The best part of working from home is that nobody can hear you curse at your computer.
RT @skottieyoung: Photo: #DailySketch “Don’t smash me bro!” Original sketch available in my...
I chuckle when Hollywood starts making comics and inevitably think the road to riches is -- painted covers!
Dc's "Convergence" is all about its characters having soap opera moments -- they're all marrying and/or having babies now.
Amazon lists @fantagraphics' reprint of "His Majesty, McDuck" for next week. Can that be right?
More #stitch practice. In these shots, someone was holding him up under the arms. I didn't attempt to…
Pipeline is up: Big Hero Six, Euro-style Image comics, and Amazing Spider-Man #321.
RT @CBCNews: Pink power ranger Amy Jo Johnson puts on original TV costume to busk in Toronto
RT @hypatiadotca: New @groupon product trampling on non-profit @gnome Foundation's trademark: Shame on you, @lefkofsky.
RT @swedense: The Øresund bridge connecting Sweden with Denmark ends in a rather dramatic way - from over water to under water.
RT @w3af: Shame on you @Groupon , using Gnome's trademarked name? Using your lawyers to enforce it? Shame on you...
RT @CommitStrip: CommitStrip is OFF for one week! So, enjoy a BEST-OF week :) Today: the unexpected default program
RT @edavis10: "Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent." -- Steve Martin
RT @sesamestreet: Mister Hooper died 31 years ago. We still miss him. #45SesameFacts
RT @Comixace: Marvel Movie Shockers #1: Doctor Doom to be annoyed guy on internet in new film
RT @coslive: 25 Years of UHF: Weird @AlYankovic revisits his flop-turned-cult classic feature film
UHF. Out on Blu-Ray today. Go!
Today's lunchtime reading: "Global Frequency" #2-#3. In some ways, a product of its time, but still cool.
Just to cleanse your Queen palate: Dartmouth Aires' Queen medley from The Sing-Off is still awesome:
Just when you think it couldn't get any more hilariously worse: Stevi Ritchie sings "Bohemenian Rhapsody"
RT @kiinopia: Honey Lemon + Gogo taking a selfie~ *i love this movie too much*
What offends me more than all those people at the concert recording video on their phones? They're all in portrait mode! AAAARGH!
I know it's too much to ask that they base the Black Panther movie on the Christopher Priest comic, but -- please? With Mephisto and MJ Fox!
On the way to the dentist’s office, my insulin pump predicts low blood sugar. So I eat sugar pills ON THE WAY TO THE DENTIST’S.
This week's Pipeline: Amazing Spider-Man #321. We'll return to All-Star Batman and Robin with issue #3 next week.
Hari Seldon was the Freakonomics of psychohistory 40 years ahead of Malcolm Gladwell...
I love Asimov to pieces. Hope this stab at "Foundation" works out, but I have my doubts.
Wanted to write a couple of quick reviews for Pipeline this week, then realized a theme and the whole thing grew. I never make it easy on me
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