"Iñigo? I hope we win." — Fezzik
My way is not very sportsmanlike -Fezzik - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Whoa. I had totally forgotten that FriendFeed had "Like" a year and three months before Facebook did (via Laura Norvig https://www.facebook.com/lnorvig... )
Racist chant taught on fraternity leadership cruise, university says - L.A. Times http://www.latimes.com/nation...
Is anyone really surprised? - Victor Ganata
Nope. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
I'm a little surprised, but I have next to no firsthand experience with frats. - Andrew C (✔)
what is diversity training? i looked it up. - Halil
"Shame On Deadline" For Suggesting Hollywood Has Too Many Minorities - L.A. Weekly http://www.laweekly.com/news...
"In Los Angeles, nearly three out of four people is a minority. In California, Latinos recently surpassed whites as the largest ethnic/racial group. And the United Sates population is now more than one-third (37 percent) minority." - Victor Ganata
"Darnell Hunt of UCLA’s Bunche Center for African American Studies has said that, because Hollywood has been so slow to change, and because the country's minority population continues to grow, film and television's reflection of America's diversity is actually getting worse." - Victor Ganata
"His latest research http://www.laweekly.com/news... shows that minorities captured only 6.5 percent of the lead roles on major-network scripted programs." - Victor Ganata
"'Shame on Deadline for giving a platform to the prejudices of a few Hollywood agents who, under the cloak of anonymity, revealed themselves to be among the entertainment industry gatekeepers reluctant to change their unfair and exclusionary practices and make way for progress.'" - Victor Ganata
"'The inaccuracies and misconceptions the article put forth are patently offensive and reflect a larger problem of persisting racial and ethnic bias in the entertainment industry.'" - Victor Ganata
When there's three out of four people, who is the minority? - Todd Hoff
^The term 'Minority' is not always about numbers. And in this case, it's about POWER. People/groups who hold few or no positions of power in a society = MINORITY STATUS. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Given the full context of the paragraph, I read it as "nearly three out of four people is a minority [in the U.S. as a whole]". - Victor Ganata
My implication was power is potentially in the hands of the 3/4. - Todd Hoff
Yeah, in reality, not so much. - Victor Ganata
Hah! No, because of established power structures in Hollywood. The majority of agents, execs, casting directors, directors are white. Also, POCs aren't one monolithic "ethnic" bloc. - Andrew C (✔)
I did totally forget that the Galactic Empire in Star Wars doesn't have teleportation technology while the Federation in Star Trek totally does - 5 Classic Geek Debates That Were Settled a Long Time Ago - Cracked - 2015 Jan 14 http://www.cracked.com/blog... re: the Enterprise vs. a Star Destroyer
Are you saying "boo" or "boo-urns"? http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Are you saying "boo" or "boo-urns"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C10bE4yGPMw
"I was saying Boo-urns" - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
If anyone wants, I can post my hacked-together Ruby script that will download your feed and all the associated entries and images.
It is pretty rough. - Victor Ganata
So far known bug: I think any entry where the post text is just "." will result in weirdness - Victor Ganata
I'd like to see it, Victor. - Micah from FFHound!
It depends on the nokogiri gem. - Victor Ganata
OK, I will find somewhere to upload it to in a bit. - Victor Ganata
Cool. Thanks. - Micah from FFHound!
There is a superfluous "Â" in line 29 and in line 285. It should be "Older items »" not "Older items »". This won't matter for the main feeds, but it will break things when trying to download comment feeds. - Victor Ganata
Ooooh, sweet. - Jennifer Dittrich
I've never done anything with a Ruby script. Are there newbie instructions, or is it the kind of thing you need to know how to use so I shouldn't even try? :-) - bentley
I guess it depends on how adventurous you are. Right now it's just a command line script, and as I've just discovered, it can be messy trying to install ruby. And this is in OS X. I wouldn't know where to start in Windows. - Victor Ganata
I'm on a Mac but I know nothing about Ruby, so I think I'll pass for now. Thanks for writing it, though. - bentley
How many backups of my FriendFeed entries and comments is enough?
How long is a piece of string? - Micah from FFHound!
A good base would be three: one online on your main PC, one "in the cloud", and one physical copy (DVD-R, USB stick, I don't know) in a safe deposit box. Plus MD5 hashes in a bunch more places, I guess. - Andrew C (✔)
One to S3. - Todd Hoff
Your neighbors probably think you're a water waster - L.A. Times http://www.latimes.com/local...
"A poll released this week suggests that as California enters a fourth year of drought, blaming the neighbors is no longer just a social media fad. A large majority – 66% – of Californians believe people in their part of the state are not doing enough to respond to the drought, according to a statewide survey by the Public Policy Institute of California." - Victor Ganata
So people really are freaking out about the drought, but my cynicism makes me think that the majority of people participating in #droughtshaming probably aren't doing very much to conserve water themselves. - Victor Ganata
OH: Sean Bean can play Roy Fokker (re: live action Robotech by Sony)
Germanwings flight 4U9525 deliberately flown into mountain, says prosecutor - The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/world...
Holy shit - Victor Ganata
Damn. - Kristin
I guess that's one downside of locking cockpit doors. - John (bird whisperer)
That's awful. - Andrew C (✔)
I don't know how they'll confirm it but it definitely explains the lack of a distress call, the lack of veering off course, and the controlled 8 minute descent - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I read this morning that European rules are different than the U.S. rules about cockpit occupancy. In the U.S., when either the pilot or copilot leaves the cockpit for a break (such as a bathroom visit), a flight attendant is required to take the seat. But the European airline rules do allow a single cockpit occupant for short breaks. My guess is that they'll adopt the U.S. rules after this crash. - Stephen Mack
Norwegian air has already announced that they'll require two people in the cockpit at all times. I don't think it was something previously followed. - Jenny H. from Android
Why? Kill yourself. Sure. But why kill all those other people? - Todd Hoff
Oh, wow. How awful. - Jennifer Dittrich
My oldest friend who lives in NYC is visiting. He has been telling me just how much he has missed the sun. This definitely validates my decision to return to Southern California 11 years ago :D
Hodor v. Groot http://www.youtube.com/watch... — this was inevitable, I suppose
Hodor v. Groot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWcZSvqLTDM — this was inevitable, I suppose
Life is both growth and (controlled) destruction. While it's obvious that unopposed destruction leads to death, unopposed growth is cancer. #SteadyState #EntropyWinsInTheEnd
I think Robotech has a lot to do with my love of mashups, crossovers, and genre-bending.
This is probably the only reason why the combination of idol singers (including crossdressing idol singers), space opera, and the post-apocalypse make complete and total logical sense to me. - Victor Ganata
Welllllllll, technically, all that can be found in Macross alone, no? - Andrew C (✔)
And the term "Protoculture" meaning "proto-culture" rather than "magic energy thing" makes more sense. - Andrew C (✔)
Was there a crossdressing idol singer in Macross? - Victor Ganata
And I dunno about protoculture. Growing up in a car-dependent city like L.A., the whole galactic energy crisis and the desire to reverse engineer advanced technology made a lot more sense to me than the idea of harvesting nascent civilizations. - Victor Ganata
And Macross never really seemed as post-apocalyptic as Genesis Climber Mospeada did - Victor Ganata
Plus the whole trope of Admiral Rick Hunter as some Arthurian archetype really captured my imagination. - Victor Ganata
"Excited to announce that my bill to establish Larry Itliong Day in California passed unanimously out of Assembly Education today! ‪#‎LarryItliong‬ ‪#‎AB7‬" — California Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-18th District) https://www.facebook.com/pages... #farmworkers #NoUvas #Delano #UFW
California Assembly Bill 7 http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub... - Victor Ganata
Larry Itliong - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Victor Ganata
"…a nature/nurture cloning fiasco…."
The 13 Most Ignorant Quotes From That Awful Deadline Article - Vulture http://www.vulture.com/2015...
1. “Pilots 2015: The Year of Ethnic Castings – About Time or Too Much of Good Thing?” - Victor Ganata
2. "But, as is the case with any sea change, the pendulum might have swung a bit too far in the opposite direction. Instead of opening the field for actors of any race to compete for any role in a color-blind manner, there has been a significant number of parts designated as ethnic this year, making them off-limits for Caucasian actors, some agents signal." - Victor Ganata
3. "However, because of a mandate from the studio and network, one of the roles had to diverse [sic], so the pilot could only cast one of the top choices and pass on the other to fulfill the ethnic quota." - Victor Ganata
4. "Because of the sudden flood of roles for ethnic actors after years of suppressed opportunities for them, the talent pool of experienced minority performers — especially in the younger range — is pretty limited." - Victor Ganata
5. "Star names were in demand as usual, as were hot young guys and girls and occasional foreigners with that 'sparkle.'" - Victor Ganata
6. "Some of it has been organic. Last year, the leads in Extant and How To Get Away With Murder, originally not written as black, became ethnic once stars of the caliber of Halle Berry and Viola Davis became interested." - Victor Ganata
7. "ABC and 20th TV cast Patten, who is black, knowing already that the male lead had been conceived as Hispanic." - Victor Ganata
8. "There also have been a number of drama co-leads on which the networks chose to go ethnic this year." - Victor Ganata
9. "Uncle Buck and Love Is A Four Letter Word are among several projects where the original white protagonists have been changed to black this season." - Victor Ganata
10. "The TV and film superhero ranks have been overly white for too long, workplace shows should be diverse to reflect workplace in real America, and ethnic actors should get a chance to play more than the proverbial best friend or boss." - Victor Ganata
11. "But replacing one set of rigid rules with another by imposing a quota of ethnic talent on each show might not be the answer." - Victor Ganata
12. "While they are among the most voracious and loyal TV viewers, African-Americans still represent only 13% of the U.S. population. They were grossly underserved, but now, with shows as Empire, Black-ish, Scandal and HTGAWM on broadcast, Tyler Perry’s fare on OWN and Mara Brock Akil’s series on BET, they have scripted choices, so the growth in that fraction of the TV audience might have reached its peak." - Victor Ganata
13. "Since broadcast TV is a historically reactive business, that will determine whether the trend of ethnic casting will come back with a vengeance next season." - Victor Ganata
So pretty much the entire substance of the piece. - Andrew C (✔)
"Get me that sparkly occasional foreigner!" - Brent Schaus from iPhone
$2,650-$2,950/month for 1-2 bedroom apartments in Angelino Heights?!? (via @jensaredope) http://iconosquare.com/viewer...
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.12.38 PM.png
:( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Isn't it still gangland there? - Anika from Android
TV Is Running Out Of Roles For White People, Deadline Reports - LAist http://laist.com/2015... LOL
Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of Good Thing? - Deadline Hollywood http://deadline.com/2015... - Victor Ganata
This sounds like an Onion headline. - John (bird whisperer)
The LAist headline is purely sarcastic but the Deadline Hollywood article is ridiculously earnest. - Victor Ganata
The comments on the Deadline article would feed approximately six million graduate-level sociology dissertations. - Stephen Mack
Where Did Times New Roman Come From? - NYPL - 2014 Dec 9 http://www.nypl.org/blog...
A Top Weedkiller Could Cause Cancer. Should We Be Scared? - NPR http://www.npr.org/blogs...
tl;dr there's a difference between possibility and likelihood and risk assessment is all about determining likelihood. - Victor Ganata
Still, you'd think that advocates of the free market would be all about letting consumers decide whether or not they want to consume plants that have been treated with Roundup. - Victor Ganata
Roundup is Agent Orange in a bottle. I wish they would pull it from the market. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
"Blair points out that society often chooses simply to accept certain hazards. Among the other things that the IARC says probably cause cancer are burning wood in home fireplaces, disruption of circadian rhythms by working overnight shifts and working as a hairdresser." Of course, it would be nice if these things were true free choices. - Victor Ganata
Monsanto has a spectacular lobbying and PR arm that works long and hard to make sure America and it's government will never see the likelihood or the causality. It's not paranoia when Monsanto is involved. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Debunking the Myth of the Job-Stealing Immigrant - NYT Mag - 2015 Mar 29 http://www.nytimes.com/2015...
"The chief logical mistake we make is something called the Lump of Labor Fallacy: the erroneous notion that there is only so much work to be done and that no one can get a job without taking one from someone else. It’s an understandable assumption. After all, with other types of market transactions, when the supply goes up, the price falls. If there were suddenly a whole lot more oranges, we’d expect the price of oranges to fall or the number of oranges that went uneaten to surge." - Victor Ganata
"But immigrants aren’t oranges. It might seem intuitive that when there is an increase in the supply of workers, the ones who were here already will make less money or lose their jobs. Immigrants don’t just increase the supply of labor, though; they simultaneously increase demand for it, using the wages they earn to rent apartments, eat food, get haircuts, buy cellphones." - Victor Ganata
"That means there are more jobs building apartments, selling food, giving haircuts and dispatching the trucks that move those phones. Immigrants increase the size of the overall population, which means they increase the size of the economy. Logically, if immigrants were 'stealing' jobs, so would every young person leaving school and entering the job market; countries should become poorer as they get larger. In reality, of course, the opposite happens." - Victor Ganata
"Logically, if immigrants were “stealing” jobs, so would every young person leaving school and entering the job market; countries should become poorer as they get larger. In reality, of course, the opposite happens." That line says it all to me. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Yep. - Victor Ganata
"The single greatest bit of evidence disproving the Lump of Labor idea comes from research about the Mariel boatlift, a mass migration in 1980 that brought more than 125,000 Cubans to the United States. According to David Card, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, roughly 45,000 of them were of working age and moved to Miami; in four months, the city’s labor supply increased by 7 percent." - Victor Ganata
"Card found that for people already working in Miami, this sudden influx had no measurable impact on wages or employment." - Victor Ganata
"Before, standard economic models held that immigrants cause long-term benefits, but at the cost of short-term pain in the form of lower wages and greater unemployment for natives. But most economists now believe that Card’s findings were correct: Immigrants bring long-term benefits at no measurable short-term cost." - Victor Ganata
"The leading scholar on this today is Giovanni Peri of the University of California, Davis, who has shown that immigrants tend to complement — rather than compete against — the existing work force." - Victor Ganata
"Take a construction site: Typically, Peri has found, immigrants with limited education perform many support tasks (moving heavy things, pouring cement, sweeping, painting), while citizens with more education focus on skilled work like carpentry, plumbing and electrical installation, as well as customer relations." - Victor Ganata
"The skilled native is able to focus on the most valuable tasks, while the immigrants help bring the price down for the overall project (it costs a lot to pay a highly trained carpenter to sweep up a work site)." - Victor Ganata
"Peri argues, with strong evidence, that there are more native-born skilled craftspeople working today, not fewer, because of all those undocumented construction workers." - Victor Ganata
"A similar dynamic is at play on Wall Street. Many technical-support tasks are dominated by recent immigrants, while sales, marketing, advising and trading, which require cultural and linguistic fluency, are typically the domain of the native-born. (Whether Wall Street’s technical wizards have, on balance, helped or hurt the economy is a question for another day.)" <— LOL - Victor Ganata
"Growth has acquired a bad reputation of late among some, especially on the left, who associate the term with environmental destruction and rising inequality. But growth through immigration is growth with remarkably little downside." - Victor Ganata
"Environmentally, immigration tends to be less damaging than other forms of growth, because it doesn’t add to the number of people on earth and often shifts people to more environmentally friendly jurisdictions." - Victor Ganata
Random musing: At what point in history did English speakers in the world outside of England outnumber English speakers in England?
The day we call The Engularity. - Micah from FFHound!
Going by the numbers in Wikipedia, the U.S. had passed England and Wales in population by about 1840. So presumably English-speakers outside of England outnumbered English-speakers inside of England at some point before then. - John (bird whisperer)
The Engception! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
The 9 Weirdest Implications Of The Many Worlds Interpretation - io9.com http://io9.com/the-9-w...
Related: Is there an evil, goateed version of you somewhere in the multiverse? - 2010 Jun 29 http://io9.com/5573351... - Victor Ganata
I'm going to cop to admitting that I still don't truly understand what's going on with Shrodinger's cat. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
That's one of the selling points of the Many Worlds Interpretation: you don't have to believe that the cat is simultaneously both dead and alive in the same universe like you do with the Copenhagen interpretation :D - Victor Ganata
Wait. There's a version where we have to believe if Copenhagen is dead or alive at the same time? - bentley
LOL, that just gave me an idea for a show: it would be like "Under The Dome" except that the dome is opaque and the trapped city would be attached to radionuclide trigger that sets off a self-destruct sequence. So if a beta particle decays, the entire city is dead but if not then the entire city survives, and no one outside the city has anyway of knowing what's happening. - Victor Ganata
"like a bubble in a frothy stream of cosmos-spawning stuff" - Ken Morley
Sounds like a pot boiler I could get into. - Micah from FFHound!
‘Social Justice Warriors’: Video Game Simulates Arguing with Assholes on the Internet - Dangerous Minds http://dangerousminds.net/comment...
(via Jennifer Ouellette https://plus.google.com/u... ) - Victor Ganata
Liberals, Conservatives, and Jobs - Krugman - NYT http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2015...
"Am I claiming that Democratic presidents were responsible for all this job creation? No, not at all, nor do I need to. The point, instead, is that their policies didn’t prevent a lot of employment growth. That is, what you learn from both national experience and the California story is that you can raise taxes on the rich and expand access to health care without killing the economy." - Victor Ganata
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