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How To Tell If You Are In A Charles Dickens Novel - The Toast - Mallory Ortberg
"Every day you are beaten until you are killed." - Victor Ganata
"What if there aren't enough hands or feet?" "What if there are too many hands or feet?"
Inches. Yards. - Spidra Webster
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." "Said the clone of Adolf Hitler."
Man, how is there no direct train service from L.A. to S.F.? You either need to take a bus to Bakersfield, or a bus from SLO.
I think there is direct service but you have to tweak Amtrak's search to get that option. I know I've taken the train from Emeryville straight through to Santa Barbara. - Spidra Webster
Can't you take the coast route? - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Yeah, Coast Starlight? It's 12 hours though from Emeryville to LA's Union Station, so not exactly practical. - Andrew C (✔)
What sucks is that it doesn't actually *have* to take that long. But for as long as passengers take a siding when freight comes through, it will be that slow. We really need to re-acquire or build new rail lines so that this ridiculous situation doesn't persist. - Spidra Webster
If you have time the Coast Starlight is a wonderful trip. I think, if you transfer to a bus at Emeryville and/or Oakland, you get dropped off next to the Ferry Building (there's an Amtrak station there). - vicster: full-bodied
That 12 hour travel time basically means there's only one train every day, right? If you miss it, it's off to Bakersfield for you! - Victor Ganata
There is from LA to SJ, then Caltrain - Neal Krummell "The Coast Starlight runs on railroad tracks that give priority to freight traffic. For this reason, the rains are rarely on time. This is not the train to take if you are on a strict time schedule." - or basically what Spidra said. - Andrew C (✔)
I've taken the Coast Starlight from Ventura to San Jose. Gorgeous trip. - Tamara J. B.
A bus would take about 8 hours: - Andrew C (✔)
MegaBus goes from L.A. to SF as well. - Corinne L
Megabus has more runs too! - Andrew C (✔)
Bolt Bus? - Rochelle
"Get out, you lying sack of bastard!"
I know I'm pretty sleep deprived when my brain starts randomly playing the theme song to the game "Bubble Bobble".
is it the original version or the ska version? i should post that for you. - Big Joe Silence
The 8-bit NES port version, but I'm a sucker for remakes. - Victor Ganata
COIN-OP OR GTFO! ;D - Big Joe Silence
RT @crampell: now that we know people can survive 5.5 hours in a plane's wheel well, which airline will be first to sell these as super-economy seats?
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES (you know i'm right) - Big Joe Silence
If they can install oxygen masks down there I'm down. =p - ronin
nope, oxygen is an upcharge. - Big Joe Silence
I was thinking Ryanair or Spirit. - Victor Ganata
Allegiant. - Friar Will
How does one have faith in the correctness of some stochastic processes (like free markets) but not in others (like representative gov't)?
All the sins laid at the feet of secular humanism and postmodernism are just the outcome of free markets.
Liberalism, lack of religion, gov't programs didn't undermine morality. Capitalism and greed did. You're just looking for a scapegoat now.
The fact that Adrian Gonzalez always looks a little pissed off even when he's happy and that his walk out theme song is "El Mariachi Loco" never fails to crack me up.
"El Mariachi Loco" also makes me think of "Yakety Sax" - Victor Ganata
When someone successful in one field says it will be easy to transition to some other field, it's a red flag for the Dunning-Kruger effect.
...but a different part of the curve. - 9000
It's called 'being an attorney.' - Pete
In English, Easter eggs are much older than the Easter bunny. The first English reference to "Easter eggs" dates from the 16th century - Slate
"Himself fast tyed to the said Crosse, where he tarried the space of one hour; During which time, the boyes served him with his Easter egges." - Victor Ganata
"A less festive citation could hardly be imagined: this is a description of a punishment administered to a Catholic priest in Edinburgh in 1565. He was tied to a cross and pelted with the eggs in question." - Victor Ganata
So do you think Phil is going to take over for Woodson?
No chance whatsoever IMO. I thought the physical demands of being head coach were too much for him already. - Andrew C (✔)
Only if he lands Kobe and/or LeBron. He has already all but selected Steve Kerr. - Julian
Well, that's what Phil told Jim Buss, but this certainly wouldn't be the first time he's changed his mind. :D - Victor Ganata
Kobe for Melo trade. I'm calling it now. :D (OK, this will *never* happen because (1) D'Antoni is still here and (2) people would probably try to assassinate Jim Buss.) - Victor Ganata
RT @Kyle_Lippert: "Can I have more of these mouse spears?" "Sir those are toothpicks" "I need 1000 for my army. We march at dawn"
It's literally faster for me to type "no cough" than to click the menu option to get to the screen where I can click on "cough: negative"
Why isn't there an EMR where you can just write freeform notes and the computer will autopopulate all the fields, instead of checkbox hell?
So it looks like CVS won't accept Blue Cross Medi-Cal managed care anymore, which I imagine is a business decision to maximize profits. Of course, everyone is going to blame Obama.
From E.C.'s FB post: "Dear white people: when you see racial injustice or cultural insensitivity, call it out. When you call it out, it's legitimate. When I call it out, I'm just another angry brown person being annoying."
So if turning something solid is "solidification", turning something into liquid is "liquefaction", and turning something into vapor is "vaporization", is there an agreed-upon verb for turning something into plasma? Like plasmification or plasmatization?
Plasmo. - Eivind from Android
Huh. I didn't realize they were using plasma gasification as a method of waste disposal. - Victor Ganata
plazmention ^^ - yedi
When Diamonds Are Dirt Cheap, Will They Still Dazzle? - NYT via James Gleick @JamesGleick mentioned by William Gibson @GreatDismal
Now I'm imagining a future where scientists try to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into diamonds. The diamond industry and global warming deniers ally to stop them. :D - Victor Ganata
OK, I didn't read far enough into that NYT article. They've somehow segued into the disruptive economic effects of Federation replicator technology :D (well, without explicitly mentioning Star Trek.) - Victor Ganata
"Agni" is "fire" in Sanskrit, cognate to "ignis" in Latin. Avatar: The Last Airbender uses the word in the phrase "agni kai" to describe a duel between two firebenders. I didn't realize that they had also gotten the firebending subdisciplines from ancient Hindus: agni can refer to fire, lightning, and the Sun…
…and in the Four Nations, in addition to firebenders, there are also lightningbenders and sunbenders. - Victor Ganata
Fire, lightning, and the sun (well, stars in general) are also the most common forms of plasma observable on earth :D - Victor Ganata
I actually got eight hours of sleep yesterday. Unfortunately, they were not consecutive.
"Best by 10/02/151441" (via sugarysnarks)
So between my bags of pasta that supposedly expire sometime in the 71st century and this bottle of maple syrup, at least our carbohydrate supplies should be secure! - Victor Ganata
If materialistic determinism is completely true, then you could theoretically trace the fate of the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus in your body and see that, more likely than not, molecules that used to be part of you will be incorporated in other living things in an unending chain.
Well, not entirely unending. A stray cosmic ray could transmute atomic nuclei or split nuclei apart its constituent nucleons, but you could also theoretically trace the fate of those subatomic particles. And sure, its likely that some of your carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen will be vaporized into gas that will eventually leak out into space, but odds are that most of you will stay on Earth for quite a long, long time. - Victor Ganata
This is not to say that you're literally reincarnated. The memories—emergent properties of complex networks of cells which are in turn complex aggregates of multifarious molecules—are gone, although, again, if materialistic determinism is completely true (and assuming that it's true that information cannot be lost), you could theoretically trace the worldline back in time to reconstruct those memories. - Victor Ganata
Maybe it's silly, but I do find something weirdly comforting about the fact that parts of you are likely to last for quite a long time even relative to the lifetime of the universe, even if it's as something non-sapient or non-sentient. - Victor Ganata
OK, granted, all our corpses will be utterly vaporized when the Sun goes red giant in a few billion years, but the vast majority of our atoms will only really be turned into plasma and not necessarily transmuted into other elements or split apart into their constituent electrons and quarks. - Victor Ganata
I never realized what a versatile slur "fedora-wearing" is. :D
RT @brianbeutler: "[T]he dominant rhetorical device of slow-witted young conservatives too embarrassed to call themselves Republicans."
Watching libertarians come to the realization that the non-aggression principle is utter bullshit because the enforcement of property rights totally requires coercion and the threat of violence is fucking hilarious. - Victor Ganata
Poor Snowden. I wonder when the exact moment was when he realized that he was nothing more than Putin's pet American.
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