Cheers to you, America. 🇺🇸 @ Fort Bragg Parade Field
RT @thekenyeung: Wow, @basti is clearly building one heckuva team over at @postmates. First was @ashbrown, then @holger and now @sm. definitely on a roll...
Golf clap. @ 1st tee Pinehurst #2 - 2014 US Open
Guys, this lime shortage is serious. The bartender just tried to give me a lemon with my shot of Patron.
Rockin' Mother's Day w/ Ma and @chrisyoungmusic #RISERTour (so much tequila and cowboy boots). @…
Country in my ears. Sand in my toes. And helicopters ahead. I'm home. @ Naval Air Station North Island
Woohoo! DC, this will rock your world “@thorpus: On-Demand Laundry Service Washio Expands To DC via @TechCocktail
RT @thorpus: On-Demand Laundry Service Washio Expands To DC via @TechCocktail #dctech
Super happy to be a Mosaic member w/ @jetblue right about now - one of the first to ban the idiotic no device policy!
Stop using SXSW as a platform to spew opinions a/b the future of our industry or some BS. SXSW has changed. It's a fun event. End of story.
I learned a very valuable lesson today. Restore factory settings if you're giving someone else your old iPhone. Lost all my contacts...
For anyone wondering, @uber_sf doesn't give preferential treatment. @sarahlane and I just got cars before poor @mollstar.
RT @jacob: Super actionable insight into best practices in recruiting & hiring by @HBloom CEO @bryanburkhart
Where's everyone watching the @SFBayBridge show tonight? I'll have hotties in tow. cc @mollstar @sarahlane
RT @Basti: Postmates Commercials!
My mom just compared @postmates to when ATMs were invented. Convenience no one considered then couldn't live without.
I deleted @Path last week, but thinking I may need to temporarily re-engage just so I know where everyone is during SXSW #SFproblems
RT @tconrad: It's Friday.Let's not be humbled or inspired.Let's not crush it.How about we just roll up our sleeves & make some cool shit #coolshitfriday
I really have to stop shopping on the @threadflip mobile app at night when I have insomnia. It's getting to be expensive.
Every time I see a courier riding w/ a bouquet of flowers, it makes me giddy b/c someone's day is totally about to be made #hopelessromantic
Long shot...anyone have an extra ticket to Ultra Music Festival this month in MIA? Dying to go for my birthday!
It would be fabulous if @Threadflip could partner w/ @TaskRabbit so someone could clean my closet, sort everything and then sell it for me.
Where do you go to find out about events in a new city? Do people still use Plancast?
Wow! @sidecar acquires @heyrideapp. Interesting choice.
Come join my team at Postmates! City Operations Manager - San Francisco Bay Area #jobs
After a poor experience @onemedical, I decided not to go back, but now they have an office a block from my work. That's too good to ignore.
I don't think I speak emoji.
RT @getitnow: And... we officially sold out! Happy V-Day everyone & use @getitnow for your date night deliveries tonight.
Wow! Looking at our board, it appears all of SF is using @Postmates to deliver their Valentine's today!!
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