the course of an estimated 10^60 years (that's ten to the 60th power) or so, enough energy will be lost that most stars will have sunk into the center of our galaxy and be gobbled up by the 100 billion solar mass black hole that has now formed there by eating up all the other stars interior to the Sun's orbit around the galactic center. After something line 10^160 years or so, even this black hole will vanish because, as all black holes are believed to do, it too is radiating energy and evaporating. In the... - Jonah Keegan
How To Use Heading Tags For SEO | Chris Butterworth -
In addition to Matt Cutts statements, my own tests have shown that there is an advantage in using H1 tags in a targeted way. However, the benefits are not huge. If your site’s CMS makes it difficult to add a properly targeted H1, then you shouldn’t spend hours or hundreds of dollars trying to fix it. It’s just not that much benefit. Instead, spend the time writing a high quality article for your blog, engage with your users on social media or build relationships with influential people in your industry. All these things are more important than having a targeted H1 tag. If you can’t add a H1 tag, you should try and add a big heading at the top of the page, which is distinct from the rest of the text on your site and uses the target keywords. - Jonah Keegan
Your New SEO Browser: Browseo -
BROWSEO is a web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles. It also highlights parts of a page that are relevant for SEO. Nothing to download, nothing to install. Just enter a URL above to get started. - Jonah Keegan
Do H1 Tags Still Help SEO? | Chris Butterworth -
There were a number of potentially confounding variables in this experiment. The link structure of the directories may have impacted up the flow of link value to various pages. The structure of the directories changed during the experiment, though in a uniform way which should not have impacted on individual results. The use of in-line styles rather than CSS placed in the head or an external stylesheet could have impacted on load times, an other potential ranking factor. Whilst this experiment was far from perfect it does seem to indicate that there is some benefit to using h1 tags for SEO. However this may be in small measure. - Jonah Keegan
2012 TurboTax Online Versions: Deluxe + eFile $19.99, Premier + eFile $34.99 (State Is Not Included) 02-27-2013 - -
Best discount links for 2012 Tax Filings - Jonah Keegan
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