The MiLife+ debacle has been fun to watch…glad my first instinct was to avoid it!
People on HN don't seem too confident either:
MiLife+ sounds good, but I'm going to hold-off until after its launch. It'd seem @wakemate has just been dropped like a stone w/o notice?!
MiLife+: Bluetooth Health Sensor from the makers of WakeMate (YC S09)
Email newsletters seemed like such a great idea until they started swamping my inbox! #rssisstillcool - multiplayer tetris
I'm surprised Facebook doesn't yet let you send physical photos to people w/ FB credits, that'd be sweet. They should just acquire @picplum!
Stanford video course on Web App development with Rails:
.@donttrythis Wait, so we get Mythbusters a week early in the UK? Cause I watched that episode last week on Discovery! Awesome!
Our root, who art in Unix, hallowed by thy shell. Thy kernel come. Thy commands be run. @localhost as they are in /dev/null.
Our root, who art in Unix, hallowed by thy shell. Thy kernel come. Thy commands be run. @localhost as they are in /dev/null/.
Works well for shopping…everything's always fresh. And cleaning, it's surprisingly a lot easier to keep on top of if I do it every 5 days :)
I realised something a few weeks back: why jam my schedule into a 7 day system? Why not do things every 5 or 10 days, instead of weekly?
Chrome's new exposé view is pretty awesome:
Cellular Automaton Music Generator
"GOODBYE spotify you ROBBING C**TS!!!!" — yeah, how dare a for-profit company charge <£5/mo for unlimited music!!
The buying habits of the average person continues to astound me: See the comments…
…for their über cute videos
I voted for Jorge and Alexa Narvaez for #bestcover #mtvoma
If Internet Explorer no longer sucks, what will us webdevs have to moan about?!
RT @peterc: Google's getting desperate for events to change their logo for? "119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae"?
I used to get excited on April 1st…I guess it's like Xmas, where it gets lamer each year as you head towards being a bitter, grumpy old man!
TRUST NOTHING day is approaching. How fun! /s
RT @fR0DDY: Q: How to generate a random string? A: Put a fresh student in front of vi and tell him to quit.
Chrome Dev channel has just reverted to the old icon…just when I was beginning to like the new one!
RT @sparrowmailapp: Sparrow 1.1 is now live on the AppStore! General IMAP, gestures, formatting bar, per alias signature, minimal mode....
Once @recurly drops their $29 plan, it'll cost ~$100/mo incl. a CC processor. For bootstrappers, that's quite a chunk of change…replacement?
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