Victor Ganata
The Future of Primary Care -- the tools are there, they're just not very evenly distributed
I wonder if people will call this rationing. On one hand, patients would love getting treatment without having to endure primary care physician's waiting rooms. On the other hand, patients want to see/talk to the doctor in person when they don't need to, and refuse to come in when they do. And I know we have to take risks and make big changes to mitigate the inevitable primary care shortage but I can't help but feel that malpractice lawyers would see such a paradigm and go "kaching!" - Victor Ganata
If this were to happen, specialists would need to be more well-versed in primary care issues for sure, because there are a lot of things you can't figure out without seeing the patient, and if the specialist is going to be the first person to eyeball the patient, they better be able to pick up on things that are far outside their area of expertise. From what I understand, the way they train specialists in the UK is amenable to this (they all have general practice/primary care experience beyond just training.) The residency and fellowship system in the U.S. would have to change drastically to make this tenable. - Victor Ganata