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RT @BoredElonMusk: tl;lm (left meeting)
I can tell @elixirlang is stabilizing because now all the questions are about Phoenix…
Current work in progress. Just the colors. I think you’ll be able to guess, though…
RT @OvidPerl: Google interviewed a friend and said he didn't seem interested in the job. Despite multiple requests, they never told him what the job was.
The one thing I didn't see in the sea of Robin Williams tributes: "Blame Canada" at the Oscars.
RT @alyankovic: Very sad to hear of the passing of my old friend Don Pardo - truly one the all-time greats. #RIPDonPardo
We're all hoping LA renames the team “The Developers” so Ballmer can run around screaming— nah, too obvious…
Only a matter of time now before Archie gets @ToddNauck to draw something for them after this: =)
Look out! y***l went and outbid e***r by a buck in tonight’s bidding. "Action Comics" now at $1.850001 million!
RT @warrenellis: There comes a point on Twitter where everyone you've followed for years eventually sounds like the _ebooks version of themselves
Hate to say it, but I thought the weakest part of “Maleficent” was the king. Hopefully, the Powers part is more in his wheelhouse.
RT @mims: We have robot vacuums but no autonomous drones that dust mantelpieces? Technology you have failed me.
RT @robertliefeld: Thank God! RT @Latinoreview: Marvel: No More Origin Stories, Starting With 'Doctor Strange'...
RT @BoredElonMusk: What percentage of corporate America would be unemployed if PowerPoint and Email didn't exist?
RT @markimbriaco: There's technical debt, then there's technical subprime mortgages with exploding balloon payments.
Unsurprisingly, @comixology has "Batgirl: Year One" available:
Heh, Huffington Post report mistakes earplugs for rubber bullets. Whoops.
I finally found the Batgirl everyone says they want, and it's "Batgirl: Year One" from 2003. Go figure.
Because, let's face it, by now you've already read enough reviews of GOTG. I enjoyed it. Thumbs up. Done.
The original plan for this week's Pipeline was to talk "Guardians of the Galaxy." Instead, it'll be about my trip to CNBC.
Dug up the "Batgirl: Year One" mini-series while looking for my copy of the "Rocket Raccoon" mini-series. This is an acceptable compromise.
One of the bidders (-***n) in the "Action Comics" #1 auction has 25,000+ feedback. I'm guessing that's a retailer.
RT @wonderella: Happy Birthday to Lois Lane! Congrats on ditching that 75-year-old babyman who thinks he's Jesus.
RT @NateCosBOOM: Been a while since a headline made me laugh. But "Woman Hops in Giraffe Pen, Gets Kicked in the Face" did it for me.
This product in this box is either water resistant or made with elixir. Not sure which. #myelixirstatus
RT @josevalim: My comments and examples about doing "X in Elixir" as learning exercise:
Tried to read through the Erlang SSH documentation, but feel straight to sleep. Those two might be related. #MyElixirStatus
RT @AngusMacLane: I would buy an unaltered version of the Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray. Please retweet if you agree. #unalteredstarwars
RT @TheBeaudozer: @augiedb if this van's a rockin' SUBMIT TO ANTI-LIFE
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