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Ayşe E.

Ayşe E.

My motto, as I live and learn, is: dig and be dug in return. —Langston Hughes
For a moment I was like, I AM ELIZABETH BISHOP. I think I'll carry this feeling around a little bit longer.
So stupidly happy to get Elizabeth Bishop in @fsgbooks' Which Poet Are You? quiz that it's hilarious.
Jesus H. Oligarchy RT @mtaeckens: Hooray! RT @HuffPostPol Koch Brothers' net worth soars past $100 billion
"I hate your email signature" made me cry laughing. Via @oatmeal: If you do this in an email, I hate you
RT @KtBuddha: Twitter exegesis at its finest: "Mercy, Mercy Us" w/ @marykvalle @dvmurrell @jeffsharlet @splate1 @lsjamison AND MORE
"Violence turns them celestial. Age turns them old. We can’t look away. We can’t stop imagining new ways for them to hurt."
"The pain of women turns them into kittens and rabbits and sunsets & sordid red satin goddesses, pales them & bloodies them & starves them…"
Reading: "Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain" by @lsjamison @VQR
RT @austinkleon: “Honesty is a never-ending openness to the facts... Sincerity is believing one’s own propaganda.” (via @ayse)
Hope we all enjoy living under (salt)water! ¬_¬ "UN Climate Panel Warns Speedier Action Is Needed to Avert Disaster"
Woohoo! Getting ready!
RT @KngHnryVIII: Only 1 wife? Whatevs. “@thetimes: ‘Gospel of Jesus’s wife’ is genuine, tests show (Reuters)”
RT @rossgrady: This video of @lordemusic fronting Nirvana is so awesome, even tho all you can see is Dave the whole time:
RT @lisarokusek: things come together, things fall apart,things come together, things fall apart,things come together, things fall apart,things come together
RT @JonathanJewel: EVERY #GOP senator blocked equal pay for women. Good luck winning in November @Reince. The GOP is FINISHED!!
lulz4eva RT @pourmecoffee: Muttering sarcasm to power.
RT @pourmecoffee: Muttering sarcasm to power.
Newsflash: Abusers kill. Even when they're good-looking, elite athletes, and/or face challenges themselves.
"Why, when a man raises an alarm about his security, does a woman get shot dead?" What Did Oscar Pistorius Fear?
RT @samuelpepys: Waking, I saw my pillow (which overnight I flung from me) stand upright, but not bethinking myself what it might be, I was a little afeard.
RT @CDSduke: Tomorrow! Myra Greene discusses her "My White Friends" series. Reception starts at 6.
Kazuo Ishiguro Readies First Novel in 10 Years
Srsly considering starting a bunnies n kittens tumblr. BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT OF FREE TIME. (And great need of one.)
*searches the Internet for bunnies n kittens*
She's already saved my behind like 63 times since 9:30. #ohlordwhatsnext #nomatter #emilysonit
Thinking of cloning @emily__wallace & sending her to all the world's trouble spots. She'll just figure that shit right out. #boom #bigbrain
RT @bunnybuddhism: There must be dirt before there can be carrots.
Lord, @overnightersdoc was so heartbreaking I just asked @mp3mpk to run me over with his car so I would feel better. #fullframefest
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