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Health Management Systems based on next generation diagnostic technologies assessing all aspects of health and wellness - from food intolerance to aging and more
Could our smartphones soon be diagnosing diseases and booking healthcare appointments online automatically?
Telemedicine: Many Opportunities, Many Legal Issues, Many Risks
Your iPad can make you hungry and other ways it can affect your health:
Is health monitoring justified given the cost and potential invasion of privacy?
Rewards boost enrollment in Internet-based preventative health programs, but not sustained engagement
RT @StanfordHosp: #Stress is contagious. How exposure to others' stress affects us and how to minimize the impact: @Mercnews
Will @dna_electronics led by @ProfDNA help prevent diseases by using silicon transistors to test DNA and RNA?
Monitoring the rise and fall of the microbiome | MIT News Office
RT @CBSHealth: Night owls and early birds have different personality traits, health risks
Consuming probiotics may improve blood pressure by a modest degree:
Could tapeworms, hookworms and Blastocystis parasites be beneficial to human health?
Seemingly harmless bacterial communities in your nostrils could initiate infections:
RT @HealthCulture: Is There a Place for Google Glass in Hospitals? Concerns about patient #privacy ht @bermaninstitute
RT @Cerner: Big Data Peeps At Your Medical Records To Find Drug Problems #healthIT #bigdata
Wetlands – Good or Bad for the Environment? | UConn Today: via @UConn
Top 10 downloaded iPhone health apps are for testing or entertainment purposes, don't provide reliable info:
RT @NHSChoices: It's getting warmer - and skin health is back in the spotlight. Learn your ABCDE of moles:
RT @cnnhealth: A smell test could help doctors detect #Alzheimers @alzassociation
Gut microbes contribute to inflammatory bowel, could help predict disease progression and lead to future treatments:
RT @runnersworld: Research reveals surprising perks of a sunny run--if you exercise caution:
Health Insurers Are Trying New “Value-Based” Payment Models to improve care and lower costs
RT @nytimes: Paying Till It Hurts: Some Generic Drug Prices Are Soaring
RT @ClevelandClinic: What triggers a heart attack? The answers may surprise you:
Gut bacteria are what we eat - browse through 9.8 million genes for most gut microbes found in 1070 people:
Your Smartphone Carries Your Personal Bacteria via @usnews
RT @TIME: This is how to spot hospital bill errors that could cut your health care costs
When it comes to providing FDA drug warnings, Wikipedia isn't always timely:
When will EHRs become sophisticated clinical care support systems instead of electronic patient data stores?
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