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Victor Ganata
That Ebola made it to the U.S. exactly as flu season picks up is probably going to cause untold havoc.
I've been thinking the same thing. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Hmm. Do you think the Ebola panic that's on now might actually send people in for flu immunizations (not that it helps with Ebola but just that people might be more inclined to go after the immunizations we have that work)? - Spidra Webster
Maybe I'm being overly cynical and jaded, but I think it's going to send people who would otherwise just come in to their primary care physician to the ER instead, even if they've never traveled to west Africa. I honestly think it has the potential to cause massive breakage to our already fragile and dysfunctional health care system. - Victor Ganata
Good thing people aren't freaking out about it in the media every single hour then, or else there might be trouble. - Andrew C (✔)
:-/ I hadn't even considered that (because I forgot there are people who just go straight to the ER as they have no regular doctor anyway). - Spidra Webster
My officemate and I were just talking about this very same thing this morning. - Hookuh Tinypants
You guys are bringing The Monk down. - MoTO: Team Marina
Andrew C (✔)
RT @tvoti: Why would you care if a show you watch is about to be canceled? If you enjoy it, watch it. Everything ends eventually.
How wonderfully existential :D - Victor Ganata
There's something to that. - Jed from iPhone
Why would anyone care what anyone else cares about caring about? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
To paraphrase Voltaire: "We must tend our garden." :D - Victor Ganata
*hunter-gatherer 1000-yd stare* - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
There's something to be said about wanting closure. OTOH, I like shows juuuust outside of the mainstream. So too weird to be renewed (though the increasing atomization of the TV audience has mitigated this problem lately) but mainstream enough to be greenlit. If I only watched shows that were safe bets for even a second season, I would have missed out on a lot of good TV. - Andrew C (✔)
Victor Ganata
No, Seriously, How Contagious Is Ebola? - NPR
It's kind of crazy how contagious measles is. - Victor Ganata
Yeah, it's waaaaaay higher on my worries list for that exact reason. - Jennifer Dittrich
"Take, for example, measles. The virus is one of the most contagious diseases known to man. It's R0 sits around 18. That means each person with the measles spreads it to 18 people, on average, when nobody is vaccinated. (When everyone is vaccinated, the R0 drops to essentially zero for measles)." Thank god there's no one resisting vaccinations for children these days. - Steve C Team Marina
Useful article. - Son of Groucho
No so BTW Thanx anti-vaxxer crowd from a compromised immune system #partoftheherd - WarLord
Victor Ganata
The complicity cost of racial inclusion - Al Jazeera America - 2014 Aug 24
"Expanding what it means to be white isn't good news; it only preserves structural privilege" - Victor Ganata
"What is white in America (and what isn’t) has always been subject to revision. The Irish and Italians are examples of groups that have been invited into whiteness." - Victor Ganata
"The Boston Marathon bombers are examples of how one might be escorted out. Despite their light skin and Caucasian ethnicity, the Tsarnaev brothers were depicted as dark-skinned 'Islamic terrorists' on the cover of The Week magazine. American whiteness may be able to absorb mass shooters of schools and movie theaters, but once a bomb was involved, the media seemed eager to relocate the Tsarnaevs to an imaginary Middle East." - Victor Ganata
"But race is a social construct, not a scientific fact: American whiteness was an ideological creation to rationalize the enslavement of Africans and the extermination of native peoples." - Victor Ganata
"For the past 50 years, Asian-Americans have been the so-called model minority — the minority group held up by politicians and the media to demonstrate the potential for success for people who aren’t white. It is no coincidence that this narrative arose alongside the black power movement in the 1960s. Asian-American success over time became a rhetorical bludgeon used to deny the real and ongoing effects of institutional racism and white supremacy on African-Americans." - Victor Ganata
"By passively accepting the privileges of whiteness, Asian-Americans become complicit in America’s present system of hierarchy, a system in which the nation’s institutions inflict ongoing injustices on a racial underclass. Highly paid Asian-American Google employees do not bear more responsibility to combat racial injustice than similarly positioned white people, but they don’t bear... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Also, I like mayonnaise! - Andrew C (✔)
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Apparenlty saying 'no' to a guy asking for my number 7 times isn't enough I had to say I'm "seeing someone" to get him to stop harrassing me
What an ass. I hope he spends the rest of his days being rejected. - Anika
:( that guy is wack - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Thanks, y'all. :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Sorry for the headache - Steve C Team Marina
Andrew C (✔)
Windows 10 May Have Gotten Its Name Because of Lazy Coders -
Windows 10 May Have Gotten Its Name Because of Lazy Coders
"If you're not code literate, allow me to explain. An easy (and lazy, and bad) way to check what version of Windows a user is running is to just read in the first little bit of the name the operating system is using to identify itself. There are better ways to do it, but if that first bit reads "Windows 9" it means the operating system has to be either Windows 95 or Windows 98. Unless of course there's a Windows 9." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"It's a y2k sort of problem, where programmers either didn't think the Windows naming scheme could ever generate another "Windows 9x" version, or didn't want to bother future-proofing their code to control for it. And while it's just an unsubstantiated theory that this is why the name is Windows 10, the problem this coder brings up is verifiably a common shortcut. " - Andrew C (✔)
Here I thought they wanted to change the luck of every other version of windows sucking.. and renumber the whole damn thing so the even numbers are good now. - Me
Why not just name it Mystery Science Windows 3000. - Joe
I wondered if they were trying to mimic Apple, so that every future version of Windows would now be Windows 10. - John (bird whisperer)
They wanted to avoid Windows Nein (as per a joke in the comments). - Stephen Mack
But if you are not code illiterate and you have actually ever had to write any code that detects win9x, then you know that code example would never work, since Win95/98/ME version number actually begins with a 4, and not a 9. :P - April Russo
Vista is 6.0, 7 is 6.1, and 8 is 6.2 - Eric - It's My Thing
As it turns out, Java lets you do stupid stuff like this: - April Russo
While amusing, I haven't heard this rumor internally. The response has mostly been one of flabbergast and resistance. ;$ - joey from iPhone
"The great tragedy of science -- the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact." - Andrew C (✔)
Is Windows 10 actually going to have an internal version number of 10, considering Windows 8.1 is really 6.3? - Victor Ganata
Actually, maybe they're getting the 10 from the fact that the next internal version number might be 6.4? :D - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
The 6 Most Terrifying Examples of 'Rule 34' - Cracked
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I am sorry I clicked on that. - Stephen Mack
:( I'm sorry you clicked on that, too. But I couldn't not post this! - Victor Ganata
After I discovered the horrors of Edward Penishands, I never again doubted the veracity of Rule 34. - Hookuh Tinypants
I don't even know how to respond to "Edward Penishands". A part of me wants to Google it, but most of me knows it will be really disturbing. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
It is really *really* disturbing. I felt like I ought to have been able to sue for emotional damage. - Hookuh Tinypants
I will never forgive you for this, Victor. - Steven Perez from Android
Victor Ganata
An ER in the US discharged a man with a fever who had traveled from Liberia. Insurance issues? #BestHealthCareSystemInTheWorld #EpicFail
Ebola patient sent home from ER - WTSP - Victor Ganata
It kind of freaks me out that Rick Perry is ultimately in charge of Texas' response to Ebola. - Victor Ganata
Yeah, caught some of his presser yesterday, and the first thing out of my mouth upon seeing him was, "Oh, God. We're all dead." - Steven Perez
Victor Ganata
The Atheist Disillusionment - Pharyngula
This post by P.Z. Meyers has helped me put together my thoughts about "New Atheism". If the movement is actively anti-social justice out of a misguided sense that only Western Civilization is rational and only straight white males can be logical, then it is exactly just as shitty as any fundamentalist extremist religion. - Victor Ganata
For all the major faults of mainstream organized religion and the atrocities done under the aegis of faith, they do at least address the idea of social justice. - Victor Ganata
"Too many atheists turn out to be just as shallow as the fervent faithful I rail against. Too many see atheism as another useless difference they can use to excuse discrimination against others they are already prejudiced against." - Victor Ganata
"I used to have this illusion that an atheist society would be more tolerant, that under it government and education would be secular, but the churches would still exist, if people wanted to attend them — a sort of Scandinavian ideal. But no, what I’m fast learning is that tolerance isn’t automatically a property of abandoning the false tribe of religion, but is more a reflection of the greater culture it is embedded in." - Victor Ganata
"Atheists can still hold a 'kill the wogs' mentality while babbling about the wonders of science; people who regard women as servile appliances for their gratification don’t seem to become suddenly enlightened once the scales of faith fall from their eyes." - Victor Ganata
To this I say "Duh!" - DB, Lil LB's Dad
For sure, to judge all atheists by Richard Dawkins and his ilk really is akin to judging all Christians by the Westboro Baptist Church or people who murder OBGYNs and judging all Muslims by the Taliban or ISIS, even as New Atheists like to point out that Dawkins and his ilk haven't shot or beheaded anyone. But New Atheism looks more and more like nothing but a secular defense of misogyny, white supremacy, and Western imperialism. - Victor Ganata
Heh, sorry, I was just being facetious. Atheism encompasses a broad array of people, and some are truly awful. I used to label myself agnostic (which sounded better to me than "weak atheist") until I had a long conversation with Eivind a couple of years ago, where he convinced me the label of atheist was a better match for my views. So I do use that label for myself -- but just as religious extremists don't speak for my religious friends, atheist extremists don't speak for me. I agree with this blog post. - Stephen Mack
could it be that in thinking that what you believe (or don't) innately makes you better than someone else is the first step toward, if not damnation, sinning? DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? - MoTO: Team Marina
I identify as an atheist because I have no shred of faith in any religion. But I'm not very impressed by atheists who are driven by "furious rage at the lies and injustice and corruption of humanity by religion." It seems to me that intolerance and injustice is a human problem, which often cloaks itself in religion, but is not itself limited by or caused by religion. I'm no historian,... more... - Steele Lawman
Well put, Steve. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, I did get the impression that most of the atrocities of the 20th century were committed in the name of "logic" and "reason". I certainly think it's extremely naive to expect that people will stop being terrible to each other just because they no longer believe things that aren't "true". - Victor Ganata
(haven't read the article; liking for the discussion) - bentley
I'm not an atheist because I think religion is bad; I'm an atheist because I don't feel like I can be anything else. - Steele Lawman
The word "atheism" isn't short hand for this "organized atheism," this "movement" in the anglosphere, to me. An atheist is just a person who lives her life as if there are no gods, as if there are no supernatural agents she needs to consider/placate/fear in course of the day. That's not much of a basis for an organization (and certainly not for a society). To me it's a tiny word, but it seems to be such a big word to so many others. - Eivind
Sure. There's atheism and then there's New Atheism (which P.Z. Meyers just abbreviates as atheism), and it seems that P.Z. Meyers and Richard Dawkins et al have been at odds about the movement for quite some time. So there's definitely some specific context underlying the post. - Victor Ganata
I think Meyers is just using it for shorthand and not being reductive in the same way that some people equate ISIS with all of Islam or the Christian right in the U.S. with all of Christianity. - Victor Ganata
Eivind, it seems by your definition plenty of theists are also atheists, living their life as if there is no god. A belief based definition, asserting god does not exist, makes more sense to me than a behavior based definition. - Todd Hoff
That said, I think an argument about essentialized definitions misses the point here. P.Z. Meyers *is* talking about a specific movement headed by specific people and while certainly I understand that other people might not like the co-opting of the term (and I think it's really important for atheists outside of the New Atheism movement to be vocal about their resistance to the co-opting of the term), it is what it is. - Victor Ganata
The thing is, the lived experience of a lot of theists (in my experience) aren't that driven by the shear fact of the god being real/supernatural vs. a convenient and familiar mental scaffolding to hold a framework of their moral ideals. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
To be clear: I despise the sexism, classism, racism, rudeness and disrepect exhibited by Dawkins and Hitchens and other leaders of New Atheism. They don't speak for me at all. - Stephen Mack
I'm a practical man, Todd. I am comfortable with that definition. I think many people live godless (atheos) lives with small bursts of trying to adhere to the scripture of their upbringing without ever consciously denying the existence of the god of their upbringing. Then they're mostly atheist to me :) - Eivind
When someone says "I'm a practical man" you know there's a lot more to the story :-) - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
CDC confirms first case of Ebola in United States - PBS News Hour
OK, this is a little more worrisome. - Victor Ganata
Government Confirms First Case of Ebola in US - ABC News - Victor Ganata
It sounds like they got things locked down pretty quickly, and the patient wasn't symptomatic until six days ago. Hopefully that gives a short enough window of exposure (and limits who could be at risk.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Victor Ganata
OK, seven hours of sleep does work a lot better than caffeine.
But I still need the caffeine :) - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
Oh God. Caffeine is having the exact opposite of the intended effect. Now what am I gonna do?
Damn. Time to taper off coffee, reset, then build again? - Stephen Mack
I once saw in cartoons how hiking your eyelids up with toothpicks can work.... - Spidra Webster
It's National Coffee Day. Perhaps coffee itself is taking a holiday. - Spidra Webster
Maybe you need to sleep more, Victor. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
LOL, yeah, probably. - Victor Ganata
Call it a day. Try again tomorrow. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
There comes a point where caffeine will not work any more and you just need to get some sleep. So, have a cup of coffee and go take a 20 minute nap. You'll wake up just as that cup of coffee will be ready to kick in, and it will work better. - April Russo
April knows - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
diminishing returns demands a detox on some scale to re-acquire efficacy. or something. - Big Joe Silence
water. When caffiene stops working, drink water. I find carboated water extra helpful/ - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Make a deposit at the sleep bank so you can keep hitting dat coffee ATM. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
LOL I love how we're giving lifestyle/health advice to a doctor. - Spidra Webster
He's constantly telling us how sleep-deprived he is, so... - Andrew C (✔)
Clearly time for an intervention. - Spidra Webster
You know what most interventions are sorely missing? Coffee breaks. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Victor Ganata
In 'Selfie', John Cho Gets An Unlikely Shot As A Romantic Lead - NPR
"Sure, in a perfect world, there have been so many Asian-American male romantic leads that this casting choice is hardly worth noting as unusual or counter-intuitive, but as Cho himself acknowledges we don't live in that world. There's a reason we still have to call it 'colorblind casting' instead of just 'casting.'" - Victor Ganata
Steve C Team Marina
'Dating Naked' cast member sues after VH1 showed her naked | Inside TV | -
'Dating Naked' cast member sues after VH1 showed her naked | Inside TV |
"Adding insult to alleged injury, Nizewitz also noted in a New York Post interview that a man she was dating never called her again after the show aired." - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
It was supposed to softcore, not hardcore. :D - Victor Ganata
... - hoop
Andrew C (✔)
As I understand it, capital accrues to the rich in society not unlike how mercury accumulates in the body.
Now that you mention it, a similar metaphor of capital being like fat and the rich being like adipocytes does kind of work. - Victor Ganata
So redistributive policies could be either chelation (my analogy) or liposuction (yours) ? - Andrew C (✔)
Well, the more fat accumulates in adipocytes, the more systemic inflammation you get, and then the whole body dies because of atherosclerotic heart and cerebrovascular disease. - Victor Ganata
Allegorically speaking, how the way the rich invest their capital has a tendency to cause damage to the economy, to the point where essential infrastructure starts failing, and then the entire country collapses. - Victor Ganata
Ah, so what we need isn't so much lipo as statins? #IdontknowhwhatImtalkingabout - Andrew C (✔)
If statins are a metaphor for effective government regulation of all forms of investment, than, yeah! - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
Arrgh. Someone on FB made a joke about the name Ello and now I have a Rihanna song stuck in my head.
trepanation is the new facepalm. #GetTheBadThoughtsOut - Big Joe Silence
Oh God, it really is stuck in my head. Every time I follow a link there, I can hear her singing "ello… ello… eh… eh… eh…." - Victor Ganata
HAHAHA! uh... uhoh. DAMN YOU! *slams own head in solid-core door repeatedly* - Big Joe Silence
Andrew C (✔)
I probably wouldn't make a good educator, but I bet I'd be a top-notch re-educator.
Have experience with waterboarding and Tasers, will travel. - Victor Ganata
There are five lights! - Andrew C (✔)
Stephen Mack
Anyone want an Ello invite? (New social media/social sharing site.) -
Manifesto: "Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data. Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You are the product that’s bought and sold. We believe there is a better way. We believe in audacity. We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency. We believe that the people who make things and the people who use them should be in partnership. We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life. You are not a product." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Haha! I just got an email saying they were bogged down today because so many people were joining at the same time. - Spidra Webster
I'm intrigued. If they'll have a Norwegian, I'd be interested :) - Eivind
Spidra, yeah, I got my invite earlier today and couldn't actually log in until this evening. It kinda blew up today. - Stephen Mack
Eivind, DM me with the e-mail you want the invite sent to please! - Stephen Mack
Are there any images of the site and what it looks like? I'd take an invite, to check it out. - NOT THE CRICKET
Yes, please. - Andrew C (✔)
I'd give it a go... - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
Sure, why not...would be interesting to beta/ delta/ gamma test this. - Uli
DM me your email address if you want an invite! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Jimminy, I'll take some screenshots later. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm interested. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Oh why not? I already have the the attention span of a juvenile squirrel on meth. *sigh* - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
sure, please, if available. ellbeecee at gmail. - ellbeecee
arrowvalleyman AT gmail - Pete : Team Marina
I would like an invite, pretty please, if you have any left (vicstermail at gmail). - vicster: full-bodied
I would like one! vganata at gmail - Victor Ganata
If you have some invites left, sure, why not. [edited out my email...] - Joe
I would like to join this new social media, if there's still an invite (sans.otto at gmail) Thanks. - sansotto
Uli, DM me your e-mail address! - Stephen Mack
I' interested Edit: Thanks! - vale
Bren, DM me your e-mail address! - Stephen Mack
OK, I think I sent an invite to everyone who has requested one so far. If I missed you, please let me know. - Stephen Mack
Yes, please. I'll DM you my email address. :) - Tamara J. B.
I just did! :P - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
yes, I would like an invite! - .mau.
Sure! k8southern at gmail Thanks! - Katy S
plz! jfleming73 gmail com - Mr. The Jason Fleming
okay, I'm in, barrywynn as usual. find me and stuff *lemming* ========> - MoTO: Team Marina
Mau, Katy & Jason -- their invite page just crapped out. Will try again later. I think I'm caught up with everyone else, though. - Stephen Mack
I'll take a swipe: tarzxf at gmail - Neal Krummell
Sure: chilaquiles at Gmail dot com. - Steven Perez from Android
yep. firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com - Laura Norvig
yes, please: brent schaus @gmail - Brent Schaus
Sent up through Brent. Four more left! - Stephen Mack
Cristo, I don't have your e-mail address. Can you DM me the one you want me to use? - Stephen Mack
Wait, never mind, I do have it. - Stephen Mack
This is fun, I don't think I've ever had so many DMs. - Stephen Mack
Three invites left. - Stephen Mack
well, if all the cool kids are doing it... - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Two after T-Ra. (T-RA, DM me the e-mail address you'd like to use please!) (EDIT she already had) - Stephen Mack
This is really getting the way of my doing my homework. :P (Last minute, though it may be.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Thanks, Stephen :) - Brent Schaus
Received, thanks! - Neal Krummell
Stephen: received just now, thanks! - .mau.
Thank you, Stephen! I'm all signed up now. :-) - vicster: full-bodied
No problem guys, you're all welcome! - Stephen Mack
Bren DM'd me, so he got his. I set aside one for him, so two left. - Stephen Mack
Stephan requested one, so I sent him one. Now just 1 left. Who's the lucky last recipient? - Stephen Mack
I've got plenty. DM me if you need an invite. I assume mine will work? - MoTO: Team Marina
Yeah, basically everyone who just signed up through me should have a few dozen, so there's not going to be a shortage. :) - Stephen Mack
Very late here, but yes if possible, from anyone in this thread. *poof* - YvonneM
You got it, YvonneM. You got my very last invite! - Stephen Mack
If you have any left I will take one - - Alan
Alan, I don't -- all out now, sorry. Anyone else able to send one to Alan? - Stephen Mack
I sent him one just now, Stephen. Alan, watch your mailbox! I am mdgirlforlife. - Corinne L
OK. I know I was way late. I took a break from friendfeed and find that I keep forgetting to check in now that I'm "back" - Alan
Thanks Corinne! - Alan
Sorry I'm 18 hours late! If anyone still has an invite, I'd love to check it out. Please? - Red Label
Where's the names list? - Eric - It's My Thing
Any invites left???? - Friar Will
I concur with Cristo -- it's not ready yet. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I have no more invites currently. But pick a person above who I have an invite to -- they should all have invites to give away now! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hmm. There's this but it seems to be more about providing a work area for current social groups rather than finding new people to socialize with. - Spidra Webster
I wonder what the dynamics are behind cascades like this? FF has more features yet we can't get people to adopt it. Ello has far fewer features, is far less ready for primetime, yet its membership has exploded over the last 48 hrs. I understand Ello's "the anti-Facebook" rhetoric is appealing but most people don't even know Facebook owns FF yet there are no cascades here. And of course there are other socnets as well. What drives sudden crazy popularity? - Spidra Webster
I wouldn't encourage anyone to put too much time into Friendfeed at this point. We all know it's only a matter of time. #knockonwood - Eric - It's My Thing
For all you know, it's only a matter of time for Ello, either. ;-) We've been here 5 years post-buy. - Spidra Webster
I agree with Spidra. I bet FF outlasts Ello, actually. But I don't mind checking out new sites. Remember how keen people were to get Google Wave invites? Some even sold them on eBay. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
The key is apparently making it invite-only and limiting invites. We should do that here. ;-) - Spidra Webster
The rush? For some people, I think it is the urge for login name squatting. Gotta get hairybook93 or whatever login Id before some other person gets it. - Joe
Any of you fine people up there who now have a half dozen invites willing to part with just one? It'd be much appreciated! ♡ - Kayla from Android
yes yes yes please! i[@] - Recep Çimen , please. - свитч верхнего уровня
Could I get one please? - DS — thank you in advance. - Ivan Bessarabov
mike.bravo at if possible, thanks a bunch! - Michael Bravo
I'd love an invite if you have one to spare! — gaute(at)gautehuus(dot)com - Gaute Huus, please! - Anton Volnuhin
Interesting take(down) of Ello. - Ken Gidley from iPhone
And for me please, if possible: - yan
pls,, if you have spare one - Коломеец
Much belated but thank you!!! - YvonneM
Could you please send me an ello-invite? Thanks!! - etesien
Andrew C (✔)
Doing so much introspection that I've lost track of which way leads outta here.
Shoulda asked Ariadne for a ball of thread! - Victor Ganata
Victor++ for classing up the joint with the classical myth allusions. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Andrew C (✔)
When GMO defenders use the "breeding is also genetic modification" line, it sounds to me a bit like "capsaicin is also a chemical weapon".
Technically, both are true, though. - Victor Ganata
and by the thinking of some people, arsenic is all-natural and therefore "safe". - Big Joe Silence
"Pepper spray is banned for use in war by Article I.5 of the Chemical Weapons Convention, which bans the use of all riot control agents in warfare whether lethal or less-than-lethal." - Victor Ganata
While I'm not a fan of GMOs mainly because of the ethically-questionable business practices of some major biotech companies, I think it would just as dangerous to assume that selective breeding/artificial selection doesn't have any pitfalls at all. - Victor Ganata
"You are technically correct – the best kind of 'correct'." - Andrew C (✔) from Android
I mean, it's not even just semantics, though. Capsaicin is literally referenced in the Chemical Weapons Convention. Maybe you need a different example…. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I wonder if you could selectively breed a plant to glow in the dark or contain various herbicides? My intuition says GMOs are a discontinuous jump function. Breeding is simply shaping what the genome already allows. - Todd Hoff
Plants do contain some level of natural pesticides and herbicides. Like some biologist said, what makes plants interesting is that they can't run away, so their defenses need to work some other ways. But I guess the amount needed to ensure surviving to the next generation may not suit agriculture's needs. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Eric - It's My Thing
What you don't want to hear, "Mom I can't breathe". What you don't want to do, book it to the ER. What you don't want from the doc, "it's not getting better, we'll need to check you in." What you don't want the ER to say, "you'll have to take an ambulance to the other side of town and check into the PICU." Where we don't want to be. Here.
:( - Heather
Oh no! :-( - vicster: full-bodied from FFHound!
:( Sending good thoughts your way! - Katy S
:( - Janet from FFHound!
Oh no. Thinking of you and Elena. I hope your kid recovers well. - Anika
I hope they can get everything worked out quickly. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thinking good thoughts! - Victor Ganata
*huggle* - Alix May
Ooof. Thinking of you all right now. I hope they're able to get everything sorted quickly. - Jennifer Dittrich
Praying for you and your family, and hoping the docs get things sorted out quickly. - Jim: with more caffeine!
Looks like we will be overnight guests at the Children's Hospital PICU. Swelling hasn't gone down and no diagnosis as of yet. - Elena from FFHound!
Thinking good thoughts for all. - bentley
:-( *hugs* - John (bird whisperer)
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Best wishes to you and yours. - Steve C Team Marina
Oh dear! Hoping she gets on the mend quickly! Thinking of you guys. - SAM
Oh man, good wishes coming your way. - Marie
:( - ellbeecee
Oh, man... I hope everything is okay. My thoughts are with you guys. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
Are you at Children's Hospital at Memorial Hospital in the Springs? If so, I'm about three blocks from you. If you need something, email or call 719-357-5297. - Steele Lawman
Thinking of you and hoping you get some answers soon. - Anne Bouey
Hope everything turns out ok. - rönin from FFHound!
Praying for y'all. - LB creeps me out. from Android
Sending good thoughts! - Galadriel C. from Android
Sending good juju your way. - Kristin
Prayers and good thoughts for you and yours. - Friar Will
Hope everything turns out OK! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
You guys doing better after 6 hours? - Joe
Sending good thoughts too! - imabonehead
Still in the PICU. Good news is the swelling has gone down. Bad news is they still don't know what's causing it. Hoping to be discharged in the AM. - Elena from FFHound!
I'm so sorry you guys are still without answers, but I'm glad the swelling is reduced! You're all in my thoughts. - Jenny H. from Android
How are things this morning? I hope you all had a better night ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
So frightening. Much love xx - Melly - #TeamMarina
Oh no. :( - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
*hugs* - Yolanda
crossed fingers and hugs also from here! - Xabaras (G.O.)
I hope things are much better today. *hugs all around* - vicster: full-bodied
Waiting to be discharged. The nurse says we're going home but have yet to see the dr. - Elena from FFHound!
So glad you guys get to go home. - Tamara J. B.
Home now. Ahhhh. - Eric - It's My Thing
Whew. - Steele Lawman
Wow. I'm glad everything is OK. *hugs* - Monique Judge
Gah! Sorry to miss this. How is it going today, do they know what happened? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
in my prayers... - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
We've been home for a few hours now and everything seems to be ok. Will follow up on Friday with our regular pediatrician for back to school release and referral to an ENT or allergist. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreciated :) - Elena from FFHound!
So scary for you all! I hope you get answers soon! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Victor Ganata
25 Facts Even Trekkies Probably Didn't Know About Star Trek - Diply
So does this mean that the species that burrowed into Starfleet officials' brains in that TNG story arc was supposed to be the original manifestation of the Borg? - Victor Ganata
I always wondered why that storyline fizzled out as much as it did. It felt like they had a great idea, and then just rushed to finish it. - Jennifer Dittrich
point number 11: i never knew that about Doohan. - Big Joe Silence
I still wish they had thought of the Founders/the Changelings already when they did that Conspiracy story arc. - Victor Ganata
No, Trekkies have heard all this before. But lovely for them to try. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
When Trek is sold to Disney none of this will matter. - Todd Hoff
Victor Ganata
I don't know what was in that smoothie I had for lunch today, but now my body feels like it's on fire.
I had my MA check my temperature, but it's only 99°F. #ItsPsychosomatic #YouNeedALobotomy #IllGetASaw - Victor Ganata
Lay off the sriracha smoothies. - Spidra Webster
Scotch Bonnet smoothies are brutal. - Big Joe Silence
You know what, maybe hemp seeds don't agree with me :D - Victor Ganata
Andrew C (✔)
RT @waitingintheair: avatar: the last phonebender
Just thought of this joke myself, then searched Twitter and there it was. Someone got to it a couple of hours before me. - Andrew C (✔)
LOL, I realize this is an iPhone 6 reference, but it also made me think of Avatar: The Last Telephone Sanitizer and Golgafrincham. "Then everything changed when the enormous mutant star-goat attacked." - Victor Ganata
Andrew C (✔)
Strange. My tear ducts were leaking fluid earlier despite my not experiencing any significant emotion nor physical stress.
Are you out of your Vulcan mind? - Victor Ganata
Flushing the system? - Heather
Teach me to be hoo-man. - Andrew C (✔)
These quizzes are getting harder.
True! - Stephen Mack
Well, what's on the previous page? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
*Paging File Error - BSOD* - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
The statement below is true. The statement above is false. - Victor Ganata
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Someone ate fish for lunch and I feel like I'm going to hurl. How can people eat fish when it fouls the air so horribly?! Disgusting!
If it smells, the fish wasn't fresh to begin with. - Anika
Definitely stay clear of Filipino daing and tuyo :D - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
It's manifestations of an underlying, inaccessible reality all the way down. #inceptgnosticism
If you have the right knowledge all becomes transparent. #oldschoolgnostic - Todd Hoff
I guess I'm thinking more of a mashup between gnosticism and semiotics. Signifiers abound, but what is signified can only be perceived indirectly through knowledge. Or faith. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Victor Ganata
I'm not sure what's more burned into my brain: the start song for Pac-Man or the theme song for Super Mario Brothers.
For me, Tetris competes with both of those. - Anika
I think "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the Nintendo version of Tetris is way more burned into my brain than the actual Tetris theme song. - Victor Ganata
I've gotten to the point where I tend to confuse the Galaga theme song and the Star Trek: The Motion Picture/The Next Generation theme song, too. - Victor Ganata
I have a game series I've been replaying and it was driving my kids crazy because the music sounds like Galaxy Quest. - Anika
Sonic (Megadrive) and Manic Miner (Spectrum) for me. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
There's a pop song on the radio right now that makes me think of the first stage of the Sega Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Victor Ganata
I mean, rocket fuel, jet fuel, and gasoline are *way* more explosive than hydrogen gas, and we have no problems with filling vehicles with any of those.
It still cheeses me off that either city or state law prevents apartments in California from having either coal or propane BBQs, but you can park cars full of gasoline right next to (or under) them. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, but there are problems with hydrogen. It burns between 1000-5000ºF and it's typically invisible. Can you imagine a firefighter responding to a car wreck where you have a fire that's invisible and yet melting the pavement and the aluminum car frames? - Glen Campbell
Wouldn't that cause a whole bunch of smoke and heat distortion in the air? The flames themselves are only a small portion of the visual cues they're using to determine safety. - Jennifer Dittrich
Would H2 combustion cause smoke? The only product is H2O. I guess everything else burning might make smoke. - Andrew C (✔)
It's the 'everything else on fire' that I'm thinking of. Metal, upholstery, pavement, plastic, whatnot. - Jennifer Dittrich
exactly. the hydrogen fire above the Hindenburgh was reddish becos of the rapidly oxidizing metal frame of the airship, not becos of any property of the combusting gas. - Big Joe Silence
The combustion of hydrogen gas by itself wouldn't create smoke, but if temperatures reach between 1000-5000°F lots of things in the surrounding environment are going to ignite and give off smoke. - Victor Ganata
I was kind of surprised that the autoignition temperature of hydrogen is as high as it is; 500 °C vs about 260 for gasoline. - Ken Morley
Although I guess, to be fair, compressed hydrogen is going to be inherently explosive although not necessarily extremely flammable. - Victor Ganata
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