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I feel like there should be an ICD-9 code for "history of health insurance coverage problems"
Too large a pool of people you'sd have to have subsidiary codes - WarLord
Boyfriend Doesn't Have Ebola. Probably. - Hyperbole and a Half - 2010 Feb 10 - Allie Brosh's reinterpretation of the Wong-Baker FACES pain rating scale
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I can't remember what lead me to this particular post. - Victor Ganata
It probably wasn't stomach AIDS either. - Morgan Fugel from Android
I have shared this chart with my healthcare providers before. - Brian Johns
Funny how the people who keep saying voting is a waste of time only talk about how all the candidates and parties are the same. They never mention the fact that you're also voting on state, county, and city measures that will totally affect your life in very concrete ways.
That's because they're simple-minded. It's too hard for them to think that much. - Anika
Plus of course the parties and candidates are NOT the same but hey simple minded - WarLord
I assume they've never voted and have no idea that there are things like ballot questions. - Heather
People who "choose" not to vote come up with the most remarkable reasons. And it's SOOOOOO difficult to register and vote (esp. in states with permanent absentee ballots, like California). Thus us aged and, unfortunately, them extremists take over the gummint because we'll take the time to be part of it. - Walt Crawford
New Mexico is the best place to survive the zombie apocalypse - NewsCastic
Isaac Asimov Mulls “How Do People Get New Ideas?” - MIT Technology Review
"The world in general disapproves of creativity, and to be creative in public is particularly bad. Even to speculate in public is rather worrisome." - Victor Ganata
I feel like a lot of these apply to improv, though improv (in the style I learned it) generally doesn't need an external facilitator/director in performance. I guess there are coaches during practice sessions. - Andrew C (✔)
Wednesday and Pugsley lying on asphalt (via jensaredope)
I love that they're named Wednesday and Pugsley. - bentley
My sister got Pugsley first, so naming her Wednesday was probably inevitable :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Under the Hood: Plot Holes, Implausability and Taking the Journey - Tribeca - re: "Gone Girl" #SpoilerWarning
"Yet these plot holes, regardless of the degree to which they may crop up in the viewer's mind, do not, for the majority of filmgoers, ruin the experience of watching the film. Why not?" - Victor Ganata
Way more people are going to die of the flu this season than all the people who have died from Ebola since the virus was discovered 38 years ago.
Because you know I'm... (via Scott. Cat Herder.)
I seem to have done something weird to the left side of my neck while I slept.
Owww. :( - Stephen Mack
Hate. That. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Some Millennials — And Their Parents — Are Slow To Cut The Cord - NPR
The idea that this is unprecedented is kind of ridiculous considering that throughout human history right up until the Industrial Revolution, parental support and extended family support has been the norm. The concept of completely independent nuclear family units is fairly recent. - Victor Ganata
NBA Windows: Kobe Bryant’s Last Stand - Grantland - written by an avowed Kobe hater :D
"But 36 years old and over 45,000 minutes (13th on the all-time list above Moses Malone, the first player to jump from high school to the pros, and less than 200 minutes behind Robert Parish) equals gray-whiskered dog years for all but the rarest of the rare pro ballers. And, in the wake of one of the most devastating injuries in sports, it is fair to consider this the twilight of the Bryant Age. I feel confident in saying that. I think. What’s strange is how sad I am about this. Sad, because I have always been a fervent Kobe hater." - Victor Ganata
"But you only have to scratch the 'Kobe steals from MJ' charge to reveal the sports hate–addled, pretzel structure of the logic underneath. Playing basketball is not intrinsically an act of narrative. Basketball, despite the drama, is not, you know, literature or something. Kobe can’t plagiarize from Mike. What Kobe has done is mold his play after the greatest player ever, and, not incidentally, one who played Kobe’s position. That just makes sense to do, from a caring-about-one’s-craft standpoint." - Victor Ganata
The Scary Ways Online Dating Can Go Wrong - ABC News
"Guys think they're so much safer and that they don't have to worry about security issues. But obviously, a woman in a chimney proves that wrong." - Victor Ganata
So how did the guy find out she was in the chimney? Wait, was this an instance of "THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!"? - Corinne L
Puppy-sized goliath spider assaults Harvard University entomologist - The Westside Story
Would you rather be assaulted by 100 spider-sized puppies or 100 puppy-sized spiders? - Spidra Webster
Where's the screaming Ebola headlines about the 43 healthy people in Dallas? - Daily Kos
Don't panic! (via Dr. S)
Haha! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
love it! - Marie
The first thought that comes to mind is "infection control theater" #EbolaCzar but maybe I'm wrong
Of course, they might just be looking for a fall guy. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
The western model is broken - Guardian
"The west has lost the power to shape the world in its own image – as recent events, from Ukraine to Iraq, make all too clear. So why does it still preach the pernicious myth that every society must evolve along western lines?" - Victor Ganata
"'So far, the 21st century has been a rotten one for the western model,' according to a new book, The Fourth Revolution, by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. This seems an extraordinary admission from two editors of the Economist, the flag-bearer of English liberalism, which has long insisted that the non-west could only achieve prosperity and stability through western prescriptions." - Victor Ganata
"It almost obscures the fact that the 20th century was blighted by the same pathologies that today make the western model seem unworkable, and render its fervent advocates a bit lost. The most violent century in human history, it was hardly the best advertisement for the 'bland fanatics of western civilisation', as the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr called them at the height of the cold war, 'who regard the highly contingent achievements of our culture as the final form and norm of human existence'." - Victor Ganata
If by non-western lines is meant that women should be kept basically slaves? And what unproven pet model do they see as a replacement? - Todd Hoff
"Such diehard believers in the west’s capacity to shape global events and congratulate itself eternally were afflicted with an obsolete assumption even in 1989: that the 20th century was defined by the battles between liberal democracy and totalitarian ideologies, such as fascism and communism." - Victor Ganata
"Their obsession with a largely intra-western dispute obscured the fact that the most significant event of the 20th century was decolonisation, and the emergence of new nation-states across Asia and Africa. They barely registered the fact that liberal democracies were experienced as ruthlessly imperialist by their colonial subjects." - Victor Ganata
I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all paradigm. I think invoking non-Western barbarism is a grotesque strawman. But it seems fairly obvious that decolonized countries have been evolving over the past century or so along different paths than what the hegemonic West would prefer. - Victor Ganata
Then what does it mean Victor? It's easy to bitch, but be specific. ISIS is non-western. - Todd Hoff
Like, there are other potentially successful paradigms than cookie cutter neoliberalism that don't involve treating women as subhuman or beheading people capriciously? I think there's a lot of ideological headspace between the Third Way and ISIS. - Victor Ganata
For example? - Todd Hoff
The People's Republic of China? Not saying that we should emulate it, but I think it's ridiculous to claim they're doomed to failure if they don't adopt neoliberal norms. - Victor Ganata
Any non-war torn former colonial possession on any continent, really. - Victor Ganata
Not to say that these other paradigms don't have significant problems either, but to claim there's only one right way to build a successful nation-state seems prima facie absurd. - Victor Ganata
I mean, I don't think it's a stretch to say any form of ideological fundamentalism—whether religious fanaticism and extremism or strict adherence to the tenets of neoliberalism—that is increasingly at odds with in-real-world events is not going to do very well. - Victor Ganata
So you are advocating a system that doesn't recognize individual rights and freedoms? That's your alternative? Wow. - Todd Hoff
"But then western ideologues during the cold war absurdly prettified the rise of the 'democratic' west. The long struggle against communism, which claimed superior moral virtue, required many expedient feints. And so the centuries of civil war, imperial conquest, brutal exploitation, and genocide were suppressed in accounts that showed how westerners made the modern world, and became with their liberal democracies the superior people everyone else ought to catch up with." - Victor Ganata
Where did I advocate that, Todd? - Victor Ganata
China - Todd Hoff
Is it really too much to demand that the West acknowledge that colonialism and imperialism was pretty fucked up? - Victor Ganata
Great, it was fucked up. Now what? - Todd Hoff
Like I said, I don't think we should emulate it. But I don't think it's doomed to failure simply because they're not following neoliberal prescriptions. - Victor Ganata
Maybe advocate a paradigm that doesn't require centuries of slavery, colonialism, and imperialism to attain "success"? I don't know. - Victor Ganata
Not doomed to failure is hardly a prescription for emulation. And if individuals don't have rights or some of those other pesky western ideals, then yah, that's a failure to me. - Todd Hoff
For example? - Todd Hoff
A paradigm that doesn't require widespread displacement or genocide of indigenous people in order to exploit natural resources and sell them for massive profit on the free market? - Victor Ganata
For example? - Todd Hoff
Well, there are a lot of governments that do honor the rights of the indigenous and try to make reparations and governments that have strict environmental protections. This usually doesn't sit too well with the multinational corporations that run things, though. - Victor Ganata
I mean, let's not pretend we live in world where everyone in the hegemonic West agrees that slavery, genocide, colonialism, and imperialism are evil. The thrust of this opinion piece is that most people in the West believe neoliberalism is great, and doing anything that deviates from its tenets means you are doing it very wrong and you are very stupid. - Victor Ganata
"Thus the editors of the Economist elide in The Fourth Revolution the history of mass slaughter in the west itself that led to the modern nation-state: the religious wars of the 17th century, the terror of French revolutions, the Napoleonic wars, the Franco-Prussian war and the wars of Italian unification, among others." - Victor Ganata
"Mainstream Anglo-American writers who vend popular explanations of how the west made the modern world veer between intellectual equivocation and insouciance about the west’s comparative advantage of colonialism, slavery and indentured labour." - Victor Ganata
"But obscuring the monstrous costs of the west’s own 'progress' destroys any possibility of explaining the proliferation of large-scale violence in the world today, let along finding a way to contain it." - Victor Ganata
The reason we have laws is precisely because such a system does not require everyone believe X. If that is your requirement then you have few system options. So again, give me an alternative? We have several thousand years of philosophy and practice in the are of political systems. If there's something better it would be great to here about it. But I suspect by better they simply mean it behaves in the way we prefer, so it's less messy, and we don't like messy. - Todd Hoff
So far, the thesis of the opinion piece is that most people—Westerners and non-Westerners aspiring to Western ideals—don't particularly know or care about the centuries of atrocities committed in the name of neoliberal progress. But without the centuries of unjust exploitation that fueled the economic prosperity of the West, I'm not sure neoliberalism really works all that well. - Victor Ganata
The 20th century paradigm of "installing" democracy and free markets seems to have been fairly counterproductive, too. - Victor Ganata
Few in the present ever care about what happened in the past. If we did we would spend the present crying. So now what? - Todd Hoff
Let former colonies do their own thing and not force them to adhere strictly to the neoliberal ideal? - Victor Ganata
"'No European country,' Aron pointed out, 'ever went through the phase of economic development which India and China are now experiencing, under a regime that was representative and democratic.'" - Victor Ganata
"Nowhere in Europe, he wrote in The Opium of Intellectuals, 'during the long years when industrial populations were growing rapidly, factory chimneys looming up over the suburbs and railways and bridges being constructed, were personal liberties, universal suffrage and the parliamentary system combined'." - Victor Ganata
"American individualism, the product of a short history of unrepeatable national success, in his view, 'spreads unlimited optimism, denigrates the past, and encourages the adoption of institutions which are in themselves destructive of the collective unity'" - Victor Ganata
I think multinational corporations *prefer* authoritarian regimes. Historically, economic prosperity has *always* been attained via grossly exploitative means that have no respect for the mechanisms of democracy and no respect for human rights. Human rights protections and representative government undoubtedly slow down economic exploitation. So I think most developing countries end up having to choose between economic prosperity and a free society. And free societies often make stock holders unhappy. - Victor Ganata
"After its most severe global crisis in the 1930s, capitalism had suffered a decline in legitimacy, and in much of the non-western world, planned and protected economic growth had become the chosen means to such ends as social justice and gender equality." - Victor Ganata
"Many formally democratic nation-states, such as India, Indonesia, and South Africa, have struggled to maintain their national consensus in the face of the imperative to privatise basic services such as water, health and education." - Victor Ganata
"Identified with elite or sectarian interests, the unrepresentative central state in many countries struggles to compete with offers of stability and order from non-state actors. Not surprisingly, even the vicious Isis claims to offer better governance to Sunnis angry with the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad. So do Maoist insurgents who control large territories in Central India, and even drug-traffickers in Myanmar and Mexico." - Victor Ganata
"It would require an admission that Iraq can achieve a modicum of stability not by reviving the doomed project of nation-state but through a return to Ottoman-style confederal institutions that devolve power and guarantee minority rights." - Victor Ganata
"Addressing the splinters leaves no scope for vacuous moralising against 'Islamic extremism': in their puritanical and utopian zeal, the Islamic revolutionaries brutally advancing across Syria and Iraq resemble the fanatically secular Khmer Rouge more than anything in the long history of Islam." - Victor Ganata
Lots of quotes. Lots of complaining. Not lots of alternatives. - Todd Hoff
There's no silver bullet, man. This is just framework stuff that most people don't really care about. But not grokking this historical framework just guarantees we will continue to blunder headlong into failure and eventual collapse. - Victor Ganata
"But, following Geertz’s insistence on differences and variations, the ressentiment of the west articulated by nationalists in Russia, China, and India cannot be conflated with the resistance to a predatory form of modernisation – ruthless dispossession by a profit-driven nexus of the state and business – mounted by indigenous peoples in Tibet, India, Peru and Bolivia." - Victor Ganata
If collapse is eventual then how can it be avoided? - Todd Hoff
I mean, we're all trying to postpone rather than hasten eventual collapse, no? - Victor Ganata
Let's face it, most Westerners and non-Westerners aspiring to Western ideals can't even fathom the idea that there might actually be alternatives to neoliberalism. And if you're locked into the idea that there's only one right way, then there's no way you're going to be receptive to any alternatives even if there are feasible possibilities. - Victor Ganata
So what are your alternatives? - Todd Hoff
Well, my personal preference is a liberal democracy that prioritizes human rights over material prosperity, but it doesn't seem like most people aren't big fans of that. - Victor Ganata
The venn diagram of that and neoliberalism is a pretty huge intersection. - Todd Hoff
Of course, but neoliberalism prioritizes free market solutions and prefers laissez faire policies. I think that's a pretty big distinction. - Victor Ganata
But you would still have a democracy? So people will disagree? So you will get a might mish mash of different policies? Or would you force people into your mold? - Todd Hoff
Well, as much coercion as there is in a typical nation-state with a representative government. I think utopian anarchy with zero coercion is impossible. So I think it's really a question of whose rights the state prioritizes. And I don't think multinational corporations should really be at the top of that list. - Victor Ganata
Yes, of course, but how would structure need to change to make it happen? - Todd Hoff
"In any case, the doubters of western-style progress today include more than just marginal communities and some angry environmental activists. No less than the World Bank admitted last month that emerging economies – or the 'large part of humanity' that Bayly called the 'long-term losers' of history – might have to wait for three centuries in order to catch up with the west." - Victor Ganata
"In the Economist’s assessment, which pitilessly annuls the upbeat projections beloved of consultants and investors, the last decade of rapid growth was an 'aberration' and 'billions of people will be poorer for a lot longer than they might have expected just a few years ago'." - Victor Ganata
"The implications are sobering: the non-west not only finds itself replicating the west’s violence and trauma on an infinitely larger scale. While helping inflict the profoundest damage yet on the environment – manifest today in rising sea levels, erratic rainfall, drought, declining harvests, and devastating floods – the non-west also has no real prospect of catching up with the west." - Victor Ganata
"His own discovery of the tragically insuperable contradictions of westernisation led Aron into the odd company of the many thinkers in the east and the west who questioned the exalting of economic growth as an end in itself. Of course, other ways of conceiving of the good life have existed long before a crudely utilitarian calculus – which institutionalises greed, credits slavery with economic value and confuses individual freedom with consumer choice – replaced thinking in our most prominent minds." - Victor Ganata
I don't really want to barge in on this conversation, but I really enjoyed reading it. Just wanted to let you two know :) - Lo
Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy by Francis Fukuyama: "I believe that a political system resting on a balance among state, law, and accountability is both a practical and a moral necessity for all societies. All societies need states that can generate sufficient power to defend themselves externally and internally, and... more... - Todd Hoff
The current "Western model" isn't something that can be implemented in a nation state. It's a global model, and it is absolutely dependent on there being a huge non-Western part. There are two really ingenious solutions that I think this current implementation is relying heavily on, and they're both totally dependent on this dichotomy. The first is the outsourcing of the proletariat by... more... - Morgan Fugel
Every terrible thing that happened had to have happened for me to experience happiness now
I tend to see it that way, as well. - Jenny H. from Android
Heading down to S.D. for my cousin's wedding! #FourMonthsOfCelebrations
Have fun! - Spidra Webster
I wonder what the Silicon Valley startup culture's solution to Ebola is going to be.
(No, I don't really wonder.) - Victor Ganata
I'm guessing it looks a lot like the SMS app proposal from the Australian doctor: - Jennifer Dittrich
That sounds pretty cool, actually. It's when the profit motive rears its head that I get worried. - Victor Ganata
CDC Director: Why I don’t support a travel ban to combat Ebola outbreak - Tom Frieden, M.D.
"But, as has been said, for every complex problem, there’s a solution that’s quick, simple, and wrong." - Victor Ganata
"We don’t want to isolate parts of the world, or people who aren’t sick, because that’s going to drive patients with Ebola underground, making it infinitely more difficult to address the outbreak." - Victor Ganata
"It could even cause these countries to stop working with the international community as they refuse to report cases because they fear the consequences of a border closing." - Victor Ganata
"Importantly, isolating countries won’t keep Ebola contained and away from American shores. Paradoxically, it will increase the risk that Ebola will spread in those countries and to other countries, and that we will have more patients who develop Ebola in the U.S." - Victor Ganata
"People will move between countries, even when governments restrict travel and trade. And that kind of travel becomes almost impossible to track." - Victor Ganata
The panic over Ebola is probably going to cause more harm and even kill more people than Ebola itself will.
Agreed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Presbyterian workers wore no hazmat suits for two days while treating Ebola patient - Dallas News
Do you *want* Ebola? Because that's how you get Ebola. - Victor Ganata
Scary. - maʀtha
Good grief. - Jennifer Dittrich
WTAF. - Big Joe Silence
Granted, this is one of those things that are only blindingly obvious in retrospect. I mean, it would be a vast waste of resources if they wore hazmat suits for everyone who came in with a fever. But I can't help but imagine this could've still probably been handled better if we didn't have the fragmented system we have. - Victor Ganata
You know, I don't think it's a stretch to see how a murky understanding of the germ theory of disease, a disdain for strict adherence to top-down mandated protocols, and a generalized distrust of government could lead to widespread catastrophe.
Chris Brown: Ebola is ‘population control’ - Death and Taxes
Who knew that besides assaulting people, committing domestic violence, and being homophobic, Chris Brown was also an epidemiologist? - Victor Ganata
Oh, he's not alone on this one. Or the others, indeed... - Pete : Team Marina
A tale of sex, greed and Filipinos on Coney Island - PRI
"In 1905, a small tribe from the Philippines appeared at Coney Island as a 'human exhibit.' Journalist Claire Prentice chronicles their experiences in her latest book, 'The Lost Tribes of Coney Island,' which we've excerpted here." - Victor Ganata
"Reporters crowded around the Igorrotes and began shouting out questions. What do you think of America? Is it true that you eat dogs? Will you be hunting human heads here in America?" - Victor Ganata
"Less than a week after the opening of the Igorrote Village, a woman turned up in a state of agitation, claiming her beloved dog, Prince, had been devoured by the Filipinos." - Victor Ganata
"Cartoons appeared in the newspapers depicting the Igorrotes stealing dogs from American homes. CHAIN UP YOUR DOG, screamed the headlines. No one seemed to notice (or care) that Mrs. Jackman was the wife of the proprietor of Coney’s musical railways and a neighbor of Truman’s. In every sense the disappearance of Prince was an inside job. The American Humane Association came calling again. Truman was ready for them and insisted the dog feasts were a vital part of tribal life and could not be stopped." - Victor Ganata
"With combined glee and revulsion, the New York press reported that dog was the only meat the Igorrotes ever ate." - Victor Ganata
For-profit health care --> Ebola
Nothing generates revenue like a self replicating virus. - Todd Hoff
I wonder what will happen to the profits when the lawyers sink their teeth into this, though. Assuming rule of law will remain intact. - Victor Ganata
I assume, like most other crises, that people who are rich will continue so, and anyone else.. well, they aren't rich. - Jennifer Dittrich
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