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Classic First Lines of Novels in Emojis: A Quiz - Slate
I'm not as well-read as I wish I were. I did get the first two right, at least :D - Victor Ganata
📞👨💩📬 for the first line of "Moby Dick" is pretty funny, though - Victor Ganata
The deranged manner in which gamers attack women make me want to rethink my position about the whole "video games cause violence" hypothesis.
Eh, sadly that environment doesn't feel a lot more hostile to me than many other areas (YouTube, anyone?) I think there's just a lot of shitty people out there, and areas where they're aggressively public just show it off better. - Jennifer Dittrich
Sure, it's more just a symptom than the actual problem. But sometimes it just seems like there's an entire army of Eliot Rodgers out there. - Victor Ganata
As a gamer myself I'd say that "video games cause violence" is false but "violent people are often drawn to video games" is very very true. - Johnny
(That makes me sound like I'm violent but I meant it as I have observed this occuring) - Johnny
Johnny, that's often how I've felt about it - and it seems to draw a huge amount from the culture the person's steeped in. It isn't like you have a huge rash of mega violent gamers in Japan, China and Korea, and gaming is huge in all of those places. As gaming becomes far more the normal thing that most people grow up doing, the likelihood that a violent person is a gamer goes waaaaay up, unrelated to gaming itself. - Jennifer Dittrich
Case In Point: RoosterTeeth is a channel I love to watch and it's all about gaming. If you read the YouTube comments for their videos you'd think all the fans were misogynistic assholes. On their forums, completely different. Most people only see the YouTube comments because they are most present. - Johnny
Well, yeah, I definitely don't think the actual mechanism of gaming causes people to become violent, but perhaps the culture that it fosters needs a second look. - Victor Ganata
I think such a huge portion of keeping the discourse civil in anywhere is active human-driven moderation with clear community guidelines. This stuff festers and grows because it is allowed to, or the measures taken are half-hearted and don't cover the majority of offenders. - Jennifer Dittrich
Would it be hyperbolic to say that textual criticism is one of the cornerstones of Western Civilization? Like, we've been doing it for at least a couple of thousand of years? It's kind of insane that there are privileged people in industrialized countries who don't understand the first thing about it.
I realize that looking at everything as text is a much more recent phenomenon, but that's been going on for nearly a century now. - Victor Ganata
It is foundational, but for most of recorded history it was the domain of a very limited, mostly very privileged group of people. Even among the group most likely to engage in rigorous academic study, it was somewhat unusual until literacy rates exploded. - Jennifer Dittrich
True, it's definitely the domain of the privileged. - Victor Ganata
I have a Taylor Swift song stuck in my head. Please punch me in the face hard enough to make me lose consciousness now.
Well, Bad Badtz-Maru isn't really bad.
Is it weird that Hello Kitty always reminds me of a Harlan Ellison novel?
Sanrio's Shocking Reveal: Hello Kitty Is NOT A Cat - LAist
It's Sanrio's version of "What the hell is Goofy?" #IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream - Victor Ganata
At the V3Con when the director of the JANM mentioned this the whole room gasped. All you could hear were people saying, "But whiskers! Ears!" He gave us a lot of Hello Kitty trivia that day. Nearly 40 years of loving Sanrio products and I didn't know one answer. - Anika
A warp drive *is* a cloaking device. The ship will reach your position long before the photons from the ship reach your sensors.
For offensive purposes, yes. For spying purposes, you'll still get discovered after the fact which may be undesirable. - Deborah Fitchett
Ah, yeah, that's true. It's only really foolproof if you make sure to blow them up as soon as you drop out of warp. - Victor Ganata
"Expert opinion" might be the lowest ranking form of evidence in the hierarchy of evidence, but it still trumps "not knowing WTF you're talking about."
Funding research is a worthy cause, but I don't like the assumption that there's a linear correlation between funds available and progress towards solutions. It should go without saying that you can't just throw money at problems and expect them to solve themselves.
Breakthroughs = money+time+serendipity - Pete
I've been reading too much of "We've only spent X amount of money and are nowhere near a solution. Imagine if we spent X*some massive multiplier how quickly we would've already fixed this problem!" - Victor Ganata
something something better iron lung something - Pete
in my experience a significant amount of research money goes into human resources (phd, postdocs, other temp positions, etc.) so it's quite true that there's a linear correlation between funds and progress (more people -> more phase space covered) - d☭snake
Oh, for sure, you can expand the work force and you can explore more potential solutions, but none of that necessarily makes an actual solution inevitable. - Victor Ganata
if there's a solution then an infinite amount of people will find it ;) - d☭snake
Well, quite Victor, else all of the Millenium Problems would have been solved ;) - Pete
Well, the amount of funding for anything is always a lot closer to zero than it is to infinity. - Victor Ganata
(actually imho the issue with problems like millennium problems is that if the solution requires more time than the span between academic evaluation of published results then it's very difficult that someone will find it) - d☭snake
I never thought about this before, but are the space shuttles actually capable of being flown through the air? I always assumed that landing the shuttle was really more of a controlled fall and that spaceships generally don't make good planes nor vice-versa.
I suppose the reason why they flew the shuttle on jumbo jets might simply be because jet fuel is still way cheaper than rocket fuel. - Victor Ganata
I don't think it has any engine to support regular flight. - Eric
That's what I thought. The space shuttle is the main reason why science fiction that depicts spaceships being able to fly like a plane when in the atmosphere of planet has always had a tendency to break my suspension of disbelief :D - Victor Ganata
No the space shuttle can't fly it's not designed for flight aerodynamically, weight wise, or propulsion systems. It's essentially a cinder block with rockets attached. - Steve C
My former brother in law was in aerospace in the USAF and told me when elected officials came by for a tour they would always ask for a shuttle that could take off and land like a plane. Then he'd roll his eyes. - Eric
Nasa and or darpa have had some "space plane" projects over the years. lots of money with limited success, I think. - Christina Pikas
The Space Shuttle acts as a glider on reentry and absolutely is designed for aerodynamic flight. It generates lift and is controllable. It has a glide ratio of about 4.5 to 1, which compares to 9 to 1 for a Cessna. - Brian Johns
^This. The shuttle is technically a "lifting body" design. So, somewhat more aerodynamic than a brick. But the mythical spaceplane is actually not outside the realm of possibility; it's really a function of having a new engine technology. Like this: - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Going back to your original question, I guess it depends on what you consider "flown through the air". It is flown through the air every time it lands. But if you're talking about horizontal takeoff or powered horizontal flight, then no, it wasn't designed for that. - Brian Johns
Yeah, horizontal takeoff/powered flight. So basically the space shuttle isn't like an X-Wing or a Federation shuttlecraft or a Veritech fighter :) - Victor Ganata
I wonder if the Skylon would be able to fly out to the ISS? It's technically only "a few hundred km above the Earth" - Victor Ganata
Probably not the Skylon itself, because the ISS is in a relatively high orbit so it would require a lot of fuel. But the same technology could probably be applied to a larger air/spacecraft. Assuming it works. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Of course, something like this is going to be the preferred method for getting into low earth orbit... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Man, if even Elon Musk thinks a space elevator is going be unfeasible for a *long* time…. Of course, he has a vested interest in it *not* becoming viable, but, still…. - Victor Ganata
Doctor Dies After Receiving Experimental Ebola Drug - MPR
Was there a thing about not portraying Italian accents in animated shows broadcast in the U.S. back in the day? I still don't understand why in "Danger Mouse", they changed Stiletto's accent from Italian to Cockney. (The guy's name is Stiletto!) I also don't understand why Captain Gloval's accent in "Robotech" was changed from Italian to Russian.
Was the idea of an Italian starship captain in a series about fighter planes/spaceships that could transform into robots to fight 30 foot humanoids just too far-fetched or something? - Victor Ganata
Maybe the Robotech dub wanted to convey a post-Cold War reality? - Andrew C (✔) from Android
I guess so. I also just realized that Harmony Gold totally turned most of the characters into Americans when in Macross they were mostly European and Asian. They even got rid of any mention of the UN. - Victor Ganata
Well, if there's a French starship captain with an English accent, I guess there can be an Italian starship captain with a Russian accent. #DiversityFTW - Victor Ganata
This makes the Captain Gloval/Captain Picard parody in Starcraft even more perfect :D #TakeItSlow #Engage! #IReallyNeedToGoNumberOne - Victor Ganata
"They even got rid of any mention of the UN." In fairness, "UN Spacy" is a dumb name. - Andrew C (✔)
I wonder if it just sounds less dumb in Japanese :D But there was probably no way Harmony Gold was going to name it the UN Space Force either. - Victor Ganata
Although I suppose Douglas Adams is being literal when he says that flight is really just falling but missing the ground. (Although this more accurately depicts being in orbit.)
On one hand, pay-to-win is pretty much how real life in a global capitalist system works. On the other hand, it tends to seriously erode the enjoyment I derive from playing a multiplayer game.
Just because you're willing to entertain a hypothesis doesn't mean you necessary believe it. The idea that belief is binary and not a continuum seems unnecessarily limiting.
"Selfie stick" #iam12
Vox Day, Scientist - Pharyngula
So not only is Vox Day a racist misogynist who writes novels that read like Ayn Rand fanfic, but he's also an anti-vaxxer who doesn't actually know shit about science. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Sorry, I should say racist misogynist homophobe. - Victor Ganata
Did a high ranking whistleblower really reveal that the CDC covered up proof that vaccines cause autism in African-American boys? - Science-Based Medicine - Spoiler: no.
Wednesday (and Pugsley) #bouledoguefrançais #pug (via jensaredope)
They are so adorable. - Shevonne
This isn't 'feminism'. It's Islamophobia - Guardian
"Horror stories about Muslim misogyny have long been used by western patriarchs to justify imperialism abroad and sexism at home. The Guardian's Katharine Viner reminds us about Lord Cromer, the British consul general in Egypt from 1883. Cromer believed the Egyptians were morally and culturally inferior in their treatment of women and that they should be 'persuaded or forced' to become 'civilised' by disposing of the veil." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"'And what did this forward-thinking, feminist-sounding veil-burner do when he got home to Britain?' asks Viner. 'He founded and presided over the Men's League for Opposing Women's Suffrage, which tried, by any means possible, to stop women getting the vote. Colonial patriarchs like Cromer … wanted merely to replace eastern misogyny with western misogyny.' More than a century later, the same logic is used to imply that misogyny only matters when it isn't being done by white men." - Victor Ganata from iPhone
A very good piece, methinks. - Eivind
World's Greatest Two-Year-Old Drops F-Bomb After Ice Bucket Challenge - Gawker
"In the 1890s, when Freud was in the dawn of his career, he was struck by how many of his female patients were revealing childhood [sexual] victimization to him. Freud concluded that child sexual abuse was one of the major causes of emotional disturbances in adult women and wrote a brilliant and humane paper called 'The Aetiology of Hysteria.'"
"However, rather than receiving acclaim from his colleagues for his ground-breaking insights, Freud met with scorn. He was ridiculed for believing that men of excellent reputation (most of his patients came from upstanding homes) could be perpetrators of incest.
Within a few years, Freud buckled under this heavy pressure and recanted his conclusions. In their place he proposed the 'Oedipus complex,' which became the foundation of modern psychology… " - Victor Ganata from iPhone
"Freud used this construct to conclude that the episodes of abuse his clients had revealed to him had never taken place; they were simply fantasies of events the women had wished for… This construct started a hundred-year history in the mental health field of blaming victims for the abuse perpetrated on them and outright discrediting of women’s and children’s reports of mistreatment by men.” - Victor Ganata from iPhone
—Lundy Bancroft - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Tangentially: It grosses me out that Hollywood still portrays psychiatry as strictly Freudian when real psychiatrists have long realized Freud is mostly bullshit. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Time frames and outcomes still matter, though.
"Machine gun accident" o_O
very o_O - Kevin Johnson
25 foot waves? But no rain.
Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead - Gawker
Time to start disarming beat cops. All of them. - DJF
Every drop of coffee is sacred.
Every drop is great? When a drop gets wasted, god gets quite irate? - Brian Johns
I'm so glad I'm not the only person who went straight to Monty Python with that line... - WebGoddess
That does work… but now I'm not sure how I feel about coffee-guzzling. - Victor Ganata
Sorry 'bout that. - Brian Johns
"In fact, 'tastes better cold' can often just be used as shorthand for 'is pretty unpalatable at room temperature'." (via blue-author)
For years, my only exposure to root beer was at parties where there'd be open 2 liter bottles of pop. I tried it, didn't like it. Then I had some in a can, cold from the fridge, and... it wasn't bad. I also figured out that what I didn't like was the smell of the thing. Room temperature, the smell of root beer is awful. Cold, I can't smell it anymore and the taste is bearable. - Betsy
Vodka, the colder the better. - Todd Hoff
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