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Aaron Toponce

Aaron Toponce

GNU/Linux system administrator and mathematician
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Who can tell me what drive connector this is? I think it's Ultra320 SCSI, but I'm not sure. I have a computer that shreds hard drives, and occasionally I get these babies, with no ability to digitally shred them. I would like to find a PCI card that I can install in my machine, so I can hook them up easily, shred them, and unplug. -
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Live Tweeting of #ldsconf during General Conference -
Live Tweeting of #ldsconf during General Conference
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Got my casino quality, precision dice in the mail today. Guaranteed to be unbiased within .0001 margin of error. The dice are serialized to show they belong to a set. Hard edges with sharp corners. Should be good for Diceware. :-) -
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