RT @mikhailksenzov: Academic papers on CS are tough: stern form, encourages formulas and discourages examples. Clearly different incentives from applied docs.
RT @smdiehl: I guess we're literally bailing out Wall Street this time. #Sandy
RT @wesmckinn: Loo.py: what would you like to unroll today? http://twitter.com/wesmcki...
From @turian's Python wishlist: better non-interactive plotting, more intelligent placement of legends in matplotlib. Yes, please! #pydata
RT @gappy3000: Department of misdirection: Paul Ryan studied at Miami University. Oxford. Ohio.
RT @WonkaTweets: Liam Neeson trained Batman, Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. He is both Aslan and Zeus...and he punches wolves. Why would you kidnap his family?
6.5M LinkedIn password hashes leaked, many r already cracked. Mine was leaked & cracked! Change yours now on LI and everywhere you used it!
R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, one of the greatest authors of our time
Preordered "Python for Data Analysis" http://shop.oreilly.com/product... A way to pay Wes for all the hackery I've done with awesome pandas #pydata
Make your own music. Endless source of fun! http://www.incredibox.com/en...
RT @timbray: So, Dick Cheney doesn't think Canada is safe for him to visit. We must be doing something right.
Shokoladnitsa cafe on the upper level of SVO terminal F departures is probably the only place where you can escape from tobacco smoke.
Schiphol is by far the best and the coziest airport I've ever been to
#pinterest is crazy. I 'pinned' some stuff and within _seconds_ people are repinning it.
RT @HAL9000_: sudo retweet this
RT @vsbuffalo: Can we start teaching LaTeX in high school so I never have to deal with Word again?
Congrats @klocwork for releasing new 9.5 release with code analysis on-the-fly: http://www.klocwork.com/blog...
You know you haven't been doing physics for a long time when you read "Lissajous curves" and think that this is some kind of a sexy slang.
Who knew T.O. city hall are so jocular: "Recycling paper into toilet paper gives new meaning to watching your bottom line" - recycling memo
RT @SciPyTip: What's so hard about finding a hypotenuse? Why scipy.hypot(a, b) exists. http://t.co/fv3V2Jve
.@Cirque du Soleil's #Totem is a definite must-see! Fantastique!
Security checkpoint in SCL Amazing how many sharp things ppl have in carryons. Is ur knife somewhere there @tferriss ? http://t.co/6WvZdwe
"Don't dumb girls down": http://ow.ly/6mHYr We need more articles like that.
Best google doodle ever! ...and group of ppl outside singing "We are the champions" at 2am. You can't miss Freddie's bday, can you?
CNE yesterday was meh. Air show though was amazing!! Today: watching Heavy Metal Jacket Team from my balcony http://t.co/5K5Fl9P
I have just realized that my city councillor, MPP, and MP are all women from NDP
Couple of hours after we left, Ushuaia got a huge snowstorm and was left without potable water. Good timing.
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