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Sunday coffee time. (at Little Bread & Butter Bakery) [pic] —
This is how we settle disagreements in New Zealand #FreeAs #BumpyAs (at Victoria Park) [vid] —
RT @jamesbergin: #NZCIO w/ Paul Kennedy: innovation culture - engaged employees + ideas at all levels + freedom to experiment + support + learning from fails
RT @Kiva: Financial inclusion is incredibly important but making sense of the data can be a challenge, enter @CGAP
RT @AnnabelleU123: @mexiwi Think like a thin chick - is working!
This is a embarrassing- working on slides about seeing the future and loosing my eyeglasses not seeing what's in front of me. Poetic fail
Auckland folk, I'm giving a talk at JCI hosted at AUT on 11 June. Feel free come. Details attached. #smcakl
#rant the only reason I keep using #facebook more than #linkedin is because of the paywall and the broken experience on the mobile app
Neighborhood walk while realizing my jeans I just bought two months ago in Canada are too big now with… [pic] —
Unison in the multitude
Gettin' some fush' and chups'. Please don't tell my GP. (at Ponsonby Fish & Chips) [pic] —
#truvia packaging looks like Marlboro cigarettes packaging. That should tell you something about sugar no? [pic] —
Someone should make soothing sound compilations for people with tinnitus. Then, again, it might defeat the purpose.
Time for some culture. (at Auckland Domain) [pic] —
Thanks @TED #TEDBookClub team for the extra packaging to make sure books didn't get wet!… (at @asbbank) [pic] —
Dear @nest , when am I going to be able to have a single account for multiple homes? Thanks.
#KeaInspire here is the mental shift: New Zealand is a gateway, not an outpost.
#KeaInspire refreshing celebrating achievement of individuals and changing the value/convo around Kiwi Tall Poppy Syndrome.
#KeaInspire - what I would like to see is a commitment from attendees to make #KeaPerspire if we don't sweat it, it's lost potential.
RT @keanewzealand: "Mentors: Either come with one, or get one, or two, or more." - Dr. Murray Brennan #KeaInspire
#KeaInspire there are such storytellers in science and technology! @medickinson is here in the audience!
#KeaInspire - Dr Catherine Mohr - makes a plea for loving to learn, reinvent and wearing the "ignorance is bliss" t-shirt
#KeaInspire - Dr Catherine Mohr - I hope there are lots of Human Resources people in the audience- specialization is not innovation!
#KeaInspire - Dr Catherine Mohr - is proving that innovation happens at the frontier- geographic or academic.
#KeaInspire - Dr Catherine Mohr - sharing the power of the journey and "sticking to it" - both mentors and grand ideas intertwined.
#KEAInspire Dr Catherine Mohr chatting about the NZ connection.
Great to see friends at #KeaInspire - a bit surprised at the brushes to other events that are positively impacting NZ & AKL like #TEDxAKL
RT @NZTEnews: We'll be sharing insights from the successful World Class NZ speakers at #KeaInspire this afternoon, watch the hashtag to follow the event
Made it to #KEAInspire AKL - better to have half-day leave without pay than not come at all. (at Telecom Place) —
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