Paul Buchheit
Khosla Ventures Leads $5.6 Million Funding For MyLikes; Buchheit Joins Board -
Khosla Ventures Leads $5.6 Million Funding For MyLikes; Buchheit Joins Board
"Khosla Ventures likes social advertising startup MyLikes. The VC firm is leading the startup’s $5.6 million Series A financing. Lightspeed Partners also invested and Metamorphic Ventures, which participated in the all-Googler $600,000 seed round, ponied up again. Additionally, seed investor Paul Buchheit is joining MyLike’s board of directors. Buchheit, the creator of Gmail and founder of FriendFeed, recently left Facebook to become a partner at Y Combinator (although MyLikes is one of his private investments). Alex Kinnier, a partner at Khosla Ventres and formerly a Google advertising product executive, is also taking a board seat." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This is made doubley rad by you holding a shot gun in your avatar, sir :) - Johnny
Wow. Congrats you two - Deepak Singh from iPhone
Paul Buchheit
jquery 1.3 breaks the bfcache because it binds the onunload event. This makes the back button slower and more annoying. See for more info on the bfcache. for some discussion (including a reply from John Resig) - Benjamin Golub
So is the bfcache part of the reason that Firefox tends to use so much memory? - Robert Felty
I don't know why Firefox uses so much memory, but the bfcache is a good thing, and people should avoid breaking it. - Paul Buchheit
Odd, the issue trail seems to suggest this was only added to address problems in IE and Firefox 2, but Resig is reluctant to remove it for other browsers due to tidiness issues? Seems like there's a part of the story missing. - Mark Trapp
The point of the bfcache is that the page is left intact so that it can be restored very fast. This practice of doing manual de-allocation on page unload is insane -- it's sadly necessary for IE, but is not something that we should be doing for non-broken browsers. - Paul Buchheit
Here is one way to fix it: $.event.remove(window, "unload"), but I don't know if jquery1.3 is depending on this event. For now, I may just stick with 1.2.1. - Paul Buchheit
Thanks for the fix Paul, we're still using 1.2.6, which appears to have the problem, too. Nobody's complained about it yet, but this is probably going to be a larger issue for us in the near future. - Mark Trapp
Has anyone found a workaround for this yet? E.g. is there a way to use jQuery without breaking bfcache so that browsers can 'remember' form values? - Alex Black
Paul Buchheit
Y Combinator announces two new partners, Paul Buchheit and Harj Taggar -
"We're delighted to announce that Y Combinator is getting two new partners, the first we've added since we started YC in 2005. In case anyone doesn't already know who he is, Paul Buchheit was responsible for three of the best things Google has done: he wrote GMail, built the original prototype of AdSense, and came up with the phrase "Don't be evil." After leaving Google he started FriendFeed, which last year became Facebook's largest acquisition to date. He's a good friend as well as one of the world's best hackers; for years we've considered him an honorary YC partner. We hired Harj Taggar earlier this year to work advising startups alongside me. He wasn't technically a partner, but we quickly realized that he was one de facto—that among us his opinion carried as much weight as any of ours—and that it would be mean of us to delay recognizing this officially. Harj's arrival significantly improved how well YC operated. He's a large part of the reason we were able to fund 36 startups in the summer 2010 cycle." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Congratulations, Paul! - Ross Miller
Cheers Paul. Awesome partnership. - Christopher Galtenberg
Congratulations, Paul!!! - AJ Batac
Would love if you guys devised a new concept: 2nd-shift startup. Many of us are working jobs we need and/or love, but are trying to build a new thing in the background. Having a bit of money, support, and networking would make all the difference. We're completely alone until we make the big leap. And many with families and bills can't think about leaping into Paul G's YC experience. - Christopher Galtenberg
Congrats, Paul! - Andrew Terry
Congrats! - Barbara R. S.
Congrats Paul. Are you going to do that *and* stay at Facebook? And have time for the family? - Joe Beda
You have to stay at Facebook at least long enough to get that damn search fixed! - Gabe
No, I'll be leaving Facebook to join YC. - Paul Buchheit
Also, I made some search changes a few days ago so it should be working a little better now. - Paul Buchheit
Congrats and best of luck to you at YC. Sorry to hear you won't be able to make further FF tweaks in the future, though! - Stephen Mack
Paul, was one of the changes preventing people who aren't logged in from searching? I can't believe that would have as much of an effect on search as it may have been. - Akiva
Congratulations! - Eric Florenzano
Wow. So much for our hope of Buchheit/Taylor running FB! - Christopher Galtenberg
YC to acquire FB, circa 2013. - Stephen Mack
Congrats - Rodfather
This is fantastic news. You're in the right place, Paul. - Louis Gray from Android
Congrats Paul! - DJ Stevie Steve
congrats paul - testbeta
Congratulations Paul! - Atul Arora
Wow, congrats, but I didn't realize you're leaving Facebook. Wow. - Robert Scoble
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
It's interesting. I remember seeing you shortly after you sold FriendFeed and hearing you advise a startup on what they should do. I thought you were great at that, and I guess that is a real passion. YCombinator is an amazing organization, can't wait to see what you do there. - Robert Scoble
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Right on, Robert. - Bruce Lewis
Congratulations on following your heart! - Kevin Fox
I'm also wondering if this has any impact on FriendFeed. Certainly there's one fewer voice inside FriendFeed protecting the service. I wonder if Paul can tell the community now what he expects to happen to the service. Already a good chunk of the FriendFeed team has left. - Robert Scoble
Paul: I doubt you can answer this one, either, but I'd love to know what it is about Facebook that is already pushing away entrepreneurial types. It looks like it's becoming a big company, with all the politics and such. I was expecting you to make a much bigger impact there long term than it looks like you've been able to make. Want to come on camera to explain why things didn't work out? - Robert Scoble
I second that, I'd like it if he could talk. \o, - Zu from AOD
Congrats! But who will be looking after the Friendfeed servers now? *sorry to be so selfish* - Eric - Final Countdown
Robert, it has less to do with Facebook and more to do with me. I'm just more excited about helping new entrepreneurs create the next Facebook or Google. I'd be glad to chat sometime. - Paul Buchheit
Great news on one hand since you could do so much to help others but, sad news on the other since I felt you were a very positive force in Facebook's continuing development. - AJ Kohn
Awesomeness!!! Congrats Paul!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Now you can create the next Friendfeed. - Cristian Conti
Fantastic Paul - Y Combinator is becoming a bigger force. Congrats to you. - Hutch Carpenter
good luck! :) - salaros
This seems like the perfect job for you - have fun! (and thanks for fixing the search ... I thought that might have been Ben G. ... make sure he knows how to do it mmmkay??) - Laura Norvig
Congratulations Paul - Shakeel Mahate
congratulations, this is huge! :) - Oguz Serdar
Excellent! Nicely done. - Jim #teamFFrank
Paul, once we get cottages up, we'd love to house start-up guys for free from time to time as part of our artist in residence program. - SAM
Congratulations, Paul! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Best news of the day! - Bo Stern
Paul, congratulations! The excitement is palpable - we're happy for you that your desire and opportunity can be so well matched. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I'm ready for the cool. - Eric - Final Countdown
Congratulation and good luck, tell us something about FriendFeed.... - @zaps
congratulations - kang
What will this mean for FF? Just curious - LANjackal
Obi-Ben Kenolub is now our only hope. - Josh Haley
Not sure LAN, that was my first worry. It's a Facebook property though, so I don't know if Paul can do anything with it now. Not sure. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
Paul, now I need to share with you my next world-changing idea (seriously). Congrats! (is this the butterfly? ;-) ) - Jesse Stay
Congrats Paul! Right move. You are going to the right place. - vivekian
Surprise move, nice move. - Lizunlong
Congrats Paul - hope it goes well for you - Martha
Congrats Paul! - imabonehead
Good on you Paul. - Daniel Collins
Cheers.,. - OT
Tudor Bosman
Meet Violet Marie Bosman
2010-07-17 13.36.03.jpg
Born on July 16 at 8:46 am. 8lb 13oz, 21.5in. We had a small scare at first, but now both mommy and baby are doing great and resting, and all 3 of us will head home in a few days. - Tudor Bosman from email
Congratulations! - Phil Pennock
Congratulations Jeanette and Tudor! - Benjamin Golub from iPhone
congrats! - imabonehead
Welcome to the world, Violet. Tudor, congrats to you and your wife. - Anika
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Congratulations! What a thrill for you and Jeanette! A beautiful name for a beautiful baby! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! - Michael Hocter
Congrats, Tudor! - Bret Taylor
Awesome!!! Congrats!!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Congratulations! - Ben Darnell
Gratz! - Absentee
Congratulations, pappy! - Spidra Webster
Congrats! - Ken Gidley
Congratulations to the Bosman family. Enjoy every minute! :) - Louis Gray
Yay, congratulations! - Megen Vo from iPhone
Congratulations!!! - Kevin Fox
Welcome to Earth, Violet. - Clare Dibble
Many congrats! Welcome and have fun! - Michele
Congratulations! - Jim Norris
Congrat!!!! - CantorJF from iPhone
Awesome, congrats Jeanette and Tudor, and welcome to the world, Violet Marie! - Stephen Mack
Congrats!!!!!! She's so beautiful!!! (: - Sherly Rodriguez
Congrats!!!! - Private Sanjeev
Congrats Tudor! Can't wait to meet her!! - Georgia
Congratulations, Tudor! - April Buchheit
Awesome name, btw. Thomas would have been Violet if he had turned out to be a girl. :) - April Buchheit
Congrats Tudor & Jeanette!!! :D - Dan Hsiao
Welcome to the world Ms. Violet and congrats to mom and dad--she's beautiful! - Kelly W.
Awww, she's beautiful. Grats Jeanette and Tudor, Bine ati venit Violet :-) - dario
Congrats, Tudor! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! - Dario Gomez
Congratulations Jeanette and Tudor! - Mihai Ionescu
Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Violet Marie! - Ruchira S. Datta
Belated congrats! - Arvind Sundararajan
Louis Gray
New House: Coming Soon. Achieved. Offer Letter Accepted. :)
We're staying in Sunnyvale, but now there is room for baby #3! - Louis Gray
Have my room ready. - Derrick
What Der said - Shey from FreshFeed
Nice! That is a very lovely house :) - Georgia
Congrats! When's the housewarming party? I'll bring the spinach dip and the funk! :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Yay! Room for visitors and a party deck! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Looks great! :) - Rochelle
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Louis, that's awesome, grats! What's the zip? - Stephen Mack
Well done, sir. - Josh Haley
Congrats! - AJ Kohn
Stephen, the zip is 94087. We've been in 94086. :) - Louis Gray
Derrick and Shey (and Pea and tinypants and all), would love to have you visit. July will be busy. - Louis Gray
congrats! - Jay from Cadmus
That's a mansion in the UK. Nice, Louis! - Kol Tregaskes
Indeed. That is huge by UK standards- smaller houses are cheaper to heat in winter, whereas larger houses are easier to keep cool during the Californian summer. In any case, congrats. And ustream the house warming ;) - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Whoa! Awesome digs! - DGentry from Android
Congrats to you both. - Anika
Congrats! - Spidra Webster
Congratulations! - vicster.
Hey Louis you are a great achiever well done keep those babies coming Kristine. Txxxx - Thomas Power
"Keep those babies coming"? Uh-oh. - Louis Gray
it takes two to tango Louis ... you were there weren't you? - Thomas Power
/blocks Thomas :) - Louis Gray
Congrats Louis! - Jesse Stay
Of course, this is my second home. FriendFeed is my first. :) - Louis Gray
Good show, Mr Gray! - Prolific Programmer
Nice pad, I'm seeing a distinct lack of robogargoyles and SAM sites though - Mo Kargas
Sorry Mo, those are in the backyard. - Louis Gray
Love the deck up top in front. You don't see that too often these days. To what Mo was saying you could use something shoulder-fired up there. :) - SAM
Always - Mo Kargas
I just visited Sunnyvale! My friend lives there because her husband works for FB. - Lis
congrats, Louis! it's a nice house. - imabonehead
Congratulations! On the house and the bun in the oven! - Trish Haley
Congratulations Louis! :) - Oguz Serdar from iPhone
WTF. I shit you not. I was just going to look at that house with my wife on Saturday. I won't give away the address, but I'm surprised that it's still listed on Redfin. We live just a few blocks away in an apartment and this is a really sweet deal. - no name
It looks like a great house. - DGentry
Nicely done! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Sorry, Bill! :) - Louis Gray
That's alright. It goes to show two things: 1) the housing market is the bay area is heating up again. 2) the realtime web is friggin amazing. I found out about this before my realator and before any authoritative MLS information. - no name
Love the Redfin! Mega-congrats to you Louis. Looks awesome. - Michael Leggett
Friendfeed is your first home. The best system in the world remains un-famous, why is that? - Thomas Power
Nice looking house Louis! Congrats to you and your family! - Jeff P. Henderson
I just checked out the listing on RedFin. Very Nice! Very similar to my house in Cambrian Park, SJ. You picked a great area to live in. I grew up a few miles from your new house in Mountain View right on the other side of 85 from where you will be located. - Jeff P. Henderson
Nice house. The listing is still there. Since everyone here is talking real estate in SV, how tough is it to add on / remodel a house in that area? I see a few places that I could afford, but would be better if I could add a bedroom or two. Is zoning pretty strict? - Andrew Leyden
The place looks beautiful Louis. Congrats. That balcony looks comfy. - Adam Helweh
Congratulations! I know the feeling. We were just in the same situation a few months ago :) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Enjoy your new home for your growing family. - Joe Hackman
@Andrew, it is not hard to get a permit to add on to an existing house in most cities in Silicon Valley. There are some neighborhoods full of smaller homes that just about everyone of them have been remodeled. You can check with your Realtor to find out what the process is in the particular area you are looking at. Now is a good time to do a remodel. There are lots of contractors who are looking for work. You should be able to get a pretty good deal. - Jeff P. Henderson
Good luck in your new place young man :) - Charlie Anzman
Thanks Jeff. I think that might be the cheaper way to get a house the size I need. - Andrew Leyden
Carl Haynes
Welcome Quattro (Carl William Haynes IV)! Born 06-08-10 4 lb 14 oz @ 34 weeks - doing fine, breathing on his own - hopefully out of the NICU and into special care in a week or so, then home in a few weeks. Mom doing fine, going home tomorrow!
congrats all around!! - VALZONE#SCREWED
Congratulations to you and your family. Welcome to the world, Carl! - Anika
Woot! Grats Carl and Susan! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Congrats! - Derrick
May God bless this little one and your family! - Melanie Reed
Congrats Carl! - Arvind Sundararajan
Congrats! He is beautiful! - Rachel Lea Fox
Grats! - Dario Gomez
Yay! Congrats!! - Georgia from iPhone
he's really cute. - Starmama
Congrats. This kid's gonna have All-Wheel-Drive with a nickname like Quattro. - Neal Krummell
Paul Buchheit
MyLikes Raises $630,000 Seed Round, All From Ex-Googlers -
MyLikes Raises $630,000 Seed Round, All From Ex-Googlers
"CEO Reddy says she wanted to take money from people she knew and trusts, and those happened to be all Ex-Googlers. Individual investors included FriendFeed co-founders Paul Buchheit and Sanjeev Singh, angel investor Georges Harik, Digg VP Keval Desai, David Hirsch of Metamorphic Ventures, LinkedIn product VP Dipchand Nishar, Aydin Senkut, and Greg Lee. Robert Scoble and Louis Gray will be joining as advisors. MyLikes matches advertisers with influencers who publish sponsored messages on Twitter or their blogs. It is a pay-per-post model, with each Tweet or post clearly labeled as an ad. Since launching in January, MyLikes has signed up 20,000 “influencers” who collectively spread 15 million ad impressions a day, or about half a billion per month. MyLikes measures clicks per followers, and is currently getting about 4 clicks per thousand followers on average, which comes out to about 20 cents per click. The average cost-per-click on AdSense in the U.S. is at least 2 to 3 times more... more... - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Congratulations, Arvind and Bindu! - Tudor Bosman
i think the logo might need more hearts... just sayin'.... - Nicķ
Too many more hearts and they'd have to rename it to MyLoves and turn it into a dating site :) - Tudor Bosman
Congrats Bindu et al :) - AJ Batac
Tudor... wait. It's not a dating site? I wish they had told me this before I agreed to be an advisor. I thought there would be tryouts. - Louis Gray
Where should I put the 'Like' for this story? (boggled) - Christopher Galtenberg
Congrats to Bindu and Arvind! - Anne Bouey
Go get 'em Bindu! Best of luck. - Martha
CONGRATS Bindu!!! Wooo Hooo!! :) So happy for you, success well deserved!! - Susan Beebe
Who knew ... If only I had known 15 years ago :). Congratulations!!! - Deepak Singh
Congrats Bindu! - imabonehead
Congrats Bindu - MugeCerman
this is simply amazing. It shows the fact that google is great place to work at and developed (at least was so until not long ago). There are so many ex-googlers which out there which opened up their own startups and funded few more. It is a prove for the idea that If you live your life right, chances are, your kids will grow up and live their life in a right way as well, and later on,... more... - Tzury Bar Yochay
The second order effects of the Google IPO are still being felt. - DGentry
Louis Gray
Advisory News: MyLikes Announces Funding, Advisory Board -
Advisory News: MyLikes Announces Funding, Advisory Board
Tudor Bosman
Little known fact: Posix has a "ftw" function in the standard library, which is actually rather useful.
$ man ftw No manual entry for ftw - Paul Buchheit
Try on a Linux machine (including the dev ones at FB) - Tudor Bosman
That was on viper9. - Paul Buchheit
Development man pages aren't installed on viper9. $ man fprintf No manual entry for fprintf - Tudor Bosman
Seems pretty similar to os.walk in python. - Paul Buchheit
Yes, it is. I've written something similar in C in past lives (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), I didn't know it already existed. - Tudor Bosman
This is from one of the devrs boxes. NAME ftw, nftw - file tree walk SYNOPSIS #include <ftw.h> - Ozgur Demir
Other little-known Posix functions: tsearch (and friends) -- manipulating a binary tree. hsearch (and friends) -- manipulating a hash table (only one hash table per process!, but GNU has reentrant versions - hsearch_r) - Tudor Bosman
But why would you ever need more than one hash table per process? - Paul Buchheit
ftw FTW! 9) - Zu from AOD
The variant "nftw" is actually more useful (and not plagued with backwards incompatibilities), and it calls your callback with a pointer to a "struct FTW"! - Tudor Bosman
Ian May
Drinking a Sam Adams Boston Lager. It's a decent brew, even if it's not excitingly rare or exotic.
I like the Boston Lager best out of their offerings. Not keen on the Summer Ale. A bit too light (in body and taste, not color). I like malty hoppy brews myself. I like discovering different craft beers, but Sam Adams is quite acceptable, and a good fallback. - Ian May
Never tried cranberry. I'm not that enthusiastic about fruit flavored beers, but some are done well. I do enjoy a good cherry lambic though. I don't care for raspberry, and never blackcurrant. I recently had a peach flavored beer which was very pleasant, an SC brew, containing SC peaches too - RJ Rockers Son Of A Peach. - Ian May
Has anyone posted a congratulations thread for the FriendFeed team? I mean, over the past month they have rolled out a new interface and features with not one hint of a Fail Whale (as I can remember). That deserves at least some kudos. I'll start:
Congrats to the team at FriendFeed... Well done :D - Johnny
there was a 30 minute ish failwhale during beta. heh :) - mjc
Great job FriendFeed, keep up the hard work! - Jay Neff
Congratulations FriendFeed, you guys rock! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Even without icons, it is my place where I dwell. Kudos, FF team. Big ups to all of y'all. - Derrick
Derrick, are you using Firefox? If so, go grab the Greasmonkey script: FriendFeed Service Icons - Justin Korn
Justin, I am...but that sounds like work. I don't know how to go to there. :( NOT TECHY --> - Derrick
FriendFeed team, I down this can of Yuengling Lager in your honor. Great work! - Mark Traphagen
well done - Ryan Dadey
Love it, fantastic work FF team! - Janice from fftogo
Nice thought Johnny, i'm thankful on a daily basis... IMO FF's the best of the web for 2008/9 - Majento
Thanks! - Paul Buchheit
Congrats guys! i for one LOVE the new interface. Kudos! - Drew Lucas
+1 JW! CONGRATS FF TEAM! Awesome work! - .LAG liked that
I have no clue how ya do what ya do but thanks. - Steve C, Team Marina
thank you friend feed team, this is the place i've waited for so long to be :) - chaz2b
<3 - Josh Haley
Hoorah! - Ron Bailey
Well done. - Victor Panlilio
Well done. - Patrick Jordan from BuddyFeed
*golf clap* - Rahsheen
Kudos to the FF team! :) - AJ Batac
Like a sweet ball in football (soccer) - we say "well played!!!" - Amani
Props to everyone on the FriendFeed team! - Aaron Draczynski
From the announcement thread, it was a good start. And on this, thanks again, appreciate the efforts. Keep the engine running like that and you'll be kings. - Zu from AOD
Thanks for all ff team - Murat Buyurgan
Yay, FF team! - Anne Bouey
respect! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
GO Team FF, GO! Keep it open, keep it rock solid, and forge ahead on everything else. - Micah
Goes Without Saying. - ianf ⌘
Piling on with my congratulations! - Chris Aldrich
Congrats for a smooth, sexy transition. - Will Higgins™
Well done guys. Thanks a bunch. - Roberto Bonini
Overall great job! (the one <big> stumble with iPhone feed, and the disappointing decision to drop source icons not withstanding, the progress being made is quite remarkable....) - David HC Soul
+1 on the congrats. Friendfeed is nothing if not absolutely reliable. Good job :) - LANjackal
Respect! - Meryn Stol
A big congralutaions goes to the FriendFeed team, loving the new version of the service! Thank you. I have even less of a life now than I did before. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
You know, I never thought of it like that-they never go down. True indeed! - Benin Brown
Great job FF team. Great example of getting new features out with little fanfare. - Lyndon Washington
Just a big *thanks* for all the good time i spend here instead of doing useless things on the internet - stanjourdan
Thank you Friendfeed! - vimoh
Yes it does and it is good for you to point that out, I know they worked hard on the upgrade, so thanks FF folks - if you are in Seattle I'll buy you a cup of coffee. - Dan owns
"with not one hint of a Fail Whale" - I posted that on Twitter recently. - George Dearing
And What I was most impressed about is the Show of Force from the FriendFeed team when the actual rollout came online. Other services don't have staff that actually use their product. FreindFeed is great in that respect. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
there were numerous congrat threads johnny - here's one example - mike "glemak" dunn
Congrats! - Jeremiah Owyang
I salute you Sirs. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Congratulations Friendfeed team. You really made a great job! - Diego Espinoza V.
Well done, friendfeed! Congrats! - Rosemary Sorg
I will 64th that... great job. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Love you guys! FF rocks! - David Cook
Congrats are definitely in order. It's one of the fastest loading, smoothest running apps on the Web. - Mike Elliott
Congrats for an awesome product. - B.J. Mendelson
I am back! This is great! Thank you - Valerie
What a great social media platform. Well done FriendFeed team! - F. Jay Hall
This is a great idea. Congrats on the upgrade and hoping it doesn't stop here :) - Jason Williams
++++ so funny -i was just thinking today "i wonder what twitter would be like if the FriendFeed team was running it" no offense meant to the twitter team who are obviously smart and talented as well but as johnny pointed out the diff is hard to miss - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congrats to the FriendFeed team. Great job! After the UI change I find myself using FriendFeed more and more each day. - Cristian
thanks for continuing to advance friendfeed in new and interesting directions - Mike Chelen
Mona Nomura
There're schools in the US that asks parents to equip their kids with basic supplies ie: toilet paper. How is this ok? Why don't we care?
Trish R talked about this awhile ago. Her son got extra credit for bringing batteries to the teacher. There was quite a heated discussion about it. I'll see if I can pull up the post. - Rochelle
exactly, and when I watch 40 - 60% of my local tax dollars going to my schools. Our company services and supports a lot of local K12 schools, and it is appalling at the lack of funding they often receive - and sometimes I am dismayed to admit where they spend what funding they get. It really can be a difficult world to live in though, and in the end the children suffer as the result. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I got extra credit for bringing in a box of tissues. We all brought in tissues and used them throughout the year. - Aaron Hood
That's not an acceptable budget cut, and I am not sure, but if it is a public school, can't them not supplying toilet paper in bathrooms be considered a violation of local health ordinances? - April Russo (FForever!)
1000's of teachers are being laid off here in AZ and we have one of the worst public school systems in the country. Sigh. - iTad
This outrageous stuff is happening all over the place and still people don't want to put more money into the school system. They talk about how the system is failing our kids, yet it's not really the system that's failing our kids, it's us that are failing to properly fund the system thus failing our kids. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
These are a few of the reasons I pulled my 15yo daughter out of the California Public School system--she takes courses online. Budget cuts are being felt there as well. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
It's all a matter of priorities. It was a LOT more important to go on a pointless war in Iraq than fund our schools. - iTad
This is unacceptable and makes me so angry. How can the Lions pay 41 million to their draft pick for a team with NO hope and have the kids in their fucking state bring toilet paper to school. I am so pissed off and something must be done. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
How are you able to comment? Please do not pick a fight with me right now. I am extremely angry and will get nasty but if you stay cordial, I will too. That said, I have not figured it out yet. But the first priority is awareness. The more people thatvare aware, the more collective minds that actually CARE about this topic will come together. And as corny as this sounds, together, we can think of effective solutions within our powers. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
The solution lies outside of the current paradigm. I don't think it's a solvable problem with all things remaining (more or less) constant. I picture education 10-15 years from now being so different that it'll be difficult for us to imagine "the way it was." - iTad
My son is still going to public school. It's not terrible, really, though there are plenty of opportunities for improvement. I think the solution will be technological in nature. - iTad
I think the only paradigm shift that needs to take place is that people need to pull their heads out of their asses, their hands out of their pockets and get serious about the education of our kids. Until that happens, no change to the system will improve things. Education isn't going to get any cheaper than it is now. People need to pony up. Period. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Ethan, they are first hand accounts from parents and former students. Rochelle was kind enough to link another discussion, and I can link you to the person who Tweeted me as soon as I'm back in front of my computer. Thanks for taking a notice and interest. :) - Mona Nomura from fftogo
I disagree Alex. Education should be a lot less expensive and, at the same time, be of much higher quality. It's time to start thinking outside the box. - iTad
Home schooling, private schooling and what not are not going to get it done for the vast majority of kids. The only system that's built to serve the vast majority of kids is the public school system. All efforts to move kids to the other forms of schooling only serve to undermine the public school system and thus deprive the vast majority from the education they need in order to survive in the modern day. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The system is fundamentally broken--throwing money at it will not repair it. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I agree with that statement Alex, but I also agree with Rob that the current system is fundamentally broken. The current system is designed to create obedient factory workers. That's NOT what we need now. I think we''ll end up with something like pseudo-A.I. guided education along with a hybrid of current public schools and home-schooling. - iTad
Tad- blame McCain - anna sauce
Tad...the vast expense of teaching kids is based on how much it costs to pay teachers. This isn't going down without fundamentally destroying the quality of education our kids receive. You can't distance teach elementary school kids as they don't have the skills nor the attention span to sit there and follow a program without significant management and you can't increase class size without also similarly significantly decreasing the education of the schools. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Anna, the blame extends way past McCain or even the Republicans. - iTad
I wonder about this in California, too. I went to one of the top notch schools- and it was public. Sister and I just talked about this tonight, that property taxes = quality of school, so the more affluent places, the more funding they get. It's sad, and should probably be one of the first changes to the system. I stand behind public schools, though, it's a right every child shoudl have. - anna sauce
Matthew that eliminates the education of millions of children. - iTad
Matthew, you do that and you'll end up with a generation of ignorant idiots even worse than what we are getting now. Most parents cannot and/or will not invest in their children's educations and we cannot afford to leave it up to them. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
In SF parents have little control, as their kids can be sent to other schools in the city. They have to go private or chartered to have control. - anna sauce
Automate most of the education that children receive. - iTad
You can't automate it, Tad. Not until you get to high school. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Matthew - If you get rid of public school, then how are the people who rely upon the free education going to get educated? Millions of parents can barely feed their family, much less also pay extra for a private school. A poor education is still better than no education. - xero
Tad, Alex: It's hard to automate it even in high school. "Ender's Game" we are not. - xero
Alex - the savings just from automating most of high school should help to increase the quality of elementary children. And I have no doubt that their education can be largely automated at some point as well. - iTad
One of my sisters did volunteer work in Milwaukee private schools, and some of the parochial schools can be truly awful. It's not a public vs. private issue, I think, but a priority problem- as Mona points out- often times between parents/state and making it a priority. Take $$ away from a stadium project and put it into schools- tax sports tickets, etc. - anna sauce
We focus on the greed and corruption in the banking industry and incompitance of the Big 3--the public school systems have the same problems. They problems are systemic--they only manifest themselves in the classroom. The problems go much deeper than the kids and teachers. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
There is not a simple solution to fixing all of the public schools. Each school and district has its own set of unique problems. And rarely do those problems have a single cause. A common thread with poor schools is generally lack of money, though, throwing money at some schools will actually make their problems worse. - xero
If you threw lots of money at the poorer schools in Mississippi the money would mostly go into corruption and graft. Exactly what has happened with a lot of the casino money. - iTad
You can't automate it, Tad. Sorry. As someone who lives with an elementary school teacher, I'm pretty intimate with the issues that she faces with kids on a daily basis. They just don't have the skills to sit there and learn on their own, plus until you can get them to read at a decent level, they wouldn't even be able to learn on their own anyhow. Plus there's all of the socializing that kids will not get. So we'll end up with kids who are proficient in whatever they had fun learning and total dumbshits - Scoble, Alex Scoble
on everything else, not to mention how long it would take an corporation to teach them personal skills. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I disagree Alex, but I'm not sure we have a common enough frame of reference for me to explain why. I honestly believe we'll have mature Artificial Intelligence in less than 30 years - perhaps much sooner. - iTad
School unions are corrupt? Generalize much? Sorry but that statement doesn't exactly put much in your credibility bank account. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I've seen the social results of home schooling. It rarely comes out socially functional, but then again, it's all up to the parents. - xero
Matthew, if school is largely automated, there'll be plenty of money to keep public schools open for music education, social learning, etc without being a large tax burden. - iTad
Go to any public school--there are plenty of socially disfunctional kids--homeschooling is NOT to blame for that. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Tad: With it all automated and costs down, that extra money will just get sent elsewhere. The money for the school is there, it's been there, but nobody will actually give it to the schools. Reducing their costs is basically going to reduce their perceived needs. Most systems already have the insanely stupid "spend it or lose it" system, and the projection of the next year comes from what was spent in the previous year. Funding projection is a joke in most schools. They need a lesson in forecasting. - xero
What I'm learning from this thread, or at least the idea that's making the most sense to me, is that if we were to sit in a room and hash out the best school system for the next generation, we would probably end up going for a federal system much like libraries. Leaving it up to regions/states/cities just isn't working. - anna sauce
What is most outrageous is that the people responsible for caring for our youth are some of the most under paid individuals out there. Money isn't always best option either. Until we get our priorities right we need to ensure we provide our kids with what the community can not. - Brian Bufalo
Because we're all too busy talking about Twitter. - Steven Perez
Matthew - It pisses me off and my wife is just starting her career. I looked at the salary sheets for some of the surrounding counties, it was disappointing to see her highest potential was still under my first starting salary. - xero
Ok. I'm home and still mad but no longer fuming. I'm going to read all the comments you guys left. Thanks for all the feedback and interest in this topic. It sickens me that people don't give a crap - or at least the ones around me, so it gives me hope, when I see you guys all care enough to comment. - Mona Nomura
My kids go to charter school - they're put on a budget and have to keep attendance to keep their charter, so they come up with more creative solutions. More money is not the solution - forcing people to think is the solution. My kids learn from Youtube and Google Earth at school. My 8-yr old daughter is learning Chinese. They eat much healthier food than the public schools. All this is with less money than many schools, not more, and it's mostly parent-run. - Jesse Stay
The parent-run board actually has the right to fire the principal and other school execs if necessary. - Jesse Stay
That's great for areas where charter schools are an option. There are many areas, especially urban, where charter schools are rare and in complete lottery form. There are also areas, families, and parents in income brackets where they do not have the time to be as involved, since they are working two-three jobs just to put money on the table. Which brings another issue: its ridiculous... more... - Mona Nomura
This is why I cannot be in politics. I get too emotional. - Mona Nomura
Mona - you're going to blow a gasket. - iTad
I know. I can feel my blood pressure going up. Can you believe I considered education policy for a while? My first major at Cal was Urban Studies/Cultural Anthro with a minor in education reform. If I graduated and finished up at the Kennedy School like I was supposed to, I would be DEAD by now. Not even kidding. - Mona Nomura
Because it goes through his desk before it reaches the people. - Mona Nomura
Mona, most places are lottery - that's how my kids got in. That's the problem. The Charter school model needs to be the norm, not the exception for these school systems to work. Teachers and school boards need to be forced to think, and parents need to be given back the power to control their child's education. Schools should all be on a budget, with the right people hired to make that budget work, and parents should have the right to choose what school their child goes to. - Jesse Stay
If the school fails to use its budget well and loses attendance, it goes out of business and kids will be able to go to other, better schools, or other new charters will pop up. - Jesse Stay
Glen, I should point out that my kids school is currently in one of the most gang-infested parts of the city. It belongs to no school district though so all charter schools get equal money (if I understand right). The parents need to be involved though for a charter school to work. In the "parents don't care" districts that's a tough problem to reconcile - the most successful schools needs parents who care. I think we need to be sending those parents to school, personally. - Jesse Stay
So who's going to pay for the parents' hours they need to take off work? What if they aren't allowed time off? Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, Jesse, but a lot of these issues are interdependent. - Mona Nomura
Mona, our kids car-pool. That's one solution. There is still a free lunch program at the school required by the state for less wealthy children. The school still has to work with working parents - many of the parents at my kids' school work too. I'm sure if there were enough need school buses would be provided for more needy children (at the neglect of other programs most likely), or perhaps if the school is in an area with more poverty priority could be given to the children living close by. - Jesse Stay
In Houston where I grew up they used to bus children in the less-wealthy areas out to the more wealthy schools. - Jesse Stay
It is unacceptable. Angers and sickens me to no end. I was talking with friends about re-thinking democracy, even socialism. In theory, democracy is phenomenal, in actuality our country forgetting the roots and history of this great country results to awful outcomes. America is so amazing and I love it so much (as screwed up as it is) I wish I knew the answers to fix it all, Rutger and it frustrates me so much that I'm so helpless :( And Jesse - thank you for sharing. I learned a lot tonight. - Mona Nomura
Mona, you're welcome. This is also an area I'm very passionate about. My wife and I moved from Virginia, which had excellent school systems, to Utah, which wasn't rated near as high, and were quite frustrated out here trying to figure out the best option for our kids. For parents who truly care and want to sacrifice for their children Charter schools were the only solution we could find that was affordable for us. - Jesse Stay
This is a controversial topic, but I'd also like to add that I think the Teachers Unions are also hurting our schools. Teachers Unions were built for the teachers, not the kids, and a lot of money gets wasted on poor teachers because of them. IMO we need to get rid of the Teachers Unions and force our teachers and school employees to earn their salaries. I hope I don't offend anyone by sharing my opinion on that. - Jesse Stay
I am so happy your kids got in and it's heartwarming to see you so involved and willing to educate those that don't understand. It's people like you, Jesse, that initiates change. :) And I agree with Teachers Unions hurting our schools. - Mona Nomura
Mona, I do agree there is a huge issue though - what do we do with the kids that don't have parents who are as involved? As a society we can't neglect them either. I hope our government officials are working to find ways to get them the same education my children are getting. We should be fighting to get government officials who will. - Jesse Stay
Rutger, we're the oldest democracy, but Democracy, of itself, is still very young and we have a lot to learn about. Hopefully we can all learn together. - Jesse Stay
What's even more frustrating is this: "According to a 2005 report from the OECD, the United States is tied for first place with Switzerland when it comes to annual spending per student on its public schools, with each of those two countries spending more than $11,000 (in U.S. currency)" via WIKIPEDIA And to add to Jesse... more... - Mona Nomura
Nomenclature check: The US is not a democracy. It is a constitutionally limited democratic republic. That is, it's governing structure is setup and limited by a constitution. The details of that structure is a cross-balancing system of govt branches, which is controlled by a mostly-democratically elected set of self-sufficient representatives, the jobs of which are to work in the best interest of their constituents for their particular branch, while following the guidelines set forth in the constitution. - xero
IIRC, average spending per student is heavily weighted by spending on special needs kids. It may be that other countries don't spend so much on their special needs kids, hence a higher median and lower average cost. - Andrew C (✔)
xero, I think we're all aware of that. Someone always has to point that out though. :-) - Jesse Stay
My dad is a program coordinator for Birmingham City Schools in AL. If you want to hear about administrative and staffer corruption, disheartened and useless teachers, and children and parents who could not care whatsoever, then check out Bham. I grew up listening to the stories of the insanity that goes on in that place. - xero
Jesse/Mona, then don't call it a democracy, call it a republic. It is much closer to a republic than a democracy. Sadly though, just as an uneducated democracy easily turns into mob rule, an uneducated and opaque republic quickly turns into an oligarchy, which quickly corrupts. But once you're already on that path (as we are) then someone educated needs to actually point that out to the masses AND start action to correct it. (Just to bring the aside back to the topic at hand.) - xero
xero, it is also a democracy - let's not get all technical here. It is just as much a democracy as it is a republic - that is what checks and balances allow. - Jesse Stay
Do you have the option to personally vote on every piece of federal legislation? If not, it's a republic, plain and simple. It is only a democracy if every person affected by legislation is able to vote for or against it. It is a republic whose representatives are voted in by a democratic process, but that does not make it a democracy. Rather, you can be a republic with democratic tendencies, but you can not be a democracy with republic tendencies. - xero
With that in mind, perhaps we can suggest some improvements to the school systems? I know there are tons of problems, but if I had to pick one out to fix, I would take the administration, from superintendent down to principal, though mostly at the school level. A good principal should run a school just like a corporation. Goals should be set, improvement should be a constant, need to check out the competition, need to find or make better staff, need to reward higher merit, etc. The bar needs to be set high. - xero
xero there are many types of democracy - you are assuming there is just one form - Jesse Stay
Yes, there are, and a representative democracy is one of them, however, the US is not one. It is a constitutional republic, for it to be a the former then the rights of the people could not be checked by any system, such as the law, or by the appointment of representatives by someone other than the people (like the president and senate appoint the justices). - xero
This is a debate that is important, and happens everywhere. Here's the local San Francisco perspective about California schools on the SF K Files blog: - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch- thanks so much for that link, it's incredible. - anna sauce
Tudor Bosman
0x20 years old
I'm only now entering my hex twenties! - Tudor Bosman
Happy Birthday! - Arvind Sundararajan
Happy Birthday to a guy who is not only smart enough to keep up with me, and interesting enough to keep my attention, but looks cute doing it too! - Jeanette Bosman
Happy birthday! I guess I'm a couple of days older than you. - Andrew C (✔)
Oh yeah, and your cute little accent doesn't hurt either! - Jeanette Bosman
Aw, thanks honey! I love you! - Tudor Bosman
Happy Birthday! - Bret Taylor
Happy Birthday! - Parth Awasthi
Happy Birthday - goutham
Happy Birthday Tudor! - EricaJoy
Happy Birthday! I remember when I finally made it out of my 0xteens :) - Joel Webber
Happy birthday, then! Counting your age in hex is just brilliant, I just realized I am about to turn 24. - dario
OTOH that's 100000 in binary... - Fedor Karpelevitch
Happy Birthday! - Benjamin Golub
Happy Birthday - Rodfather
Happy birthday! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Happy Birthday Tudor!!!!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Happy 0x20th! - Kevin Fox
Happy Birthday - kartik vaithyanathan
You don't look a day over 0x1D. :) - Morton Fox
Happy Birthday! - David Cook
0x68 0x61 0x70 0x70 0x79 0x20 0x62 0x69 0x72 0x74 0x68 0x64 0x61 0x79 - Karim
0x18 here :) - mjc
Happy Birthday, geeeeeeek! :) - Josh Haley
Happy Birthday! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Happy Birthday, Tudor! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
April Buchheit
Jean-Luc Picard reveals his true self -
Jean-Luc Picard reveals his true self
Too funny! - April Buchheit
omg i lost my shit about a minute in at the exchange b/t picard and riker - Felicia Yue
lol - Jemm
Bahaha - Mo Kargas
hahahahahaha oh my the facial expressions are priceless!! - Jenny Morman
One word "Awesome" - Steve Sill
IKEA Restaurant and Bistro -
IKEA Restaurant and Bistro
IKEA Restaurant and Bistro
IKEA Restaurant and Bistro
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Cheap food. - Russellreno from MyLikes
MG Siegler
“Liking,” the hot social trend, continues with Likaholix -
I like Likaholix. I'm a TasteMaker! - Shevonne
You mean like the ratings widgets we've had forever? - Todd Hoff
Re: liking on Likaholix — I would call it “asymmetric” rather than “asynchronous” (from the article). - Amit Patel
OK Bindu, I signed up. We'll see what happens. - Todd Hoff
I always read *Lick*-aholix. Makes me laugh. - Bret Taylor
@Bret I was about to type the same thing. NAMEFAIL methinks. - Clay Newton
People always accidentally call us "Friend Finder" which is amusing. I am not sure if we own :) - Bret Taylor
better grab it bret. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Is there a FF import? I see Facebook and Gmail. - Todd Hoff
Is there no way to change one's name after signup? At least I don't see it under Edit Profile... - rønin
Hey Bindu, is still available. Grab it before AT&T does. - Richard Chen
Thanks MG...checking it out now. Good coverage on FB stuff today! - Brian Solis
I'm checking it out to see how it fits with the rest of what I do :) - Nakeva Corothers
Congratulations Bindu!!!!!!!! YAY!! :) - Susan Beebe
done already... :) - Susan Beebe
Nice work, Bindu! - Anne Bouey
Michael Fidler
Oh, Murcie! Latest Lamborghini Packs 670 Horsepower | Autopia from -
Oh, Murcie! Latest Lamborghini Packs 670 Horsepower | Autopia from
Oh, Murcie! Latest Lamborghini Packs 670 Horsepower | Autopia from
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Lamborghini has unveiled the quickest Murcielago yet, a 670-horsepower toro lidiado that charges from zero to 60 in just 3.2 seconds and hits a top speed of 212 mph. - Michael Fidler
duuude! - vijay
Louis Gray
Likaholix Launches Recommendation Engine Based On Social "Liking" -
Bret Taylor
How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data -
This is a technical overview of the new backend system we launched a couple of days ago. - Bret Taylor
First question, why MySQL instead of a straight key/value/attribute store, like a bdb? (Amazon's SimpleDB works along similar principles, btw.) - DeWitt Clinton
Cool stuff Bret. Love to see this kind of stuff. Would love that chat about the Ajax side of things ;) - Dion Almaer
DeWitt: Historical reasons; we have some operational experience maintaining MySQL servers, and MySQL is very popular so there's a lot of support available. - Tudor Bosman
Oh right, none of you are ex-Amazon. (Any Amazonian reading this will understand...) - DeWitt Clinton
How small do you keep the shards? Can you keep the entire index tables in RAM? Are you backed with SSD? - DeWitt Clinton
Not all of it is RAM. We use normal hard drives for this system, and we have enough RAM such that the working set fits in memory. Most of the oldest stuff on FriendFeed is not accessed frequently, and that data is not typically resident in memory. - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret, nice post. - Ömer Faruk Kurt
So for something like 'user_id_index.get_all' you'd trust that InnoDB has that user in RAM, and that you have only a small set of active users at any given time (for web requests). Same for the relevant entities you'd "join" against. Makes sense. (Sorry, having a hard time typing coherently tonight.) - DeWitt Clinton
Yah, those indexes are typically in RAM. Our indexes contain a timestamp as well (since they are ordered reverse chronologically), so the oldest entries referenced by that index would likely not be in RAM depending on how many pages back they are on most feeds. - Bret Taylor
BTW, did you guys look at any other serialization mechanism other than pickle? Any pros/cons for cpickle? - Arvind Sundararajan
cPickle is the same format as pickle, just implemented in C instead of Python. We use cPickle. marshal is faster, but according to docs may change from version to version of Python, so we didn't want to use it in our DB. - Bret Taylor
@Bret "250 million entries", is it possible to give the size of the DB? and what is your opinion about when will you need to change this system again or is it strong enough for years Meybe you will only need hardware instead of structure changes? - Ömer Faruk Kurt
Ömer: I don't have an exact number off the top of my head, but a lot of data is the indexes themselves, so adding indexes is almost as significant as adding entries. - Bret Taylor
This sounds exceptionally similar to how the AppEngine datastore does things, except that it's MySQL and not BigTable. - Alex Power
Aren't commercial RDBMSes (like Oracle, MSSQL) designed to support the sorts of things you're looking for, like online reindexing and joining across shards? Why not use them? Lack of experience? NIH? Too expensive? - Gabe
"We like MySQL for storage, just not RDBMS usage patterns" Excellent post Bret, thanks for sharing! - Mahesh CR
Gabe: "designed to support" and actually working are two different things. I think that is why companies like ours generally don't use commercial software and choose to use open source software. If it doesn't work, we can fix it. In my experience, most of those features don't work at the scale consumer web sites need, and it certainly wasn't worth the cost and time to find out from our perspective. - Bret Taylor
Non-RDBMS-patterns may work when there is no great needs for processing the actual data (like reports etc). In LOB-apps this would be a big no-no, but in large-scale services like FF alternative methods are almost necessary... - Jemm
Thanks for the writeup! Is there a reason you don't declare the added_id as an UNSIGNED INT? - Roger
Roger: no, no reason. - Bret Taylor
@Bret, this is a pretty cool write u!. Might I suggest as a subject for future write ups, how the realtime update system works (e.g. how it knows what updates it needs to push), and perhaps how the feed fetching system works and how these might inter-relate? - Ray Cromwell
Ray: good ideas. We will do more of these. We want to in theory - they just take a bit of time to write up, and we like writing code more than blog posts :) - Bret Taylor
Bret, do you really think that guys like Oracle and MS create features for enterprise-level databases that don't work or scale to meet the needs of those who buy them? Of course you may be right, but the TPC tests generally get results in the hundreds and thousands of transactions per second. In reality, though, what can you really fix if something doesn't work? Are you going to debug MySQL if it starts corrupting data or optimize it if it's too slow? - Gabe
Gabe: yes, we have already debugged MySQL when it has crashed. It would have been impossible without the debug symbols and source code. - Bret Taylor
Gabe: I've been doing a fair amount of tracing through MySQL core dumps over the past week, and just having the ability to look at the code, plus the size of the community working with the same code base and debugging problems, seems to make it worth the cost at this point. We haven't changed any of the MySQL code yet, but Google and others certainly have. - Jim Norris
This is the best thing I read today. - pastas9
I'm skeptical of Oracle and other commercial pre-packaged systems because the companies are focused on extracting revenue via software sales and their products are highly optimized for a certain problem domain that doesn't really fit our experience very well. - Jim Norris
So I guess the downside is that if you change your indexes you need to change the code, too. How do you manage the table creation, code migration and data sharding all at once? - Nick Lothian
Nick: It is actually not bad: make the tables, update the code, start writing to the indexes for new entities, then run the "Cleaner" to fill in the indexes for the older entities. When the cleaner is done, you can start using the indexes for features. - Bret Taylor
The most important decision about your design- and why not going with databases RDBMS etc. to manage the indices - is that your users don't really look up the old stuff, so keeping the old entries in RAM/live indices isn't worth the time hit it would take to do huge indexes on long tables. This seems like a "running index"- that is, it's populated by the application in many places at one time, instead of in one place, that the DB then optimizes over the entire history. - anna sauce
Reminds me of some multi-user java apps back 10 years or so ago that had to manage simultaneous users on live systems. great post, Bret, and fun to see what's working behind the scenes. - anna sauce
"if you change your indexes you need to change the code" is not a problem unique to this system. You always have to update your code along with your schema. You have to write code to read from the tables even if you use a typical RDBMS, and you can't do that without an index, so this staged process exists in some form no matter what your storage scheme looks like. - Bret Taylor
Bret, it sounds like MySQL crashes a lot. Are you assuming that commercial products will crash just as often and the vendors won't debug it? - Gabe
Gabe: Every piece of software crashes, whether it is written by Oracle or by open source developers. The difference with open source is that we are not dependent on someone else to diagnose and fix the problems. This is not a unique sentiment. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, et al, have all chosen open source infrastructure for this and a variety of other compelling reasons we have already discussed. - Bret Taylor
Brett, I agree that not being dependent on somebody else is great. In fact, the product I work on is probably 99% open source or developed in-house. I even replaced a relational DB with a pickled Python object store a year or two ago. However, I'm also not considering writing my own transaction protocol, indexing, and query engine because the open source DB I use doesn't support... more... - Gabe
Re: "change your indexes you need to change the code" - yes, conventionally you need to change your code if you change your tables. But you do get some opportunities for runtime optimisations by changing your indexes (although in practice this can have availability costs as you note) - Nick Lothian
OK I'm going to put this out there: sounds like you're re-inventing the wheel. - anna sauce
Being able to open something up to understand, diagnose, and fix things yourself is underrated. - Amit Patel
DeWitt, part of the reason we didn't use a simpler store is that we're using mysql replication. We'd have to replace that too. Probably not hard, but it's working well for us. Also sometimes you do want transactions for performance within a single DB (each xsaction is a single log write, vs multiple little writes). - Private Sanjeev
re: SSDs and mysql. I can't speak for all SSDs, but the Intel X25-M gets internally fragmented very quickly, reducing write performance by 10-20x. Things that do large sequential writes like bigtable or lucene are a better fit. - Private Sanjeev
Part of the purpose behind traditional schema driven designs is to 'protect' the data from the programmers and the applications - which is not insane given the level of commitment people have in some kinds of organization. One of the statements that the FF people are making here is that they have trust in themselves and each other and they care about what they are doing. - Robin Barooah
You guys rock so hard it HURTS! THANK YOU, FRIENDFEED! - Josh Haley
Just logged in... this sounds really cool.... hmmm :) - Susan Beebe
great post -- liked the discussion in the comments too! some people thinking relational databases can do everything; other people not understanding rationale behind key/value store; other people mad you've reinvented it using MySQL... :-D favorite comment from guy who is having a heart attack because anyone might think it's a good idea: "it is like using a database to solve the problem... more... - Karim
what is the correct name for this? "schema-less data?" "entity attribute/value (EAV) store?" "key/value store?" personally, i like "property bag" :-D also, have you considered Amazon SimpleDB, or Microsoft SQL Data Services for hosted services, since they are based on similar ideas, just not on MySQL? - Karim
Sanjeev, I heard rumors about the X25-M performance running down after fragmentation, but last I heard was Intel was unable to replicate & "looking into it." 10-20x should not be hard to spot. :-) Are you in touch with Intel...? Also, have you seen similar problems on SSDs with Samsung controllers? (I went with the Corsair...) - Karim
Karim, it may not get as bad with other SSDs, but they start off with much higher write latency for small random writes than the X25-M. - Private Sanjeev
The Samsung, you mean? All I was trying to do was *not* get the JMicron controller and *afford* it :-D - Karim
but why are the ssIDs varchars, is the question (from @eonarts comment) - anna sauce
anna: what are ssIDs? If you mean the UUIDs, they are just 16 byte binary strings. - Bret Taylor
Just look how many comments on this begin with someone's name. "anna:" "Karim," "Sanjeev,". Somehow there needs to be a reply-to-comment mechanism. Fortunately FriendFeed uses json blobs in their database so this won't require a painful schema change ;-) - Kevin
Bret: you're right, I re-read the post and couldn't find evidence of the Primary Key Erin mentions in her comment, as varchar. Am I missing it? - anna sauce
schema changes aren't painful, and I have a question for more current DB/programmatic people (than me): why is this called schema-less? There is a schema, it's just that the database application isn't being used to index, Bret's crew are doing it manually. Blobs in columns doesn't mean it's schema-free, that's been going on for 15 years. I think it's just that he's cracking the indexing methodology and offroading. I'd like to hear from some PostGres people on this- Disqus is on PostGres aren't they? - anna sauce
Anna: that person is talking about the URL index. What we are doing is correct for this application; we want the index to be in that order on disk, not in a different order. - Bret Taylor
Bret: ah, ok - anna sauce
I just remembered that one of my client's DBs is actually Btrieve, which is nothing more than a way of storing binary blobs with certain byte ranges indexed. (They are still using a DOS app from the '80s, with the Btrieve running on a Novell server.) The only real difference is that they have fixed-length keys and records, while the MySQL data is variable-length. - Gabe
Bret: Thanks a lot for the informative post! Any thoughts on MySQL vs Postgres? We found tables crashed with too many simultaneous writers in MySQL, but your post says it "doesn't corrupt data", so I guess you haven't had such issues. - Ruchira S. Datta
Bret: Do you apply the same approach to perform searches on your stored text data? (i.e. inside the data storing the BLOB) - Roger
Handle 1 Billion Events Per Day Using a Memory Grid -
Nick Brosnahan
RT (@lrz) We are such geeks:
t - 880 seconds - Arvind Sundararajan
Bay Chang
I think this is Sanjeev
This was the Go-Kart offsite! - Arvind Sundararajan
Woah, that's an old picture. I can't even remember what I was doing in that outfit. Paintball? - Private Sanjeev
yes, that was it! - Private Sanjeev
It's too bad that place is gone (trampolines now) -- it was a lot of fun. - Paul Buchheit
Holding up a 7-11? - Jim Norris
Every once in a while this creepy/mundane photo pops up on my desktop photo gadget... it was time to release it into the wild. - Bay Chang
Bret Taylor
Unix time will be 1234567890 on Friday, February 13 at 15:31:30 PST
The end of days? - Dave Winer
No, it should not be end of days, but there may be a problem in 2019 (I think it was about storage limit of bigint or mediumint) - AlpB.
Don't worry, we always have failover to IMP1 with auto-reboot of teh interwebz. - michael silverton
Or Saturday, February 14 at 00:31:30 CET - On Valentine's Day :) - Wojciech Polak
Try it out yourself. In Ruby: Time.parse('2009-02-14 01:31:30 +0200').to_i - Soyapi Mumba
Soyapi: +0200 is EET, CET is UTC+1 - Wojciech Polak
Wojciech: It's also CAT which what I'm on :) It works long as the hour and the Timezone correspond - Soyapi Mumba
Notice that it falls on Friday the 13th in the Yucatan. The Mayans predicted this. ;) - John Craft
Keith Coleman
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Send & Archive -
Written by our eng manager in Zurich! - Keith Coleman from Bookmarklet
" I'm planning to add undo support" would be awesome (undo the send part, that is :-)) - John Mueller
Next: archive + next :-) - Bay Chang
So cool! - Ashwin Bharambe
Bay, they already added that as [ and ]. I like to see my email after sending it though (don't see the mistakes until after I hit send), so I don't plan to use this new feature :) - Paul Buchheit
Is it called snarkive? - Jim Norris
April Buchheit
Paul's Acceptance Speech @ the Crunchies
Yay! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations!! - Mona Nomura
Yay yay YAY! - FFing Enigma
w00t! w00t! w00t! - AJ Batac
CONGRATULATIONS PAUL!!!!!!!! wooo hooo!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Where's the tiger suit though? - Casey Muller
Yay us! - Jim Norris
You guys really are AWESOME!! seriously impressive accomplishment!! Cheers! - Susan Beebe
Tudor Bosman
State Supreme Court rejects noncompete clauses -
"Californians have the right to move from one company to another or start their own business and can't be prohibited by their employer from working for a competitor in their next job, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday." - Tudor Bosman from Bookmarklet
I thought noncompete agreements were already unenforceable in California. What did this decision change? - Tudor Bosman
That's right: even if you signed a noncompete at friendfeed, it's unenforceable and shouldn't prevent you from coming back to your friends at Google. Just remember lawyer Eric Kastner's condition in that article, "As long as you don't steal trade secrets or confidential information", that is, secrets still have to stay secret. For example, as a former Microsoft Employee I'm not allowed to disclose the location of the secret army of evil monkeys. - Jorg Brown
Jorg: :) Google's secret army of good robots would totally pwn Microsoft's evil monkeys. - Tudor Bosman
Robert Scoble
Scraublous is Back! It’s New Name is Wordscraper -
New version in Mandarin Chinese! ;-) - Indio Apache from twhirl
Thank goodness! Enough people were twittering about it ;-) - Carla Lynne Hall
that didn't take long - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Wait, they went through all of this agony, and all they had to do was change their name? It can't be that simple... - Josh Bancroft
Sounds like Words Crapper :) - Andrew Wooldridge
@Andrew Wooldridge LOL! That brightened up my day! - Charlie Hope from twhirl
hm? I just assumed you meant a new blog post. Do you mean a whole new blog site? Now I'm even more curious. - Lise
It's not actually the same. Apparently you can set your own board and rules at the beginning of a game. I haven't played yet but I was looking at it this morning. - CJ
Nick Brosnahan
Ron Paul on the Mother of All Bailouts -
Ron Paul on the Mother of All Bailouts
Adam Rifkin
The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. -
There you have it: the most objective comparison of two cellphones ever made. I think I'll take the rest of the afternoon off and copy and paste text on my cellphone because I can. - Adam Rifkin
Maddox typically annoys me to no end, but this is pretty funny (and true :P) - Adam Lasnik
Tudor Bosman
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