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Between the World and Ferguson - Jelani Cobb - New Yorker
"In the days after 9/11, it was common to hear people say that it was the first time Americans had really experienced terrorism on their own soil. Those sentiments were historically wrong, and willfully put aside acts that were organized on a large scale, had a political goal, and were committed with the specific intention of being nightmarishly memorable." - Victor Ganata
Use the vape, Luke -
Use the vape, Luke
Oh damn. 10.8% ABV. I probably should've looked at the label before I started drinking this.
I figured out how to stop that damned Taylor Swift song from infiltrating my brain. I just have to think of the Mariah Carey song with the same title.
An American doctor’s experience with the NHS - Jennifer Gunter, M.D. (on Kevin M.D.)
"But what of this idea that national health care means DMV-purgatory worthy waits, Dementor-staffed death panels, Saxon-age medical equipment, and incompetent care? Well, I can tell you we had great care at St. Thomas and Dr. Williams was fantastic. The slit lamp wasn’t brand new, but it worked just fine. Sure it’s an n of one, but I’ve been to the ER more times than I can count with my other son and this was as smooth as the best care we’ve had in the United States." - Victor Ganata
"Not one person wanted to abandon the NHS. I’ve heard of excellent care and some care that was lacking, but the bad care has nothing to do with the 'national' part. Rather it was diagnostic errors or a full hospice unit, things that I hear about with the same incidence back in the world of commercial insurance.... I could easily have been listening to a group of Americans discussing their care. With one exception, no one in the U.K. is left wondering what the price will be or gets an egregious bill." - Victor Ganata
Yup, our hospitals in Canada aren't bastions of the latest technology, but everything works and we get good care. - DJF from Android
This is the part where my cynicism gets the best of me and I end up sabotaging myself #DeliberatelyCryptic
At Least 50 Troops Relying On Food Bank After Gov. Perry Sent Them To Border Without Pay - Burnt Orange Report
i REALLY hope Perry gets convicted and does time. - Big Joe Silence
Weird that Facebook marks 1981 on my timeline even though there aren't any events then because while my sister was born that year, she deactivated her Facebook account, but Facebook doesn't mark 1980 even though my brother was born that year and his Facebook account is active.
Something profound happened in your life in 1981 that your mind has repressed, but Facebook knows. Be ware the men in black. - Arlan K.
I wonder what "felinoid" translates to in Japanese?
Would that be nekojin? That's a specific trope, so it might not fit a broader definition. - Jennifer Dittrich
Katakana-ish in romaji? Fe-ri-no-i-do, I guess. Oh, I was just thinking in straight translation for the word. If more to what Jennifer says, then it would "KAWAIIIIIIIII DESSSSSUUUU NEEEE!" Ahem. - Arlan K.
I'm a lot more OK with this children's toy instrument cover of Destiny Child's "Independent Women" than I am with the children's toy instrument version of Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough"
Amen to that. - Hookuh Tinypants
Woman Handing Out Samples at Va. Costco Shot Dead by Police After Acting Strangely - NBC Washington - 2013 May 30
Do they even teach cops any other tactics besides deadly force in police academy these days? - Victor Ganata
Story is dated 2013. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I'll edit the OP to note it - Victor Ganata
It may as well have been this week. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Like I said, disarm all front line cops. - DJF from Android
"Life could be worse, Calvin." "Life could be *better*, too! But worse is more likely."
My printing is bad enough. I would never inflict my cursive writing on another human being.
The medical profession's lesser-known Handocursive Oath? - Andrew C (✔)
Given the habits of royalty and the aristocracy, I now kind of wonder how much of the world's misery is a consequence of inbreeding and recessive genes and the possible deleterious effects to cognitive ability.
In practice, doesn't an incapacitated monarch just mean the grand viziers and so on take more control of the reins? - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, but grand viziers and regents are not infrequently royalty or aristocracy too. - Victor Ganata
Haemophilia was pretty common in pre-WWI European royal families, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were carrying other genetic disorders too. - John (bird whisperer)
And that's just the single gene disorders we *know* about. Who knows what all those recessive pleiotropic genes might have done to the ruling class's brains? - Victor Ganata
I've sometimes wondered if inbreeding can explain World War I. - John (bird whisperer)
It definitely contributed, if just because of the family politics clashing (or emphasizing) the power conflicts. - Jennifer Dittrich
Brother and Sister Face Incest Charges, Blame 'The Notebook' - KABC 7 Eyewitness News
At least they weren't inspired by "Game of Thrones". I understand the incest charge, but the charge of aggravated sodomy? o_O - Victor Ganata
I've never seen a woman named Christopher before, either. - Laura
Very different result than that Brazilian couple who found out they were siblings, but plan to stay married and raise their 6yo. - Anika
As usual, I am psyching myself out. #DeliberatelyCryptic
I totally forgot about the original USS Defiant from TOS (that also features in the Enterprise Mirror Universe episodes.) I wonder why Starfleet reused the name of a doomed ship?
It's not uncommon. The Canadian Forces has current ships in its fleet that have the same name as ships sunk during the Battle of the Atlantic. - DJF
Dr. P—who is an infectious disease specialist—posts this link to make me feel better about the Ebola epidemic
"'The three deadliest events in human history were all infectious diseases,' says medical historian David Morens: the Spanish flu, the Black Death (bubonic plague), and AIDS." - Victor Ganata
(In a sidebar about the World of Warcraft corrupted blood glitch back when ZG launched) "Eric Lofgren and Nina Fefferman have since pored over the Warcraft data to try to understand how people react when caught up in plagues. The answer: recklessly and irrationally." - Victor Ganata
There are just so many psychological issues that are tied to the problem of pooping.
Really? - Laura
If there aren't psychological issues underlying constipation, sooner or later, there will be. - Victor Ganata
I just finished reading "Gulp" by Mary Roach and she has a nice long section on constipation and the enlargement of the bowel that can result. She said that one HUGE bowel was the same size around as her waist. Crazy!! Anyway, yes, she talked about the physical issues, but also about the psychological problems folks have with poop and pooping. Fascinating stuff. - WebGoddess
Just go for the squatty potty. ;) - ellbeecee
I am highly entertained by the fact that the graphical representation of a fictional anthropomorphic cat-like creature has provoked an epistemological crisis.
"Get used to disappointment." — Dread Pirate Roberts
If only there was a way to only work four days a week and still be considered full-time without working 12 hours a day. Maybe I should try to figure out how not to have to work 5½ days/week first, though.
Even if I weren't allergic to 12 hours shifts, I don't think there's any outpatient setting I could work 12 hours/day that isn't an urgent care or emergency department anyway. - Victor Ganata
Well, that's bad news #DeliberatelyCryptic
Penalty: vaguebooking. Minus ten points to Ravenclaw. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
What's even worse is that there's a distinct possibility that people in the know are on Secret and I can't even vent there. - Victor Ganata
State of Jefferson takes step toward independence - Sacramento Bee
A grassroots effort makes a lot more sense then the SV-directed top-down approach. I wonder how this would work though. It's not like it's unprecedented, but the last time some counties seceded from a state, the country was in the middle of a civil war. - Victor Ganata
Either way, I would be highly surprised if this succeeded. - John (bird whisperer)
It would be a long process, but I think this is the biggest stumbling block, despite how much supporters hate the state government in Sac: "The same economic challenges that drive this secessionist movement raise questions about whether the region could support itself as a new state. Both Modoc and Siskiyou counties get far more money from California in state social services than residents pay in state income and sales taxes." - Victor Ganata
"And while farming in the area generates more than $85 million in annual earnings, government is the largest employer. County, state and federal jobs account for more than one-third of the labor force." - Victor Ganata
They might choose to create a toll on i5 north/south. That would be a huge money maker. - Todd Hoff
Maybe. Or maybe it'll increase ship and rail traffic along the Pacific coast :D Still, that stretch of the I-5 coming down from the mountains is a great speed trap. - Victor Ganata
"That feeling—the not knowing, the longing for knowing, and the eventual answer—is love and youth to me." — Ta-Nehisi Coates
"And I was ignorant. I felt as if someone had carried me off at night, taken me out to sea, and set me adrift in a life-raft. And the night was beautiful because it held all the things I would never know, and in that I saw my doom—the time when I could learn no more." - Victor Ganata
"In my long voyage through this sea of language, that was my first sighting of land. I now knew how much I didn’t know. The feeling of discovery and understanding that came from this was incredible. It was the first moment when I thought I might survive the sea." - Victor Ganata
I had to give my mom and dad their dog back. I'm kind of sad he isn't here to meet me after work :D
Want my dog? - Anika
You can't have my dog, but you can have a child or two if you like. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Do you have your own dog? If not, perhaps it is time. :) - Katy S
Just to sell you on my dog: When you walk in the door, he says "HELLLELLLRRRROOOOO! HELLO! HELLO!" while he turns around in circles. - Anika from Android
:D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Acute Renal Failure After Excessive Energy-Drink Consumption - MPR
Energy Drink–Induced Acute Kidney Injury - Ann Pharmacother - 2014 Oct - Victor Ganata
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