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Art Jonak
In Singapore creating lifelong friendships with leaders of a great growing community at the Elite Network Marketing Conference.
Have a great time, and safe trip Art. Good on 'ya for the work you do in leaving everyone you come into contact with better for having known you. - josh hinds
Jeremy, I appreciate you taking the time to share your encouraging words. They mean a lot. The reality is, the Singapore leaders have left me better for knowing them. :) Thank you for all you do, - Art Jonak from email
Art Jonak
is in heaven watching The Cure from front row center seats. Robert Smith is out of this world with talent.
Did you just send that while at the concert? - sergiooo
Yup... texted the message via cell phone to my twitter and twitter connected to friend feeder - Art Jonak
I love The Cure! Robert Smith is an amazing artist! You need to check out the 311 remake of "Love Song". Love it! - Summer Flaherty
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