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Texas court upholds right to take 'upskirt' pictures - The Guardian - WTF, Texas
Seriously, this is some fucking gross shit. "The case stemmed from the arrest of a man in his early 50s named Ronald Thompson who was stopped in 2011 at Sea World in San Antonio after parents reported him swimming with and taking pictures of children aged 3-11. The local district attorney’s office said that he tried to delete the photographs before his camera was seized and a police examination of it revealed 73 images of children in swimsuits 'with most of the photographs targeting the children’s breast and buttocks areas'." - Victor Ganata
iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 - The Onion
The problem is that believing capitalism and free markets isn't the solution to every problem gets automatically tagged as anti-capitalist. #reductionismFTW
Sheesh, are some of the pro-unity people *really* doing Nazi salutes even though unity won?
Random fact: a baby's soft spot isn't all that fragile. Not that I recommend inflicting head trauma on infants to test how durable it is, but just touching it won't cause brain damage.
"... and that was the day I managed to get an entire social network arrested." - Victor in 20 years. - Andrew C (✔)
Popeye the Sailor Scout (via werewolf-queen)
*plunges carrots into own eyes* - Big Joe Silence
i think this character was in the Director's cut of "In The Mouth Of Madness". - Big Joe Silence
why is this happening? wait.. y'know what, never mind, don't wanna know. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Well blow me down. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
NO. - Laura
Big Joe +1 - Pea Bukowski
No, sir. I don't like it. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Random thought: a mashup of Fullmetal Alchemist and the Silmarillion. Instead of Father, it's Feänor. And instead of the Homonculi named after the Deadly Sins, it's the sons of Fëanor. Nor sure who Edward and Alphonse would be, though. (Maybe Elrond and Elros?)
Or maybe Morgoth is Father. He took Finwë's form and Finwë isn't really dead, and Fëanor and Fingolfin are Edward and Alphonse…. - Victor Ganata
"jim kirk walks into a bar. it doesn’t matter if he walks into a drinking establishment or a metal support beam, because he gets injured either way." (via megglesthetribble)
And his shirt will somehow get torn right across his chest and nowhere else. - Victor Ganata
Is there an assonant term for marine layer morning gloom in September? [edited: I originally wrote 'alliterative' instead of 'assonant']
Fall pall? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
I like that :D - Victor Ganata
murky turkey - Todd Hoff
Autumn doldrum? (not quite as snappy as "fall pall") - John (bird whisperer)
End of summer bummer. - Anika
"Home Alone (1990, Comedy) Two burglars attempt to murder an abandoned 8-year-old child" (via knitmeapony)
I'm… not sure how to interpret this. Is this supposed to be threatening or helpful? (via melinnateatrina)
That's totally threatening in my book. - SAM
F*ck kale. - SAM
I think the whimsical misspelling means it's without malice. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Gentrification's getting heated. - Andrew C (✔)
It's a command to go vegan. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Sponsored by PETA. - April Russo
One Man Asked Grindr Users About Scottish Independence, and the Results Are Hilarious - News.Mic
"Can u get yo royal British hotel we can give input in your asse" :D - Victor Ganata
Ask a silly question... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
So we mainly pay taxes to ensure defense contractors profit and cops and rebel groups have the newest killer tech. #FuckYeahAmerica
The MIC and Wall Street run this country like a private country club with restricted membership (but I repeat myself) - WarLord
I gotta admit, being an American with Filipino ancestry does bias me towards supporting independence in (almost) all cases.
The same is true of my Irish Catholic ancestry. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm an Anglo Canadian, so I default towards skepticism at best. - Andrew C (✔)
Since I discovered Finland wasn't a country until after my great grandparents left, I've been a big supporter of independence too. (Don't tell anyone my relatives used to be Swedish!) - Heather
If Scotland does end up voting for independence, I seriously doubt it will be in anywhere near as terrible shape as the Philippines was when the U.S. finally granted it independence after it had been ravaged by WWII, with Manila and its major industries in ruins. - Victor Ganata
Kermit drinking tea. #TamarianPhrases
Beyond the Wall.
Profane Latin Intensifier.
I'll take 'Lost Tool albums' for $500 - Pete : Team Marina
Pete wins. <3 - Hookuh Tinypants
A big part of literacy is being aware of allusions, historical usage, and historical context. #darmok
tangent: new life goal is to become so powerful in Hollywood that I can retcon that episode out. - Andrew C (✔)
though I GUESS JJ ABRAMS ALREADY RETCONNED EVERYTHING OUT before he bugged out for Star Wars. - Andrew C (✔)
Bizarrely, he retconned everything except Enterprise. (And, presumably, the Tamarians still exist in the Lensflare Universe ;) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
SOMEHOW every Tamarian knows the details of every story. No one's ever "not seen it" or been too cool to own a TV. - Andrew C (✔)
Some Band You've Never Heard Of at a Venue You're Not Cool Enough For - Pete : Team Marina
The Lead Singer, Her Hair Flowing Wild! - Pete : Team Marina
haha, hipster Tamarian FTW. - Andrew C (✔)
Rare Unreleased Cut From Obscure Indie Band's Last Album Before Their First Breakup - Andrew C (✔)
Darmok and.. oh you know, the guy, he had The Big Store at the Corner of Dreams...Merath you *know* who I mean. Anyway, him and Darmok at Tenagra. Yeah, I *said* it - Pete : Team Marina
Darmok and Jalad liked it before it was cool. - Victor Ganata
SHAKA WHEN HE NEEDED A BATH - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
So You Want To Get Into An MFA Program: A Decision Tree - McSweeney's (link from the comments on The Toast post Jessie linked )
"D. You pound PBRs, masturbate nearly to the point of climax, and then stop (you’ve told all the literary layyyydees that this was how Anthony Trollope used to do it, and it’s a thing you said so it’s probably true), write the sentence 'He both hated it and loved it,' delete the sentence, and finish masturbating." - Victor Ganata
"D. A dude who majored in the humanities and is pretty good at this writing thing, but also isn’t some kind of balls-less pussy freak. You like Maker’s Mark, quoting Henry Miller, and literary ladies (layyydeees) with big glasses who obviously do not grasp the concept you’re talking about, so you’ll explain it again to them." Hahahahahahahaha omg. That guy. - Jessie
Why the ‘diet’ on your soda may be misleading - PBS
"A study published Wednesday in the journal Nature suggests that consuming artificial sweeteners may increase the risk of elevated blood sugar levels." - Victor Ganata
n=7 so, yeah, the study has major limitations, but this makes sense from what we know: after all artificial sweeteners like xylitol are touted for their anti-bacterial properties, so I'm not particularly shocked by the idea that other artificial sweeteners might significantly alter gut flora. And we know that the composition of gut flora has an impact on the development of obesity. - Victor Ganata
Still, the study also suggests that this isn't a generalizable phenomenon and that maybe only certain individuals are prone to this effect, depending on their own genetic makeup and their specific gut microbiome. - Victor Ganata
"The fact that we have shown that some subset of individuals may be reacting adversely to artificial sweetener use does not mean that we are in any way directly or indirectly recommending that anyone change his or her diet. And especially we are not recommending for people to increase their sugar consumption rather than consuming artificial sweeteners." - Victor Ganata
Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota - Nature - 2014 Sep 17 - Victor Ganata
I've gone rounds w/damn Dr prescribed nutritionist about this very thing. She swears I must switch to these man made sweeteners instead of cane sugar. She wrote a nasty gram in my chart that I'm non-compliant. Well duh. That shit is bad for a body no matter how it's presented. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
The study is way too small to be able to really tell what each artificial sweetener does, and the authors do still recommend not drinking sugar, though. It's really a risk-benefit/lesser of evils assessment. - Victor Ganata
And as always, too much of anything can't be all that good for you, so as long as you aren't littering your daily intake with artificial sweeteners or sugar, you're probably fine occasionally indulging. - Hookuh Tinypants
It would be pretty sweet if they put a dragon on the Union Jack to represent Wales.
There's was a time when I was a kid when I had Atlantic Starr confused with Starship :D
and i was thinking, the pastoral poems has been made by pasteur. - yedi
'Heat storm' preparations start months earlier at Southern California utilities - SCPR
Seems like the climate models are at least good enough for utility companies to anticipate energy needs several months in advance, so…. - Victor Ganata
"…and don't stare at me. You got the bug eyes. Janine, sorry about the bug eyes thing. I'll be in my office." #wednesday #bouledoguefrançais (via jensaredope)
People jump all over people who don't use Standard American English as their first language for minor spelling and grammar mistakes, but if someone who is supposedly educated has no idea that a word is a well-attested offensive ethnic/racial slur, we should just let it slide?
I'm thinking… maybe we shouldn't judge people for their ignorance? Or nah? - Victor Ganata
It's one thing not to know the word or phrase. It is an entirely different thing to then claim that your ignorance of it means that it isn't offensive or shouldn't be offensive. The latter is much more troubling to me. It's more than a little solipstistic. - Katy S
It's pretty weird how having an irrational fear can actually give you a sense of control, but, there it is.
I guess, really, I'm afraid of not being afraid. - Victor Ganata
This little kid is repeatedly singing "Set fire to your head!" o_O
Well, shit, Rob Ford got liposarcoma?
More Dudes Who Will Not Be Ignored: 'Remind Me to Slap Your Momma' - Jezebel
"…men aren't taught that pillar of adulthood, disappointment management." - Victor Ganata
The wheat-and-the-weeds parable/metaphor is pretty deeply embedded in my mind. Just because it's usually a choice between a greater evil and a lesser evil doesn't mean there isn't some good somewhere in the mix, however obscured and choked by weeds.
To use another cliché: throwing the baby out with the bathwater is generally the worst course of action. - Victor Ganata
Yeah, but the bathwater isn't saying you're drowning the baby ;) *mixed metaphor DJ* - Pete : Team Marina
Bath water and babies are both pretty gross, though. - Anika
Yes, we sometimes have to choose. But the choices are often poor and the people asking for you to choose are poor too. - Pete : Team Marina
But basically, I agree with Victor. - Pete : Team Marina
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