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RT @ReformedBroker: .@mims has a big story @wsj about Elon Musk and his cousins at Solar City planning a redo of US energy infrastructure
RT @csoghoian: Microsoft shuts down Trustworthy Computing group just as Apple & Google begin visibly competing on privacy & security
RT @AntDeRosa: Obamacare enrollment drops to 7.3 million in mid-August from about 8 million in April:
RT @verge: Legendary Silicon Valley figure Larry Ellison has stepped down as Oracle's CEO
RT @ceciliakang: FCC chairman: 'A duopoly' dominates basic Internet service in America via @washingtonpost @b_fung
RT @ftrain: Hard to top this list of the web searches from the most broke USA counties vs. least broke.
RT @TechCrunch: Elon Musk's SpaceX Is Raising Money At A ValuationApproaching $10B by @ingridlunden @jshieber
RT @WSJIndia: Indian company pitches 'a nanny cam' for the family driver (carIQ)
RT @editorialiste: This morning, @mhelft takes stock of Google 10 years after its IPO.
RT @AntonioFrench: These men have come to #Ferguson, MO all the way from India, where they live in exile, to bring a message of PEACE.✌️
RT @raju: Damning. Has @BarackObama lost the US Senate before November mid-terms where the Democrats might actually lose it?
RT @eastdakota: Fascinating trip by @briankrebs down the Lorem Ipsum rabbit hole.
RT @dgelles: Google, Facebook and other Silicon Valley behemoths are using corp dev teams -- not bankers -- to handle most deals.
RT @qhardy: What went wrong with, and big ticket tech, from the guy who fixed it
RT @ceptional: Elsevier profit 36% and Wiley 42%. How? By paying authors nothing and charging taxpayers to read work they funded.
RT @raju: On the cognitive drawbacks of reading literature on screens:
RT @raju: Mortgaging their futures: via @unicef h/t @sidin
RT @SportsCenter: When asked to compare herself to major leaguers, Mo'Ne Davis shows she has style all her own.
RT @washingtonpost: ICYMI last night, @BartonGellman reports on a new vulnerability to spyware Google and Microsoft are racing to close
RT @qz: The forgotten history of cricket in the USA
RT @JustinWolfers: The inanity, insanity, bad economics and unsustainable politics behind rejecting free federal money for Medicaid.
RT @ReutersTech: U.S. supermarket chain Supervalu investigating potential data breach : WSJ
RT @NKingofDC: How Israel outflanked the White House on Gaza to get munitions straight from the Pentagon. Extraordinary story.
RT @counternotions: Internet traffic SSL protected: Pre-Snowden: ~1%, Post-Snowden: ~3%.
RT @JoaquinCastrotx: I'm sure that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are going speak up for the liberty and freedom of the ppl of Ferguson against govt overreach soon..
RT @gdebenedetti: The arrest of Washington journalists in Missouri turns this into front page news nationwide, if it wasn't already.
RT @pkedrosky: Good "inside VC" reading: Accel Partners Teardown
RT @brainpicker: Maryam Mirzakhani becomes the first woman to win the Fields Medal, the "Nobel Prize of mathematics"
RT @foundersfund: It's time to replace the health insurance model with something that works for everyone. @Recode @jtemple
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