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Why can't it be about what I want instead of what I deserve?
Lead off home run :D
The game just started and I'm already a sloppy mess. #SleepDeprivationFTW
Out of sight, out of mind.
Running on adrenaline and caffeine right now. I can't wait until the inevitable crash.
Holy Twitter vomit!
Three hours of sleep. I've done this before. I should be fine, right?
1,000 more California wildfires than usual in 2014, and fire season just started - L.A. Times
But the last day of summer never felt so cold.
Hoping that the Scotch will provide a sufficient buffer. My life is just sad.
:( You need to drink Glenfelix... - Spidra Webster
OH: An orgasm? What's that?
More women say that than we care to realize. - Eric - It's My Thing
It's manifestations of an underlying, inaccessible reality all the way down. #inceptgnosticism
If you have the right knowledge all becomes transparent. #oldschoolgnostic - Todd Hoff
I guess I'm thinking more of a mashup between gnosticism and semiotics. Signifiers abound, but what is signified can only be perceived indirectly through knowledge. Or faith. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I'm not sure what's more burned into my brain: the start song for Pac-Man or the theme song for Super Mario Brothers.
For me, Tetris competes with both of those. - Anika
I think "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the Nintendo version of Tetris is way more burned into my brain than the actual Tetris theme song. - Victor Ganata
I've gotten to the point where I tend to confuse the Galaga theme song and the Star Trek: The Motion Picture/The Next Generation theme song, too. - Victor Ganata
I have a game series I've been replaying and it was driving my kids crazy because the music sounds like Galaxy Quest. - Anika
Sonic (Megadrive) and Manic Miner (Spectrum) for me. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
There's a pop song on the radio right now that makes me think of the first stage of the Sega Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I mean, rocket fuel, jet fuel, and gasoline are *way* more explosive than hydrogen gas, and we have no problems with filling vehicles with any of those.
It still cheeses me off that either city or state law prevents apartments in California from having either coal or propane BBQs, but you can park cars full of gasoline right next to (or under) them. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, but there are problems with hydrogen. It burns between 1000-5000ºF and it's typically invisible. Can you imagine a firefighter responding to a car wreck where you have a fire that's invisible and yet melting the pavement and the aluminum car frames? - Glen Campbell
Wouldn't that cause a whole bunch of smoke and heat distortion in the air? The flames themselves are only a small portion of the visual cues they're using to determine safety. - Jennifer Dittrich
Would H2 combustion cause smoke? The only product is H2O. I guess everything else burning might make smoke. - Andrew C (✔)
It's the 'everything else on fire' that I'm thinking of. Metal, upholstery, pavement, plastic, whatnot. - Jennifer Dittrich
exactly. the hydrogen fire above the Hindenburgh was reddish becos of the rapidly oxidizing metal frame of the airship, not becos of any property of the combusting gas. - Big Joe Silence
The combustion of hydrogen gas by itself wouldn't create smoke, but if temperatures reach between 1000-5000°F lots of things in the surrounding environment are going to ignite and give off smoke. - Victor Ganata
I was kind of surprised that the autoignition temperature of hydrogen is as high as it is; 500 °C vs about 260 for gasoline. - Ken Morley
Although I guess, to be fair, compressed hydrogen is going to be inherently explosive although not necessarily extremely flammable. - Victor Ganata
I missed the "i" in "recital" #iam12
It would make for an interesting ballet. - Steve C Team Marina
Ha! - SAM
Imagined spelling mistakes are no fault of the rector. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Keanu Reeves through the ages (via slaymie)
just like me. - yedi
Benimkiiii - Sevinç from iPhone
Cok bozdu. - Claire from Android
Her türlü yerim - Sevinç from iPhone
<obligatory>Whoa!</obligatory> - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Once again reaffirming my policy of never installing x.0 releases.
I swear I remember reading on one of the A Song of Ice and Fire online forums before the HBO series came out that GRRM totally took the name Stark from Iron Man (in addition to basing it on the House of York) because he's a big Marvel fan (and even did an X-Men comic) but I can't find the post.
‘Game of Thrones': Jonathan Pryce, Alexander Siddig among 9 new actors - Hero Complex - L.A. Times - 2014 Jul 25
Oh, wow, I totally missed that Dr. Bashir is going to play Doran Martell in GoT. - Victor Ganata
Did George R.R. Martin Help Create Chewbacca? - Crashcade - 2014 Aug 28
LOL, my brother who has been the sole anti-Apple holdout in my family, who owns a Samsung Galaxy S5, and who has owned nothing but Windows boxes all his life, finally succumbed and bought a MacBook Pro because his old laptop started sounding like a jet engine and would only work while plugged into an outlet.
Heat sink is failing/battery is failing. I hope he likes his new laptop. - Eric - It's My Thing
Sounds like he was just looking for an excuse to jump ship. Both of those problems would have likely been very simple and easy to fix. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
It was an old cheap laptop so he definitely felt like he needed a new one anyway, but I was shocked that he decided to go with a MacBook Pro :D - Victor Ganata
Is he going to dual-boot or run Windows in a VM? - Andrew C (✔)
I don't know. He's just been using OS X so far. I think he really just uses the laptop for taking notes at school and writing papers, so I don't think he's really gonna need Windows. He still has a desktop for gaming. And since he has an SSD in the MacBook, it might be tight trying to install Windows, too. - Victor Ganata
Your Penis Evolved To Pleasure The Females. It’s Science - Wonkette - LOL at the theory that Eve was actually created from Adam's (now missing) penis bone, instead of his rib.
FYI: turning in a prescription for controlled substances where the writing is too neat is a big red flag to pharmacies
at Venice Fishing Pier -
at Venice Fishing Pier
The last weekend of summer (at Venice Fishing Pier) -
The last weekend of summer (at Venice Fishing Pier)
The last weekend of summer (at Venice Fishing Pier) -
The last weekend of summer (at Venice Fishing Pier)
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