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Attila Malarik

Attila Malarik

video game development, languages, japanese stuff, photography and lots of drama
RT @undeadmolly: A deer stenciled in the wall in blood, organs preserved in adorable vintage marmalade jars? Face it Sarge, the Pinterest Killer is back.
Oh wow, indeed. Eh... RT @alexsink: @attilam "motivational design" is the new buzzword
Maybe it's just me, but I haven't heard the word 'gamification' in a while...
The stylized visuals of TimeGate's Minimum looked cool...
The stylized visuals of TimeGate's Minimum looked cool...
An artist friend of mine is looking for a #gamesjob, check out his portfolio: (currently in SF) RThanks!
HA! The Mac AU version of the YMCK Magical 8bit Plug got updated with a vibrato function :)
RT @kertgartner: OMG!! @FRACTgame’s GEOLAYER trailers all stack on top of each other!!! & F*in’ BRILLIANT!
WTH @CGHUB shut down, without any warning:
RT @Sci_Phile: Giraffe kicks over camera, shows you a view you have probably never seen of the animal
RT @pnh: Been using Macs for 26 years, never knew Finder cmd-opt-I gives you dynamically-updated concatenated info on multiple selected items.
RT @selzero: This is a public security announcement. Change your passwords.
RT @NintendoEurope: Miss last night's Super #SmashBros. Direct? The whole presentation is right here on YouTube:
RT @NintendoEurope: Miss last night's Super #SmashBros. Direct? The whole presentation is right here on YouTube:
Some helpful forum threads in case you want to setup #unity3d to MySQL connection: and
"Amazon Spiderman"
This latest macheist bundle looks pretty sweet... Especially if Screenflow gets unlocked as well.
RT @mwegner: So many neat math visualizations:
In love with Max for Live right now. That is all. cc @ableton @cycling74
Is there a way to force MonoDevelop to always use my code formatting policy? #unity3d seems to reset the (terrible) default one all the time
The constant dread of some weirdo error while a package manager (gem, pip, apt-get, brew, what have you) is installing dependencies... That.
RT @TrinketTom: If you're not aware of Game Art Tricks from @simonschreibt, become AWARE! It's phenomenal.
So, press F to frame selected objects, but you can also double-press F to keep them in focus even if they move around, nice! #unity3d
While watching #cosmos I couldn't help but think about how awesome it would be to have a VR planetarium app. Needs to happen.
Just what is Threes doing that it doesn't run on an iphone 3GS? They must have used some terrible framework to build it…
Prof. Layton vs Phoenix Wright: AA is in the EU 3DS eShop! Just finished the prologues of both characters, it's sooo good!
TIL RangeAttribute turns the inspector of a float or int into a slider, no need for extra editor scripts! #unity3d
RT @JanDavidHassel: This is great: Goat Simulator trailer parodies Dead Island trailer (via @Baxayaun)
Expression of the day "crowdsourced whining" Love it, spot on! (via @therealcliffyb)
Note to self: don't leave contact lenses floating on top of the solution like a lily pad, drown them in it! Otherwise: >_<
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