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RT @bhorowitz: This is the most common mistake that I see CEOs make as they scale
RT @BrendanSasso: The White House website may have violated its own privacy rules
RT @hunterwalk: "Traditional VC isn’t being gutted — it’s being supplemented." @msuster takes a #longreads look at VC evolution
RT @MacRumors: Apple has released a statement denying there are covert backdoor services built into iOS.
RT @jsnell: This @monkbent story about Microsoft is fantastic.
RT @Techmeme: Apple asks manufacturers to supply between 70M-80M 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones by Dec. 30
@palafo CIOs or CISOs?
RT @carr2n: Print nostalgia, FOMO and the frantic need to know. We are all all on the train and there is no quiet car. #thumbsuck
RT @pkedrosky: California sought 20% water use reduction in current drought, got 1% use increase. Fines ahead.
RT @ezraklein: With Obamacare, conservatives won a big victory that they experienced as a shattering defeat:
RT @TonyRomm: really great kara swisher profile in ny mag.
RT @ingridlunden: Google mobile search now warns when a site has Flash, other unreadable content (+ why I think this is significant)
RT @nytimesbits: Data Breaches in New York Hit Record High in 2013, State Attorney General Says
RT @csoghoian: Facebook's terms of service require real names, yet the Menlo Park cop paid by Facebook uses a fake account.
RT @semil: This tweet must make Elon Musk the single greatest entrepreneur in the modern age:
RT @dangillmor: Superb @gassee deconstruction of memo from new Microsoft CEO amounts to "Use fewer words, and be clear."
RT @johnnie: Co-founder of SpaceX with rocket design expertise quit b/c he was convinced it wouldn't work.
RT @om: An amazingly astute, deep, well reported & balanced piece on Amazon-v-Publishers controversy. We need more of this
RT @Techmeme: Marc Andreessen's tweets so far in 2014: 120 tweets/day on average, personable, links a lot
RT @voxdotcom: Kansas was supposed to be the GOP’s tax-cut paradise. Now it can barely pay its bills.
RT @newsycombinator: LastPass Finds Security Holes In Its Online Password Manager
RT @Borthwick: Digg Relaunches as a Personalized News Alerting Service -- v.nice and useful
RT @rackjandall: Inside Instagram, the acquisition & staying independent: @jessiwrites @kevin @mikeyk
RT @Techmeme: How to Miss By a Mile: An Alternative Look at Uber's Potential Market Size (@bgurley)
RT @AntDeRosa: Lest you think Google isn’t a news organization via @mathewi
RT @ReutersTech: Car service Uber, New York AG reach deal on emergency pricing
RT @newsycombinator: CA issues unauthorized certificates for Google subdomains
RT @puiwingtam: Silicon Valley’s talent wars are so tough that cos are reaching into high schools for interns. via @sarahfrier
RT @Shruti_Malhotra: India’s Unchanging Statistic: 400 Million Poor Over 30 Years. Also, home to the fifth highest number of billionaires:
RT @mathewi: New Snowden leaks show that 90 percent of the private data collected by the NSA came from ordinary Americans:
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