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Victor Ganata
Repealing ‘Obamacare’ Would Explode Debt, Says Government Auditor | TPMDC
The whole debt argument over Obamacare confuses the hell out of me. Supporters say debt goes crazy if it gets repealed, while naysayers say that there are TRILLIONS of dollars that will be added if it isnt repealed - Chris Topher
It all depends on what assumptions you choose. I must confess, I kind of trust the guys who did the actual number crunching even though they work for the government over the guys who just make up numbers as they go along. - Victor Ganata
Oh, the Government Accountability Office. They have a history of pissing off both sides of the house, so that's a good sign. - DJF
It really comes down to Medicare, which is what has everyone freaked out as the Baby Boomers hit eligibility age. There are measures in the PPACA that rein in Medicare expenditures (Hence, "Keep gov't out of my Medicare" and "Boo! Death panels!") - Victor Ganata