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RT @neiltyson: Space Aliens better not land in SanDiego this week. Nobody would take notice. They'd blend right in with @Comic_Con attendees
NdGT might also have just figured out where to find all the time travel tourists. They could probably just chill at cons with total impunity. - Victor Ganata
To be honest, I can't tell if that Teabagger who thought U.S. government officials were Indian nationals was just that incredibly stupid as to not understand that people with South Asian ancestry can be Americans or if he was just an overt racist who refused to acknowledge the existence of non-white Americans.
One of these days I'll check out SDCC, but I'm apprehensive about the lines and the crush of people.
If Helen's London Comic and Film Con experience is anything to go by, that's a very well founded apprehension! - Pete
I went to SDCC a couple times in the '90s and there's no way I'd do it now. If you actually enjoy comics & geek culture and don't enjoy lines and crowds, I'd highly recommend going to a smaller regional con. You'll still get the cosplay, the vendors and panels. You just won't get the red carpet shit that you'd have to wait in line for a day or more to get near anyway. You'll also save a boatload of money. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, I regret not checking out SDCC before it totally blew up. But even the Long Beach and L.A. Civic Center conventions seem like total clusters. - Victor Ganata
I liked Wondercon when it was in Oakland but then it moved to SF and then Anaheim... If I were to pick a local con I'd probably try Komikaze. But if you were willing to travel to SD, it might be worth traveling somewhere else for a smaller con. - Spidra Webster
WonderCon has essentially moved to Anaheim. It's "temporary", but... =P Anyways, the Bay Area's loss is SoCal's gain. - Andrew C (✔)
Heh, I guess SDCC just feels more doable now that my cousin moved to the actual city of SD and I can just crash out in their guest bedroom and/or couch :D One of my friends of FB just mentioned that hotel prices in SD right now are more expensive than what they paid for their fancy hotel room in Paris. Of course, I should've gone when I actually *lived* in SD. - Victor Ganata
Denying the legitimacy of someone's emotional state is certainly no way to build a fruitful relationship….
RT @slowdumbshowman: When I hear people say, "He/she/they are too sensitive" my brain translates that to, "I refuse to take responsibility for my words/actions".
So I've been having right-sided midback pain for the past couple of days. It's not even painful enough that I feel like I need OTC pain meds, but it also happens to be side where they found a non-obstructing kidney stone a year ago. So I wonder if it could be a kidney stone? #IAmTheWorstPatient
I probably just tweaked my back muscles because I slept all weird and/or lifted something badly. Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough. #AllBleedingStopsEventually - Victor Ganata
You took the words right out of my mouth: You'll find out soon enough! - Anne Bouey
You should probably see a doctor :P - imabonehead
Don't worry, if it gets to the point where high dose ibuprofen ain't doing anything, I probably will go to the ER. ;) - Victor Ganata
Not to excuse violence of any form, but there's also still a difference between using proportional force vs. beating the shit out of someone
RT @JamilSmith: Male privilege is thinking that not being able to strike a woman is a double standard. But hey, equal pay and rights, stop your whining.
"If an elf shits in the woods with no one around, does the shit still sparkle?"
SDCC has definitely weirded my Twitter timeline more than usual. - Victor Ganata
Weddings, funerals, and major medical crises, man. #ExistentialAngst
We can't necessarily stop what we're doing to implement the next new shiny.
Sometimes, in order to maintain political good-will, though, we have to. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
It depends on what you're doing, I guess. But I can think of lots of things that people won't tolerate being down for very long while things are getting upgraded. Mostly stuff that isn't already computerized. - Victor Ganata
Yes, people have to envision and create the future, but there's also plenty of work that needs to get done now using existing tools.
.@reddite Except I can't find anything to smash all these machines with
I am not automatically opposed to so-called progress, technological or otherwise. I just find trite triumphalist narratives nauseating.
People who insist tech has a solution for EVERYthing drive me nuts. - Spidra Webster
I have to admit—even though I'm assuming it was just a service glitch and not an acute supply problem—nothing gets you thinking about the possibility of perpetual drought and having to drink your own pee like turning on the faucet and getting nothing.
I suppose it's possible that in the near-future, cloud rights won't necessarily have anything to do with computers (inspired by Spidra's post )
Pretending like disruption can't actually ruin the planet.
Everything has a down side. Most of the time, it's not trivial. Anyone who says otherwise is definitely trying to sell you something.
RT @UberFacts: "Rugrats" in German are called "Hosenscheißer" which translates to "pants shitters."
There's a lot to be said about just doing the work now and worrying about the fame and the glory later, though.
Or worrying about the fame and glory never.
If Dante wrote his poem today, I wonder which circle of Hell would house the people being punished by being forced read YouTube comment sections forever. #InfiniteScroll
there on the Stygian shore / 'lol ur a faggot' /rang out for evermore - Pete
Then again, if there were Internet social media in medieval Italy, Dante would've probably just trolled comment sections instead of writing allegorical epic poetry to excoriate his enemies. :D - Victor Ganata
I wish iOS apps would be able to recognize URLs and offer to launch the appropriate app instead of loading the content into a stripped-down version of Safari *then* asking.
It used to be that there were special protocols you could use to launch apps on iOS (for instance, instead of http://, I think you could use facebook:// to launch a URL directly in the FB app), but I'm pretty sure they were specific to iOS (didn't work on Android or other platforms, and were completely useless on desktop), so I don't know that they ever took off. I think there is still... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Yeah, I don't know what the optimal solution would be. I only know that the way it works now seriously chews up the bandwidth allotment of my data plan. - Victor Ganata
"Becoming disoriented to time and place is totally normal when you're in the hospital."
This happens whether you're a patient or a health care worker. :D - Victor Ganata
The fact that the characters keep asking if other characters who have no reason to speak English know how to speak English is jarring, but then I wonder if Luc Besson is deliberately satirizing assholes from the U.S.
do you speak English? - Big Joe Silence
"Uhh, what country you think this is?" - Victor Ganata
"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?" "Ain't nobody understand the words comin' outta your mouth." - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. -
"Who would want to wear an on-fire suit?!?" "Cosplay enthusiasts."
YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAID TO THIS MAN - McSweeney's — the Ten Commandments as Buzzfeed/Upworthy headlines
RT @rorysutherland: Daughters asked me "what's a sex tape?" It took me a while to realise that what was confusing them was the word "tape".
Paul Krugman: California proves the GOP’s “extremist ideology … is nonsense” - Salon
"…Krugman turns to compare and contrast California and Kansas, noting that while the former state has seen economic growth and a successful implementation of Obamacare, the latter has had a stagnant economy and a ballooning deficit." - Victor Ganata
"Not incidentally, these states decided to take opposite approaches to economic policy, with California embracing 'a modestly liberal agenda of higher taxes, spending increases and a rise in the minimum wage' while Kansas 'went all-in on supply-side economics, slashing taxes on the affluent' only to see paltry growth and a darkening fiscal picture." - Victor Ganata
"California’s share of national employment, which was hit hard by the bursting of the state’s enormous housing bubble, is back to pre-recession levels.” - Victor Ganata
"'…I’ve been seeing many attempts to devalue the good news from California by pointing out that the state’s job growth still lags that of Texas, which is true, and claiming that this difference is driven by differential tax rates, which isn’t.'" - Victor Ganata
"For the big difference between the two states, aside from the size of the oil and gas sector, isn’t tax rates. it’s housing prices. Despite the bursting of the bubble, home values in California are still double the national average, while in Texas they’re 30 percent below that average. So a lot more people are moving to Texas even though wages and productivity are lower than they are in California." - Victor Ganata
"And while some of this difference in housing prices reflects geography and population density — Houston is still spreading out, while Los Angeles, hemmed in by mountains, has reached its natural limits — it also reflects California’s highly restrictive land-use policies, mostly imposed by local governments rather than the state." - Victor Ganata
"As Harvard’s Edward Glaeser has pointed out, there is some truth to the claim that states like Texas are growing fast thanks to their anti-regulation attitude, 'but the usual argument focuses on the wrong regulations.' And taxes aren’t important at all." - Victor Ganata
Left Coast Rising - Paul Krugman - NYT - Victor Ganata
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