You can have Jim Dine. I'll always prefer Tom Wesselmann. Be sure to check out the retrospective at @cincyartmuseum #cincyartists
RT @SoapboxCincy: The inspiration for the Hall of Justice—Cincinnati's Union Terminal—is in need of some super friends today.
job posting: great place to do good work #arteducation #khac
#cincy #artswave:Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should: On Marina Abramović and Unpaid Work via @hyperallergic
sickening to pose this question as a cover. @TheEthicist could answer it in 2 paragraphs.Trials of Graham Spanier
I guess the Tea Party has taken over the arts. “We should allow failing arts organizations to die.” by @devonvsmith
the only question that needs to be asked of #Beyonce & #JayZ re the #Solange attack is"What's Love Got To Do With It?" #eatcake
I interviewed Lori Ellison in 2012. So excited to see this review of her work in @ArtinAmerica
Photo: sfmoma: SubmissionFriday: Pork Flowers, 2014 Jack Fisher Sculpture
Photoset: To-do list:  Fill out my ncaa brackets fallontonight: The President and Vice President have...
prepping #FridaKahlo presentation is the hardest so far. I want to show every single painting. #thisiscurating #editing
couldn't sleep so woke to this
Looks like my #gmail acct is taking a snow day too. *sigh* I don't like snow days.
I don't like avocados. #waitingforfoodtrendtoend
Obama and Boehner in #Sequester battle sound like a sibling spat so I'm listening with mom ears #whining
tracking my food really does work because sometimes my desire to snack loses out to too lazy to log food.
that's easy, @NativityCinci RT @mike_moroski: where is YOUR favorite #FishFry?
so the first round of spending cuts is Senators' salaries, right? #sequester
why would anyone actually rush to ride the #TitanicII? #temptingfate
Black Artists: 30 Contemporary Art Makers Under 40 You Should Know - ummaannex: As Black History Month comes...
30 Black Artists Under 40 You Should Know
working at @WeightWatchers is "like (being in) an abusive relationship" #pinkcollar
"or who we love" continues to be a WH mantra
YAY! this may be my happiest Oscar moment ever. #DanielDayLewis
RT @hragv: And now this female presenter looks like she just came out of rehab. #Oscars
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