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Thought +Stuart Venable and +Tyler King might be amused by this... -
Henry's new frieze, installed by Jen's dad & yours truly! -
Henry's frieze - July 2014 - 1
Star Wars... Da da da Star Wars! -
"Slutshole Lane"... Deary deary me! -
british addresses.jpg
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To nearly get run over by a guy on a bike... -
Lachie is really proud of his new Lego construction... -
Lachie is mildly perturbed at the prospect of being eaten by a dragon... -
2014 - 1
Saw nary a one of these... At the zoo -
2014 - 1
There is not a snow ball's chance in Hell that I am riding my bike in this condition! ☺ -
2014 - 1
Blast from 3 years in the past... we both look quite different now -
father & son.jpg
That's my boy! (Note the tshirt) -
That GRR Martin is such a funster! -
2014 - 1
The Mason Clinic is infested with Pukekos... -
2014 - 1
A high powered computing device at my work... -
Bike man on his throne with cup holder, sun shade and bike stand... Built by Lachie and daddy. -
2014 - 1
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