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Why the 405 isn't any faster with more lanes - KPCC
Error: Method Not Allowed - John (bird whisperer)
Ways Men in Tech are Unintentionally Sexist - This is Not A Pattern
Wednesday in her Halloween costume #bouledoguefrançais #witchcraft (via jensaredope)
A Filipino restaurant owner says shame may be one reason authentic Filipino food has not become mainstream - 2014 Feb 13 - PRI
I say give it a few years. Americans maybe can only focus on one Asian cuisine at a time. - Anika from Android
that may very well be true for Americans as a group. - Big Joe Silence
I can totally see colonial mentality being a big part of it, though—I've definitely heard Filipino Americans be self-deprecating about how Filipino food isn't really it's own cuisine especially since it borrows so many elements from Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, and even Indian food. - Victor Ganata
There's a filipino restaurant not too far from me. As soon as things happen and I can start eating out again, I'm going to try it. So, maybe by the end of the year, if I'm lucky. - bentley
OH: One cannot be tight and the other loose #iam12
Richard Dawkins: Religion isn’t the problem in the Middle East - Salon
I will admit, I am surprised that Dawkins would concede such a thing. - Victor Ganata
I do find it interesting that so many "rational" people are willing to assign causation to essentialist reductionist explanations like religion and culture and never to the long history and ongoing legacy of colonialism and imperialism, not to mention the ongoing economic hegemony by the institutions of global capitalism. - Victor Ganata
Perhaps religion is a problem amplifier? - Todd Hoff
Religion is often an expression of culture and nationalism; the beliefs, spirituality, practices are less the driving and defining force than the Statement "I am a ____" I haven't read the Dawkins piece yet, but if I were writing something with that title, that's what I would be describing. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The thing that stands out to me the most, though, is the tacit denialism of the thesis that the primary cause of these conflicts is colonialism and imperialism, both historically and ongoing. I think these conflicts are completely intractable without acknowledging this. The contribution of religion is almost entirely an incidental factor, an accident of the history of colonialism and imperialism. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
The Islamic empire was one of the largest on earth for a very long time. It was because of religion that the empire was built. So there is an expansionist kernel there. Not that I think anyone should be stuck with silly boundaries drawn up because of a world war. But the way the campaign is being carried, the violence, could be a reaction to colonialism and imperialism? I don't know. Just wondering... - Todd Hoff
I think the bloodiest modern ME conflict (Syria's civil war) has many causes (the dominant position of Alawites, etc), but colonialism and imperialism are not even close to be "primary". - кенар жалобно поёт
But how did the Alawites become so dominant in the first place and why are there so many disparate cultural groups in a nominally unitary state? How did Syria even come to exist as it is in the first place? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Of course it has something to do with the French colonial policy, but that was 70 years ago. If we're going this far, then maybe, you know, all the problems were caused by the Ottomans? :) After all, the Ottoman colonialism did last 400 years, while the French were in place just for 30 years. - кенар жалобно поёт
Was it really the religion that inspired imperialism, or did imperialism spread the religion? In any case, we clearly know Islam doesn't have a monopoly on expansionist imperialist tendencies, so the idea that this specific religion is the primary cause seems suspect to me. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Well, the Arab tribes became united only by the Prophet's sword. So in that case we can be pretty sure that Caliphate couldn't exist without the advent of Islam. Not that every imperialism is a bad thing, though (take Rome), the Arabs did spread many of the arts and sciences. - кенар жалобно поёт
I dunno, I have a feeling not everyone whom the Romans conquered would've necessarily seen the Empire as a good thing, but, hey, the winners get to write history. - Victor Ganata
New Ebola case in Texas raises worries about U.S. health system - L.A. Times
"A second Ebola case in Texas — identified Sunday as a hospital worker who cared for the Liberian man who died last week from the disease — is raising fresh doubts about the preparedness of the U.S. health system to handle the deadly outbreak." - Victor Ganata
"It is also prompting new questions about whether U.S. health officials need better measures to identify hospitals that may not be able to handle complex diseases such as Ebola." - Victor Ganata
Ebola in the U.S. really seems to be demonstrating the inadequacies of laissez faire and free markets and our profit-driven dysfunctional health care system, and of small government and the outsourcing of critical functions previously handled by the government. If only we could shoot/bomb our way out of an epidemic. #FuckYeahAmerica - Victor Ganata
"At some point, there was a breach in protocol, and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection." Fuck protocols, because nanny state </sarcasm> - Victor Ganata
"…Doctors Without Borders, the international aid group that has provided front line assistance in West Africa since the outset of the current Ebola outbreak, has largely succeeded in protecting its health workers with strict controls." - Victor Ganata
"…a strong public health and medical response helped prevent a wider Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation." - Victor Ganata
"But the second Dallas case has highlighted the holes in even basic infection control procedures." - Victor Ganata
I still can't believe they sent the original patient home from the emergency room - maʀtha
I am highly suspicious that it was primarily due to him being uninsured. - Victor Ganata
(just to troll a bit good old USA) do you know who is on the front line of the ebola crisis with its highly trained medical staff? Cuba :P - d☭snake
Maybe there is such a thing as divine retribution, then ;)
Consider it karma for smallpox infested blankets - WarLord
Listen to the Butt Song from Hell written on a 500-year-old painting - io9
Before even clicking, "Must be Bosch." <-- Yep :D - Jennifer Dittrich
“You're like Christopher Columbus. You discovered something millions of people did before you.” ― Lisa Simpson
When the evening falls and the daylight is fading… -
When the evening falls and the daylight is fading…
Clowns roam the streets of a California town. No one is sure who they are - ABC 15 #WTF #HighOctaneNightmareFuel #CantSleepClownsWillEatMe
"Strange clowns have begun roaming the streets of Wasco, Calif., at night." - Victor Ganata
"No one seems to know why they're there, or who is behind the appearances." - Victor Ganata
:( - Alix May
Sounds like a publicity stunt to advertise an upcoming horror movie. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
NOPE - Mary Carmen
Wasn't that happening somewhere in the UK earlier? Just, no. - Jennifer Dittrich
Noooooooooo!!! - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
No. - Katy S
Did they all arrive in one small car? - Greg GuitarBuster
They're making a movie about politicians. - imabonehead from Android
"So basically I'm using Tinder as an Instagram discovery tool." #DoingItWrong #AloneForever
Try Coffee Meets Bagel. IME it's slightly less soul-crushing than Tinder. - Andrew C (✔)
Slightly less soul-crushing? Sounds good! - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I don't want to promise too much. - Andrew C (✔)
Isn't everyone moving to Mixxxer for Instagram? #noclue - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Slightly less soul-crushing FTW! - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Sugar is a hell of a drug. And so is fat. (via Dr. C)
Nucleus accumbens C-Fos expression is correlated with conditioned place preference to cocaine, morphine and high fat/sugar food consumption - 2013 Nov 13 - Victor Ganata
Remember how sugar as a drug was laughed at a few years ago? - Todd Hoff
I think not everyone has completely accepted the whole dopaminergic reward circuit hypothesis even though it's been around for a long time. Under this hypothesis, *any* pleasurable stimulus can be addicting on a molecular physiological level. - Victor Ganata
Everything in moderation, then? :) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Pretty much. And Oreos are probably not that moderate ;) - Victor Ganata
I suppose it is kind of narcissistic to laugh at my own jokes and humorous anecdotes that I wrote down some 10+ years ago.
When my girlfriend talks to other people about me, she refers to me as "The Doctor". This sometimes causes confusion among Doctor Who fans.
"sonic screwdriver" #iam12 - Big Joe Silence
Which doctor? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
/e didn't know Victor had a girlfriend and can't recall him mentioning her before. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
^ more of the same - Anne Bouey
*awaits more information* - Katy S
Is this where I stand in line? *looks around* I think it is. - Micah
Oof. I'm glad I brought a chair. This line looks long. - bentley
*passes out popcorn* - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
He mentioned a girl friend and Microsoft demos a new holodeck product. Coincidence? - Todd Hoff
ich weisse so immer, bleibst du bist war - Tastamam★★★★
LOL! - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Believe it or not, she's not holographic! :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Although truth be told, we haven't been together for very long. We're not even Facebook Official yet ;) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I did meet her on Coffee Meets Bagel, so I owe you Andrew big time :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I don't know. He is kinda obsessed with holodecks. Hmmmm.... - bentley
She's pretty great :) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
She doesn't have an FF account but she does check my feed :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
just be belive it....or nothing him self spirit - Tastamam★★★★
Awesome! I liked Coffee Meets Bagel. Hi Victor's Girlfriend! Sign up for FF! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Lol, I love how it's totally more believable that I have a working full-featured holodeck than that I have a girlfriend :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
just only is so enough... - Tastamam★★★★
Hi, Victor's girlfriend! - bentley
it is you... - Tastamam★★★★
Hi Victor's girlfriend! ^_^ - Heather
it is too so - Tastamam★★★★
schreibt bitte deutsch oder türkisch denn wiil ich schleck für Sie sagt - Tastamam★★★★
I was afraid it'd be too nosy to ask Victor and I'm glad to see everyone else pressed for the info while I was offline. Hahaha! Congratulations, Victor! Hi, Victor's girlfriend! - Spidra Webster
so bück dich ich mache dich glücklich:))) - Tastamam★★★★
Hi Victor's girlfriend! And boo to Victor and gf for keeping me from losing hope in CMB! - Andrew C (✔) from Android
lick your mother is you last story amk - Tastamam★★★★
I sense a disturbance in the Force, as if an account was about to be blocked. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Who is 4 star? Don't be douchy 4 star. - Eric - It's My Thing from iPhone
LeBron James is surprised former teammates are critical of him - SB Nation
First day getting hot coffee instead of iced coffee. I guess I'm finally letting go of summer.
Of course, I spilled it on me. - Victor Ganata
Apparently summer wasn't ready to let go of you - Steve C Team Marina
That coffee is an asshole. - Hookuh Tinypants
Wednesday and Pugsley waiting for their shots (via jensaredope)
Our Ebola response shows our true colors. Ain’t pretty. - Neuron Culture
"So the richest country on earth has no team to contain the first appearance of one of the most deadly viruses we’ve ever known. Instead, apparently untrained contractors without protective clothing show up four days late and use not bleach and buckets to kill and contain the presumed hazard, but a power sprayer to blast them around. The family this patient was staying with, meanwhile, is left to its own devices, isolated from the world. They’re left to deal with the sheets and towels themselves. The fate of these linens, uninspected but possibly the most infectious single item associated with Patient Zero, is left to chance." - Victor Ganata
"This response is what you get when a country essentially has no sense of what public health is about. It’s a crystallized expression of an abiding feature of our so-called healthcare system: Health is something you do in a hospital or a doctor’s office. Generally you must pay to get it." - Victor Ganata
"Reach one of those places and maybe we can help you — an event more likely if you show ability to pay, and pay big. (Would the hospital have so quickly sent home a patient who had insurance? Statistically less likely.) Outside the paywalled environs of hospitals and offices, though, you’re on your own. This is no way to treat fellow human beings. This is no way to stop an epidemic." - Victor Ganata
While I totally understand the pitfalls of second guessing ER physicians (because everything is obvious only in the retrospectoscope), sending home a patient with Ebola after prescribing antibiotics seems especially egregious
Now that he has died, there is going to be some hell to pay for that one. - Eric - It's My Thing
To be honest, the fact that he died probably doesn't change much, since we know Ebola is for the most part a fatal, untreatable disease. But Thomas Duncan's case has certainly made the claim that we have the best health care system in the world untenable. - Victor Ganata
I'd say it's a good, if somewhat extreme, example of how our system works. Some people have priority, and we move heaven and earth for them. Some are barely processed through triage and booted out the door as quickly as possible. - Jennifer Dittrich
It's basically a horrendously expensive system that's just as shitty or shittier than health care systems in developing countries. - Victor Ganata
A kid in the waiting room sounds like he's making the murloc aggro sound repeatedly. It's scary as hell.
I have PTSD from murlocs. Lol! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Mmerrrgrgrggrgglllll - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from iPhone
Choke artistry in the post-season #facepalm
That Ebola made it to the U.S. exactly as flu season picks up is probably going to cause untold havoc.
I've been thinking the same thing. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Hmm. Do you think the Ebola panic that's on now might actually send people in for flu immunizations (not that it helps with Ebola but just that people might be more inclined to go after the immunizations we have that work)? - Spidra Webster
Maybe I'm being overly cynical and jaded, but I think it's going to send people who would otherwise just come in to their primary care physician to the ER instead, even if they've never traveled to west Africa. I honestly think it has the potential to cause massive breakage to our already fragile and dysfunctional health care system. - Victor Ganata
Good thing people aren't freaking out about it in the media every single hour then, or else there might be trouble. - Andrew C (✔)
:-/ I hadn't even considered that (because I forgot there are people who just go straight to the ER as they have no regular doctor anyway). - Spidra Webster
My officemate and I were just talking about this very same thing this morning. - Hookuh Tinypants
You guys are bringing The Monk down. - MoTO: Team Marina
People talk very loudly about the most intimate things while walking on the sidewalk right next to my office. o_O
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