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Interplanetary Transport Network - Wikipedia -
Interplanetary Transport Network - Wikipedia
"The Interplanetary Transport Network (ITN) is a collection of gravitationally determined pathways through the solar system that require very little energy for an object to follow. The ITN makes particular use of Lagrange points as locations where trajectories through space can be redirected using little or no energy. These points have the peculiar property of allowing objects to orbit around them, despite the absence of any material object therein. (...) The transfers are so low-energy that they make travel to almost any point in the solar system possible. " - Amira from Bookmarklet
I've seen science fiction writers refer to these paths as "chaotic" trajectories, on account of the complexity of the mapping process. I imagine we're now at a place where there's enough affordable computing power to actually map these paths in real-time. - Slippy