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Glen Keane recommends a specific brand of pencil. What more do you need to know? SOLD!
I'll be at #NYCC on Saturday only. Can't wait!
I blew it and rain out of time to review it in Pipeline this week, but I believe it's debuting at NYCC this week, so go get it there!
I kid you not - that Art of Blue Sky Studios book is the best art book I've seen. Beautiful paintings, ink work, everything.
If you're headed to #NYCC this weekend, be sure to visit the @insighteditions booth to look at the Blue Sky Studios art book. Amazing.
Microsoft just announced an event for October 20th. So, we should see an Apple event announced later for Oct 21st, right?
RT @chris_mandle: JK's tweet is an anagram of "Harry returns! Won't say any details now. A week off. No comment" AMAZING
RT @drdrang: Tonight we’re seeing the wisdom of the old saying “As goes Clackmannanshire, so goes the nation.”
My first impressions of @rubyconf 2014, now that the speaker lineup is available:
No, really, the NES almost had a sweater-making plug-in.
Hell, I'd just go to @RubyConf to enjoy the Gaslamp District without the insane crowds for a couple days.
I think I still suffer PTSD from Comic-Con sometimes, and I haven't even gone in 8 years.
And RubyConf has rooms set aside at the Omni. You can just walk across the street to get to Hall E for the convention. NO LOTTERY.
I want to go to @rubyconf this year just because I miss that convention center in San Diego so much. It'll be in Ballroom 20, and 22-25.
RT @BridgetCarey: This is the #iPhone6 line now at the 5th Ave. Apple Store. Never seen it this long. Nearly 1,000 people. Insanity.
I listen to too many Ruby podcasts and read too many Ruby blogs for someone who's never programmed Ruby seriously. Weird.
Instagram: Where you can post a picture of yourself at the gym right next to the pitcher of beer you just drank.
Time to go slab New Mutants #98… ;)
What I’ve learned from Instagram: My Little Pony > Smurfs. Kinda sad really. I’m old now.
RT @ThePoke: Where The Proclaimers Are Prepared To Walk To [Infographic] #indyref
RT @BoredElonMusk: tl;lm (left meeting)
I can tell @elixirlang is stabilizing because now all the questions are about Phoenix…
Current work in progress. Just the colors. I think you’ll be able to guess, though…
RT @OvidPerl: Google interviewed a friend and said he didn't seem interested in the job. Despite multiple requests, they never told him what the job was.
The one thing I didn't see in the sea of Robin Williams tributes: "Blame Canada" at the Oscars.
RT @alyankovic: Very sad to hear of the passing of my old friend Don Pardo - truly one the all-time greats. #RIPDonPardo
We're all hoping LA renames the team “The Developers” so Ballmer can run around screaming— nah, too obvious…
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