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The fact that attacking a multinational corporation somehow can give you leverage over the government of a nation-state just makes it clear that the existence of multinational corporations are totally antithetical to the continued existence of nation-states.
We should all be farmers. - Todd Hoff
It's not a normative statement, just a description :) #inevitability - Victor Ganata
Every day repealing Treaty of Westphalia and of course every William Gibson novel - WarLord
How Much Will Scrapping 'The Interview' Cost Sony? - LinkedIn
"Sony Pictures will take an estimated $90 million financial hit as a result of its decision to scrap the release of 'The Interview,' TheWrap has learned." - Victor Ganata
"The studio had penciled in expected domestic grosses of $80 million for 'The Interview,' and $130 million worldwide, those individuals said." - Victor Ganata
"…the losses on the film itself will pale in comparison to the toll the hacking and data dumps will take. Lost production, revenues and the liability the company will face from the release of employees records by the hackers could well push the toll into the hundreds of millions of dollars." - Victor Ganata
To paraphrase Tyler Durden, take the cost increases due to production delays on all projects A, the cost of implementing emergency workarounds in all departments due to the effective total loss of Internet connectivity B, multiply the number of days the hacking continues T, then add the liability costs due to employee personal/financial data being sold on the black market to fraudsters C. (A + B) x T + C = X. If X is greater than the expected grosses, they're definitely pulling the plug. - Victor Ganata
Science Says: Cocktails Could Protect You From Getting Sick - MoJo - 2013 Dec 19
Ah, another J-shaped curve :D #GoldilocksProblem #TooDrunk #NotDrunkEnough - Victor Ganata
J is for Jigger. - bentley
"In a medical breakthrough that should come as welcome news for millions of at-risk Americans, University of Pennsylvania cardiologists announced Tuesday that taking one aspirin tablet and a fifth of bourbon daily can "significantly reduce" an individual's awareness of heart attacks. " - - Andrew C (✔)
^^LOL (1) I know an old school doc who allegedly told his nonagenarian patient to take an aspirin and some bourbon while he was having a stroke because the doc was certain the ER would totally kill his patient. The patient totally survived with minimal residual deficits. #DefinitelyNotMedicalAdvice (2) the problem with ASA 325 mg + EtOH 40% x 750 ml p.o. daily is that that's going to eat a hole in your stomach and/or esophagus pretty quick ;) #ProceedWithCaution - Victor Ganata
It's disgusting that people are trying to paint this as the American public cowering and sacrificing freedom of expression to tin-pot dictators instead of it being about how the American public is utterly and completely in thrall to the whims of multinational corporations and their financial concerns.
Carelessness and not thinking things through is way expensive.
Not in the short term! Unrelatedly, hooray for term limits, right? - Andrew C (✔)
Well, money is never an object in the short term :D - Victor Ganata
And I think we learned this century that four years can be quite catastrophic enough and eight years can nearly destroy a nation-state :D - Victor Ganata
How the Ancient Romans Made Better Concrete Than We Do Now - io9
Mechanical resilience and cementitious processes in Imperial Roman architectural mortar - PNAS - 2014 Dec 10 - Victor Ganata
RT @slackmistress: ♫ Holy Infant so tender and mild ♫ OH GOD IT'S NOT A CHRISTMAS CAROL IT'S A COOKBOOK!
Kind of makes the Jesuit motto "To Praise, Reverence, and Serve" diabolical. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
To Serve Man. - bentley
^ LOL - Marie
Well, what did you expect with that whole eating his flesh and drinking his blood thing? - April Russo
OH: We're only upset that Sony pulled "The Interview" on principle, right? Like, no one is actually upset it's not playing in theaters, right?
North Korea Is Not Funny - Let's be clear: "The Interview" isn't a courageous act of defiance against a dictator - The Atlantic
"This film is not an act of courage. It is not a stand against totalitarianism, concentration camps, mass starvation, or state-sponsored terror. It is, based on what we know of the movie so far, simply a comedy, made by a group of talented actors, writers, and directors, and intended, like most comedies, to make money and earn laughs. The movie would perhaps have been better off with a fictitious dictator and regime; instead, it appears to serve up the latest in a long line of cheap and sometimes racism-tinged jokes…." - Victor Ganata
"But it takes no valor and costs precious little to joke about these things safely oceans away from North Korea’s reach. When a North Korean inmate in a political prison camp or a closely monitored Pyongyang apparatchik pokes fun at Kim Jong Un and the system he represents—that is an act of audacity. It very literally can cost the person’s life, and those of his or her family members. To pretend that punchlines from afar, even in the face of hollow North Korean threats, are righteous acts is nonsense." - Victor Ganata
"What’s more, crowding the North Korea 'story' with anecdotes of nutty behavior and amusing delusions may ironically benefit those in charge in Pyongyang. It serves to buffer and obscure the sheer evil of a regime that enslaves children and sentences entire families to death for crimes of thought, while building ski resorts, dolphinariums, and other luxury escapes for elites with funds that could feed its malnourished people for several years." - Victor Ganata
"How many people would have watched The Interview and concluded that they should do something to help change this odious regime and bring about human rights for North Koreans?" - Victor Ganata
This was a real-life Team America and nothing else. Sony's decision was a financial decision and nothing else. The cinemas that decided not to show the film out of fear were run by utter morons and nothing else. - Mark H
"In Charlie Chaplin’s 1964 autobiography, the star discussed the backlash that he faced from Hollywood and the German and British governments when plans for The Great Dictator’s release were announced. He moved forward with the project despite these concerns, but years later suggested that he regretted that decision: “Had I known of the actual horrors of the German concentration camps, I could not have made The Great Dictator; I could not have made fun of the homicidal insanity of the Nazis.”" - Andrew C (✔)
The movie theater chains were also probably looking at the bottom line as well. I read somewhere that all it would take is about 5% of the audience not showing up during the holidays to totally wreck their profitability, given how much of a cut they have to give studios. - Victor Ganata
RT @ishaantharoor Sony is a cold-blooded multinational corporation. Its actions don't represent you, your nation, or your imaginary sense of culture/identity.
RT @TheSandmanEsq @ishaantharoor @wilw but, I thought corporations were people, and money was speech, and this will cost them money. So many parts.
LOL, so because "The Interview" was costing them money, and money is speech, not releasing "The Interview" is actually *saving* speech! - Victor Ganata
Uber alles: The cold-hearted capitalism behind ride-sharing - L.A. Times - Opinion
"Amid the panic and confusion surrounding the recent hostage-taking in Sydney, Uber -- the hipster taxi service that insists it’s not a taxi service -- did the unconscionable: It raised the price of getting a lift out of the danger zone." - Victor Ganata
"But it didn't just raise the price. Uber's automatic 'surge pricing' model gouged the panic-stricken to the tune of more than $100 ride, a quadrupling of the regular rate." - Victor Ganata
How can we tell the difference between market "tuning" and them simply setting higher prices to take advantage of the situation? - Todd Hoff
Maybe we can't and there is no real difference, but they did apologize for it, meaning even the sociopaths who run that company recognize they crossed some line. - Victor Ganata
Uber intros surge pricing during Sydney hostage siege, then backtracks after user outcry - Mashable - Victor Ganata
"This past summer, Uber announced it would cap prices during emergency situations after New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman came after the company for doubling prices during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. However, that price cap policy only applies in the United States." - WaPo - Victor Ganata
I haven't really understood the outrage here. Why would one expect Uber to do anything otherwise? They have shown that they don't give a damn about regulation, so why should we expect them to be good citizens? Not to mention the fact that to get people out of the dangerous situation, the drivers had to go into a dangerous situation. - Steele Lawman
Personally, I wouldn't expect Uber to do anything otherwise, but I think it's telling that even they thought it was wise to apologize and not just shout "free market!" - Victor Ganata
Race differences in the association between multivitamin exposure and wheezing in preterm infants - J Perinatol - 2014 Oct 2
"Black (55.9%) and non-black (36.6%) infants experienced recurrent wheezing. Adjusted odds ratios (ORs) for the association between multivitamin exposure at 3 months and recurrent wheezing were 2.15 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.97, 4.75) for black and 0.43 (95% CI: 0.19, 0.96) for non-black infants with an interaction by race (P=0.003). In lag-effect models, ORs were 2.69 (95% CI: 1.41, 5.14) for black and 0.50 (95% CI: 0.27, 0.92) for non-black infants." - Victor Ganata
Conclusion:Differences by race were seen in association between multivitamins and wheezing; population heterogeneity should be considered when evaluating vitamin supplementation - Steve C Team Marina
The Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Bridge Is Not Where You Think It Is - L.A. Weekly
"MacArthur Park is not immediately near a freeway and there's no way a foot tunnel underneath Wilshire Boulevard can be misconstrued as a freeway bridge, no matter how high Kiedis was at the time." - Victor Ganata
LOL. Inbox 447,043.
Go for 1 million! - Andrew C (✔) from Android
RT @arthur_affect Do people who change #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter run thru a cancer fundraiser going "THERE ARE OTHER DISEASES TOO"
The theater chains aren't scared that terrorists will blow up their theaters. They're scared fewer people will show up to the theaters over the holidays, taking a massive bite out of their profits.
Face it, man. Money trumps freedom. #CapitalismFTW
It's not about freedom, anyway. Sony is "free" to choose whether or not to distribute the film(s), and the theaters are "free" to choose whether or not to show it. They are exercising their freedom, even if the people wanting to see the films don't like their decision. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
It's freedom being trumped by fear at the expense of money. I don't see how Sony are choosing money over freedom. You could say that the money from any possible lawsuits but that's still fear. - Johnny
Exactly. Fear of losing money. If they knew releasing it would make billions of dollars even if people died, you know they totally would. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
A Seth Rogen and James Franco movie grossing a billion dollars? Yeah, ok. I see. - Johnny
Also, Sony pulled the film's theatrical release after the theaters said they wouldn't show it. Even if it did make a billion (how ever straw man that is), the theaters would only see a fraction of that, not to mention putting their staff in the line of fire. If the theater owners still said yes, this would be released next week. - Johnny
From Salon: I guess the answer was foreordained, but like so much that happens in America these days, it’s an answer that reveals our tremendous weakness and spectacular cowardice, our hilarious and pathetic tendency to resemble the proverbial elephant cringing before a mouse - WarLord
My point exactly. Sony is not going to make money if no theater is showing it, and a lot of theaters don't want to show it because of the risk of liability and because they think the threats will keep people away from all of the movies they're showing. Ergo, fear of losing money. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"If even 5 percent of nervous parents kept the family home on Christmas, every holiday blockbuster would have taken a hit." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"The truth is, America's commitment to free speech is dwarfed by our commitment to capitalism. Seth Rogen can stand in his house and say anything he wants about Kim Jong-un – but Sony has the choice to fund him, and even if it agrees, AMC can still pull the plug. The corporation, not the individual, has always had the power to decide what movie is a thoughtcrime. We're just only now visibly seeing the suits flex their clout." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Or piss off China and risk future distribution deals. - Rodfather
"The *end* of free speech in Hollywood?" - like, the industry that actively destroyed people's careers and lives with accusations of Communism and ensures only neoliberal propaganda gets disseminated somehow killed free speech…
…by not releasing what looks like a mediocre movie? Like, that's the killing blow? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"...But 13 years after the World Trade Center attack, we continue to live in a country that jumps whenever someone says boo. ..." - WarLord
I think the idea that the hackers alluded to 9/11 so now we're cowering is stupid and facile. It all has to do with how much money Sony is losing every day because of the hacking. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Not to mention all the studio execs whose jobs are now on the line because of all the leaked e-mails. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"If even 5 percent of nervous parents kept the family home on Christmas, every holiday blockbuster would have taken a hit." <-- this is the calculation right there. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
That the mainstream media outrage over "The Interview" being cancelled seems to be more vociferous than the mainstream media outrage over years of gov't-sanctioned torture and the mainstream media outrage over the lack of justice in Mike Brown's and Eric Garner's cases seems to perfectly illustrate how fucked up this country is.
Even though the optics look terrible and it looks like they're caving to terrorists, I think Sony realizes they're going to lose a fuckton of money on this movie and they're pulling the plug solely for financial reasons. #capitalismFTW
It might not be worth it for international markets. The CEO of Sony wanted a graphic scene of Kim Jong Un blowing up altered. - Rodfather
I think they're now going to make a butt-tonne of cash in the streaming and DVD market. Forbidden fruit and a FUCK YOU to North Korea? Gold mine. - Johnny
Plus, except for a few YouTube ads, the only times I've heard about the movie is from back in June or the recent hacks. They could have a tiny advertising spend. - Johnny
It's been all over the commercials here. Every damn TV show I watch has ads for that film. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yeah its all over commercials here. Lots of promos on Comedy Central especially...they even were on @Midnight promoting the film. - Chris Topher
Yeah, I think they've burned a lot of money trying to make this happen despite how the hacking has wreaked havoc on their other productions, but someone must've seen the balance sheet and said fuck it, totally not worth it. - Victor Ganata
Sometimes it really is better not to know #DeliberatelyCryptic #IgnoranceIsBliss
Sometimes there are unknown unknowns. - Todd Hoff
And that's why we go to war ^ - Steve C Team Marina
This Is How Tinder Guys React When You Send Them Morrissey Lyrics - Buzzfeed
I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People - Jezebel
"I don't know which is worse, the unrepentant killer or the man who insists to the end that he meant well." - Victor Ganata
"But what good are your good intentions if they kill us?" - Victor Ganata
CDC: Chlamydia, gonorrhea cases declined last year. - AMA Morning Rounds http://mailview.bulletinhealth...
"The AP (12/17, Stobbe) reports that 'for the first time in three decades,' chlamydia, 'the nation’s most common sexually transmitted disease, is a little less common.' The CDC 'also reported gonorrhea cases declined.'" - Victor Ganata
"The Washington Times (12/17, Wetzstein) reports however, that 'for syphilis, the third most common reported STD, some 17,375 cases were reported in 2013,' which 'translates into a rate of 5.5 per 100,000 people, an increase of 10 percent from 2012.'" - Victor Ganata
Internet porn is an experiment in dehumanization - L.A. Times - Opinion
"It is not fashionable or cool to suggest that there is a problem with porn. Comedians such as Bill Maher make fun of conservative religious people who suggest that there is. Feminist objections get dismissed as harangues of sexless harpies. Libertarians defend the pornographers’ right of free expression. But common sense and a growing body of evidence suggest that there is a negative cost being paid that only begins with the sex trafficking and exploitation undergirding the lower depths of the porn industry." - Victor Ganata
"A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior says that porn has become 'a primary source of sexual education' that is embedding new codes of sexual behavior in young men." - Victor Ganata
"The survey of 487 American males of college age indicates that 'the more pornography a man watches, the more likely he was to use it during sex, request particular pornographic sex acts of his partner, deliberately conjure images of pornography during sex to maintain arousal, and have concerns over his own sexual performance and body image. Further, higher pornography use was negatively associated with enjoying sexually intimate behaviors with a partner.'" - Victor Ganata
"In other words, young men who immerse themselves in porn develop disturbing expectations about sex and what they should demand from sex partners." - Victor Ganata
Nobody likes a jerker #iam12 - Don't Jerk and Drive - HuffPo
Dammit. There goes my daily commute. :( - Hookuh Tinypants
HuffPo's headline: "'Don't Jerk And Drive' Campaign Pulled" *snerk* - Steele Lawman
Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana - L.A. Times
Increasing time between eating controls metabolism and reverses obesity in mice - PRI
"When you feed mice a high fat diet, they like to eat that food all the time. They eat it during the nighttime and during the daytime. Instead of getting a good day's sleep, they tend to eat the food." - Victor Ganata
Sounds like two meals a day is a good plan? - Todd Hoff
(As an aside, I worked with Dr. Zarrinpar when he was a med student and I was a resident at UCSD :D ) - Victor Ganata
What about "grazing" on six tiny meals a day, nutritionists!!?!?? I feel betrayed. - Andrew C (✔)
That was last week Andrew. - Todd Hoff
Bear in mind this was done with high-fat diets (and also with high-carb and specifically high-fructose diets.) It would be interesting to see if the effect is all that pronounced when you feed mice more balanced diets. The changes in gene expression and in the gut microbiome won't be instantaneous, either, so you'll most likely feel like you're starving in the beginning. - Victor Ganata
Diet and Feeding Pattern Affect the Diurnal Dynamics of the Gut Microbiome - Cell - 2014 Dec 2 - the paper focuses mostly on the changes to the gut microbiome - Victor Ganata
"Obese humans and mice have gut microbiomes that are different from their lean controls. In particular, obesity is associated with a reduction in bacteria from the Bacteroidetes phylum and an increase in bacteria from the Firmicutes phylum. Metagenomic analysis of the obese microflora shows that it is enriched for genes associated with lipid and carbohydrate metabolism." - Victor Ganata
"Mice with ad libitum access to normal chow have a cyclical feeding pattern, eating most of their diet during their nighttime active phase and less during their daytime inactive phase…. Mice that have ad libitum access to [a high fat diet] spread their caloric intake, feeding during the dark/active phase and the light/inactive phase." Basically, eating a high fat diet makes you want to eat all the time even when you should be sleeping (at least, if you're a mouse.) - Victor Ganata
OTOH, if you can successfully restrict how often you eat, then the changes a high-fat diet will cause in your gut microbiome won't be deleterious (at least if you're a mouse.) - Victor Ganata
On a ketogenic diet it's pretty easy just to eat once or twice a day, so that may be part its success. - Todd Hoff
A ketogenic diet probably causes a whole other set of changes to the gut microbiome, though. I guess it is kind of misleading to say that it's merely about changing frequency of eating. What the paper actually points out is that switching to a high-fat diet causes deleterious changes in the gut microbiome, but restricting frequency of eating completely mitigates those changes (although... more... - Victor Ganata
Your gut critters will adapt to whatever you eat, so I'm not sure why that is at issue. - Todd Hoff
Why it's an issue is because certain gut critters cause people to gain weight and make them more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Yes, but saying there's adaption to diet doesn't really help figure that out because there's always an adaptation. And what I meant in a ketogenic diet is you really do feel less hungry so you have greater intervals between meals, which I've never heard attributed to why it may help people keep weight off. The issue is it's boring as hell. - Todd Hoff
Well, they did speciate the different bacteria and certain species are more associated with obesity and diabetes than others. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
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