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So I guess it's only now that Americans are aware that neo-Nazism is big in the Ukraine.
RT @clydetheslyde: When #TeaParty 'Patriots' say they want to "put women first", it means they make great human shields at militia standoffs. #BundyRanch
So if we want to stop neoNazis in Ukraine, do we target Svoboda party members with drones and destabilize Kiev? Who are the good guys again?
Area of China's polluted soil 'twice the size of Spain', survey reveals - South China Morning Post #progress #neoliberalismFTW
"…the Lower Owens River Project, also called the LORP, which is an unfortunate acronym…."
Snowden can't really be that naive, can he?
So ignoring acceleration and deceleration phases, it would take a probe with a current-generation ion drive about 1,667 years to get to Kepler-186f.
Why do the sample pics look like Tatooine? (not that the Kepler telescope can actually *see* what Kepler-186f looks like….) - Victor Ganata
Why am I not surprised that John McCain has ties to an anti-Russian Ukrainian ultranationalist political party accused of neo-Nazism?
It's kind of like how siding against Assad in Syria puts us in the tricky position of being de facto allies with Al Qaeda and ISIS. We're not gonna win that one either.
So I guess both sides have prominent neo-Nazis among their ranks. We sure we really want to get involved in this? I mean, either way, it looks like we're going to lose.
I wonder if the Russian state press is countering Western press stories about eastern Ukraine forcing Jews to register with stories about people in Kansas outright murdering Jews and the Missourian mayors who agree with that point of view.
It's not among the top stories on - John (bird whisperer)
Current top stories: "Ukraine imposes severe entrance restrictions on adult Russian males"; "Putin on Kiev op: 'Tanks, jets against own people?! Are they nuts?!'"; "Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept millions of citizens’ data?"; and "Putin says oil wars with Russia will make West bleed." - John (bird whisperer)
Although I guess Ukraine forcing Jews to register actually works in Russia's favor. The neo-Nazis are one of the more influential Ukrainian nationalist/anti-Russian groups. Basically, they're kind of our allies. #FuckYeahAmerica - Victor Ganata
Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine? - 25 Feb 2014 - Slate - John McCain and other State Department members have troubling ties to the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party - Victor Ganata
Svoboda - allegations of neo-nazism and political extremism - Wikipedia - Victor Ganata
How would you say "Fear not of men because men must die" in High Valyrian? #something #something #ValarMorghulis #MosDef
An Orwellian government in the thrall of a Lovecraftian corporatist plutocracy. #MakeSenseToMe #FuckYeahAmerica
Heh. 1 percenters as Lovecraftian eldritch abominations. Beings of immense power that regard ordinary human beings as nothing more than parasites and/or playthings to be tortured, driven insane, and killed slowly and/or a quick snack.
RT @phillymac: Nobody Lives Here. ==> 2.83 MILLION square miles of why overpopulation is a myth.
I would love to see something like that but with a minimum cell size of a mile or so. In other words, show me all the places in the US nobody lives within a mile of. - Brian Johns
Internal semantics determined by genetic defaults overlain by experience in a dialectic process with cultural consensus.
I was just about to say that! #notreally - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
Wait, I think I know this one. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
"Doges and grumpy cats living together! Mass hysteria!" - Indeed
Sheriff’s Deputy Hospitalized After Accidentally Shooting Himself In Leg - CBS L.A.
The local public radio news report made it sound like the deputy freaked out and pulled out his gun because a dog was barking at him. I guess I should be more astounded that cops don't shoot *more* unarmed suspects and innocent bystanders than they already do. - Victor Ganata
RT @jaythenerdkid: respectability politics have never led to progress, but they have always hindered it. we gain nothing by laying down and being walked over.
That's for damn sure. - Anika
Damn, the price of limes has jumped up. $3.99/lbs.?
That's Whole Food prices! They're 5 (or 10) for $1 at my local stores. - Anika
Yep. My local bodega has em for $1 each. *sniff* - Derrick
"And you are in a mundo of caca"
"Were you named by your enemies?"
"He's just the Vader to your Palpatine."
"So... did you just want to do it through the bars?"
"C'mon, that was the pruno talking!"
"To serve when everything else fails."
Menstruation: What is the evolutionary or biological purpose of having periods? - Quora (via vicster )
On first glance, the question seems absurd, but the answer is quite fascinating. - Victor Ganata
That is brilliant. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My daughter blames this Quora answer for the final validation of her decision to never have kids. - April Russo
So... if genetic information is transferred via cells that can pass from the fetus to the mother through the placental-endometrial linkage, and since the fetus also has genetic information from the father, the mother receives genetic material from the father, albeit indirectly? And, furthermore, those cells can distribute throughout her body even into her brain? Whoa... that boggles my mind. #MyExWillBeUpsetWhenSheFindsOut! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
"Uteri do not fossilize well." Hahaha! I love that line. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
"What this means is that the growing fetus now has direct, unrestricted access to its mother's blood supply. It can manufacture hormones and use them to manipulate her." I KNEW IT! - Spidra Webster
So when momma says "the baby wants enormous quantities of spinach, right now", she isn't lying. - April Russo
Umm, I'm pretty sure that stating you're a non-political entity when you're a political entity is FUCKING ILLEGAL.
Calling the cops because a PoC looks "suspicious": A-OK. Calling the DoJ because con orgs are masquerading as non-political: scandal!
RT @and1grad: RT @KGTrashTalk: Kareem didn’t average less than 21.5 points per game until he was 39 years old. Let that marinate for a second.
This is probably why #24 thinks he can play for another six seasons. - Victor Ganata
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