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#theshouldertap akl drinks at Bedford right now
#theshouldertap informal drinks & dinner tonight @ 7PM in Ponsonby Central. Let's call @dgh from the bar tonight.
Congrats to all #TEDx @TEDx Organizers out there on 10,000 events in 5 years!! #TEDx10000
Big Things Have Small Beginnings (at GridAKL) [pic] —
Building fire alarm goes off, no squad comes through. Fire alarm is manually stopped by a neighbor. Now I can't sleep. Tinnitus is worse.
Hey #AKL, did you get #theshouldertap ? Let's meet for dinner & drinks this Friday (23 May). 7PM @ Ponsonby Central
Where is your X? - this just about sums up a big chunk of my life. Antarctica, 2041, #TED &… (at @asbbank) [pic] —
Dear Lady in the black jacket, thanks for smoking and messing up the lovely crisp autumn walk I had. [pic] —
Hey #AKL, did you get #theshouldertap ? Let's meet for dinner & drinks this Friday (23 May). 7PM @ Ponsonby Central
I'm looking at a Tesla Model X, it'll prob be 2015. Not like @elonmusk is going to show up at my door and offer a NZ test drive/ road trip.
Tonight's choice. [pic] —
Hello people of Auckland who have had #theshouldertap -- who'd like to join me for impromptu drinks and get to know each other?
The universe is telling you something when you wear three different pairs of tennis shoes in a day and… [pic] —
People flying drones next to the highway doesn't help build a roadless economy. [pic] —
#AKLSW Great work by all! Interesting array of services & cloud/hardware offerings. You've validated the need for Behavioral Psychologists!
RT @Haz_Hat: We're gonna be pitching our business #aklsw soon... wish us luck! @mexiwi @colart @compulog @annahaggerty
RT @BoingBoing: Amazon patents the act of taking pictures of stuff on a white background. OK. Seems legit.
RT @swwlg: Almost half way @aklsw. Stay focused, exercise, keep fed and watered! #aklsw
To all 12 Auckland Startup Weekend Teams: go hard today. Let the world know that New Zealand Is A Gateway, Not An Outpost #aklsw. CC @dgh
RT @AKLSW: #AKLSW Day 3 - The morning starts with a hive of activity @GridAKL. Go hard teams, 9 hours to showtime!
RT @AfraAbdeen: @mexiwi @LineSilseth two heads are better than one! Great to see big smiles as we near the half way mark! #aklsw
RT @AfraAbdeen: All about #reduce #reuse here @AKLSW. I see your name @mexiwi!
#doEpicShit - be the fire and you won't get burned. Be the water and you won't drown. Be the wind and… [pic] —
Good morning #Auckland ! (at Fred's) [pic] —
RT @justadandak: great @TEDx lunch with @mexiwi & @elliottblade plus got to see @BizDojo's new #auckland space -> nice!
Getting shivers from a week ago knowing there'd be a fire alarm by 11am today, and here we… (at @asbbank) [pic] —
Very appreciative of the team @vodafonenz @chorusnz social, customer reps, UFB, chorus, teams getting us connected and on a path to UFB.
Good morning ^FE @vodafonenz we have ran out of data on mobile broadband interim solution- called to have more added and got nowhere. Plsfix
RT @HeartOfAklCity: It's the @FoodTruckGarage's 1st birthday. Free mini beefroot burgers @queenswharf from 5pm today! Nom nom
Honored to speak at @Microsoft Auckland offices today on Scaling Startups.
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