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Health Management Systems based on next generation diagnostic technologies assessing all aspects of health and wellness - from food intolerance to aging and more
Is the Internet of Things the Real Thing? -
Is the Internet of Things the Real Thing?
RT @stemcells21: The StemCELLS 21 Daily is out! Stories via @Aurametrix
RT @medskep: The Drawbacks of Data-Driven Medicine" I can't see you bec I'm buried under all these numbers & facts"
RT @Reuters_Health: 'Plantibodies' drugs advance as big pharma stands aside
RT @bbchealth: How safe is eating meat?
The Future of Food mapped out for the next 10 years:
RT @cnni: These 8 whiz kids are the future of medicine:
RT @Bryankorourke: 26 Mistakes You're Making on Cardio Machines
RT @RWJF_QualEqual: New online tool allows members to access and compare information on health care costs & quality #hcvalue
RT @HealthGrid: HealthGrid Daily is out! Stories via @Aurametrix
90% of hospitals still can't allow patients to view online, download, or transmit health information
RT @USATODAYmoney: 5 reasons you're paying too much for health care
RT @LoriShemek: "Medicine is not healthcare - Food is healthcare. Medicine is sick care. Let's keep that straight." ~Dr. David Friedman
RT @Forbes: Goodbye, doctor's office. Hello, Walmart?
RT @medskep: Is Your Doctor Healthier Than You? - Eight charts tell the tale
Optical stimulation could bring back the lost memories:
RT @MedicalNews: Eating out costs you 200 calories
RT @bbchealth: Weight loss boosts health not mood
RT @ONC_HealthIT: 65% of Americans w/o access to their electronic health records want it. [INFOGRAPHIC]:
RT @eugenol: The Eugenol Daily is out! Stories via @Aurametrix @bmossop @tradethecycles
RT @BCH_Innovation: What's driving millennials to health tech? @JudyWang asks Boston-based entrepreneurs - cc @health_box @PillPack @CIMI
RT @kevinmd: Why government cannot cure our health care
Cell phone use/texting correlates with poorer grades and higher anxiety:
Twitter Is Used To Share Good News, Phones Used To Share Bad ones:
RT @LinosVersion: Connect the dots to better health! Identify the subtle cause-effects that contribute to how you feel--any time, any day. ~ @Aurametrix
RT @kevinmd: Health care is too nuanced for lengthy scripts
Could our smartphones soon be diagnosing diseases and booking healthcare appointments online automatically?
Your iPad can make you hungry and other ways it can affect your health:
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