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@darinwilson @nailmusic That is possible if confirmed early.
Today's stats: My Twitter account's value increased by $2.04 to $3,389.46. Automatically checked by
My first photosphere. I'm think freaking out.
Today's stats: My Twitter account's value increased by $1.02 to $3,387.42. Automatically checked by
Among my favorite emails to see in my inbox: Confirmation of a Helpouts by Google
Are you a composer with a grant deadline? Here's a handy bullshit generator to help you write your artist statement!
My Twitter account is worth $3,387.42, according to the Social Valuator app. See how much you are worth:
Mine's priceless. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
-$99.99 - chaz2b
Let the weekend begin....
@TripWamsleyBass Puddy tat for me.
@TripWamsleyBass I can't keep up with the cat names.
.@GuerillaBass i've heard very few musos say they like Maverick. This is an extra machine in the studio for me.
Always slow to upgrade. Hello Mac OS Maverick. What will you break?
Passwords changed, 2-step verification enabled, Authenticator installed/ set-up AND my taxes are done. #Heartbleed
RT @SenSanders: Take the poll: Should the government limit campaign donations from individuals and corporations?
Had fun hangin' and playing with Matt Gibson for the Traveling Guitar Foundation.
Hangin in the studio ready to do some playin. Right now ( ok-- in 30 minutes). LIVE! Join us?
As I finish my tax preparation, I'm also reflecting on an ideal version of America that I...
@AndreaWolper "Literally" needs to be rescued.
I am figuratively blown away by all the day's amazing #AprilFoolsDay shenanigans.
If you're doing serious research today, you may wish to avoid the internet. #AprilFoolsDay
After looking at my G+ profile total view count, I can conclude only one thing: My grandki...
...but I'm too busy with tax prep procrastination to sign-up for #Obamacare
...but I'm too busy with tax prep procrastination to sigh-up for #Obamacare
This will be the jazziest G+ Hangout of all time! Hangout with tenor sax legend Sonny Roll...
Playing a show in Vallejo, CA at 7:00 PM today at Youtube/ Google+
AutoAwesome Earthquake? No. This is my studio when something is being worked on...which is...
Because all Helpouts by Google need a helper.
To commemorate my 6th anniversary on Twitter, I shall make an observation on something and...
Did/ Do you have a music program at your school? I always did.
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