Victor Ganata
My own provincial map of the United States
Hawaii is the Waypoint to Asia and Alaska is Oil Subsidy Country. - Victor Ganata
Even if you split California up into three to five different states, almost all of those resulting states would still have greater populations than a majority of the existing states. - Victor Ganata
Thank you for pointing out that Delaware isn't even a populated state, just mail boxes. - Heather
In a way, splitting up California would be a win-win. Texas would get to be #1 population-wise, and the election results from the multiple states of California would actually make a difference in national races. - Victor Ganata
Accurate mapping of The South. Though, I usually put Cincinnati in the Midwest. - Julian
Yeah, I'm a little fuzzy with where that line between the Midwest and the South (and between the South and the swamps of Florida) goes, but I know for a fact that it doesn't necessarily follow state boundaries. - Victor Ganata
Shell companies. *nods* - Anika
I think you're about right for Midwest/South though west of Missouri River is the west maybe more Misouri south but Mormon lands really shold include Nevada and good bit of Idaho - WarLord
Nevada should be largely blacked out because of all that secretive government activity. Also, good call about the state that never was -- Deseret. - Julian
Yeah, I guess a vast swath of Nevada should just be labeled as Federal territory. - Victor Ganata
What I'm now curious about are the actual boundaries of Alta California under the Spanish Empire. My impression is that in addition to the coastal regions, they encompassed all of what would've been Deseret--like the eastern boundary would've been the Rio Grande and the Green River. - Victor Ganata
Heh, there was a time when California and Louisiana had a common border. - Victor Ganata
Here's wiki for Deseret Territory and Las Vegas"oasis" was a Mormon outpost in the desert which was territory of Moapa Indians - WarLord
If you're going to split up California, the PNW could also be split too: the coastal areas are distinct from the inland parts of those states. Edit: see also - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, I was trying to illustrate that on the map as well. - Victor Ganata