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RT @mattcutts: " 'Net Neutrality' is Obamacare for the Internet." <--said Ted Cruz, unironically. Wild to see Cruz burn bridges with many tech-savvy folks.
Judging by last election Ted o any other Republican has no worry - nobody who cares about Net neutrality actually you know VOTES!! #epicsiliconvalleyfail - WarLord
RT @hunterwalk: Republicans Are Only Sometimes the Party of Uber via @UpshotNYT
RT @MorningEdition: Tech entrepreneur @tristanwalker wants to make diversity plug & play for Silicon Valley. @jjmccorvey
RT @jasonkincaid: Apple must face lawsuit over vanishing iPhone text messages. Good. iMessage behavior hurts competition and consumers.
RT @Liberationtech: Internet-Service Providers Remove Their Customers' Email Encryption by @j4cob for @EFF h/t @LaurenWeinstein #ISPs
RT @DomainNameWire: wins .Book top level domain name battle
RT @CNBCnow: BREAKING: 500,000+ USPS employees' data could be compromised as result of cyber intrusion, the mail service says.
RT @DilTown: On the Hunt for Hackers, but Not the Spotlight #infosec
RT @semil: "The Wolves of Silicon Valley" by @msuster: whoa, must read 2x. Effects of party rounds, crowdfunding, online brands:
RT @ElissaBeth: Fascinating piece digging into how FBI cracked Tor, via @kashhill (who will now report via @ThisIsFusion)
RT @Techmeme: Good startup ideas are obvious, not counterintuitive, if you develop a good model of the world
RT @TheStoryline: Before the Affordable Care Act, Medicare had been testing out ways to keep people with chronic conditions healthy.
RT @FedcourtJunkie: Scoop: Former Lyft COO Travis VanderZanden says was in talks with various Lyft board members to replace CEO Green before leaving for Uber
RT @mamtabadkar: Scoop from @tim Uber looks to raise another $1bn
RT @datacenter: Apple Acquires Cloud Infrastructure Startup Union Bay Networks: Report --
RT @daiwaka: Cool story by @rolfewinkler on Elon Musk's next business -- building satellites for Internet delivery via @WSJD
RT @ScottThurm: India’s Flipkart seeks third round of financing this year, at valuation > $10 bil. Scoop from @alistairmbarr
RT @waltmossberg: Palo Alto Networks Discovers New Malware Targeted at Apple Devices via @recode
RT @carlquintanilla: '@karaswisher's long-awaited @VanityFair piece on @Uber's @travisk is out.
RT @NickKristof: One bit of history-making: Congress will have 100 female members for the first time.
RT @IndianExpress: The woman who has made up for 59 years of Bollywood bias
RT @davewiner: In Climbing a California Peak, the Challenge Is Finding a Place to Park.
RT @ReformedBroker: .@mims has a big story @wsj about Elon Musk and his cousins at Solar City planning a redo of US energy infrastructure
RT @csoghoian: Microsoft shuts down Trustworthy Computing group just as Apple & Google begin visibly competing on privacy & security
RT @AntDeRosa: Obamacare enrollment drops to 7.3 million in mid-August from about 8 million in April:
RT @verge: Legendary Silicon Valley figure Larry Ellison has stepped down as Oracle's CEO
RT @ceciliakang: FCC chairman: 'A duopoly' dominates basic Internet service in America via @washingtonpost @b_fung
RT @ftrain: Hard to top this list of the web searches from the most broke USA counties vs. least broke.
RT @TechCrunch: Elon Musk's SpaceX Is Raising Money At A ValuationApproaching $10B by @ingridlunden @jshieber
RT @WSJIndia: Indian company pitches 'a nanny cam' for the family driver (carIQ)
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