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Times square NYC a panaromic juxtaposition
Times square NYC a panaromic juxtaposition
How One Software Company Turned Freemium into Philanthropy
How Western Diets Are Making The World Sick
11 Goal Hacks: How to Achieve Anything
The Zeigarnik Effect: What can waiters, 'Lost' and Charles Dickens teach us about avoiding procrastination
P.S. Viswanathan to Run Boston Marathon For IIMPACT - NGO that educates girls in rural India - please support him!
Congrats! RT @sriray: RT @arktan_team @TNWsocialmedia: Arktan launches LiveBlogging w/ new ways 2 utilize social media
Stripe - a new stealth startup backed by Paypal founders: simplifies merchant a/c setup for websites - (long overdue)
So top flight talent+VC is neither a necessary, nor a sufficient condition for success; Consumer adoption is key to success #color
Let us not forget that Webvan has $1 Billion VC investment & the top talent; Zaplet had $110 million, led by the top Java team from Sun..
Are there prev examples of spectcular failure despite top flight talent+VCs? Yes, can recall - Zaplet, Webvan from pre-dot-com days. #color
RT @chrysb: You can tell it's a bubble because startups are raising so much money they can actually afford vowels in their domain names.
Apparently the NY Times managed to spend $40 million on its pay wall. Sadly it can be bypassed w/ 3 lines of jscript
RT @dorait: In50Hrs gets 16 ideas to the prototype stage #in50hrs @vijayanands > Congrats to you & #in50hrs team!
Is It a New Tech Bubble? Let's See if It Pops -
RT @timestocome: @pramsey @god was following me, was concerning till I realized it wasn't a verified account. Waiting for the real @god to show up. (the official site for the MySQL database) was compromised via (shocking!) blind SQL injection
OMG! OMG added to OED - FYI. LOL ;-)
RT @jasonrr: My take on common misconceptions about the Khan Academy and making the world "bad teacher proof":
Money transfers still take 2 to 3 days via ACH; About time someone moved this to the 21st century - Dwolla's FiSync looks like a winner
Dwolla’s FiSync looks awesome; Now if they got $41 million in funding it would make sense! #color
Dwolla’s FiSync Lets You Instantly Access Cash, Eliminates ACH Wait Times For Banks
Reading all the hype about color -here are 3 colors to ponder: Green - the color of money & of all the othe… (cont)
Color makes so many assumptions - that people don't care about their privacy, that people have nothing bette… (cont)
Apparently Color paid $350K for just their domain name - so at least they know the best way to spend all that VC money!
# Color - $41 million in funding for a glorified photo-sharing app ! At least we know the color of the glasses the VCs are wearing - ROSE!
Burned by Twitter's API Restrictions, Developers Launch Distributed Microblogging Service
The T-Mobile TV ads making fun of AT&T are still running! - tho AT&T owns T-Mobile now! Funny - guess too late to cancel scheduled TV ads
I don't think Search Direct by Yahoo is enough to drive Yahoo's search share back up.
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