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Someone please stop the clock. Don't tell me it will all be over in 24… (at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler) [pic] —
#NSA response to #Snowden - the NSA doesn't have an ironing board for their backdrop curtains. [pic] —
Edward #Snowden talk rebuttal by #NSA deputy in 10min at #TED (at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler) —
I just had my third Déjà vu in 3 days. It's not that I am here now, I was already here. Life is a playback and… —
Lesson of the day- black holes are stargates! :)
Session 7 at #TED about to start
Still NO Audio in Whistler #TED @TEDChris
#TED no audio in whistler - @TED
Humans are awesome. Augmented Humans are awesomer. Amazing moments at #TED seeing bionic limbs [pic] —
Beautiful New Zealand shown in @Google Project Loon [pic] —
Beautiful picture of New Zealand and @google Project Loon
#TED fascinating tlk on microbes. Can't wait for the day when you can do transfusion of gut microbes as you'd do today (w/blood) for obesity
#ted #TEDactive people outside the main theatre-- SHUT UP- you are ruining out collective experience
It's incredibly embarrassing to see so many people wasting so much food at #TED Active. Have integrity people!
#TEDx Team New Zealand in Whistler! Thx @icebreakernz for the lovely merinos!
Edward #Snowden speaking on the #TED stage. Amazing.
#TED Change Your Primal Fear - Col. Chris Hadfield
106cbab6-1d0c-4b90-8c77-0fb9a039cb39 -
Helicopters still circling around
Poetic justice! A little propeller!! (at Google Headquarters) [pic] —
Dear @amazon thank you for your email product suggestions from time to time. However, I don't need diapers. Thank you.
I haven't felt so alive in the past two years like in the past two weeks have been- all projects moving forward.... —
We are the future we will create. -@arialogistics (at @autodeskgallery) [pic] —
To all my new twitter followers- I can't follow you back due to a twitter iOS bug - I'll follow you as soon as I can !
Honey, lemon and tea for a soar throat- lots of pitching for @arialogistics this week. Wish us luck! [pic] —
Auto-tune: walking around @Stanford University feeling like you belong here. Maybe one day?!?
Almost ready for the food to arrive (at The Boiling Crab) [pic] —
Lunch time - (at The Boiling Crab) [pic] —
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