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RT @LuBellWoo: I know I hit 100 hands yesterday, but I had the itch tonight so here's page of @ChrisSamnee studies, 'cause goddamn.
RT @radiomaru: can’t wait to watch all my younger 20something friends AGE and SUFFER
.@xholyhoranx So MagCon are — a bunch of Vine video makers? Yup, I’m getting too old for the internet.
Big news of the night: Magcon broke up. Also in the news: There was a band called Magcon. #old #outoftouch #old #old #old #RIPMagcon
Ending the day with a 102 blood sugar. Good way to wind it up.
RT @PLAYBACKjason: @cnevett @augiedb Rich Johnston got a response from Gabriel that he was misquoted:
RT @cnevett: @augiedb Got THORION #1 the other day and noticed an Amalgam letter from "Melissa de Blieck Jr." Made me laugh.
I just saw someone refer to The Nerdist as a Fake Geek Guy. This is the internet — hate eventually hits all demographics.
RT @Moltz: It’s a sad world where a Doctor Who season lasts three months but hockey goes on and on and on.
RT @NateCosBOOM: I am HIRING INTERIOR COLORISTS. Gotta be good & speedy & hungry. ONGOING PAYING gigs. Reply with samples! Spread the word! #ColoristHunt
RT @davidamackey: @bendreyfuss @augiedb another historic note: it was Mel Blanc's first time doing the voice for Porky Pig, replacing Joe Dougherty.
RT @bendreyfuss: Daffy Duck, glorious archetype of selfishness, is 77 years old. Here's his first cartoon.
Finally reading the Hawkeye HC. Damn fun book.
RT @octoqt: here’s a quick haiku about mornings: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
RT @coreyhaines: Little known fact, -abi was the babylonian declination for "time". I will leave you with the name Hammurabi. #andnowyouknow #stop
RT @rickygervais: It's better to create something that others criticise than to create nothing & criticise others. Go create! Have fun :)
Day one with the insulin pump: wildly underestimated the number of carbs in that bagel. Sugar at 296. Whoops.
And to all my tech and comics friends who complain about diversity: Seems like the diabetic blogging community is about 90% women.
It's oddly calming to see diabetic bloggers reminisce about NPH insulin...
I may have developed a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery, c. 1966.
RT @BoredElonMusk: Indoor trash bin that keeps getting taller until someone finally decides to take it out.
RT @VelocityWong: This is what happens when you question the Center for Public Integrity's integrity. Yowza.
Hallmark published its Christmas ornament catalog today. Next week, you can buy your 2015 calendar, I’m sure.
RT @DanielEran: Samsung email targeted Steve Jobs' death as "our best opportunity to attack iPhone" $AAPL
RT @JohnDonoghue64: Another juggler gives up on his dreams...
RT @mat_johnson: What did the Devil do before he founded LinkedIn?
Caught up on Invincible Universe this week. So much fun. That blindfolded dude deserves his own series…
RT @pragdave: Having fun working on my talk for Philly ETE next week, trying to deconstruct changes in the way I think about coding since #elixir_lang
It's official: Stefano Gaudiano IS staying on The Walking Dead, per next issue's letters column. cc: @graemem
RT @RepStones: Loving @Remender & @tonymoore's Fear Agent - adventurours sci-fi w/ great 'loose cannon' leading man in Heath Huston
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