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RT @levie: Enterprise software opportunity: 70s-80s: Back office 90s-2000s: Back office, Front office 2010s: Back office, Front office, Customer-facing
RT @9to5Google: Registration for Google I/O 2014 lottery is officially open
@mathewi Is this thing from @the_intercept in response to
RT @ezraklein: CBO: Obamacare will cost $104 billion less than we thought
RT @csoghoian: The president's 0-day exploit policy "has a loophole so big that you could drive a truck through it"
RT @MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Negotiating with Carriers for $100 Price Increase on iPhone 6 by @kellyhodgkins
RT @taylorbuley: Oculus Rift has sold 25,000 DK2 development kits
RT @WSJcanada: Canada Revenue Agency says taxpayer data breached during #heartbleed bug vulnerability; 900 social insurance numbers taken.
RT @chamath: If you are wondering why USD/BTC is depressed, here is our internal projection of wallets thru EOY 2014...
RT @rakeshlobster: Google takes to lobbying. You either play the game or you get played. VCs take note. @pmarca
@rafat Where there is Tea Party there is no Hope
RT @nytimes: Obama Decides U.S. Should Reveal, Not Exploit, Internet Security Flaws
RT @Scott_Helme: A sad display of the shortcomings of certificate revocation:
RT @russellbrandom: Just a reminder: the NSA spends $1.6 billion each year on processing and exploitation. OpenSSL budget is less than $1 million.
RT @Techmeme: Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders May Soon Be Allowed to Work in the U.S. (@dhanyathoppil)
RT @pkedrosky: The 10 most highly viewed programs on ESPN's streaming network are all cricket matches
RT @rabite: BREAKING: Judges reverse District Court’s venue determination and vacate Andrew Auernheimer’s conviction
RT @WhiteHouse: FACT: The House GOP budget would eliminate private health plans for more than 7 million Americans. #HouseOfCuts
RT @puiwingtam: A look at Facebook’s behind-the-scenes hardware operation, which has flourished and helped draw Oculus. @sarahfrier
RT @guardiantech: The most powerful Indian technologists in Silicon Valley
@EliLanger @CNBC Would be interesting to see how it works for @whatsapp numbers 2 years from now.
RT @Techmeme: Heartbleed: mundane coding error more devastating than fancy crypto attacks like BEAST, CRIME
RT @CNBC: BREAKING: Mobile payments company Square has secured a new revolving credit facility: (via @kaylatausche)
RT @maryjofoley: Microsoft's open sourcing of .Net: The back story
How Techmeme Grew To Become The Must-Read News Site For Everyone In The Multibillion-Dollar Tech Industry via @Tech
RT @theinformation: Exclusive from @Jessicalessin: Google Recently Studied Square Acquisition $GOOG #Square
RT @pmarca: 11/So, if you like your browser, your Firefox, and/or your Javascript, whatever your political beliefs, you owe Brendan a debt of gratitude.
RT @ReutersTech: Turkey lifts ban on Twitter after constitutional court ruling: prime minister's office official
RT @nicole_hong: Should Yelp reveal names of reviewers who businesses think are writing defamatory reviews? The courts will decide.
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