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RT @JoeCaramagna: RT @AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: There's no such thing as a guilty pleasure. There's just pleasure. Never apologize or feel bad about it.
RT @DisneyMusic: Tomorrow at 6pm EST | 3pm PST @idinamenzel will be answering your questions live on the Frozen FB page!
i love it that Twitter and Comcast play these occasional war of press releases against each other. It's so cute.
RT @ElixirTip: Sign up for the weekly community news letter from @elixirfountain.
RT @peterc: A fun new rule no-one else will follow: If you want to say anything negative on Twitter, you have to do it in video form in a Vine.
RT @teropa: "I have successfully transferred blame, which is surely the goal in all software engineering" - @rjmh #craftconf
Another bitter Obama campaign lie. This time, the internet is threatened by it. Sad.
RT @BRIANMBENDIS: nihilistfilms asked: Are there any manga artists you'd like to work with? I'd love to see a Spider-man...
Black Science #6: The conclusion to the first story arc of the best new comic in years. So well done on every level.
RT @comicsreporter: women deserve to have their lives destroyed by comics just as much as men do
“Will Jerome K. Moore, currently scheduled as inker of Warren Ellis’ TRANSMETROPOLITAN, last long on that title?” -Pipeline #1, June 1997
About 6 weeks away from 17 continuous years of writing Pipeline weekly. Seventeen. Old. So very old.
RT @SlexAxton: Gonna start referring to planning meetings as "Pre-mortems"
RT @avdi: "I came of age in a uniquely dumb time for male friendship"
A new printing of the Alias Omnibus? What, is there a TV show coming? #oldJoke #circleOfLife #comics #sigh
RT @stephenfry: Just some of the everyday phrases we owe our wonderful 450 year old birthday boy (via @JRhodesPianist)
Very much looking forward to the inevitable TDD edition of @rubyrogues in the near future… :)
I hate that I'm such a slow writer. I could never make my money back on my writing. Too much of a perfectionist.
This is probably a blessing in disguise, but: Word is broken. Won't load without loading the last doc, which then freezes it. Weird.
The second trick to writing: Edit that second draft mercilessly. Kill all your darlings. Rewrite one paragraph at a time.
The trick to writing concisely: Throw out the first draft entirely. Then rewrite it with all those thoughts now in your head
Writing a 500 word review and discovering how quickly one runs out of room in those. I’m out of practice.
Just found the greatest accidental tangent in this week’s “Walking Dead.” Saving it for Pipeline next week.
First thoughts on my first week on an insulin pump:
The "Secret Identity: Covering The Music of Marvel & DC film & TV" Kickstarter closes tomorrow. Buy now!
RT @RyanOttley: What did you do after you finished drawing your 100th INVINCIBLE issue?! I drew a selfie. #invincible111isAllDone!
RT @Variety: 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Reboot May Come Online in Not-Too-Distant Future #MST3K
I should know better. Whenever I think this CVS couldn’t be worse run, it gets worse.
RT @jimfreeze: Celebrate #EarthDay2014 by switching to #Erlang or #Elixir. Put your code where you mouth is. ;)
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