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Health Management Systems based on next generation diagnostic technologies assessing all aspects of health and wellness - from food intolerance to aging and more
RT @stemcells21: The StemCELLS 21 Daily is out! Stories via @Aurametrix
RT @medskep: The Drawbacks of Data-Driven Medicine" I can't see you bec I'm buried under all these numbers & facts"
RT @Reuters_Health: 'Plantibodies' drugs advance as big pharma stands aside
RT @bbchealth: How safe is eating meat?
The Future of Food mapped out for the next 10 years:
RT @cnni: These 8 whiz kids are the future of medicine:
RT @Bryankorourke: 26 Mistakes You're Making on Cardio Machines
RT @RWJF_QualEqual: New online tool allows members to access and compare information on health care costs & quality #hcvalue
RT @HealthGrid: HealthGrid Daily is out! Stories via @Aurametrix
90% of hospitals still can't allow patients to view online, download, or transmit health information
RT @USATODAYmoney: 5 reasons you're paying too much for health care
RT @LoriShemek: "Medicine is not healthcare - Food is healthcare. Medicine is sick care. Let's keep that straight." ~Dr. David Friedman
RT @Forbes: Goodbye, doctor's office. Hello, Walmart?
RT @medskep: Is Your Doctor Healthier Than You? - Eight charts tell the tale
Optical stimulation could bring back the lost memories:
RT @MedicalNews: Eating out costs you 200 calories
RT @bbchealth: Weight loss boosts health not mood
RT @ONC_HealthIT: 65% of Americans w/o access to their electronic health records want it. [INFOGRAPHIC]:
RT @eugenol: The Eugenol Daily is out! Stories via @Aurametrix @bmossop @tradethecycles
RT @BCH_Innovation: What's driving millennials to health tech? @JudyWang asks Boston-based entrepreneurs - cc @health_box @PillPack @CIMI
RT @kevinmd: Why government cannot cure our health care
Cell phone use/texting correlates with poorer grades and higher anxiety:
Twitter Is Used To Share Good News, Phones Used To Share Bad ones:
RT @LinosVersion: Connect the dots to better health! Identify the subtle cause-effects that contribute to how you feel--any time, any day. ~ @Aurametrix
RT @kevinmd: Health care is too nuanced for lengthy scripts
Could our smartphones soon be diagnosing diseases and booking healthcare appointments online automatically?
Telemedicine: Many Opportunities, Many Legal Issues, Many Risks
Your iPad can make you hungry and other ways it can affect your health:
Is health monitoring justified given the cost and potential invasion of privacy?
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