Victor Ganata
Dang, a terrible weekend for L.A. sports teams. The Clippers lost, the Lakers lost, the Kings lost, the Angels lost, and the Clippers are staring down the barrel of getting swept. At least the Dodgers won.
The Lakers will win the series. David Stern will ensure this. - Julian
D Stern ensured the Lakers had no chance this season by making sure there was no way Kobe and CP3 could play on the same side and leaving Pau Gasol as a dead weight around their necks. Kevin Durant and LeBron James are the new standard bearers for the NBA - Victor Ganata from iPhone
So, I haven't kept up with the Lakers, but wasn't Pau like one of the top PFs in the league as recently as last year? - Andrew C (✔)
You wouldn't know it the way he's been playing since last post-season. His non-presence was a decisive factor in their humiliation by Dallas last year. He's the Incredible Shrinking Seven Footer. - Victor Ganata
It's kind of funny that last year, the two guys who played PF for the Lakers were a four-time All Star and the 6th Man of the Year, respectively, but they were superemo and they totally lack mental toughness. - Victor Ganata
Maybe they need Kobe to yell at them more. - Andrew C (✔)
It did work that one game to get Pau motivated. Really, Kobe is just following in MJ's footsteps. MJ yelled at, bullied, and tortured his teammates all the time, and it seemed to work well enough. - Victor Ganata