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Menstruation: What is the evolutionary or biological purpose of having periods? - Quora (via vicster )
On first glance, the question seems absurd, but the answer is quite fascinating. - Victor Ganata
That is brilliant. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My daughter blames this Quora answer for the final validation of her decision to never have kids. - April Russo
So... if genetic information is transferred via cells that can pass from the fetus to the mother through the placental-endometrial linkage, and since the fetus also has genetic information from the father, the mother receives genetic material from the father, albeit indirectly? And, furthermore, those cells can distribute throughout her body even into her brain? Whoa... that boggles my mind. #MyExWillBeUpsetWhenSheFindsOut! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
"Uteri do not fossilize well." Hahaha! I love that line. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
"What this means is that the growing fetus now has direct, unrestricted access to its mother's blood supply. It can manufacture hormones and use them to manipulate her." I KNEW IT! - Spidra Webster
So when momma says "the baby wants enormous quantities of spinach, right now", she isn't lying. - April Russo
Umm, I'm pretty sure that stating you're a non-political entity when you're a political entity is FUCKING ILLEGAL.
Calling the cops because a PoC looks "suspicious": A-OK. Calling the DoJ because con orgs are masquerading as non-political: scandal!
RT @and1grad: RT @KGTrashTalk: Kareem didn’t average less than 21.5 points per game until he was 39 years old. Let that marinate for a second.
This is probably why #24 thinks he can play for another six seasons. - Victor Ganata
If you believe that voter fraud is widespread but Bush v. Gore was a good decision, then you're not serious about "the sanctity of the vote"
"Don't take it personally. It's just business." Translation: you're gonna die.
So basically the skills gap is exaggerated. It's more just that businesses don't want to pay market rate for labor.
Yes, please tell me how opposing an org's alliance with a radical org that actively works against my interests is "totally unreasonable."
Buy me flowers first. - Pete
RT @LakersReporter: Steve Nash: "I think @MagicJohnson has to be the greatest PG. My favorite was Isiah Thomas, because I knew I was never going to be Magic."
Is there an organization that fights for online rights that isn't aligned with the Tea Party that I can donate to?
you mean like the Electronic Frontier Foundation? - DJF
EFF, def. - Spidra Webster
Except EFF thinks the Tea Party is A-OK (, hence this post, I assume. - Anika
I realize the EFF is trying to reach out to all its allies, but, yeah, that reads too much like an endorsement. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
The mayor of Marionville, MO Dan Clevenger "kind of agreed" with Klansman/neo-Nazi murderer Frazier Glenn Miller - TPM
Sorry, "alleged" murderer…. - Victor Ganata
I—kind of wonder what it would be like to have two team-destroying players on one team. Can you imagine D12 and Melo playing together? (Well, at least playing on the court at the same time while wearing the same uniform.) It would be a disaster-porn reality show.
Although now that I think about it, I guess it would just be a rerun of the Kobe and D12 disaster-porn reality show without the glamorous Hollywood backdrop. - Victor Ganata
Melo + anyone really doesn't matter. Melo is a one man team and always will be. - Eric - Watch Me Now
I sometimes think about how hilariously disastrous Kobe at the end of his career playing with Melo would be. I sometimes imagine that the only reason why Jim Buss is keeping D'Antoni on board is so that there's no chance in hell that Melo will want to come to L.A. Like, there won't even be any rumors or speculation. - Victor Ganata
I still like buying physical copies of things because I'm backwards like that, but I figure if media companies purposefully don't let you buy their product, people are much more likely to pirate it.
It's basically rent-seeking and even Adam Smith thought rent-seeking was evil and destructive to capitalist economies. - Victor Ganata
I'd be hard-pressed to consider entertainment as rent-seeking, at least not in the pure sense of the term (nor is it truly profit-seeking either). - Hookuh Tinypants
Hollywood and IP law in general is *all* about rent-seeking. It's difficult to see life of author + 70 years any other way. It seems clearly a perversion of what the copyright system is supposed to be about. - Victor Ganata
For a book, yes. For a TV production? Not sure it's the same thing. Regardless, if it were, how would that justify torrenting? Answer theft with theft? I'm not sure that equates. If it were a resource for survival, I could almost justify it. But to watch a show? C'mon. - Hookuh Tinypants
It's not theft. Theft is taking something from someone so they can't use it or derive any benefits from it anymore. Just because someone doesn't make as much profit as they'd like doesn't mean someone is stealing from them. I'm not a fan of equating tangible benefits with opportunity cost. And piracy—regardless of the morality—is an opportunity cost. - Victor Ganata
So piracy and torrenting is OK because people should be able to have what they want when they want regardless of the fact that they didn't pay for it, because they shouldn't have to pay for it. - Hookuh Tinypants
I never said it was OK. But it's reality. Even Hollywood recognizes it. - Victor Ganata
At the same time, how is torrenting different from going over to somebody's house and watching "Game of Thrones" without paying for it. Is it just the volume that makes one more immoral than the other? The means? - Victor Ganata
That people want on-demand entertainment, that the technology exists *right now* to deliver it and people are willing to pay for it, but that it's generally not available really does seem to be a resource misallocation problem caused by rent-seeking behavior. - Victor Ganata
(That's not my own idea, that was a talking point from a Hollywood insider discussing that illicit streaming service Popcorn Time.) - Victor Ganata
At least if someone's coming to my house to watch a show, they're bringing me beer or food to compensate me. :D Yeah, the money isn't going to HBO, but at least it's a recognition by someone that another person has paid $50/month out of their own pocket to have the service so they'd have the ability to watch a show. For me it's not about what HBO gets. It's about the social... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
Well, that's on them. If they can pay to stream an episode but they'd rather screw around with malware infested sites where it might take hours to download an episode, then they just don't value their time. I realize GoT doesn't fit in this category, but there are a lot of films/shows that aren't at all available for purchase and I can't really blame anyone for resorting to torrenting it instead of fighting to convince the studios to release it on DVD or Blu-Ray. - Victor Ganata
Now THAT I can actually understand, and I actually do consider that a different ball of wax - it's not available in print, people on eBay want to basically jack you out of far more than it's worth just to get it on VHS, and you find a nice clean copy on a torrent site. But unfortunately for the most part, the people I know who live by torrent and filesharing basically do it with all the new stuff. It's...disappointing. - Hookuh Tinypants
If I could just pay for HBO alone, that would be ideal. I bet HBO would even like it if they were able to sell subscriptions to HBO Go alone. They'd probably make a lot more money. But there's no way the cable companies are going to let that happen without a big, long, drawn-out fight. And when Time Warner-Comcast owns the lion's share of set-top boxes and Internet connections and they have exclusive rights to large areas of territory, the whole situation just reeks of rent-seeking. - Victor Ganata
Time Warner is a fucking nightmare. It must be nice to have that many politicians and regulators in your pocket. - Hookuh Tinypants
At some point, HBO will say to themselves, "If we just sell GOT directly for $2 an episode and cut out every middle man, we can make about $1 billion per episode." - Stephen Mack
And yet people will still find a reason to torrent. OMG I NEED THOSE TWO BUCKS FOR A LATTE, YO. :P - Hookuh Tinypants
Opportunity cost, I guess. I mean, if the time you spend finding a clean torrent that will download fast on a site that won't infect your machine with malware is worth less than $2 to you, you're probably having a rough time with life in general. - Victor Ganata
Rent-seeking is theft.
If I had $1,500 to spend on gratuitous tech, I'd probably just buy a decent gaming rig instead of Glass. Augmented reality can wait until version 2.0. I need to kill me some demons at 100 fps now.
I lasted about 20 minutes with Glass before I decided I'm just not the right kind of asshole for that product. $1500 can buy so much more useful stuff. Like a gaming rig. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Or a spotting scope. :-D - John (bird whisperer)
I would buy a server. - Julian
You could buy a server cabinet for $1500. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
This deconstruction of the anti-gentrification protests in S.F. essentially paint it as opposing groups telling each other "Fuck you, I got mine." - nothing that's happening is actually keeping the poor and middle class in their homes or making new (and affordable) housing available.
S.F. is literally it's own fiefdom. - Victor Ganata
That seems like a good and thorough article to me. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, it definitely far more nuanced than all the sensational headlines everyone else has been publishing, and it tries to be optimistic, but it really seems to just underscore how long-standing the grievances are and how dire the situation is getting and how volatile things are right now. - Victor Ganata
Do you remember Wherehouse Music? It's responsible for the fact that I frequently misread "warehouse" as "whorehouse".
I remember it, but never shopped there. I prefered Licorice Pizza. - Anika
Wherehouse Music in Davis was the closest Ticketmaster outlet back in the days when your options were phone-in (and have a credit card) or camp out all night in line (and pay with cash). I spent many nights in my youth camping at the Wherehouse for concert tickets. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
I spent mucho much at Wherehouse in Oakland up until their going out of business sale. From 45s to cassettes to CDs to no more record stores - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Measles Cases Hit 14-Year High In California - KPBS
Umm, yay? We're number one? - Victor Ganata
The OC has more than 1/3 of the cases. - Victor Ganata
My kids middle school has mandated teachers + students who can't prove being vaccinated stay home until next month because of a measles case. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Seriously, a 1400% year-over-year increase is pretty impressive. - Victor Ganata
my county specifically in the oc. I go nowhere those little heathens and their parents are. - Lnorigb
Several of the school districts in my region are doing something similar to Micah's situation. They're also working to change district policies to disallow children without vaccination records from registering in the fall. I'm surprised that was ever allowed to begin with - when I was a kid, you HAD to have a vaccination record before they'd let you register. Shit, even OSU required I submit a vaccination record before I was allowed to register for my undergrad. - Hookuh Tinypants
Failure Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Google Glass - Wired
"But that stereotype will start to crumble the more Google can focus attention on the device than the user as a tool." I can't tell if this is a pun on the word "tool" ("What a glasshole. What a tool.") or if it's just a poorly formed sentence. - Victor Ganata
"This seems a likely place to hide the head of a deranged sorcerer."
Why stay for the Disney/Marvel post-credit scenes when you know you can find it on the Internet later?
My uncle and I had a random conversation about how it would probably be impossible to spend $1 billion living an "ordinary" life. I wonder if there is a level of wealth where—as long as you aren't into hookers and blow—you actually can't help but make even more money.
I think with that level of spending, "normal" changes quickly. First, you pay more for "convenience". It goes downhill after that. - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson from Android
I'm rewatching Game of Thrones S4E2 again because my brother has it on. I totally missed Oberyn reminding Tywin of his crimes. #Hello #MyNameIsOberynMartell #YouKilledMySister #PrepareToDie
YES. - Jenny H. from Android
I think that's the first time I've seen Tywin look at all fearful, or at least extremely discomfited. - Victor Ganata
That's pretty cool. Everyone on the field is #42 tonight.
Why did Timmeh grew a pornstache? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Bah. I knew the Dodgers lost it when Jensen couldn't finish in the 9th. It's a good thing I went to sleep instead watching the whole thing! - Victor Ganata
The same people who say it's arrogant to doubt the jury in the Trayvon Martin case have no problem doubting the court decisions re: Bundy
What the hell *was* the pound sign on a phone used for before hashtags? :D
Phone menus - Johnny from iPhone
It was/is used to end or start a prompt. - Anika
BION, there were touch-tone phone systems as far back as the early 70s that used the "#" and "*" keys. - Big Joe Silence
I remember using it as an enter key when dealing with those automated multiple choice thingys. (You couldn't get through to some companies here with the old dial phones.) - Eivind
Meet the First Million-Dollar Houses of the Highland Park Boom - Curbed L.A. - JFC
My dad is truly the worst patient.
Although I can't really talk that much shit considering I worked through a case of pneumonia. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I thought of you two as I watched a recent drama. The male lead was doing his internship at a hospital. His dad was a doctor who didn't take care of himself. That seems so stressful. - Anika
:( - Anne Bouey
Looks like the EFF has jumped on the Tea Party bandwagon. #welp
RT @permdocjobs: Internal Medicine #Physician #Job: $325K base, hospital-employed, no income tax state, Texas, outpatient-Only #TaxDay
Obamacare in action? - Victor Ganata
Sorry, I don't mean to diss, but I still wouldn't move to Texas. - Victor Ganata
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