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big fan of scotch tape. proud owner of rock-n-roll puppy @LA_Sancho. social media butterfly. graff groupie. PR manager for @Lunch_com
.@deviantart is challenging you 2 create the biggest & baddest boss 4 @Riftgame! Win a colossal amount of prizes: #RIFT
Punk rock care packages are so dope. Thx @ROGERGASTMAN, you thoughtful bastard! #artinthestreets #swag
They're just trying to make me jealous. #bitches #happyhour
Back in LA & rcvd this text from my girls in NY: "Seriously. If Jesus was a bartender in soho I'm pretty sure this is what he'd look like."
Tosh.0 just turned my entire day around.
Annnnd my flight is cancelled. Waiting in line w 100+ angry people & the airport fire alarm is going off. Someone is playing a trick on me.
Plane grounded for maintenance. Great. My hangover just turned into an anxiety attack.
I've decided that New York hangovers are the worst kind. Get me back to #LA asap.
Someones hair is on fire rite now. #stink #stank #stunk
This is a stupid f*#%£¥€ problem for Johnny Tapia to have.
Boricua Morena
I'm with the DJ
My "creative black tie" And by "black" I mean "red"
My "creative black tie" And by "black" I mean "red"
Getting ready 4 this @adcglobal gala & just found out it's "creative black tie". Have absolutely no idea what this means. #wardrobecrisis
#SWAG RT @rogergastman: @papermagazine: Roger Gastman on The History of American Graffiti delivered to my door daily @Setaififthave. I never wanna leave, gonna have 2 drag me out. #kicking&screaming delivered to my door daily @Setaififthave. I never wanna leave, gonna have 2 drag me out. #kicking&screaming
If U need 15 mins. of super rad music. Just sayin' @TLOBF Jensen Sportag - The Wet Mix // Song Of The Day #250 @cascine_
Great mtg, @stevemarchese. Looking forward to cookin' up some cool collabos in the near future! Talk soon.
Epic @ Statue of Liberty
Plead the 5th
NYC men you literally have me rubbernecking. And you have the #SWAG to back it up. W O W
Me: I'm gonna make you good at directions, so help me... Mom: It will be your greatest life challenge. #truedat #NYCwMum
Nothings says Happy Mother's Day like porn stars reenacting Jack the Ripper @DrSketchys in NYC.
It makes me so sad to think of @REVOK1 's fine ass sitting in jail right now. :*( #FREEREVOK
My office currently feels like what the water in the Atlantic must have felt like when the Titanic sank.
Little old men in impossibly high-waisted pants are my favorite. I want one someday!
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